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  1. The Darkness - news and reviews
  2. Shelby Lynne "Identity Crisis"
  3. Who was the female singer on Leno last night, mon. 9/15? Ness??
  4. R Kelly compares himself to Bin Laden
  5. A Perfect Circle-Thirteenth Step discussion thread
  6. Bowie tour BS
  7. Muse 'Absolution'/Starsailor 'Silence is Easy': US release?
  8. Britney on the cover of Maxim, er, Rolling Stone again
  9. Does your chewing gum stick to the bedpost every night?
  10. Throwing Muses...Hunkpapa...good place to start?
  11. Westside Connection [new album] "Terrorist Threats" out 12/9
  12. Black Sabbath [w/ Ozzy] Albums Box Set
  13. Twilight Singers clips and info
  14. Zwan calls it quits
  15. Today's CDs (9/15/03)
  16. Pearl Jam 5cd live set $13.88 at walmart.com
  17. Where to buy Dizzee Rascal's "Boy in da Corner" in NYC?
  18. Recommend Some Theme Music
  19. Radiohead B-Sides, amazing
  20. Where can I find piano music online?
  21. Cool video for White Stripes "Hardest Button to Button"
  22. 2004 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees Set
  23. Your Favorite Cash Songs?!
  24. Tell me about Longwave
  25. stetsasonic
  26. No Doubt [Best of... +Live DVD+Box Set]
  27. DMX - Grand Champion....thoughts?
  28. New Dream Theater to be released on 11/11!(post includes album and song titles!)
  29. The Dead Milkmen: Philadelphia In Love - Video Compilation
  30. Jeff Buckley: Live at the Sin-e'
  31. email from a music retailer re: Universal's new pricing structure and store agreement
  32. Johnny Cash dead?
  33. Outkast - "Speakerbox/The Love Below" Impressions
  34. Need song title & band from the Jake 2.0 tv series....
  35. Bon Jovi to release album of greatest hits reworked, acoustic 'with a new twist'
  36. Prog fans, you'll never believe who called me yesterday!
  37. Paul Weller Acoustic Tour
  38. I really like "Common People," what else might I like?
  39. CD release dates?
  40. 2 great Metal releases on 9/23
  41. UNKLE "Never Never Land" - US release?
  42. You know this country is going to hell when...
  43. G-UNIT [50 Cent] album "Beg For Mercy" out 11/18
  44. Simon & Garfunkel to appear on Letterman this Friday
  45. Should I stop using Kazaa?
  46. Andrew W.K. - The Wolf. Please Come In, Your 15 Minutes Are Up.
  47. Symphony X Tour Dates for the U. S.!
  48. Elvis Presley - 2nd To None 10/7!
  49. Hillary Duff discussion / reviews
  50. *.kar files with vocals?
  51. Satellite Radio - Feedback
  52. Jimmy Cliff
  53. LeAnn Rimes National Anthem Titans/Raiders game...what'd you think?
  54. The Strokes Still Have It!
  55. Newspapers articles about file sharing, music business...
  56. What is the difference between rap and hip-hop?
  57. Which of these keyboards should I buy? Any learning software recommendations?
  58. Quick Blink 182 question
  59. New Buffy the Vampire Slayer (sountrack) CD this month!?
  60. New Rat Pack CD/DVD on 11/14
  61. Anyone hear ZZ Top - Mescaloro yet?
  62. Metal Song of the Day (9/8-9/12)
  63. Limp Bizkit / Snoop Dogg song - "Red Light, Green Light"
  64. Singer/songwriter Warren Zevon dies at 56
  65. Thursday - War All The Time
  66. which depeche mode song was sampled for a Shakira song?
  67. Mars Volta - Bach Song
  68. Which artists/bands get the most "air time" in your cd player?
  69. What is you guys problem w/ Linkin Park
  70. help identifying british singer
  71. R.E.M.'s In Time-Greatest Hits (Tracklist)
  72. Need help finding a song by Rachel Portman from Ratcatcher
  73. QUEEN: Their B-sides and BBC sessions
  74. Recommend - quick! (Pump it up, come on!)
  75. First Song played when you Made love?
  76. Today's CDs (9/6)
  77. any 80s fans remember the group 'Book of Love'
  78. Any "experts" on swing/jazz or Cab Calloway here?
  79. any bruce hornsby fans?
