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  1. RoQuEr'S remix of the week (4/26-5/3)
  2. Anyone going to the HFStival
  3. I went to a Skinny Puppy concert once
  4. How to find out what an album is worth?
  5. MTV Icon: Aerosmith
  6. SIx Feet Under AD music
  7. Summerfest 2002
  8. George A. Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD finally arrives on CD!!!
  9. Another singer dies...
  10. Trik Turner: Your Thoughts
  11. Music forum note.....recognition is polite and proper!
  12. For Tom Waits Fans
  13. Write-In Poll: Best cd of January-April 2002
  14. Grand Funk Railroad's playing live right outside my office window...
  15. Any Barry White fans here?
  16. Best song to get it on to (may become mature, but my post isnt)
  17. So, is Elvis Costello any good live?
  18. What's the deal w/ the new Paul Westerberg?
  19. Tragically Hip and question for PDX dvdtalkers...
  20. Nick Cave recommendations?
  21. Good BREAK UP Songs???
  22. Marilyn Manson?
  23. New Cyndi Lauper Album Due In Fall
  24. SW2--Across the Stars video
  25. Ok, people. I'm disappointed you weren't more insistent about System of a Down
  26. Anyone from DC going to the Baltimore Super Furry Animals show??
  27. Recording live shows?
  28. Whats the secret to scoring good seats for a concert?
  29. "Spiderman" soundtrack: the band Curve gets screwed
  30. Most original band of the 1900s-present?
  31. Star Wars Ep2 soundtrack now out -- thoughts?
  32. Pet Shop Boys' New U.S. "Release"
  33. Ever feel like kicking yourself for not going to a concert?
  34. What's the name of this song??
  35. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
  36. Return of the "Open Letter"! This week: Andrew W.K. & Disturbed
  37. Looking for an mp3
  38. Country/Western music
  39. Today's CDs (4/23)
  40. Help: Online archive of music charts?
  41. New EMINEM Album leaked....
  42. Song title question
  43. CON AIR soundtrack
  44. What was the first album/cd to get a parental advisory sticker
  45. Brainticket's 1971 album "Cottonwoodhill"
  46. Songs about "Goodbye"
  47. Machines of Loving Grace
  48. Concert Etiquette
  49. Anybody ever go to a Jimmy Buffett concert?
  50. words cannot express my disappointment with Siouxsie Sioux last night
  51. What a great Tuesday! (Elvis Costello, Wilco, Westerberg!)
  52. Very unhappy with Aiwa
  53. where can i find....
  54. Who is the greatest drummer in rock and roll?
  55. Big 3 months for punk fans & new releases!
  56. American Express song help please???
  57. Any Lil’ Kim fans?
  58. MOTORHEAD - Hammered
  59. Download the first single from Team Sleep....
  60. Sheryl Crow's C'mon C'mon!
  61. Ack! I can't believe I need song ID help!
  62. Introduce each other to a band!
  63. David Lee Roth & Sammy Hagar Tour?!
  64. "In The Middle" Poser tune, or good song?
