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  1. Projekt Revolution 2004 announced!
  2. Is Hoobastank any good?
  3. Gene Simmons new solo CD due real soon now!
  4. Got the new J. Frusciante album yesterday...
  5. Stream-of-Consciousness Cover Connections, pt 1
  6. Tantric - After We Go 2-24-04
  7. Where to find rare songs?
  8. Official Morrissey Site
  9. Anyone know a place (online) to buy New/Used Cassette's (not Cds)???
  10. "Dead Kennedys: Live at the Deaf Club" 3/9/04
  11. Oasis lose another bandmember!!!!!!
  12. John Wesley Harding - "Adam's Apple"
  13. Coachella- Are you going too?
  14. Kid Rock
  15. New Beastie Boys this summer!!!!!
  16. Dave Matthews Band 2004 Tour Dates
  17. Have a drink for Bon Scott
  18. Need Help Creating Arena Rock Mix CD
  19. VELVET REVOLVER "Contraband" -5/18/04
  20. Atease Message Board
  21. HS senior sellling his indie music cd on eBay
  22. Did I hallucinate that Queen might be re-uniting with a new lead singer?
  23. how in the hell did Norah Jones sell 1.2 million copies of her new album in a week?!
  24. What are you listening to... (2/16-2/22)
  25. Sixpence None the Richer breaking up...
  26. The Darkness slam 'boring' Radiohead
  27. Help naming a song!
  28. How many Mercury Music Prize winning albums do you have
  29. Guns N Roses 'Hits' Coming Before New Album
  30. Sheryl Crow C'Mon America DVD defective?
  31. WARRANT - New Line Up!! (Jani Lane leaves)
  32. How is Join the dots selling?
  33. interesting message from Billy COrgan about THE SMASHING PUMPKINS
  34. Outkast movie musical coming! sweet!
  35. Britney finds Jesus again?
  36. Capitol will reissue 'Pink Floyd's The Final Cut' on April 20th
  37. Super Furry Animals 'Phantom Phorce' remix album April 12th (UK release)
  38. Indigo Girls--All That We Let In--How is it?
  39. Help finding a song......
  40. Song help: VH1 Dig it ad.....
  41. albums you own that you should be ashamed of owning, but aren't
  42. Kenny Wayne Shepherd news
  43. what song is this?
  44. This Forum Needs a Modest Mouse Thread
  45. best bonus dvd?
  46. Musical Crossword Help
  47. favorite/hottest Britney video?
  48. Help me find a Primus T-shirt!
  49. Most contrversial cd's are?
  50. SHAKIRA "Off The Record" DVD/CD out 3/30/04
  51. worst computer screen rock'n'roll wallpaper of all time
  52. Bonnaroo 2004 Lineup
  53. Fantomas - Delirium Cordia
  54. ***O.A.R Cover of Fool in The RAin (Led Z)***
  55. Today's CDs/Listening Pile (2/13)
  56. what are the best Prince albums?
  57. Best Jesus Jones Song?
  58. Best Ned's Atomic Dustbin Song?
  59. Ladies and Gentlemen magazine?
  60. Ozzfest 2004 news / reviews etc [merged]
  61. Telefon Tel Aviv "Map of What is Effortless"
  62. Cee-Lo Green...Is The Soul Machine 3/02/04
  63. favorite song from JOIN THE DOTS: CURE B SIDES?
  64. Dropkick Murphys DVD March 9th!
  65. outkast grammys video?
  66. The Wannadies 'Before/After' US release
  67. Recommend a prog rock/metal band
  68. The Coral "Magic & Medicine" + bonus disc, US release
  69. Wow, Rick Dees Finally Got Kicked Off The Air.
  70. Help needed in finding songs popular during college years
  71. Anyone hear that Queens of the stone age are breaking up?!!
  72. Anyone get the new Courtney Love CD?
  73. Biggest embarrassment in your record buying past...
  74. Does any rap heads know when Cam'Ron Purple Haze comes out?
  75. Mull Historical Society
  76. White Stripes question?!
  77. A love/valentines cd with rap/hip hop music/and movie sound clips
  78. Collective Soul info?
  79. (Not like it matters, but) MTV Consigns Racy Videos to Late-Night Rotation
  80. Which movie directors have made videos?
  81. Lame attempt to find name of this song!
  82. Best "Old-School" Rap and Hip-Hop songs?
  83. Tower Records Files for Chapter 11 [duplicate]
  84. Electronica recommendations, please, please....
  85. What is this song?
  86. Outkast: Album of the Year
  87. Fred Durst wailing on the guitar!!!
  88. What's the longest single continuous music track in your CD/LP/download collection?
  89. No Grammy thread yet? Okay.
  90. Looking for a 50 Cent Remix...
  91. Jupiter Coyote's new project is out!!!
  92. what Beck song features ZANKOU chicken?
