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  1. MGM DVD widescreen class action - info to participate
  2. Does anyone know what gold watch John Travolta is wearing in " The Punisher "??
  3. Letting people borrow DVDs?
  4. El Diablo (1990) cropped open-matte?
  5. Any word on Rescue Me Season 1 DVD?
  6. Prince's Sign "O" The Times DVD - FINALLY!!
  7. Anyone know if "Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou" will be a Criterion DVD?
  8. All In The Family - Your "Favorite" Season on DVD?
  9. Question about Matrix UE packaging.
  10. "The Beast" (1988) Fullscreen only?
  11. What is your DVD-Related New Year's Resolution?
  12. What Are You Watching This Week(1/3-1/10/05)
  13. Best Buy not carrying Once Upon a Time in America?
  14. Anyway of getting Scarface (32) w/o repurchasing the boxset?
  15. Hulk Hogan 6-Disk DVD Set In The Works (don't get too excited)
  16. 4 Reservoir Dog(s) Box-Set
  17. Anybody found Pleasentville in a keep case
  18. Is "Sex & Lucia" out of print?
  19. Who leaves the shrink-wrap on their DVDs? [merged]
  20. Is anyone intrested in the Greatest American Hero DVD ?
  21. Criterion DVDs...
  22. E.T. DVD Sets Question
  23. Roswell - The Complete Series Box Set?
  24. DVD Furniture
  25. Spaghetti Western box sets that you would suggest.
  26. The Bunker- March 29th, 2005
  27. NY Times picks most notable R1 DVDs of 2004
  28. New Eternal Sunshine out at my Best Buy!
  29. Top Gun SE aspect ratio question
  30. UNRELEASED DVDs - Updated Master List
  31. Post pics of your DVD collection and HT, Part 6
  32. DVD Talk New-To-DVD Theatrical Release Calendar
  33. Is a Resident Evil Apocalypse superbit edition release inevitable?
  34. Evil Roy Slade DVD: Asian import or Bootleg?
  35. Best DTS mixes of older material?
  36. X-Files altered on DVD releases?
  37. Simpsons Season V sub-titles
  38. Double-sided discs: a problem?
  39. Tru Calling Season 1 Set Problems
  40. Booty call: bootiest ed. UNCUT?
  41. Question about The 400 Blows CC
  42. DVD defects - How often?
  43. DTS Universal DVD Question
  44. Anchorman Giftset:How to know if it comes with the Journal/Calender
  45. The State -- One of My most Anticipated TV on DVD Sets...But When? (tvshowsondvd.com)
  46. Any hearsay about a Ghost Dog re-release?
  47. ISO films shot on location in New Orleans
  48. Dvd errors? Please read
  49. wake of death is non anamorphic
  50. Troy Best Buy Bonus Disc
  51. Erasure fans...new Erasure concert dvd
  52. Long awaited (for some) releases from Anchor Bay
  53. con air special edition?
  54. Buffy & Angel & Smallville fan with questions!
  55. SpongeBob Squarepants Cover Art
  56. Batman Movies on DVD: Cut and Uncut?
  57. Whatever happened to the sequel to Free Enterprise?
  58. Any order from Until Tomorrow?
  59. Is there A List Of Out Of Print Disney DVD's?
  60. Swimming With Sharks - FF Only?
  61. Anyone have Twilight Zone 1985 Season 1 DVD yet?
  62. So, are these Criterions real or fake?
  63. how come taking lives and mean girls are still selling for 19.99?
  64. Official Fox Film Noir Thread
  65. "Author, Author" - Any news on an R1 release date?
  66. What DVDs are you getting 01.04.2005..?
  67. DVD Cover Art
  68. Dutch (1991) Ed O'Neill --> March 8th
  69. release date for "an evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening harder?" (merged)
