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  1. Why 24 hours?
  2. Check out how much the Wachowski Bros are making!
  3. Question about how Agents take people over.
  4. Matrix: Reloaded Plot Question
  5. Holy Flurking Shnit! Tim Burton To Direct 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory'
  6. Movies Based on Good Books
  7. Aussie actors do better American Characters than American Actors.
  8. How does TOHO do it? (Godzilla related)
  9. planned trilogy?
  10. Mulholland Drive... (merged)
  11. calling all action movie junkies!
  12. reproduction in the matrix?
  13. Matrix/Merovingian theory
  14. a Trinity question. Beware [spoiler]s inside!
  15. movies you wish did NOT have a sequel.
  16. Father and Mother of Matrix
  17. Dances with Wolves Drama or Western??
  18. Equilibrium is NOT GOOD at all
  19. the Mother
  20. Movies You'd Like To Have Seen Made By Other Directors
  21. M.Night's The Woods.... With Kirsten Dunst?
  22. The most talented child actors!!!
  23. New Matrix Revolutions Trailer!
  24. Merovingian dialouge?
  25. Proper Poster Framing Technique?
  26. Neo's Warning to the Architect
  27. Cinemania: A Documentary About Movie Addicts
  28. What is this 1% Anomalie? (Possible Spoilers)
  29. 2003 - The year of Hugo Weaving?
  30. What is your favorite Bill Murray movie?
  31. Weta Aboard Neon Genesis Evangelion Live-Action Pic
  32. A Link between M1 and Reloaded (spoiler)
  33. Does anybody know what this means? [SPOILERS]
  34. Has a movie ever garnered as much discussion as Reloaded?
  35. The Merovingian Kings
  36. what are the twins names?
  37. Terminator 1 plot question.
  38. What YEAR is the human race at?
  39. The Matrix Concept (Spoiler)
  40. The "Gifts"?
  41. Movies that in your opinion need a rating change?
  42. Good Bloody Movies
  43. I just saw Star Trek Nemesis last night
  44. Open Range
  45. What was the EW spoiler?
  46. Blaming murders on The Matrix
  47. The Meeting with the Oracle [SPOILER]
  48. Anyone else appreciating part 2 more than expected?
  49. Guy at the end?
  50. Matrix 7.0 [Spoiler]
  51. Bravo Two Zero
  52. Reloaded DVD?
  53. If you like the Matrix you must see this over at oddtood.com
  54. Scenes for Enter the Matrix offer some clues? (SPOLIERS))
  55. Fun prediction - Matrix goes to the Wild West [SPOILERS]
  56. The Last Samurai Advanced Movie Poster
  57. Why is the Matrix is reloading?
  58. My theory about Neo ...
  59. Regarding the ending, can we assume... [SPOILERS]
  60. What is your favorite John Candy movie?
  61. Reputable Online Seller of Original Movie Posters?
  62. Can you avoid being "Spoiled" about Matrix Revolutions?
  63. Time elapsed between M1 and Reloaded?
  64. Top 10 Sequels?
  65. Neo as machine - does this clear anything up?{Spoilers}
  66. So who hasn't seen this yet?
  67. No questions about Smith + 6th Neo ?!! (SPOILERS)
  68. So, where were the "Uncopyable" FX?
  69. Audio problem in TMR?
  70. Who would you wipe from the cimena history books?
  71. On secod thought, let Jackson do KING KON
  72. Logistic question - time to populate Zion?
  73. What would have happened if Neo had chosen... [SPOILERS]
  74. Neo's dream - Does anyone think this is strange? [SPOILERS]
  75. Why continue martial arts fighting? speculation and (spoilers)
  76. Most Annoying Child Movie Character
  77. Oracle's Bodyguard.....Any ideas?
  78. Any news on the next "Indiana Jones" and "Max Max" installments?
  79. Some number questions (spoilers)
  80. 6th "One" = Man, 7th God? [Spoiler]
