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  1. Bowie has emergency heart surgery
  2. Can someone place this classical sample?
  3. wedding music help
  4. My paranoid 'Clearchannel' conspiracy theory
  5. suggest me some bands
  6. RHCP to release live album....but not in the US!! WTF!!!!
  7. Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads expanded edition coming
  8. SLAYER to issue live Reign in Blood DVD
  9. What is that website that lets you see what songs your radio station is playing?
  10. Ha! Chino XL was just on "Reno 911"
  11. anyone going to the Redding festival in england?
  12. The Cure land their first Top 10 album in America in years
  13. Country Song ID?
  14. San Diegans: MoJo Music: I need your help!
  15. Beastie Boys Recommendations
  16. anyone a warped tour fan?!
  17. Did you like Alanis Morissette's last 2 Albums?
  18. Cool Covers Website
  19. Most influential songs?
  20. What is an ECD?? I did a yahoo search and couldnt find anything.
  21. Explosions in the Sky
  22. How would you like your Beatles remasters served?
  23. How have you introduced your kids to (your) music?
  24. Does anyone hate the sound of live shows on CD?
  25. Favourite 90s Dance Songs
  26. Anybody hear the new Sparta yet?
  27. which two cd's should i buy? (poll ends wed july 7
  28. Sum 41?
  29. Toronto Rocks! Sars Benefit Concert on DVD!!
  30. How is the latest Lenny Kravitz album?
  31. Scorpions - Unbreakable...anybody else like it???
  32. Austin City Limits Festival - Advice
  33. Phillip Glass film score question
  34. Where do you buy your music CDs these days?
  35. Motorhead - Inferno
  36. Incubus Tour Info
  37. The most important ALBUM in your development as lover of all things music?
  38. did the ramones ever use the f word in any songs? (radio song help)
  39. CD skipping
  40. Recommend me some good INDIE rock, please?
  41. Southern Culture on the Skids
  42. Anyone use Columbia House or BMG Music Clubs Recently? [duplicate]
  43. Ever broken a string on stage in the middle of a song?
  44. Crossover Country/Pop artists... what's wrong with staying Country?
  45. Jim White - Drill a Hole in That Substrate and Tell Me What You Find
  46. favorite/best song of 2004 so far
  47. 3 more "no no's" to the record industry
  48. D12 Tour - Possibly stupid question...
  49. Can someone I.D. this Classical music tune?
  50. Grateful Dead- Great D/L Website (Archive.org)
  51. David Baerwald 2DVD Ltd. Set shipping now.
  52. Black Crowes are highly underrated..
  53. Manilow Remasters
  54. Polyphonic Spree: what should I listen to?
  55. DJ Shadow - 'Live! In Tune & On Time' question
  56. 'Best of' Supergrass - US release: Sept 28th
  57. Snow Patrol - 'Final Straw' SACD release: Aug. 17th
  58. Anyone gt the Dave Matthews Band Gorge CD??
  59. Who's picking up the new Tragically Hip CD?
  60. What cd's are you getting 5/29?
  61. Top Ten Favorite Albums of 2004 (mid-year)
  62. Rate My Concert Shirts
  63. Favorite/Best Album of All-Time
  64. Heart: Jupiter's Darling
  65. who knows Adam Ant?
  66. The Eagles of Death Metal
  67. Taking Back Sunday's new disc......
  68. Parents going through divorce -- I need some music advice
  69. (yet another) London Calling re-release...
