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  1. What is on you car stereo presets?
  2. Bright Eyes needs to give their publicist a bonus!
  3. Odd label/artist pairings?
  4. Unwritten Law: Here's To The Mourning
  5. Can you help me find this cd? "Lappdog-Kenley 81 project"
  6. Louis XIV "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" Why do I keep listening to this song?
  7. "joy of cooking"anyone know anything about this band??
  8. Queensryche Concert Review; 2/1/05, Verona, NY
  9. Looking for hard to find "ARTFUL DODGER" CD
  10. WWE buys ECW music!
  11. Beatles: Different Eras?
  12. Ryan Adams Prepares 3(!) New Albums for Release
  13. Have you ever fallen asleep at a concert while "sober"? [ee]
  14. Bands like My Chemical Romance?
  15. Questions about The Clash songs
  16. has anyone seen a concert at Sonar in Baltimore?
  17. Keane: Hopes and Fears - Dual Disc/SACD versions.
  18. Super Furry Animals - US DVD release/May album news
  19. How much of your collection do you actually listen/not listen to?
  20. The Tears (Brett Anderson/Bernard Butler new group)
  21. Zeppelin-what albums should I get?
  22. U2 and other high-priced concerts. Do you fork over the cash? (fun story too)
  23. Who else likes Richard X. Heyman?
  24. Stupid question about Destiny's Child Soldier Video
  25. Coachella 2005 - Discussion
  26. U2 Anaheim show ......SOLD OUT!!!!
  27. Best Elliott Smith Album
  28. Sage Francis Deserves A Thread
  29. Any Good/Awful U2 Ticket-Buying Stories?
  30. what was your first ever concert?
  31. STARZ ReMasters
  32. Traffic Drummer Jim Capaldi Dies of Cancer
  33. U2 tickets....which one should I choose?
  34. which B&M has Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster?
  35. Details on next 3 Cure re-issues
  36. Ben Folds Fans Rejoice! New Album 4/26!!
  37. Bright Eyes - Anyone pick up the two new lps?
  38. Question about Operation: Mindcrime
  39. Cat Stevens Perform Show for Tsunami Aid
  40. I Don't Like Mondays - The Boomtown Rats song - question
  41. Aspiring musicians - a question for you
  42. Studio/gig musicians...
  43. Will Oasis ever release ANOTHER B-Sides Album?
  44. pitchforkmedia problems?