  93. When will the new Outkast singles be released?
  94. What song is this?
  95. Did Kenny Chesney write his new song, "There Goes My Life"?
  96. New Deicide + Cannibal Corpse this month.
  97. public enemy are back!
  98. Where can I buy "The Jim Morrison Poetry Session?"
  99. Joe Cocker fans
  100. Adult music videos
  101. Therion (or other metal/classical) CD recommendations?
  102. Which Crack the Sky remasters would you buy?
  103. Question about Phoenix from Linkin Park
  104. No Spring Phish Tour - Vegas ONLY!
  105. New Wilco Album -- June 8, 2004?
  106. Belle & Sebastian DVD review up
  107. Mason Jennings - Use Your Voice Feb. 10th
  108. Air - 2004 tour dates
  109. Favorite 2+ Decade Spanning Artist
  110. Asylum Street Spankers, anyone?
  111. New Walkmen - Bows & Arrows
  112. OFFICIAL: Pixies reunite! Tour dates announced [ticket update / questions]
  113. Help induct The Hollies into the hall of fame
  114. New Nick Cave DVD on the horizon
  115. Your music universe (cool engine)
  116. clubs/venues in the LA area. whats good whats not?
  117. What is the one must have Elvis CD boxset?
  118. Today's CDs/Listening Pile (2/2-8)
  119. Anyone have a review of David Bowie's LA shows?
  120. any good places to see a concert in the Baltimore/DC area?
  121. List your Good current Rap/Hip Hop here!
  122. What's this Dylan song?
  123. Help with movie themes/songs
  124. Anyone have an extra Rolling Stone sampler SACD?
  125. Sometimes you just need Sunshine
  126. The State of Metal 2004
  127. Mos Def tapped for role in Hitchhiker's Guide...
  128. Bob Dylan 2004 tour dates
  129. Any Iced Earth fans in here?
  130. what the hell happened to rap music?
  131. Where does this sample come from?
  132. 60 minutes II - Toby Keith interview
  133. Is there EVER going to be a new Beastie Boys album?
  134. Your Favorite NON-Album Track (unreleased, b-side or other) from favorite artists
  135. Great Kanye West article - Album Hits Stores Next Week
  136. Bad Religion re-issues and DVD coming
  137. Dramarama - Why haven't I ever heard of them?
  138. How HUGE is Outkast right now?
  139. Oh my, February and March are turning out to have some great UK bands tour the States
  140. Bands where the members all take the same name
  141. Jay-Z "The Grey Album" (Dangermouse) due Feb/Mar of 2k4
  142. Song title request (early '90's rap)
  143. BMG customer service #
  144. R.E.M. concert dvd and new album news
  145. top 100 metal guitarists according to guitar world magazine
  146. New Weezer! The Blue Album Deluxe Edition
  147. songs that sound different on the radio then on the album (not efc songs)