  70. Anybody know what High Strung is?
  71. The type of person who buys FS.
  72. Battlestar Galactica Miniseries DVD Glitch
  73. Creepshow special edition?
  74. Carnivāle - Season 1 DVD set
  75. godzilla collection
  76. Law & Order franchise: two questions
  77. DVDs #6 on ebay search terms
  78. Which Directors do you have the most DVDs of?
  79. Your Favorite DVD Purchases of 2004
  80. I bought a major release on VHS
  81. Invader Zim Release Date Push
  82. Miss Congeniality: Deluxe Edition - 3/15/2005
  83. Kagemusha delayed til March...
  84. Disney's Zorro?
  85. Pauly Shore is Dead
  87. Help Me Identify These Movies and Are They On DVD?? Some Tough, Some Not
  88. Question about the fifth discs in the LOTR gift sets...
  89. E.T. original version DTS replacement?
  90. "Four Feathers" Coming On DVD
  91. Beastmaster Special Divimax Edition!
  92. Music DVD's for sale
  93. Anyone know if A. Tibaldi's "Little Boy Blue" is scheduled to be released?
  94. Megalon: Sony Should Take a Lesson from MGM
  95. Shaw bros...
  96. Couple of bargains off Play.com
  97. Glitch with my Seinfeld, "Chinese Restaurant"
  98. Is The Cooler region 1 censored ????
  99. Die Hard vs Die Hard 5 star
  100. GoodWillHunting canadian DVD with 13 deleted scenes?
  101. Any place to find UPC codes for dvd on the net
  102. 80's slasher JUST BEFORE DAWN coming on DVD this summer
  103. Return of the King & Harry Potter problems - the discs or my players?
  104. Does anyone have information on the Miami Vice DVD?
  105. Evangelion episodes 25-26: ADV vs Manga Entertainment release
  106. Was there some kind of recall on the Die Hard Trilogy?
  107. Unreleased Marvel (animated)Superheroes?
  108. Should I get "Garden State" now or will there be an SE?
  109. King of the Hill Season 3 packaging change...for the worst
  110. My So Called Life?
  111. USA today's year in DVD - good/bad trends....
  112. Star Trek Animated: March 15, 2005!!
  113. will 24 Season 4 be out by Christmas 2005?
  114. Has anyone made a darkman box
  115. TV-on-DVD buyers, do you keep your old VHS copies?
  116. Any news on a Commando SE?
  117. Audio/skip problem with Happy Gilmore(widescreen)?
  118. Settlement reached in MGM DVD class action lawsuit [merged]
  119. Getting rid of dvd's shown excessively on TV.
  120. Event Horizon: SE - straight from the director's mouth
  121. NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience --> A Brief Walmart Exclusive!
  122. Possibility of Son of the Beach Volume 2?
  123. No Deluxe Edition of Anchorman at Wal-Mart
  124. DVD Talk's 2004 Top 20 DVD - Discussion Thread
  125. Why do I keep buying them...
  126. Doing my part to educate the uninformed Full Screeners
  127. do people think you have too many DVDs?
  128. Question about Napoleon Dynamite
  129. What Are You Watching This Week/Next Year? (12/27/04 - 1/2/05)
  130. What are the Differences in BTTF II & III
  131. Has there been a re-issue of Stargate Season 1?
  132. Rate a DVD Talk newbie's collection.
  133. Is Casino out of print?
  134. Highway to Heaven Season 1 april 26 2005
  135. Anchorman and Best Buy Bonus DVD
  136. In the Twilight Zone...
  137. Any chance of HBO's "1st and Ten" on DVD?
  138. The New Kids (Eric Stoltz,James Spader) any word on release?
  139. Dream On season 3?
  140. Doogie Howser,M.D.---------->March 22
  141. Machinist release?
  142. How about The Four Seasons?
  143. I got ONLY Full Screen DVD's for Christmas...........
  144. Any chance of an unrated Closer?
  145. Benny Hill DVD Question
  146. Simpsons Season 5 Disc 1 skipping audio in Toshiba 3900 Player
  147. Need advice : Carnivale vs Wonderfalls vs Monk vs Las Vegas
  148. Charlie Varrick on Universal's Studio Selection
  149. God has a wrap sheet?
  150. How does DVD Aficionada work?
  151. Beast in Heat / SS HELL CAMP
  152. DESPERATELY looking for this deluxe boxset
  153. Good alternative to DVD Profiler?
  154. Where do you guys buy most of your dvds from?
  155. Michael Mann's THE KEEP
  156. What exactly is going to be on the Anchorman 2 Disc Set?
  157. Any Chance of a re-packaging of I Love Lucy S1?
  158. Do U Buy or Rent?
  159. Since Otar Left- January 25
  160. Movies with great cat chase
  161. Your Christmas Score/Stash [merged]
  162. Jingle All The Way ...different version?!?!
  163. Is there a DVD valuing site?
  164. Disney Treasures wave 4 not 100% complete after all
  165. THE ADDAMS FAMILY (1960's) finally on DVD
  166. Garfield and Friends: Season 2 (Theme song question)
  167. krull dvd editted??
