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  1. Criterion LOTR Trilogy?
  2. laughing at over the top violence/gore/torture, is it normal?
  3. actors in movies that you don't miss?
  4. Predictions on ROTK's opening weekend B.O. take
  5. It just looked too bare in here
  6. Pieces of April - a short review
  7. The Movie Quote thread
  8. Best Criterion Movie???
  9. Road House / The Last Dragon fans: Read this!
  10. Anyone watch the new cut of Alien 3 yet?
  11. Disney's "Home on the Range" (trailer's online)
  12. Magnolia Introduction Truth?
  13. No Man's Land: good blind buy?
  14. Rumor from the 'Bits: New Line/Jackson may do the Hobbit!
  15. Netflix phenomenon (NYT article)
  16. Bad Santa the #1 movie in the country!?!?
  17. On Golden Pond
  18. STUCK ON YOU - The New Farrelly Bros. Film
  19. Underrated Films
  20. "Blow Up" Star David Hemmings Dies
  21. Cringe Pizza Teaser Trailer
  22. Disney sets global box office record with $3 billion
  23. 'Mystic River' scores first best picture award of the season...
  24. Man Bites Dog - Like nothing I've ever seen before
  25. Ice Age 2....
  26. Looking for English Comedies/Drama Recommendations
  27. Overrated Films
  28. Salo and Brazil why all the hype?
  29. Chabrol's "La Fleur du Mal" (The Flower of Evil)
  30. Oscar race starts today, with IFP/NBR announcements
  31. Question on the ending of The Matrix
  32. New Spike Lee movie SHE HATES ME. What the crap?
  33. What's the beef with The Hulk?
  34. Your Favorite War Movies....
  35. Movie Posters
  36. Who's the better Captain Jack?
  37. Movie Stars that could never make another movie and wouldn't be missed by you...
  38. should I rent Gigli for 3.99 for curosity factor or is it that bad?
  39. That song at the end of Amazon Women on the Moon
  40. Would you pay a membership fee to see movies?
  41. The Bourne Supremacy, July 2004
  42. why do people go and see such short movies?
  43. new Horatio Hornblower films on A&E (Dec. 2nd & 3rd)
  44. The Greatest Mafia/Gangsta Movies
  45. Stories like this make me wonder why on Halle Barry...
  46. Scam pulled in Better Luck Tomorrow
  47. Undead Review!
  48. Thanksgiving Weekend Box Office
  49. Roy E. Disney steps down from Disney board, calls for Eisner's resignation
  50. Trivia Question for The Hunted (1995)
  51. Fast and Furious 3: Toyko Drift
  52. The Last Samurai - THE movie to beat in 2003
  53. Skipping Christmas December '04
  54. Questions About X-Men 3...
  55. Finally!!! A Scanner Darkly!
  56. Raging Bull: Overrated
  57. What about THIS Matrix question?
  58. Recommend Good Japanes/Korean/Horror?!
  59. Zapretnoe
  60. 21 Grams-Awesome movie.
  61. movies trashed by most critics that many fans liked, and vice versa
  62. German low-budget movie downloadable
  63. Hottest NEW hottie 2003
  64. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  65. Movie Trailers Help?
  66. "Only one man..."
  67. Favorite Rocky Movie?
  68. The official Return of the King anticipation thread (56k beware)
  69. x-men united question
  70. Landmark Theatre: E Street Cinema, Downtown Washington DC, finally!!
  71. Best 50's Sci Fi movie?
  72. Kutcher dropped because of poor acting?
  73. Has anyone got ice age?
  74. Speculation on Gollum's role in ROTK (Monsterously HUGE Spoilers within!)
  75. NEW LINE claiming "No profits" from LOTR Trilogy!?
  76. Did Quint arm-wrestle that guy?
  77. Batman's Excellent Casting Continues...
  78. Check it out. Brat's all woman-sized.
  79. Name that Movie
  80. Movie with safe behind painting of Piggy bank?
  81. Bullets Speak Louder Then Words, a new bond fan film entering production.
  82. [Trailer] The Brown Bunny (Vincent Gallo)
  83. Lost in Translation Question
  84. 7 classic Brigitte Bardot films on made in Québec DVDs
  85. what is consiterd good character development (and post examples)
  86. Thunderbirds Trailer
  87. Any good Dominique Swain movies?
  88. the best actor among these four?