  80. I need help identifying a new song.
  81. Do you have a favorite that you and your girl skated to on couples?
  82. Any hope for a VAN HALEN box set?
  83. Another rap musician murdered - what's with these guys?
  84. if music sharing suddenly became impossible
  85. Technical Music Question
  86. price searching
  87. Wazzup w/ Queens of a Stone Age?
  88. I guess its all over for Smash Mouth
  89. hey Billy Idol Fans!! I need help with a song!
  90. DMB-Live at Folsom Field Boulder Colorado or Listener Supported DVD?
  91. Music giant plans to drop CD prices.... will the others?
  92. What ever happened to The Teddy Bears?To Know him is to love
  93. Rob Dougan--Furious Angels
  94. Today's CDs, etc... (9/03/03)
  95. What ever happened to the Concert DVD Thread
  96. Lets talk about September 23, 2003(real hip hop)
  97. Music to RELAX to...
  98. What is this Monty Python music?
  99. Ticketmaster looks to put scalpers out of business...
  100. Please help me Name that Tune?
  101. Eminem [New Album to be a DOUBLE?]
  102. Are there any good, reliable rap sites?
  103. Need help on a band from LA...
  104. Your preferred version of Pet Sounds?
  105. best song with an abrupt ending
  106. aerosmith's just push play, edited or intenional?
  107. name of artist reviewed in last People? (sounded like Cars & Cure)
  108. Any thoughts on the music performance at the VMAs?
  109. Any news on Van Halen? [inc. Hall of Fame]
  110. Iron Maiden's "Wildest Dreams" DVD single is Reg. 2!!!!!
  111. Converting Audio Tapes to CDs?
  112. 'Ol School Jewel Fans -- Help!!
  113. Underworld Soundtrack = WOW
  114. band similiar to the strokes from uk
  115. Madonna 20th Anniversary Boxed Set
  116. Sarah McLachlan-Fallen===FINALLY!! (update: available online legally!)
  117. PopMatters 100 Songs of '77-'03 (answer to VH-1)
  118. studio artists
  119. Rolling Stone magazine's Top 100 Guitarists of all time list
  120. Kerry King on Tom Greene Show
  121. Jagermeister Tour dates w/SLAYER, Hatebreed & Arch Enemy
  122. Hard Opera
  123. New Rage CD/DVD in November
  124. Toronto SARS Concert Videotape Needed
  125. Rob Zombie [Best of... w/ Bonus DVD] 9/23/03
  126. The Eagles - Very Best Of due Oct. 21
  127. What song is this from the movie What's Love Got To Do WIth It?
  128. September/October 2003 New Release List Thread
  129. Twilight Singers/ Afghan Whigs news
  130. Linkin Park DVD Audio
  131. Mary J. Blige"Love & Life"
  132. Coldplay
  133. Favorite MCs and their albums?
  134. Which albums has The Source given 5 mics?
  135. Need some help finding "southern gospel" music....
  136. Gavin Rossdale [BUSH] to work on SOLO album
  137. Any other Fat Possum addicts here?
  138. The Velvet Underground: your favorite album and song?
  139. Sigur Ros
  140. USed CD stores in West Palm Beach Florida?
  141. What i would like to see Become LAW
  142. Ramones on DVD?
  143. What are you listening to now?
  144. punk
  145. Anyone going to Iron Maiden tonite? (8/24)
  146. Pink Floyd - Best Web Site EVER!
  147. The The (Matt Johnson) Anything New?
  148. The Best Of Pantera: Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits!
  149. Listen to an album that is full of love
  150. Rock over London; Rock on Chicago - Wesley Willis is dead
  151. Jessica Simpson : "In This Skin"
  152. Radiohead Fans in Boston, I Need a Favor!
  153. Sprite Liquid Mix Tour - any good bands playing?
  154. Those songs you can't shake out of your head
  155. New, and final, Warren Zevon CD to be released Tuesday
  156. "Let It Be" by The Beatles - the single: Producer George Martin vs Phil Spector?
