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  1. NIN footage, tons and tons
  2. 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees announced
  3. R.E.M. Appreciation Thread (w/ Favorite Album Poll & Post Break-up News)
  4. Bridge School's 25th Anniversary Edition, a 2CD set and 3DVD set coming October 24th
  5. Sting: 25 Years
  6. Funk legend Sly Stone now homeless and living out of a van in LA
  7. Roger Taylor to launch official Queen tribute band
  8. New Tori Amos - Night of Hunters
  9. R.E.M. is over
  10. What are your Top 10 "all-time" favorite songs?
  11. Where are the OTHER 20th Anniversary Deluxe packages??
  12. Gigantour: Megadeth, Motorhead, Volbeat, Lacuna Coil
  13. Metal's second act - revenge of the middle-aged dudes
  14. Billy Joel complete album collection remastered box and Piano Man 2 disc Legacy Ed.
  15. Where are my UFO friends ?
  16. Foo Fighters serenade Westboro Baptist Church
  17. Please help identify a song...
  18. Random Metal Re-visit Anthrax "Among"
  19. Questions regarding Metallica, Lars Ulrich, and the formation of the band
  20. Questions regarding Metallica, Lars Ulrich, and the formation of the band
  21. blink-182 - Neighborhoods (09/27/11)
  22. The Grateful Dead (film) on Blu-ray--11/1 from Shout Factory
  23. The Killers cover Moon River
  24. So I saw Jeff Mangum Live last night...
  25. the " original " fleetwood mac
  26. Rolling Stone's Worst Songs of the '90s
  27. Within Temptation 2011 Tour (US/Canada)
  28. MADONNA: New [12th Studio] Album -Spring 2012
  29. Does anyone listen to Sirius' Underground Garage?
  30. They hate each other, but they need each other
  31. She & Him - A Very She & Him Christmas (2011)
  32. What Are Listening To? (September 2011)
  33. Paging Numanoid: Gary Numan: Dead Son Rising - Oct 24th
  34. Amazon MP3 DOTD Thread (Sept)
  35. Jack White records single with Insane Clown Posse
  36. Why so many female bassists?
  37. ZZ TOP new album fall 2011...Produced by Rick Ruben
  38. 2011 U.S. Zeppelin tour!