  70. What song is this?
  71. Rapper DMX arrested in New York
  72. The "all in one" MP3 player
  73. New Garbage
  74. It just ain't Perry Farrell's week...
  75. Prog fans: Yes / Dream Theater Summer N. America Tour
  76. The Cure - June 29th
  77. New Skinny Puppy
  78. knowledgeable music people - please help
  79. knowledgeable music people - please help
  80. Alanis edited for airplanes!
  81. July/August 2004 New Release List Thread
  82. Is "Hair Metal" better than "Grunge"....? [....asked some guy]
  83. Any Brian Wilson (new solo cd out this week) or Beach Boy fans?
  84. Anyone have "Spider-man 2" soundtrack...how is it?
  85. Ultra Vivid Scene
  86. punk music fans....I need help
  87. Milwaukee Summerfest 2004
  88. Am I crazy? Starting to like gospel . . .
  89. Best Bass Guitar Solo?
  90. Music on Voyager Golden Record
  91. Very Best of Dwight Yoakam due 7/27
  92. Noone cares about MINISTRY's new CD?
  93. Which Massive Attack album should I start with?
  94. Are ticket prices really affecting your concert-going?
  95. Lollapalooza Canceled!
  96. What happened to Peter Gabriel?
  97. What ever happened to Jai?
  98. Can you help me name this song?
  99. Has anyone had to replace their entire CD collection?
  100. This Week's CDs (6/21-25)
  101. Soul Coughing fans...
  102. Has MTV given up on identifying videos?
  103. Santana slams "corny-a$$ white people"
  104. What MP3 player do you own and why?
  105. KISS Tour 2004 - review.
  106. I have seen the light - and it is ZO2! (Hard Rock)
  107. Spider-Man 2 ST: anybody heard it in full?
  108. Looking for a song form the movie Fight Club
  109. Best Depeche Mode Album?
  110. Masta Killa - No Said Date
  111. Auf der Maur anyone?
  112. Q Magazine's 50 Best British Albums Ever +
  113. En Vogue
  114. High Quality video of Weenie Roast performances
  115. When does the latest Esther album come out? Will she be in a movie? Who is Esther?
  116. Mix CD by Committee #1: Soul, R&B, Doo Wop, Motown
  117. Alice Cooper setlist?
  118. Van Halen setlist?
  119. Heard the WORST rap song EVER on XM radio
  120. Badly Drawn Boy 'One Plus One Is One'
  121. Favorite song by an actor turned singer?
  122. Why is* the Cure hot again? [* irking BadlyDrawnBoy ;) ]
  123. A RUSH Review and Setlist from the 30th Anniversary Tour
  124. Grunge FM
  125. sites for total album sales?
  126. WILCO on Letterman tonight
  127. Alter Bridge "Open Your Eyes"
  128. Pearl Jam Benaroya Hall acoustic set - July 27th
  129. Is Slightly Stoopid a decent band?
  130. johnny ramone fighting prostate cancer. :(
  131. New Pixies song "Bam Thwok" on iTunes
  132. Need drinking song suggestions
  133. Question about Greatest Hits Cds that contain new tracks on them
  134. Any Ted Leo & the Pharmacists Fans?
  135. No Thanks! The 70's Punk Rebellion
  136. The Polyphonic Spree - Together We're Heavy
  137. From where yr sitting...
  138. The Jim Yoshi Pileup - anyone heard of them?
  139. Got played on Dr Demento!
  140. What do you consider a "pop" song?
  141. Van Halen...any tour reviews yet???
  142. Beulah breaking up...
  143. Japanese band from Kill Bill
  144. SBC park or home depot center?
  145. Help Getting June issue of AMP magazine...Please!
  146. Simple Music Survey...
  147. 50 Summer Songs
  148. Hollywood Bowl- What are the "superseats?"
  149. I saw David Byrne live tonight
  150. is kid rocks song "cowboy" edited on the cd "devil without a cause"?
  151. McDonald's Free Music Download
  152. Need title/artist for spanish song that goes.....
  153. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus...sung by....Johnny Cash EEK!
  154. The soundtrack of our lives - the band, not mall/store music
  155. This Week's CDs/Listening Pile (6/11-18)
  156. 200 Perfect Pop Songs
  157. Nintendo Commercial?
  158. Anyone heard the new Taking Back Sunday song?
  159. The soundtrack of our lives - mall/store music, not the band
  160. Creed goes out suing...strippers. Janet joins in...
  161. help me make a pissed off cd
  162. New Orleans dvdtalkers?
  163. Song ID help, please...
  164. Ray Charles has died
  165. John Paul Jones to tour with members of Nickel Creek (Mutual Admiration Society)
  166. The difference between Hip Hop and Rap?
  167. What songs did you rollerskate to as a kid/teen?
  168. Rock N Roll dead?
  169. Sonic Youth - "Sonic Nurse"
  170. 311 Live DVD October!!
