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  1. Zero Day good for a Blind Buy?
  2. Martin TV series
  3. Oliver Stone's Alexander on DVD, when?
  4. Do you think we'll ever get a S.E. of Darkman
  5. intruder 4/05/05
  6. F-Troop
  7. How to Murder your Wife
  8. Anyone buy Sideways at Walmart?
  9. Guide for the Married Man
  10. DTS DVD list available?
  11. Help needed. (Widescreen/OAR)
  12. Eastwood Collection Re-Releases?
  13. Farewell to Manzanar - Why is it not available?
  14. Gone In 60 Seconds Directors Cut - ARTWORK
  15. Forced advertisements - coming to a dvd near you
  16. DVD Release Criteria
  17. release date for primer?
  18. How to predict an impending double dip?
  19. cowboy bebop 5.1 box set?
  20. Criterion to introduce cult label and tons of release dates.
  21. Zorro serials: what to get, what to avoid?
  22. Who is into old Cartoon DVDs?
  23. From the <i>removed</i> people - free Sony PSPs!
  24. Little Drummer Girl
  25. The Wrath of Daimajin not OAR
  26. Quick Question - What does box cut into clamshell with regard to vhs?
  27. The Quiet Man
  28. What Are You Watching This Week? (4/4 - 4/10)
  29. Colorado serial killer's dad sells DVDs
  30. Sliders Season 3? (possibly a 07/19/2005 release)
  31. Any early Tom Cruise film being reissued?
  32. DVD viewing & Daylight Savings Time?
  33. CKY: The Box Set (What is the story on this?)
  34. Land of the Lost (last) Season 3 coming on April 26, 2005!
  35. Anyone Have Information on when "Jaded" Will Be More Widely Available?
  36. is Silverado really a Superbit?
  37. This auction is a little much, wouldn't you say?
  38. The Five People You Meet in Heaven - DVD question
  39. MGM Legal Settlement DVDs... anyone get them?
  40. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has closed caption?
  41. Questions about Danielle Steel's DVD Series
  42. Cary Grant Collection - Does it have a slipcase?
  43. Dream On Seasons 3 & 4 any news???
  44. Courage the Cowardly Dog On DVD!?
  45. Will we ever see The Tick (animated)?
  46. Oliver stone collection...Thoughts
  47. Has anyone else had any problems with any of the Stargate SG-1 sets?
  48. Law & Order S14.. 2 disc 2's, no Disc 1...
  49. Any news on Beyond the Sea with Kevin Spacey?
  50. Wow! I actually won a DVD from Freebizmag!
  51. Cameron's Big Release List April Edition
  52. 24, Single Disc Release?
  53. Ark (2003)?
  54. What are all these DVD case types ?
  55. DVDAficionado is down?
  56. Beyond The Sea?
  57. "Razorback" on DVD?
  58. Any Tech Details on the "Titanic: Special Edition" DVD?
  59. The Pretender Rebate Problem
  60. If Looks Could Kill?
  61. Has Criterion ever released a bad movie?
  62. Hail Mary (Godard) Anyone own the DVD?
  63. Criterion missing spine numbers (aka July releases)
  64. Almost Famous clarification.
  65. Lyne's Lolita - anamorphic?
  66. HD Disc Protection Measures - Scarry!!!!! No, April Fool's
  67. Dawn of the Dead Unrated (2004) DVD vs. Starz on Demand
  68. Monster Squad is coming from LionsGate in October? (merged)
  69. Is the DVD Millions (Danny Boyle) delayed?
  70. What DVDs are you getting 04.05.2005..?
  71. DVD Talk New-To-DVD Theatrical Release Calendar
  72. DVD Talk New-To-DVD Theatrical Release Calendar
  73. The Rest of the Amityville Series?
  74. Criterion to release Kurosawa's Ran
  75. They Shoot Horses Don't They? M.G.M. release
  76. Rodriguez talks Sin City DVD...
  77. Is Starman properly flagged as widescreen?
  78. Taxi Driver: Will we ever see the original version on DVD?
  79. What's the deal with Sony and their Superbit titles?
  80. Harry Potter, POA - the truth about the aspect ratios offered.
  81. A Tale of Two Sisters availability
  82. Will Miramax leaving Disney affect their DVD?
  83. Brandon Lee Tribute
  84. How nice would it be to have a DVD with TV's 1st Episodes?
  85. First Person: Complete Series + Errol Morris Box Set on 07.26.05
  86. Question Regarding Cheap DVD's
  87. Harvey Birdman promos on Cartoon Network On DVD?
  88. Has anyone heard anything, ever about "From Beyond"?
  89. New Criterion...The Browning Version
  90. Sealab 2021: Season 3 - 7.12.05
  91. Best Buy was good to me tonight....25 free DVDs good, that is!
  92. Boogiepop and Others and "Boogiepop Phantom", what should I watch first?
  93. SPACEBALLS: CE.... May 3rd.
  94. Best DVD of March 2005
  95. new MGM Western Legends for release May 17th...