  39. New Bangles album - Sweetheart of the Sun (9/27)
  40. Uriah Heep - Better than ever
  41. New British rock/metal bands?
  42. The Fine Young Cannibals
  43. Andrew Bird's New Album - NORMAN Soundtrack
  44. Did we ever find out why Micahel Hutchens commited suicide?
  45. Workout Playlist/Mixtape
  46. Motown songwriter Nick Ashford dies at 70
  47. Jerry Leiber dies at 78
  48. Need help identifying this song
  49. Pistol Annies (Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Pressley) 08/23/11
  50. Sigur Rˇs Announce Live Album and Film, Inni
  51. Need Help identifying singer, 90's alt rock female
  52. Tom Waits: New Album - Oct 21st (single: Bad As Me - Aug 23rd)
  53. Do you remember what you were doing when you heard Elvis died? 34 years ago today
  54. Black sabbath: reunited original band line up for new album.
  55. David Lynch: Crazy Clown Time -- Nov 8th (Debut Album feat. Karen O)
  56. Happy sixteenth birthday, Macarena!
  57. Holy crap! Outdoor stage collapses at Indiana State Fair
  58. Prince the Black Album 1987
  59. Should current rock radio play all rock or just nu-metal?
  60. A band's creative lifespan
  61. Goldfrapp
  62. The Coral
  63. Former WARRANT Singer JANI LANE Dead At 47
  64. XM/Sirius drops BBC Radio One
  65. Walmart getting out of mp3 download business
  66. Radiohead: TKOL RMX (Remix Collection) - Sept 16th
  67. New Kim Wilde covers album - Snapshots (Bowie, the Cars, Erasure, the Cure, etc)
  68. Gotta Love In Flames!
  69. Best live band/artist you've seen?
  70. Fruit Bats - Tripper
  71. Puscifier
  72. Great Guitarist---Cynthia Witthoft
  73. Breaking (up?) Benjamin
  74. Frampton Comes Alive! - what??
  75. Which music forum out there is best?
  76. Best song ever
  77. Devin Townsend Appreciation Thread
  78. U2 - Achtung Baby Reissue - Oct. 31
  79. What is going on with the following bands? The Cure, DM, New Order, theThe
  80. DIO DISCIPLES first u.s. tour dates announced
  81. What are you listening to? (August 2011)
  82. Friendly Fires Hawaiian Air
  83. Peter Hook on tour performing Joy Division's 'Closer'
  84. Big Audio Dynamite on tour...
  85. Lindsey Buckingham's new album "Seeds We Sow" drops on Sept. 6/11
  86. Tears for Fears fans: What is your favorite Album/Song?
  87. Quadrophenia - The Directors Cut
  88. New Smiths box coming soon
  89. RIP Dan Peek, founding member of America
  90. More weirdness from Japan
  91. Amy Winehouse dead at 27
  92. St. Vincent - Strange Mercy (09/13/2011)
  93. mid-year 'best' albums/songs
  94. MTV's 30th Aniversary weekend July 30th-August 1st on Vh1 Classic
  95. Depeche Mode Construction Time Again
  96. EinstŘrzende Neubauten
  97. Stiv Bators (The Dead Boys / Lords Of The New Church)
  98. Rock tracks with a mid-Eastern theme...?
  99. Music your kids (will) listen to
  100. Spin has a bunch of free albums, 20 Years of Lollapalooza, Nevermind Tribute, Mixes..
  101. 11-11-11: VH1-C National Metal Day
  102. Hottest chick in music history?
  103. ANTHRAX new album "WORSHIP MUSIC" out 09/13/11
  104. Please help me ID a song (video inside)
  105. New Puscifer track released - album Oct 18
  106. Darn! I need your song ID'ing expertise. (Semi-experts also welcome.)
  107. My theory: change the drummer, change the band
  108. Life of Agony Singer to Undergo Sex Change
  109. Is Rock still stuck in the in the late 90's?
  110. Greening the CDs
  111. Former member of Queens of the Stone Age Nick Olvieri barricades self
  112. How do I convert an mp3 to a ringtone?
  113. Portishead--First U.S Tour in 13 Years!! (2011)
  114. RIP Rob Grill of the Grass Roots
  115. David Bowie keyboardist Mike Garson releases Bowie-related album
  116. Former Motorhead guitarist Killed By Death (unfortunately true)
  117. Filmore Silver Spring (Fall 2011)
  118. Metallica - ...And Justice for All 24k Remaster
  119. Metallica - ...And Justice for All 24k Remaster
  120. Mastodon - The Hunter (Fall '11)
  121. Gene Simmons bashes Men Without Hats
  122. Metallica "And Justice For All" Limited Edition Green Vinyl
  123. a great NPR piece on how much it costs to make a hit song
  124. What Are You Listening To? (July 2011)
  125. Amazon MP3 DOTD Thread (July-Aug)
  126. PANTERA 'Metalhead Baby'
  127. Wilco: The Whole Love -- Sept. 27th, 2011
  128. Wilco - The Whole Love - Sep 27
  129. Hungry Like The Wolf
  130. Black Country Communion 2 - the album of the year
  131. Sensational Alex Harvey Band
  132. The Mamas & the Papas: Straight Shooters DVD Question
  133. Your favorite U2 era
  134. The Rods- Vengence
  135. Adrenaline Mob* (Portnoy & Allen) - *that's right, "Adrenaline Mob" rotfl
  136. 70's Glam Rock
  137. Metallica announces the finishing of new album...
  138. Why do radio stations edit songs?
  139. AC/DC Let There Be Rock DVD/Blu-Ray
  140. Radiohead Instrumental?
  141. Guided by Voices
  142. Ian McLagan (Small Faces, Faces, Stones, etc) on tour
  143. Clarence Clemons of The E Street Band has suffered a stroke
  144. Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra (Due June 28th)
  145. Band on the Run Deluxe currently 49.99 lightning deal
  146. Steven Wilson - Grace For Drowning (Fall 2011)
  147. Primus - Green Naugahyde (9/13/11)
  148. Opeth - Heritage (9/20/11)
  149. Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events (9/13)
  150. Descendents
  151. Fair to Midland is Back!! Thoughts on the New Single?
  152. Martin Rushent (Punk/New Wave Producer) R.I.P.
  153. Random Metal Re-visit Helloween "Keeper Pt.1"
  154. Help me identify this song.
  155. Anybody know the song/artist used in this video?
  156. Anybody know what song/artist is playing in this video?
  157. What Are You Listening To? (June 2011)
  158. Bj÷rk: Biophilia - New Album/Multimedia Project - 2011
  159. EELS Appreciation Thread
  160. Coldplay: New Single out June 3rd, 5th Album out Fall 2011
  161. Judas Priest To Release "Single Cuts" CD-singles box set
  162. Allman Bros. live cds
  163. The Booze
  164. New Tool Album in 2012
  165. Song on Jim Rome's radio show
  166. Gil Scott Heron dead at 62
  167. Flogging Molly -- Speed of Darkness (May 31, 2011)
  168. No more Silverchair
  169. Lady Gaga- Born This Way FULL ALBUM- 99 cents again!
  170. Former KISS Guitarist, Vinnie Vincent, Charged with Aggravated Assault
  171. Lady Gaga- Born This Way FULL ALBUM- 99 cents Today only!
  172. Does Britney Spears have issues with singing live?
  173. What's the furthest you've traveled for a concert tour that skipped your town
  174. Iggy Pop - Roadkill Rising. 4-Disc Live Set.
  175. HFS'Tival 2011
  176. Newport Folk Festival 2011
  177. The Joy Formidable
  178. 'Dougie' should've said "Teach Me How to Duck!"