  45. Royalities question (for singles) [duplicate]
  46. What concert have you seen that people are shocked you went to?
  47. Lemon Jelly 64'-95' - multi-format release
  48. Need Songs for a Mike Patton Mixtape
  49. Debbie Gibson to appear in Playboy [duplicate]
  50. Bob Seger and Three Doors Down
  51. Video clip of Nick Barker (ex-Dimmu Borgir) drumming
  52. make me a make me laugh cd
  53. New Eels album in April
  54. Sky Captain 2 free music downloads giveaway
  55. Good headphones for workout/jogging?
  56. Those little "Excitations" heard in the background
  57. Looks like Queen isn't the only one doing it..
  58. Tool [including updated new release information]
  59. First Song in "Hitch" Trailer
  60. Dual-Discs - what's available?
  61. Mercury Rev - 'The Secret Migration' UK release today 1/24, US: May 8th!! (?)
  62. Your #1 favorite 80's song [merged]
  63. Janis Joplin "Mercedes Benz"
  64. REO's first cd
  65. Recommend me some good, fast Driving tunes
  66. NAMM Convention 1/20 - 1/23
  67. Your top 5 White Stripes songs
  68. better Prince album
  69. Anyone hear the new System of a Down song yet?
  70. Elvis Presley ReMastered
  71. Sports Headphones
  72. new Portishead in the works
  73. New Beck Album (3/28/05 release)
  74. Queens of the Stone Age tour dates!!!
  75. Initial Bonnaroo Lineup Announced
  76. New Garbage CD "Bleed Like Me" -- April 12th
  77. Eden Atwood's best album?
  78. Good songs for a wedding
  79. A band named Dispatch-Who are they?
  80. What's the furthest you've traveled to see a band?
  81. Where to get American 'Top 40' music re-done in Spanish
  82. Best Black Crowes Album
  83. Looking For Info on Old Goth Band: Deep Six
  84. Video of my drum teacher playing with his extreme metal hand.
  85. Atlanta area clubs closing
  86. Indie rock (and more) download-arama
  87. Why does Da Brat sound and look like Lil Bow Wow's???
  88. Pitchforkmedia.com - New Layout :thumbsdown:
  89. Whatever happened to Lauryn Hill?
  90. Black Crowes reunites for 5 shows in NYC!!
  91. So long WHFS...
  92. Is there a DVD of all the old Rush videos?
  93. Tenacious D & Friends - Tsunami Benefit
  94. New Order "Waiting for the Sirens Call" in March
  95. The Servant
  96. Song ID help
  97. What is this current rap song?
  98. Best Pavement Album
  99. Complete Eminem discography?
  100. Chemical Brothers- Push the Button (Jan 24)
  101. Truly sensual songs
  102. The Rolling Stones - Singles 1968-1971 Box Set: What happened?
  103. Nightwish Singer Solo?
  104. New Esthero EP " We R In Need Of A Musical Revolution " 1-11-05
  105. U2 Tour Delayed...
  106. Woman Sues Gene Simmons Over VH1 Sex Talk
  107. What happened to the John Carpenter soundtracks?
  108. Need classical SACD/DVD-A recommendations...
  109. Who Sings This?
  110. ID this song please
  111. Rap/Hip-Hop songs that sample older songs?
  112. US CD Sales Actually Experience Growth!
  113. ID this 70s/80s Rock track
  114. The Snacktreat Boys- I Want a Fat Babe
  115. Your Ultimate Soul Mix?
  116. The Organ - Grab That Gun... anyone listen?
  117. Ol' Dirty Bastard - Osirus:The Official Mixtape
  118. Best Pixies Album
  119. Brian Wilson band member missing in tsunami
  120. Pussycat Dolls
  121. Anyone hear Ashlee Simpson during the halftime of the USC/Oklahome game?
  122. Cassette/Audio tape
  123. Britney Spears may quit singing to become a CSI.
  124. Can anyone name this CD?
  125. Anyone here order from Deep Discount CD?
  126. 2 CD GREATEST HITS FROM: Motley Crue & Tina Turner due 2/1
  127. Which is the better Public Enemy album
  128. Best albums with no band backing?
  129. Jan/Feb 2005 New Release List Thread
  130. White Stripes new cd?
  131. Music Plasma
  132. Recommend me some independent and/or little known artists.
  133. Other Artists calling out Lip Syncers?
  134. Tori Amos' "the Beekeeper" -- February 22nd
  135. Lord of the Rings Deluxe Soundtrack-when?
  136. whatever happened to britney spears?
  137. New Years Eve music?
  138. CNN: Linkin Park donates $100k to Tsunami Relief Effort
  139. How many versions of the Doctor Who theme music are there?
  140. Artie Shaw passes away
  141. What song's are not on the Nirvana Box Set that should have been. [duplicate]
  142. Auto-Cataloging program for music files?
  143. What happened to VH1's Pop Up video?
  144. Howard Shore LotR NEW soundtrack set??
  145. Country Music Recommendations
  146. Opinions wanted on Killers: Hot Fuss
  147. My perfect gift- incubus related
  148. better Guns N' Roses album
  149. Name that classical song
  150. Meshuggah's "I" EP....wow
  151. Anyone know what rock group has done a remake of No Quarter(LedZep)?
  152. Rolling Stones recommendations?
  153. Smartarse thread [Split from: Biggest disappointments of 2004?]
  154. Biggest disappointments of 2004?
  155. The Best INSTRUMENTALS (hits)?
  156. Any one own Nico - Heroine / Underground Experience? Does it have insert?
  157. What are some good bands similar to Coldplay and Keane.
  158. Wanted Song Lyrics thread
  159. What now-deceased artists have you seen in concert?
  160. Is Gwen Stefani the next mega pop crossover star (Madonna)?
  161. Song From A Commercial
  162. Song ID
  163. Home Karoake sets?
  164. What concert have you seen that most impresses other people?
  165. I heard Staind in the grocery store the other day.
  166. Barenaked for the Holidays
  167. Metallica Experts (re: Cunning Stunts)
  168. Looking for christian rock ideas for son?
  169. better Jane's Addiction album
  170. Prodigy, remixed: "Always Outsiders, Never Outdone"
  171. Top CDs of 2004
  172. Help me find this version of "Amazing Grace"
  173. The Black Keys - Rubber Factory
  174. Passion of the Christ song question
  175. why does eminem hate christopher reeves?