  171. If I have never....
  172. Beastie Boys' The In Sound from Way Out alternatives?
  173. Anybody got a copy of Pedro the Lion's "Achilles Heel"? Help me out!
  174. a Pedro the Lion thread
  175. Guzzlefish stats, let's see'em!!
  176. Anybody else going to Summer Jam 2004?
  177. 3 Doors Down - Not only unoriginal, but theives
  178. What is your top US Punk? UK Punk albums?
  179. Need Help
  180. Anyone else "against" greatest hits albums
  181. List your top 5 favorite albums of all time
  182. What song is this?
  183. Chicago area Loop listeners.
  184. They Might Be Giants -- The Spine (07/13/04)
  185. The Smith's "How Soon Is Now?" Rocks
  186. Galaxie 500: Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste 1987 - 1991 DVD
  187. Punk guitarist Robert Quine dies at 61
  188. "feelin' good" by Nina Simone, where to find version in sfu promo?
  189. New Helmet Album "Size Matters" 9/14/04
  190. Anyone know this song? Part II
  191. Velvet Revolver - Contraband 6/8/04
  192. Any "Mods" out there? - Not "Moderators" - "Mods!"
  193. Anyone heard of a group called NU ?
  194. Saw there is a new Bad Religion album due out this week
  195. "The Boy Inside the Man": The greatest rock song ever?
  196. Which CD's to get?
  197. The portable mp3 collection: completionist or practical?
  198. Old 97's suggestions
  199. Keane's "Hopes and Fears", WOW! (If you like Radiohead and Coldplay)
  200. Beastie Boys - To the 5 Boroughs (2004)
  201. anyone like ben lee?
  202. New Trail of Dead in September?
  203. My music is stale and I demand that you fix it...please?
  204. The Streets - A Grand Don't Come for Free
  205. Who's your favorite DJ?
  206. Whatcha gonna do when Brooke Hogan hits the pop scene?!
  207. Battle of the Skinny White Boys - Fatboy Slim vs. Moby
  208. Are there Metallica Remasters?
  209. Don't Cry Too Much Kids: Creed is No More
  210. Any John Cale gurus?
  211. Biggest Music Mistakes (aka: what took you so long)
  212. favorite VELVET UNDERGROUND album?
  213. Very Best Of ZZ Top: Rancho Texicano due June 15th!
  214. LA people: sonic youth at the troubadour
  215. The Cure and Black Eyed Peas on Pepsi Smash WB tonight...
  216. Will Men At Works "Two Hearts" ever be reisued
  217. When does the new Bob Seger album come out ?
  218. Anyone like sarah Hudson?
  219. For those who hate Headbanger's Ball...
  220. Song Help: "Because You Loved Me Best"
  221. 5 favorite Marilyn Manson songs...
  222. Robert Johnson's Son Gets His Due
  223. Ice Cube...The Man, The Rapper, The Movie Star, The Sellout?
  224. I need songs!!
  225. why do audio tapes play at different speeds in different cassette decks?
  226. What the hell is "ska" music???
  227. cureosawa festival dates/venues announced
  228. AC/DC Experts - a ? for you
  229. The Gloria Record has "broken up"
  230. Am I the only one who still likes Anthrax?
  231. Keane: 'Hope & Fears' - thoughts?
  232. Derek Frigo RIP
  233. Thoughts on Van Halen Reunion Lineup
  234. largest CD Purchase you've ever made
  235. Songs that embody you're feeling right now
  236. Linkin Park - Yay or nay?
  237. What's your Wilco Mix?
  238. EuroTrip Karaoke of Scotty Doesn't Know - FUNNY
  239. Melissa Auf Der Maur's new album. Anybody heard it yet?
  240. Phantom Planet - The Guest
  241. What bands do you recommend
  242. 50 Cents' "In Da Club" ringtone is the first to go PLATINUM!
  243. Any more Ramones reissues?
  244. My ears are bleeding - Jessica Simpson "Angels". Shocking
  245. Best Rolling Stones Album pt 2, the Virgin years
  246. Help Me Make The Ultimate Classic Rock Ipod List
  247. Setlist from first Rush show ****SPOILERS INSIDE****
  248. Share the Love for George Michael - Patience?
  249. Which Pop star will have the most successful movie career?
  250. What is the best Music club deal?

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