  179. Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - "How I Go" (8/2/11) First studio album in 12 years!
  180. Tesla - "Twisted Wires & the Acoustic Sessions" (July 2011)
  181. MEGADETH: new album [Produced by Johnny K] -Fall 2011
  182. What Are You Listening To? (May 2011)
  183. Rhino releases classic Prince Albums 1999, Dirty Mind, & Controversy on Vinyl
  184. Happy Deathday Bob Marley!
  185. 'Book of Mormon' (full cast album) 'free listen' on NPR.org
  186. Pink Floyd catalog to be reissued, with unreleased tracks!
  187. Have you ever gone to a concert alone? If not, would you?
  188. Bon Iver
  189. Ronnie Lane
  190. William Shatner's 'Searching For Major Tom'
  191. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  192. Random Metal Re-visit QR "Rage" & "Mindcrime"
  193. Music and Movies: A Mixtape Tribute to Stanley Kubrick
  194. Does anyone have a good spot for vinyl reviews?
  195. FLEET FOXES "Helplessness Blues" 2011
  196. Miley Cyrus covers Smells Like Teen Spirit
  197. Wild About You, 60's Beat Explosion Australia
  198. Amazon MP3 DOTD Thread (May-June)
  199. METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX: 'big four' coming to Yankee Stadium
  200. Check out this cool new DEVO video.
  201. Great studio bands that aren't so good live
  202. Songs where you like the Glee version better?
  203. X-Ray Spex singer Poly Styrene dies at 53
  204. Man Arrested For Singing 'Kung Fu Fighting'
  205. A few summer cd releases, BCC & KWS
  206. Smashing Pumpkins to reissue classic albums
  207. RIP Phoebe Snow
  208. Hahnemann returns to Slayer at the Big Four show
  209. Who is this band and what is this song?
  210. Is it important your favorite artist or band puts out new material?
  211. BAD MEETS EVIL (Eminem & Royce da 5'9"): "EP" -6/14/11
  212. Who is the most represented artist/band in your music collection?
  213. Where can I go to find out about new releases?
  214. Kahn officially announces leave from Kamelot
  215. Def Leppard - "Mirrorball" - 6/7/11 - first-ever live album
  216. Nevermore disintegrates
  217. 20 Smokin' Songs About weed.
  218. Gerrard Smith of TV on the Radio, Dead
  219. Lady Gaga says NO to Weird Al parody... for charity!
  221. KK Downing "retires" from Judas Priest
  222. 80s synth bands
  223. Billy Joel 2011 reissues?
  224. Should Gwyneth Paltrow give up singing?
  225. iPod Nano (6th gen) help?
  226. Howard Jones touring performing both "Human's Lib" and "Dream Into Action"
  227. The Go-Go's "Ladies Gone Wild" tour
  228. The Biters
  229. (London) Suede double CD/DVD deluxe editions - 2011 releases
  230. Coachella Streaming Live APR 15-17 YouTube
  231. Sunnyboys
  232. cars question
  233. The Feelies - The 20 Year Wait is Over
  234. Our generations Live Concert DVDs? Where are they?
  235. Whatever happened to that new Fiona Apple album?
  236. Record Store Day April 16, 2011 - Discussion thread
  237. Album by Album Thread featuring: THE KINKS!!
  238. 20% of cds at Amazon for Amazon Visa user
  239. Whocares Featuring Gillan, Iommi
  240. Grammys Undergo Major Overhaul For 2012 -- Drop 31 Awards!
  241. What Are You Listening To? (April 2011)
  242. The Rules of Attraction - Music playing during Sean/Paul bus scene?
  243. Red Hot Chili Peppers 10th Studio Album ("I'm With You", August 30th)
  244. Incubus 7th Studio Album: "If Not Now, When?", July 12th
  245. How old is heavy metal?
  246. 'Glee' to do a Joy Division-themed episode
  247. Bobby Fuller
  248. Bruce Dickinson's son does not seem to have his dad's voice
  249. Forward Fest DC March 30 -April 3
  250. Death Cab for Cutie - Codes and Keys out May 31, 2011