  176. Who does the dance song that uses The Cure's Close To Me music?
  177. Young Turks, and other songs with strange titles
  178. Davey and Goliath theme song - is there an MP3 around?
  179. Help my band choose it's name
  180. Mildly entertaining game: What's That Song?
  181. Incubus and the Police - Roxanne (iTunes)
  182. Name this Joe Satriani song...
  183. Anyone heard the new Peter Murphy release?
  184. True popular musical genius?
  185. I just "discovered" Guided By Voices. and I'm Angry.
  186. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2005 Inductions
  187. Mazika...Bongo/drums...arabian style
  188. Recommend some Frank Zappa
  189. DMB Live series
  190. Foo Fighters B-Sides
  191. Does freeipods.com really work?
  192. QUEEN to tour in 2005 - official news
  193. Any other bands out there like Ian Moore or the Arc Angels?
  194. Will Avril Lavigne be classified as Adult contemporary in 10 years?
  195. Queensryche fans: What are your favorite albums and/or songs by them?
  196. Help needed: iTune downloads - John Mayer "As/Is"
  197. HELIX - 30th Anniv DVD
  198. New They Might Be Giants live album (download only)
  199. New Jennifer Lopez CD "Rebirth" -- March 1st
  200. "James Brown Is Dead"....err...he has cancer.
  201. going to see Scissor Sisters on 12/12
  202. The Hawkman Cometh
  203. Micheal McCary(Boyz II Men) what happened?
  204. U2 Live from the Brooklyn Bridge - EP on Itunes.
  205. Best Lord of the Rings Soundtrack?
  206. recommend some good underground hip-hop
  207. Dimebag Darrell (formerly of Pantera) shot dead
  208. Some Music Awards Show on TV right now...
  209. Guilty Pleasures -- There Is Amnesty Within...ALL are welcome!
  210. Yes DVD questions
  211. New Doves album "Some Cities" announced
  212. Neil Young - My My, Hey Hey (Into The Black) song
  213. Bowling for soup,is it ok for an 11 year old?
  214. Grammy Award Nomination Thread...Kanye West, Ray Charles big winners...Eminem snubbed
  215. Motley Crue to Reunite for World Tour
  216. Seeing Pixies saturday
  217. Survey: Net file-sharing doesn't hurt most musicians
  218. Who will buy the new Lindsay Lohen CD this Tues?
  219. Stevie Wonder blasts Eminem for Jackson parody
  220. Oasis to open for U2 next year!!!!!!!
  221. New Queens of the Stone Age
  222. Looking for the name of a song
  223. New Billy Idol cd in March
  224. U2 dvd w/ HTDAAB. Help, please.
  225. The Feelies: Crazy Rhythms (1980) - where to get it?
  226. Alternative/Funky Christmas Mix
  227. Recommend some Christmas songs
  228. Definitive versions of Christmas songs
  229. Beginning guitar...
  230. Yet another Pearl Jam thread
  231. Breaking up: Who should? Who would be a travesty?
  232. The Dead Milkmen
  233. Looking for Electronic/World Internet radio stations.
  234. Two Gallants
  235. Dokken and Scorpions
  236. 3 Doors Down Music Video Question
  237. Saw Everclear last night
  238. HIM: Video Collection
  239. shouldn't there be technical info on the back of concert dvds?
  240. Where to buy foreign cds?
  241. Dead Can Dance - Rare CD question
  242. Best SONGS of the 80's NEW WAVE?
  244. Phil Spector & Girl Groups?
  245. jimi hendrix live on dvd, what's the best one?
  246. Stadium Song Question
  247. Best Buy 10% off coupon for iPods?
  248. Wanna be the new lead singer for INXS?
  249. Whats the video content of Dokken's Erase The Slate dual disc?
  250. Fall to Pieces - Velvet Revolver

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