  168. Without A Trace Season 1 DVD problem
  169. Eternal Sunshine CE (jan 04)
  170. Any word on when "The Late Shift" (1996) will be released on DVD?
  171. Ghost In The Shell 2 - bad subtitles makes dvd unwatchable
  172. What DVDs are you getting 12.28.2004..?
  173. Movies on DVD, that should not be..
  174. Terminator 2
  175. Will they ever bring back the Pulp Fiction 1 disc?
  176. Ever play sports and bet on DVDs?
  177. The Polar Express...Christmas 2005?
  178. Did dvds originally come in cd jewel cases?
  179. Question about Simpsons S5 and Fox's disc replacement policy
  180. Brides of Dracula DVD
  181. Best DD & DTS Tracks?
  182. Any chance of the Toy Box being released again?
  183. Star Trek TOS 1-3 BB Bonus Discs - worth it?
  184. 21 Jump Street Season 2
  185. Nip/Tuck Season 2?
  186. Napoleon Dynamite DVD: Smashing Expectations?
  187. Best DVD to Watch Hung-Over
  188. Frustrated 24 season 2 DVD Question
  189. what's up with troma releasing 'the children,1980'?
  190. Question on Clownhouse DVD
  191. Independence Day DVD versions
  192. What DVDs have the best menus?
  193. Brazil DVD ?
  194. Wake Up, Ron Burgundy! question...
  195. Where are the Godfather 2 and 3 single discs? (May 24th)
  196. Criterion In March
  197. Christmas with the Kranks 11.08.05
  198. Looking for 1) best color timing docu & 2) best digital effects compositing docu
  199. Tom & Jerry - looking for info on DVD replacement program
  200. Why are videogames different from movies (concerning multiple formats)?
  201. Midnite Movies Double Features
  202. Is this a bootleg?
  203. Voltron DVD Set?
  204. Great extra on Shaun of the Dead dvd
  205. Why has Sony stopped copy-protecting its DVDs?
  206. DVDs that mention DVDtalk?
  207. Anything you won't watch?
  208. Somebody is selling a DVD rewinder!
  209. Ray: Limited Edition question
  210. Recommend a good "Coral Reef" DVD for HDTV
  211. Coming from Universal to DVD in 2005
  212. Cube Zero fullscreen only?
  213. What format do you think the Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince DVD will be released in?
  214. Ok, what's the deal with the print of Seven Samurai?
  215. Hero cover art question.
  216. Claire Denis- I CAN'T SLEEP -January 25
  217. No idea what dvd to rent? Try this
  218. Question about Harry Potter boxset
  219. Sam Peckinpah on dvd
  220. Open Water Best Buy exclusive DVD
  221. So which films were filmed in Super 35? -or- What's supposed to be "full screen"?
  222. Lord of The Rings EE Trilogy case kind of deceiving?
  223. Testament - Ok, so the DVD was released, it's only $9.99...go buy it!
  224. What Are You Watching This [Christmas] Week? (12/20 - 12/26)
  225. FX's Lucky on DVD???
  226. Attn. Canadians: Simpsons S5 Help, Please!
  227. Looking for a DVD called "One"
  228. Question re ROTK EE Giftset
  229. Best way to get the Argonath and Gollum statues?
  230. Question regarding Terminator 2 dvd replacement.
  231. Fullscreen ALERT: Iceman (1984)...
  232. Kung Fu Season 2 DVD ?
  233. What the Hell? Pamela Anderson's V.I.P. Box Set
  234. The Ring Collector's Set on 3/8
  235. My cousin is a DVD thief!!!!!!!
  236. Top DVD sales for 2004 (as of Dec 4th)
  237. War of the Gargantuas Dvd?
  238. Godzilla 1984/85 DVD?
  239. Vertigo - something bad has happened...
  240. I may have ended up with a bootleg copy...can someone confirm...
  241. King Arthur DVD
  242. Finding Neverland and National Treasure on 04.05.05
  243. New Pink Floyd the Wall DVD in January!!!???
  244. Replacement DVD
  245. Found More of those $5 MGM Midnight Movies at Wal-Mart
  246. King Arthur coaster set at wal-mart - anyone getting this?
  247. Star Trek:Deep Space 9 "Asian collector's edition": are these for real?
  248. How is "Super Troopers"...as a DVD?
  249. Probably Just a Rumor, but ... A Face in the Crowd Release?
  250. Six Feet Under season 3?