  96. Santa Sangre Region 1 ever?
  97. I just purchased Elektra
  98. Honeysuckle Rose anytime soon?
  99. New Criterion
  100. Any chance of these more obscure TV shows coming to DVD?
  101. Differences between Orgazmo American and Canadian
  102. Stupidiest yet dope Ninja flick from the 80s.Sakura Killers. It exists???
  103. Anyone own Wiseguy/Ken Wahl DVDs? - Question
  104. WB Announcements from chat at HTF
  105. Has Anyone Found Twilight Zone Season 2?
  106. Any chance for some Paramount Publix DVDs?
  107. Robots DVD double dip before the first release even hits street You have been warned
  108. Monk : Season Three 07.05.05
  109. Wet Hot American Summer OOP?
  110. Which of your favorite movies are you surprised you still haven't picked up yet?
  111. Bewitched-will you buy/watch b&w or colorized box set?
  112. Article about special editions w/ info regarding Titanic bonus material
  113. Law and Order Criminal Intent Season 2
  114. Disney's The Fox & The Hound?
  115. 007 Movies that are not sold in bundle packs ?
  116. Miramax Banners are getting out of hand ...
  117. What, if any, security precautions do you take regarding your DVD collection?
  118. Studio Double Dipping Warnings
  119. Once More With Feeling (Buffy Musical) 16x9?
  120. Meet the Fockers DVD Menu Shot
  121. Where To Go Now With Vincent Price?
  122. Jean Reno in For Roseanna-June 14th
  123. Any chance of Paths of Glory and/or The Shining SE's?
  124. Over The Top, Almost Heroes, or Six Pack on dvd?
  125. American Psycho: Killer Collector's Edition 06.21.05
  126. Buffy Starter Set (1 disc) - No Coupon?
  127. Sanford & Son Season 6
  128. This ever happend to you? Getting dvds and not knowing where they came from?
  129. Karate Kid Movies Released Separately (merged)
  130. What Are You Watching This Week? (3/28 - 4/3)
  131. The Mother And The Whore
  132. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie > July 12th!
  133. Rescue Me - Season 1 DVDs due June 7, 2005
  134. Any word on "The Naked Prey" being released?
  135. DVD Profiler help (new entries locked automatically)...?
  136. Dead Ringers Re-released 6/7/05 by WB
  137. Dead Like Me S2 coming July 19th
  138. Suggestions for High Risk (1981)?
  139. Jack Lemmon's "Save the Tiger" delayed?
  140. Enchanted April...any news?
  141. Which DVDs have the best DTS Soundtracks?
  142. So what do you do with those Extra Long Boxes from Costco/Sam's Etc.
  143. More Animation Box Sets on the way
  144. need some help..
  145. So which Disney Movies are OOP and hard to find?
  146. Castle In The Sky - Defect in Closed Captions!
  147. Your Favorite Audio Commentaries (merged)
  148. Cleaning the underside of a DVD
  149. Pre-ordering DVDs
  150. Problems with Farscape Starburst Ed. Season 1 Vol 3?
  151. I thought this was funny
  152. Poldark Series on DVD in Region 2, When in Region 1?
  153. Cosby show on DVD
  154. Has 'The Bunker' Release been Postponed??
  155. ? release of Stings "Bring on the Night"?