  81. Hollywood Homicide, anyone?
  82. Can Someone Please Outline Enter the Matrix?
  83. Watered down violence
  84. The boy in Zion question
  85. According to imdb... (possible Revolutions spoiler)
  86. TMR vs Minority Report
  87. Your favorite Matrix character?
  88. What's The deal with the Traffic controllers of Zion
  89. I Noticed Something Interesting in the 1st Matrix...
  91. Blue screening to change the way films are done?
  92. Funniest Film: Domestic or International
  93. Rate the Franchises so far...
  94. Ok I've got some questions -Spoilers
  95. Jesus has left the table (SPOILERS)
  96. The genre you miss most in movies these days...
  97. [NYT] Cornel West in The Matrix Reloaded
  98. Your top 10 favorite non-household name actors?
  99. Cool Caper Worth Owning?
  100. Movies that DID live up to all the hype
  101. Great Movies That Never Had a Sequel
  102. Thoughts and questions on Merovingian (SPOILERS)
  103. A Unpopular Opinion?
  104. soundtrack question
  105. Weekend Box-Office (5/16 - 5/18)
  106. A question about the “Highway” reference (SPOILERS)
  107. Which Comic Book Movie Will Suck the hardest?
  108. Another Hannibal Lecter prequel?
  109. Opinion... why the R rating in the US?
  110. Anyone else see the Revolutions trailer BEFORE the credits?
  111. Who pans to watch Hitler: Rise of Evil on CBS?
  112. enough with the Big Fat Greek references in Movie Ads!!!!!
  113. The Buddhist angle [SPOILERS]
  114. dumbassandthefag.com
  115. i LIKED the rave scene...
  116. Merovingian, where his name comes from.
  117. The very last shot
  118. BRUCE ALMIGHTY Review - Minor spoilers
  119. Any Buzz from Wrong Turn?
  120. Down With Love... whadyathink?
  121. sneaking into movies (matrix reloaded)
  122. Anybody else NOT rushing to see Matrix Reloaded
  123. It's unfortunate that [choice A] & [choice B] never co-starred in a film together.
  124. The Matrix Online... Ruins the ending to Revolutions?
  125. My question about Zion...
  126. D'oh!
  127. questions about the matrix (spoilers of course)
  128. The Matrix Reloaded - My Review
  129. After seeing both Matrix movies, I still have a big question
  130. Return of the King Pictures
  131. The poltergeists of the Matrix (Spoilers)
  132. My theory on the ending (SPOILERS)
  133. Spoilers!! Who was the guy laying on the gurney at the end??
  134. Analyze That is much funnier than the last one...
  135. Neo and Agent Smith (UNTAGGED SPOILERS INSIDE!!!)
  136. The 'cake'
  137. does all the media coverage warrant extra analysis? (spoilers)
  138. Wanted: Extreme Cinema Director Suggestions
  139. The 'dialogue' [SPOILER]
  140. which movie should I see tonight: X2 or Matrix 2?
  141. Top 51 Cult Movies according to EW (how many have you seen/own)
  142. I'm hearing rumors about Down With Love...
  143. Video Game into a Movie, your vote?
  144. The Matrix Reloaded: The IMAX Experience: NYC
  145. Morpheus's Speech
  146. Matrix Reloaded Script?
  147. Matrix: Reloaded: $42 million opening day
  148. Rate The Matrix Reloaded!
  149. Did you like Matrix : Reloaded?
  150. Great to *you* movies nobody has ever heard of, please list title (optional) OAR
  151. How many miss Jet Li as original choice for Seraph?
  152. I wish some people would just stay home.
  153. The Alero factor -- My thoughts on the movie. [SPOILERS]
  154. The Matrix Reloaded for Dummies...break it down for me. (contains unblocked spoilers)
  155. Post your YMDB Top 20 Worst List
  156. Longest stretch between sequels?
  157. Coyote Ugly Question
  158. X2 or Matrix Reloaded ?
  159. The FIGHT Scenes
  160. An insignificant observation: Control tower
  161. Revolutions to have global day, date and hour release
  162. Post your YMDB lists
  163. Vampires, Ghosts, Aliens in the Matrix...Questions (spoilers?)
  164. The significance of this License Plate number?
  165. Help needed with 2 movie trivia questions
  166. $10m on Wednesday alone (10pm on)