  157. Neil Young on American Idol and Clay Aiken
  158. Icelandic Rap Song... Do you know the artist?
  159. Anyone pick up the new Adema?
  160. the hfstival fall edition oct 4 at rfk stadium
  161. Rock's hottest females
  162. Today's CDs (8/20/03)
  163. Why do we like certain music?
  164. Forgotten Elvis thread set for bumping
  165. New Rancid song get aired unedited on WHFS - shocking!!
  166. The Forms "Icarus"
  167. Help me find an Andy Jay Powell CD!
  168. Wilshire
  169. Rolling Stone has sunk to an all-time low
  170. Sloan's "Action Pact" - coming to U.S.?
  171. Does anyone remember Old School Kid Rock?
  172. Metal Song of the Day (8/18-8/22)
  173. Need a stereo mic for an Archos. Help!?!
  174. Dave Matthews - Some Devil
  175. Neil Young's Greendale on 8/19?
  176. Warning
  177. song in Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer?
  178. How many have 'The "Beach Boys' at Knebworth, UK?
  179. 50s Doo-Wop suggestions?
  180. Help, is this the iron butterfly song?
  181. BEATLEFEST : Chicago anybody going?
  182. ohGr - SunnyPsyOp
  183. Re-issue of The Gits first album
  184. Electric Hellfire Club
  185. Dandy Warhols - Welcome to the Monkey House
  186. Johnny Cash box set of "American Recordings" extras coming
  187. Sublime fans: any similar bands
  188. Pearl Jam's best
  189. So I saw the Blasters (Original lineup) last night
  190. Blender Mag's list of the 50 worst groups
  191. Loreena McKennitt Live In Paris & Toronto [LIVE] Question
  192. Let's talk about MY favorite era of the music industry.
  193. Liz Phair concert review (from Billboard)
  194. September is gonna be expensive
  195. man black sabbath sure had a lot of line up changes
  196. Kuhm - buy - yah
  197. What's your WORST "buried classic" album?
  198. [More than enough off-topic silliness]
  199. More R.Kelly news.....I'm Pissed
  200. Going to the 8/22 Maiden/Dio/Motorhead show in Phoenix...then you are in for a treat!
  201. Totally... [CD series]
  202. The Boys of Summer
  203. Song that got you into heavy metal? [or hard/heavy rock]
  204. Pennywise - "From the Ashes"
  205. Dirty Version of Been Around the World (remix)?
  206. Paz Lenchantin leaves ZWAN
  207. Isley Brothers...which CD to get?
  208. Who does this song?
  209. Today's CDs (8/11/03, or 11/08/03 for the Europeans out there)
  210. Metal Song of the Day (8/11-8/15)
  211. Time for a new BEATLES Compilation - Classic Album Cuts!!
  212. Did "The Archies" ever put out an album?
  213. What's your favorite "buried classic" album?
  214. Sevendust - "Seasons" Coming October 7th!
  215. Disappointing Counting Crows
  216. 2PAC [some off-topic nonsense by people who should know better]
  217. any stories behind the recording of don't fear the reaper (lets avoid snl quotes)
  218. Nickelback - The Long Road
  219. 2PAC [some 411 on upcoming Albums]
  220. Primus Is Back!
  221. Home Recording
  222. Can somebody ID this song (80s Brit pop)?
  223. Robert Randolph and the Family Band- opinions?
  224. Bright Eyes' "A Christmas Album?"
  225. String Cheese Incident sues Ticketmaster
  226. Flaming Lips reissue of "Yoshi" with full album in DVD form with 5.1 sound.
  227. My pix from the Liz Phair concert
  228. Favorite OutKast album?
  229. Is anyone else tired of Gene Simmons?
  230. In your opinion, what was the last "classic" album?
  231. Dave Grohl's PROBOT
  232. MEET : THE INCREDIBLE -_ Singer/ Songwriter/Pianist/Producer.. ICY SPICY LEONCIE!
  233. what is the song in the opening of Old School?
  234. Proper name for release
  235. Favorite Cheese 80's Metal Band
  236. What's the best Hendrix DVD out there?
  237. what type of music does your family/so listen to?
  238. That certain thing, that unknown sound
  239. Queens of The Stone Age coming to Canada!
  240. Rolling Stones to release remix 9/16
  241. Tyson Meade
  242. Misfits Box Set?
  243. HipHop artist of the year?
  244. Fun little game, come and play along!
  245. Waters or Gilmour, which dvd concert should I get? (Pink Floyd members)
  246. albums/songs/bands that you really grew on you.
  247. The Doors - Legacy: Absolute Best due 8/12!
  248. New Ween Album, "Quebec"
  249. A Little Help?
  250. Anyone with the "Citizen X" soundtrack?

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