  89. Trailer for Miracle (1980 US Hockey Story) now up...
  90. Kill Bill Action Figures in 2004
  91. Movie Reviews
  92. Where has Chris Tucker and Zang ZiYi been hiding?
  93. Help with song from Kill Bill!
  94. Why isn't Sonny Chiba in "The Last Samurai"?
  95. FIRST-EVER non-spoiler review of RETURN OF THE KING(highlights)
  96. what should i get
  97. Questions about TTT: Extended Edition
  98. whats the general thought on Jackie Brown?
  99. Do I need to see "Enter Matrix" to understand "Revolutions"?
  100. Box Office 11/21-11/23 -- Cat in Hat does well
  101. "Miracles" Trailer out
  102. Okay folks, I need a rec on a good comedy..
  103. 21 Grams Discussion (with spoilers)
  104. What Is The Name Of This Movie?
  105. Robin Hood: Men In Tights (ever coming out?)
  106. Love, Actually
  107. Favorite Bruce Lee movie?
  108. weekend boxoffice thread, cat "purs" at no. one while matrix slides to 6
  109. john McTiernan to do Die Hard 4!!!
  110. January for Episode III's title?
  111. field of dreams, mystery voice question?
  112. won't it be sad when...(re: LOTR)
  113. The Big Empty
  114. Halloween 9
  115. View From The Top , a good blind buy ?
  116. Witty names and a "blue" room?
  117. LOTR quips and questions
  118. Can anyone record John Goldfarb, Please Come Home for a friend of mine?
  119. Thoughts on 21 Grams?
  120. The Mummy 3
  121. BTTF revisited in recent interview with Bob Gale.
  122. *The 75 Most Influential Movies On DVD* - Premiere Magazine
  123. info on upcoming marvel super hero movies...
  124. More changes to be made to original Star Wars Trilogy?
  125. Sarah Silverman...uncredited in Bad Santa?
  126. sell my lotr trilogy ticket or keep it?
  127. Tupac: Resurrection
  128. "The Matrix makes me KILL and KILL AGAIN!"
  129. Cat in the Hat...Dieter's Revenge?
  130. Saw Gothika last night
  131. Cabin Fever 2?
  132. Sequel to Finding Nemo.. what should it be called?
  133. Good Lord! Renny Harlin takes over "Exorcist" prequel !??
  134. surfing movies
  135. Jackson's CGI Kong Plans?
  136. a fun year in the movies
  137. Disney freaks out about "Bad Santa"
  138. Please help! Anyone know what this movie is?
  139. Ok, I'm already totally sick of The Cat in the Hat
  140. Dreading the Last Samurai?
  141. Ron Howard's The Missing
  142. Michael Kamen dead at 55
  143. How Do People Make These Interesting Fan Made Movies?
  144. Web site for movie stills?
  145. Blueberry is HERE (teaser)
  146. The Singing Detective (2003 Film version) - ugh!
  147. Listen to Annie Lennox's song for The Return of the King here
  148. J-Lo or Carla Gugino as Karen Sisco, who do you prefer?
  149. Carlito's Way is a great movie
  150. Finding Nemo question
  151. Gentleman's Game (2001) ? Spoiler
  152. Holiday movies you love year-round
  153. How does the animatrix fit into the matrix order?
  154. Cap Code is getting out of control! (Master & Commander related)
  155. I'm Confused: Questions about T3 Ending (Spoilers)
  156. Larry David's Sour Grapes
  157. Anyone have a copy of Dean Koontz Intensity?
  158. Best Racing Movie
  159. Weekend estimates
  160. Does anyone view Matrix Reloaded differently after watching Revolutions?
  161. Friday's (11/14) Box Office: Matrix Falls To 3rd
  162. New Obi Wan Picture!
  163. Whats the OAR of the movie-APEX?
  164. Shawshank Redemption continuity
  165. Whale Rider: Opinions?
  166. What Happened to Hidalgo?
  167. what constitutes as an "Epic" movie?