  167. Movies where most of the violence is implied
  168. Best John Woo movie?
  169. So let me get this strait about Chewbacca...
  170. What do you guys think about these comedians?
  171. Neo/Jesus: Paralells
  172. Why do groups have such a problem with Disney specificly?
  173. Down With Love -- The Ultimate Chick Flick?
  174. Carrie-Ann Moss: Hot or Not
  175. the kiss
  176. Was this scene, from the Japanese trailer, in the movie? (Spoilers...I guess)
  177. Did you like the Matrix Reloaded?
  178. What trailers were shown before Matrix Reloaded?
  179. Post your inside jokes, references, plot holes & nitpicks here.
  180. 'Untouchables' Actor Robert Stack Dies
  181. It was complete crap before the Oracle...after it was damn good!
  182. Bubba Ho-Tep (Bruce Campbell's next movie)
  183. Actor/actresses official sites???
  184. As the middle film, does MatrixR bridge the gap?
  185. The "nothing but spoilers" discussion thread (MAJOR UNTAGGED SPOILERS INSIDE!!!)
  187. Just watched the What Lies Beneath DVD. Anyone notice the face at the end?
  188. Just saw Equilibrium....WOW
  189. Poll How many want to pursuee a career in film?
  190. Matrix Reloaded - just how bad is it?
  191. Raising Victor Vargas
  192. Which amount of money means more in B.O. gross? Worldwide or Domestic?
  193. Speculating about Matrix Revolutions
  194. Praise The Lord! The Bodyguard will soon fall off of the top 50 grossers!
  195. Has Daniel Radcliffe outgrown Harry Potter?
  196. What movie theater are you seeing it at?
  197. Anyone here going to watch the Matrix this weekend?
  198. How the heck is this deemed a positive review by RT?
  199. Favorite 5 Foreign Director ?
  200. Freddy vs Jason webite and trailer up!!
  201. Punisher's villian is...John Travolta.
  202. Continuity in TV Shows (particularly the Simpsons)
  203. Why isn't there more X2 discussion???
  204. New Movie to Feature Hannibal Lecter's Childhood
  205. Ebert Review!! 3.5 Stars!!
  206. autographs you can't believe you asked for.
  207. The Matrix Revolutions Trailer!!!!!
  208. Best use of violence in a Pg-13 movie?
  209. Orlando Bloom:is he gay?
  210. Owning Mahowny
  211. Catch Me If You Can question (possible spoilers)
  212. Keanu's pay check for the movies?
  213. The Official Matrix Reloaded Reviews and Thoughts thread (spoilers)
  214. The Onion's Matrix Reloaded Infographic
  215. opening on wednesday?
  216. on R-rated movies
  217. Swearing in Trailers... a question...
  218. Fewest Total People in "Commercial" Film
  219. ET: A New Appreciation
  220. Ghostbusters Appreciation Thread
  221. Charlie's Angels Animated Adventures @ Quicktime
  222. The Italian Job (5-28-03)
  223. Will See The Trailer For The Matrix Revolutions Before Reloaded???
  224. Dallas Folks--Anyone going to Studio Movie Grill - Prestonwood?
  225. NYer's - Matrax at the Angelika??
  226. Gods and Generals drives Turner out of the business...
  227. Best Michael Bay Movie?
  228. All These Comparisons To Ep I are Complete Bosh
  229. Would you Object to a Michael Bay style Sept 11 movie ?
  230. teenage mutant ninja turtles 4!
  231. Good ratio of Positives so far on Rotten!!!
  232. Tenacious D movie
  233. Arnie Running For Office????
  234. Spoiler Free DVD Talk Review of Matrix Reloaded is Up
  235. Equilibrium vs. The Matrix
  236. Movies you've seen at the Theatre in the last 2-3 months which are bog down must sees
  237. Who does she think she is? Halle Berry?
  238. When will the Matrix Revolutions posters be available?
  239. Dialouge mistakes in movies?
  240. Daddy Daycare
  241. HELLBOY (D: del Toro)
  242. Super Fuzz Returns To The Big Screen!
  243. Cousin Bette?
  244. Cadillac's Matrix Site
  245. Owch-AP gives it 1 1/2 stars SPOILER
  246. The Stand - almost a movie by George Romero
  247. Fire!.....he he....cool
  248. The In-laws
  249. Matrix phone from Samsung
  250. Question about Fight Club... (spoilers)