  65. Layne Staley has died
  66. Help! I'm Tired of New Music on Radio - Looking for Good "Old" Music Remixes
  67. Bombay the hard way: ?
  68. Is that really 311?
  69. RoQuEr'S remix of the week (4/19-4/26)
  70. What the hell is going on between Grohl, Novaselic and Love?
  71. Thank God it's Thursday!
  72. What did you listen to on the way to work?
  73. Guys, do you listen to female music acts?
  74. Roger Waters Plays Beirut [& compilation news]
  75. Post Your Favorite Song Parody
  76. Favorite relaxation album (any genre applicable)
  77. Looking for groups with A Tribe Called Quest feel?
  78. The Smiths voted most influential artist at nme
  79. Looking for the video producer.....
  80. What if??
  81. New Sonic Youth
  82. Live Phish
  83. Is Weezer Good Live?
  84. Coldplay's new cd announced
  85. What Song Do You Have The Most Versions Of?
  86. Awfully Horrible songs that make us laugh and smile--what are yours?
  87. who does this song
  88. Radiohead fans.
  89. Who is getting Can't Stop The Music?
  90. Who sings the song in the end credits of ep. #8 of the Sopranos season 1 ??
  91. Good 1990s Movie Soundtracks (Alt. Rock)?
  92. Pet Shop Boys 'In Love' With Gay Eminem Character
  93. Can I get some feedback on our new recording?
  94. Weird, but good movie scores
  95. Did anybody pick up the best of Motörhead dvd?
  96. Question about a Staind lyric
  97. Best Can Album?
  98. Good dancehall reggae songs?
  99. What have been the loudest shows you have been to?
  100. Went and saw Chemical Bros. last night and my ears are killiing me...
  101. Great bands that were wrong for their time
  102. Favorite 80's hair band?
  103. Hell has frozen over again!
  104. Rasputina Fans...
  105. Song Id Help
  106. Just saw The D!!!
  107. Song ID - R&B - "la la la... la la, la la la, la la la..."
  108. Another Song I.D. Thread :)
  109. best album
  110. Most disappointing new release ever?
  111. Anybody else catch the new tool video yet?
  112. Two concerts, two nights same ending
  113. looking for a CD price search site
  114. No Doubt live in Buffalo 4/12
  115. Rediscovering your favorites
  116. Music Industry Blues Spur Best Buy to Act
  117. anybody hate these songs
  118. Rip City
  119. Why do you like jam bands?
  120. Operatic Duet from Buick Commercial?
  121. Aimée Mann Fans?
  122. any phish fans? rumors of a reunion....
  123. Is the pink floyd gh cd echos worth it?
  124. identify this song
  125. $78 + Ticketmaster fees for Pavillion OzzFest seats???
  126. Stones fans - I need your opinions
  127. Unwritten Law - Finally commercially successful?
  128. Remy Shand... Opinions?
  129. "Martin Sexton: Live Wide Open" Simply amazing. Anyone?
  130. It's Time To Make The Donutz!
  131. Anyone else like Danielle Brisebois?
  132. What are your favorite Oasis songs?
  133. Taking a camera into a concert?
  134. 37 Record-Store Clerks Feared Dead In Yo La Tengo Concert Disaster
  135. krkuhl's plea for help thread
  136. New Gomez album--opinions?
  137. Nikka Costa opening for Britney...anyone else find this kind of--insulting?
  138. If I like Sandstorm by Da Rude....
  139. POLL: what do you think is the best song that radio does'nt play anymore
  140. Portishead PNYC Live at Roseland DVD
  141. If you like Tool you will like?
  142. Gargantua Soul
  143. Favorite Song this year?
  144. anyone catch No Doubt on tour yet?
  145. Quite possibly the funniest (and saddest) music video
  146. Tapeworm [Tool/NIN fans]
  147. Do you go through PHASES/CYCLES with your Music Tastes ? or r they pretty Consistent?
  148. Help identifying a classic rock song please.
  149. MeShell Ndegeocello - New Album and Tour
  150. What's that song?
  151. I think I just found my first copy protected CD
  152. Goth club music?
  153. Meat Loaf Fans ...
  154. Deep Purple, Scorpions, and Dio: Concord Pavillion on 7/28
  155. Pet Shop Boys US Tour
  156. Megadeth Fans - I need your help!
  157. Medeski Martin & Wood "Uninvisible"
  158. music dvds vs dvd audio?