  148. Recommend This Band? (ed. 1)
  149. Leroy Bach leaves Wilco
  150. Whose Song Is It Anyway?
  151. List your top 3 favorite songs
  152. New Magnetic Fields record in may
  153. Stripper Song
  154. As a Queen fan, I just saw/heard the worst thing I could possibly imagine...
  155. I just heard a Kick Ass song Metal Song..
  156. The Essential Alice In Chains coming March 16
  157. All Rush Mix Tape [Futurama]
  158. Why are fans so obnoxious at concerts?
  159. tom petty
  160. Liz Phair - sellout/bubble gum???
  161. help me make a 20 track "best of Grunge music" cd
  162. Alice In Chains "The Essential" [2CD retrospective] -3/16/04
  163. Best B-side Collections
  164. Wahoo! New Fleetwood Mac Remasters!
  165. Darling Nikki -- where's the outrage?
  166. Help ID this song.
  167. Starsailor - live: Wow!
  168. What's up with Orbital - any new material in the coming year?
  169. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' vs. 'Hotel California'
  170. Is anyone else floored by Cash's version of Hurt?
  171. Jethro Tull's keyboardist David Palmer... becomes Dee Palmer
  172. BMG music club [duplicate]
  173. Today's CDs (or, the Listening Pile) (1/26/03 - 1/30/03)
  174. Okay it's 2004 -- do we really have to still hear "Unbelievable" by EMF?
  175. Woo Hoo going to go see Iron Maiden tomorrow..
  176. REQ: Looking for "the best" rap albums
  177. 3 new John Frusciante Songs to D/L
  178. Generic rap song
  179. In case there are any Ayreon fans in here
  180. Pitchfork = Popdork?
  181. 50 Cent: New album to be mostly produced by DRE -due 3rd Qt. '04
  182. EMINEM: update on new album - Due 3rd Qt. 2004
  183. Which band would have been greater if it had stayed together:GUNS n ROSES or NIRVANA?
  184. Recommend good headphones
  185. new Air album
  186. Pearl Jam's Holiday Single
  187. Why 2 Versions of Santana's "Why Don't You and I?"
  188. Dr. Dre [FINALLY!] starts working on "Detox"
  189. songs that are long but don't feel long, and vise versa
  190. Is this britney spears?
  191. "Bob Dylan: Live 1964" - 3/23/04
  192. watch Britney's new video here and see her, uhm, well...uuh....
  193. Digeridoo music?
  194. Do you get mad if a band "sells out"? Why?
  195. where's steve perry of journey now??
  196. Chili Pepper's Greatest Hits (and videos) thoughts
  197. Rockabilly Boxset?
  198. Help with a project - Music Ideas
  199. Best Break-Up Songs
  200. XM goes out at 4:30pm central every day
  201. New Everlast Album, any info?
  202. Worst/most overused song cliches/lines
  203. What songs make you choke up/cry?
  204. Aimee Mann's "Lost in Space" SE
  205. Best online UK CD shops?
  206. What's that song (Bon Jovi I THINK) about a kid going through divorce?
  207. Anyone Else Dig Rooney's Album?
  208. I want to like the Shins, but I don't!
  209. The Sad end of Grand Royal...
  210. COACHELLA festival gots my attention.
  211. Recommend me some good trance with vocals
  212. favorite George Carlin album?
  213. Sheet music for Love Makes The World Go Round, Powerpuff Girls, please help
  214. Hey Ma VS Hey Ya
  215. Today's CDs/Listening Pile (1/18-24)
  216. Is "Hey Ya!" the new "All Star"?
  217. Cee-Lo Green IS... THE SOUL MACHINE (new album!)
  218. Genesis??
  219. Dave Mustaine [MEGADETH] speaks on the future of...
  221. aac Vs mp3
  222. Female singer April March is on tour
  223. Penn State Launches Online Music Service
  224. Alanis Morissette's new album "So-Called Chaos" due 4/13/04
  225. George Harrison catalog to be reissued Feb 24th
  226. 33 1/3 Book Series (about canonical albums)
  227. Sting Presale Password?
  228. Jack White pleads innocent....
  229. OT posts split from another thread by me [Benedict]
  230. What is the "Soft intro then scream" genre called?
  231. Old School / Whitesnake cover
  232. Who else LOVES Clay Aiken (and his music)?
  233. Predictable: Ryan Adams throws a fit (audio style!)
  234. Ever done a music reasearch survey?
  235. Muse "Absolution" finally coming out in states and possible tour.
  236. The one-and-only RIAA news/discussion thread [2004]
  237. New Tears for Fears single
  238. Who loves THE SPICE GIRLS?
  239. Barbra Streisand Vs. Bjork
  240. Today's CDs (1/12/04 - 1/16/04) -- what are you listening to?
  241. Tracks Magazine -- anybody read the first issue?
  242. Rumor about a possible new Led Zeppelin DVD in the works
  243. Best site to download music - LEGALLY
  244. OOP bootleg or no?
  245. Dream Theater US tour in 2004
  246. The One and Only JESSICA SIMPSON Thread
  247. Got Evanescence's "Fallen"..? Want the new version of "My Immortal" FREE..?
  248. New CD -- Norah Jones "Feels Like Home"
  249. help me put a list of alike songs together.
  250. Courtney Love's "Mono"

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