  156. Highlander: Raven 06.14.05
  157. Finally! A Dirty Shame --> June 14th!
  158. Who's up for the Quincy DVD set due on 6/7 ?
  159. South Park Season 5..worth it??
  160. NEW Davey and Goliath Vol. 1: Special Edition 06.07.05
  161. Invader Zim Box News?
  162. Jaws rerelease 6/14/05 (with mono audio track included)
  163. Big, Floating Head! Aviator Cover - Bleh
  164. Undeclared - Show by Freaks and Geeks Creator - July 5th!
  165. Do you love SCTV? Watched Vol. 1-3 yet? Vol. 4 will be out before you know it
  166. Oy! Columbia! Stripes and Tears Of The Sun Extended Cuts Due June 7th!
  167. Wrong liner notes in Fox's "Call Northside 777" DVD
  168. Jules Dassin's Naked City
  169. What DVDs are you getting 03.29.2005..?
  170. "Rings" Bonus DVD from THE RING Collector's set
  171. Info needed on foreign Spy movies
  172. Will any of these get SE releases
  173. My Favorite Martian: Complete Second Season 05.10.05
  174. James Bond Collection Re-release
  175. New Karate Kid misframed
  176. Problems with Ray freezing?
  177. Why Do All Cd Wallets I've Tried Scratch My Dvds?
  178. Goo-Gone, Oops!, ...paint thinner? Etc.
  179. Anyone have list of all Warner Bros 2 disk editions list ?
  180. Will the final 2 seasons of the Osbournes be released?
  181. Hd-Dvd/Blu-Ray to Unite?
  182. Big Fassbinder News
  183. Do you always take the freebie with a DVD?
  184. DTS on upcoming HiDef DVD's question
  185. Seinfeld Season 4 DVD question
  186. Help! A couple of my DVD covers have rust!
  187. Plans to rerelease the early Connery and Moore James Bond films? (merged)
  188. The Phantom of Liberty Criterion Cover Art.
  189. The Punisher Extended Director's Cut -Some News...Double Dip
  190. Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman arrives on 06.28.05 and more plays
  191. MTV's Clone High on DVD?
  192. I need help finding a Gift!!!!!
  193. Lending DVDs... a play?
  194. Las Vegas Season 1 DVD Misprint - What to do?
  195. "The O.C." Season 2-------JULY 19th!!!!
  196. Warner's Film Noir V.2
  197. Alright I give up! Where can I buy individual releases of Warner's Gangsters?
  198. Is Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells OOP?
  199. Anyone find Rosencratz & Guildenstern Are Dead??
  200. Rambo Animated Series - Two Volumes - 6/14/05
  201. Is the High School Reunion Collection (Weird Science, 16 Candles, Breakfast Club) OOP
  202. Plastic wrap stuck to the spines of some FOX keepcases?
  203. Red Dwarf News - Series VI Glitch Update from BBC
  204. Free Sin City DVD from Best Buy
  205. Dad's Birthday is coming up...need some DVD suggestions
  206. What is the most amount of DVDs you've received in one day?
  207. Godfather Part II and III - 5/24/05 (finally this time...hopefully)
  208. Has Anyone Found The Man Called Flintstone?
  209. The Joan Crawford Collection 06.14.05
  210. The Bette Davis Collection 06.14.05 Warner does it again
  211. The Butterfly Effect - Theatrical Version
  212. Police Squad! & Caddyshack 2???
  213. Without a Trace Season 2?
  214. Full Screen - Wide Screen --What would be better names?
  215. Just curious ... where is "THE MAN CALLED FLINTSTONE"?
  216. When will Get Smart & 6 Million Dollar Man...be released on DVD?
  217. Kojak Season 1
  218. Nutsy Cuckoo Ebay DTS LD Auction
  219. Finding Neverland -- Bonus Disc?
  220. Question re: Last Life in the Universe DVD
  221. "Star Wars" prequel trilogy boxed set?
  222. Wanted: Dead or Alive (Season One) 06.07.05 Steve McQueen is having a good year.
  223. The Wild Bunch: Anyone else want a new DVD release?
  224. Question The Incredibles DVD Bonus Disc
  225. Twilight Zone Definitive Edition Season 3 info
  226. Any chance we'll see any Transformers releases in 2005?
  227. Kids in the Hall Season 3....when?
  228. Ghostbusters CS - differences between 2 releases?
  229. Stripperella censored?
  230. Question: how many dvds do you need to have to be considered a dvd collector?
  231. What Are You Watching This Week? (3/21 - 3/27)
  232. Replay Value of TV on DVD?
  233. Addition barcodes on DVDs question.
  234. A Question about A Clockwork Orange Classic Collections Edition
  235. Wanted: Dead or Alive (Steve McQueen TV series) 6/7/05
  236. Top 10 professional wrestling DVD sales
  237. U.S. Shaolin Soccer: DUB or SUBtitles? What's the truth?
  238. Why release different content in different regions?
  239. Superman: The Animated Series - Possible dates for Volume 2 and 3
  240. MISTAKES on "Fat Albert volume 1"
  241. Be Cool - 3 months from theater to DVD 6/7/05
  242. What bugs you most about the DVD platform?
  243. Lord of the rings - correct aspect ratio
  244. Has anyone compared the 100th Ann. Great Train Robbery to Kino's Edison Box
  245. Alone in the Wilderness - Dick Proenneke - Alaskan wilderness
  246. Is PowerDVD PAL Compatible?
  247. Before Sunrise DVD: Full or widescreen?
  248. How do you detect illegal DVDs
  249. The Wayans Bros. season 2????
  250. There's a new Trains, Planes, and Automobiles coming out??