  159. New Oasis CD ' Heathen Chemistry'
  160. New Moby Video 'Stars'
  161. Rap song in Whammy commercial?
  162. Andrew W.K., superstar
  163. What is the name of the song playing in the Scorpion King commercial?
  164. Sony Classical AOTC site is up
  165. Track and artist name questions
  166. Ferris Wheel Junkies
  167. Anyone going to Audiotistic?
  168. What do you think of the new live Maiden?
  169. New Deftones in the fall! WOOHOO!
  170. Where to listen to radio online?
  171. Does it make you feel uncomfortable when a song you like clashes with your beliefs?
  172. Song lyric search?
  173. Jeff Tweedy online chat
  174. Ramones cover of Spider-Man on the ST?
  175. So what's wrong with Ozzy's legs?
  176. Cracker's new album
  177. IMDB (type) for music?
  178. Best place to buy import CDs?
  179. What is the minimum bitrate you encode / listen to MP3s [merged]
  180. Lo Fidelity AllStars new CD?
  181. Summer Tour Info: Alanis/R.Adams, System, Sevendust, Alicia, Costello
  182. Mouse on Mars
  183. Dave Matthews Band 2002 setlist thread
  184. what happen to the bootleg thread?
  185. May/June New Release List
  186. Chris Cornell quits project with RATM
  187. Classical Music
  188. The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert DVD details!
  189. Weekly Charts 04/13/02 Celine Dion #1 CD, J-Lo & Ja Rule #1 SINGLE
  190. Rhino 2 disc sets - thoughts?
  191. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - new album
  192. 688 Club
  193. REM DVDs...
  194. New Fantomas is out! It's a live album.
  195. What was the CD that was talked about on ABC's "The View" today?
  196. Song ID needed, please help.
  197. Any Widespread Panic fans know if the Houser cancer rumors are true?
  198. They're making that CD copy protection very easy to accept!
  199. Who is this ? (really popular)
  200. My band's songs are finally on MP3.com
  201. Megadeth to Disband
  202. Your favorite Heavy Metal cover tune (?)
  203. Is this True? P2P network hides inside Kazaa
  204. Attention weezer fans : Rivers Cuomo is annoying me
  205. Song from Car Commercial - "Good Thing"
  206. Musical performances in 16x9?
  207. michael jackson cameo songs??
  208. I hate to slag on Jerry Reed, but....
  209. So anyone heard the new RUSH single?
  210. question for the dj's in the house.
  211. Classic rock recommendations
  212. No opinions on unwritten law?
  213. Anybody else heard of 2 Skinnee J's?
  214. Song In Gatorade Commercial?
  215. Hot female musicians
  216. Do you remember your first CD-R?
  217. Bands Where You'll Buy Anything They Release
  218. song i.d.
  219. old Garbage song...
  220. Off to See The D Tonight
  221. Best Ozzy Osbourne songs
  222. White Stripes tonight 9:30 Club Washington DC
  223. Sheryl Crow's new video: Anybody seen it?
  224. Ever heard of "Hide the Beer, the Pastors Near"?
  225. 15% off storewide sale at Parasol.com
  226. TOOL Videos = 1yr Therapy + Medication
  227. Name That Tune, Please
  228. This is how Britney Spears writes "her" songs
  229. Looking for a website.....
  230. Help! Need a song title!
  231. quick review=blackalicious-blazing arrow
  232. Life Magazine's Top 100 Rock & Rollers of All Time
  233. Need Recommendations for uptempo "skate", "rave" songs
  234. I am going to see GWAR Saturday night!
  235. Anyone know this rap song?
  236. Finally found the song i was looking for...
  237. Phish Live: quick question
  238. Rolling Stone mag screwup
  239. What's the name of that song? (pop/rap)
  240. Is the soundtrack CD for the movie "Clockstoppers" at B&M stores right now?
  241. What's that song in the Visa commercial?
  242. Dutch Court finds in favor of KaZaA, against music industry
  243. Howard Shore to Perform LOTR Score at Hollywood Bowl
  244. Weekly Charts 04/06/02 Now That's What I Call Music 9 #1 CD, J-Lo & Ja Rule #1 SINGLE
  245. Kid Rock on Radiohead
  246. Song from Rock Star????
  247. online used cd stores?
  248. Best Female Rockers
  249. MC Hawking
  250. Where is Alice In Chains?

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