  168. Ghost Dad ---Opinions?
  169. Best Trilogy of All-Time
  170. LOTR/Harry Potter Spoof coming soon.
  171. The Mummy Returns: a post-Kill Bill Vol.1 reappraisal
  172. Guardian's Top 40 Directors
  173. Bad Santa
  174. Something Wicked This Way Comes..First Azkaban Trailer!!
  175. Master And Commander Review
  176. How is the brand new Godzilla film? Pretty good!
  177. Q about matrix
  178. Anyone Know of any High School Documentaries?
  179. E.T.'s Walkie Talkie switch
  180. Question about T3, John's Future.
  181. Matrix Reloaded/revolutions toys
  182. Need Help Identifying Italian Thriller
  183. Need Help identifying Canadian Horror Movie
  184. Polar Express Trailer - Tom Hanks and lots o CG
  185. T3 - better after repeat viewings?
  186. Day After Tomorrow (trailer)
  187. Movie News And Trailers
  188. Coolest ROBOT in any movie ?
  189. The Weekly Alibi's Ten Best Horror Films You've (Probably) Never Seen
  190. Composer Mikis Theodorakis: musical genius or anti-semite dope?
  191. Goonies 2 News
  192. love actually song question
  193. who was the original Aragorn?
  194. Very cool lightsaber fight movie (fan-made film) "Art of the Saber"
  195. The Human Stain
  196. The Station Agent - very good
  197. Heh, "Elf" 2nd biggest movie of the year according to boxofficemojo
  198. First X-3 then Wolverine Spin-off?
  199. 2 Mistakes in T3
  200. Questions on collecting Movie Posters
  201. Just saw An Innocent Man with Tom Selleck --- WOW!!!
  202. Is T3 the last one?
  203. My Motion Picture Debut in the movie ELF
  204. List of rumored changes to the original Star Wars movies for their DVD release
  205. Hammer Horror
  206. Christopher Lee has been CUT from ROTK!
  207. Ripley's Game, what happened to it?
  208. Home on the Range Trailer
  209. Kirk Cameron and Willie Aames Jesus movies: what am I in for?
  210. Has anyone ever seen this?
  211. Revolutions ---> Revelations?? Any significance?
  212. Disney abandoning hand-drawn animation
  213. I just watched the good the bad and the ugly
  214. Official two towers extended edition
  215. Top 50 Guy Movies As Rated By Mens Journal
  216. For those of you who know a lot about movie posters....
  217. What's the most movies you seen at the theater in one consecutive sitting?
  218. Matrix Revolutions Helicopter Chase?
  219. Munster Movie...ever????
  220. Favorite/Least Favorite Hitchcock
  221. Best French Movies on DVD
  222. Good movie, but clouded by Bad Experience?
  223. Eros -- Steven Soderbergh, Michelangelo Antonioni, Wong Kar-Wai
  224. help me--spoilers (sorry, another Revolutions thread)
  225. These films banned in Egypt
  226. Will Matrix Rev break 200 million..?
  227. Which do you think was a better movie, "Talk to Her" or "Nowhere in Africa"?
  228. LOTR: The Many Ways the Movies Are Better Than the Book
  229. The Kill Bill Vol 1 Thread Pt. III
  230. Just Saw Matrix: Revolutions (Thoughts) - Pt. II
  231. Help Wanted
  232. movie with Kevin Bacon help?
  233. Question about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  234. "What IF" Lord of the Rings was a Bruckheimer film made in Hollywood?
  235. Finding Nemo II?
  236. DEMONLOVER is coming.....
  237. negative Two Towers: EE review
  238. Whats the music in the Troy and Last Samurai Trailers?
  239. Love Actually - short review
  240. Best and worst Spike Lee "Joints"
  241. What's the last film to open in wide release in 2nd place or worse, then finish 1st ?
  242. Hey Pixar fans! - Best looking animation?
  243. very odd question but...
  244. What happened to the Halloween horror film from the makers of...?
  245. The Matrix Replacements
  246. Elf:What trailers were featured?
  247. what is this older movie? wife trains husband with dog book
  248. Who are the only two women nominated for the best director oscar?
  249. Your opinion please: Matchstick Men or Tuscan Sun?
  250. Wait so are the Wachowski bothers the Wachowski *sisters* now?