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  1. What if your fave LOTR fight scene?
  2. Scarface (1983) Question ATTN: Major Spoilers
  3. Recommendations: Samurai, Japanese culture in Feudal times, Bushido, etc?
  4. what's the deal with the ending?
  5. what those giant eagles?
  6. Movie Jumble
  7. LXG - a pretty good movie
  8. Greatest Film Trilogy Ever?
  9. With a Friend Like Harry (I need info on the ending please!)
  10. Spongebob Squarepants, the Movie!
  11. [Spoilers]ROTK Questions + Bloopers
  12. Gory Horror Movies that are banned in 30+ Countries?
  13. Roger Ebert's Top 10 of 2003
  14. ROTK makes 73 million opening weekend, 125 million for 5 day week
  15. What's Ebert thinking?
  16. Just saw Interstate 60!
  17. Well, Ten Hours Of Screen Time In...
  18. Dream Deceivers - has anyone seen this?
  19. Why is Sam still fat in RotK?
  20. Toklien books
  21. Undercover Brother was underated
  22. A little musical score help please
  23. The Butterfly Effect Trailer
  24. Chronicles of Riddick trailer
  25. The Ladykillers (2004) Trailer.. Coen Bros remake.
  26. Anyone else FINALLY won over by ROTK?
  27. Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow Trailer
  28. Quick Question About A Funny Commercial/Trailer I Saw
  29. First film to use the 'F' word?
  30. Anyone notice anything odd about the music or subtitles?
  31. Man on Fire Trailer
  32. Has anyone seen the thriller THE KISS?
  33. Best place to get the "Collector's Leatherette" LOTR Book?
  34. Which parts of ROTK movie were in the TT book?
  35. Movies that have characters driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  36. Star Wars EpIII after RotK???
  37. “The Village” trailer
  38. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  39. The Last of the Mohicans: Theatrical vs. Expanded Edition
  40. Miramax is releasing Prozac nation straight to video
  41. Some interesting Aliens v Predator info from the set...
  42. Pictures from Spielberg and Hanks' "Terminal"
  43. ROTK: Extended Edition details (SPOILERS!)
  44. Help with good Samurai DVDs.
  45. Why wasn't Viggo Mortensen in the EE commentaries?
  46. Interesting discussion question (ROTK SPOILERS)
  47. ScarFace: The 20th Anniversary edition
  48. Will there be another part of LOTR?
  49. any dislikes about the movie
  50. Cold Mountain (merged)
  51. Was LOTR The Most Challenging Film Project Of All Time?
  52. QUICK! Who is this actor?
  53. The Mask 2
  54. So, when did you cheer?
  55. Peter Jackson Cameo?
  56. Thank God for DVD changers!
  57. Best Visual Effects of 2003?
  58. So, maybe you cried...
  59. So are you getting ROTK or waiting for the EE?
  60. Sean Astin wins Best Supporting Actor
  61. Best Director for Another Conan Film?
  62. Post your favorite LORT quotes
  63. Pope likes passion
  64. Return of the King is amazing
  65. Need movies to go with Movie quotes
  66. Does Peter Jackson prefer the theatrical or EE versions of LOTR? (answer inside)
  67. So is ROTK marred with Crap Code?
  68. Elf ears.....
  69. An Ashton Kutcher message forum (must be seen to be believed)
  70. ROTK pulls in $34 million
  71. Possible Other Movie References in ROTK? (spoilers)
  72. Question about dwarves
  73. Star Wars & ROTK? SPOILERS
  74. Golden Globes Nominations- ROTK just 4 nods
  75. So can we say ROTK is the best movie of all time? What do you think?
  76. Golden Globe nominations
  77. Surprised by the LACK of Emotion in ROTK
  78. Agnieszka Holland vs. Alfonso Cuaron
  79. Official Statement From TOHO Concerning Gojira's 50th Anniv.
  80. My ROTK awards rant
  81. Eowyn and the Orc 'missing scene' question
  82. You mean Theoden didn't say "Who am I gambling?" (misheard LOTR lines)
  83. Kill Bill/The Passion parody trailer
  84. LOTR all extended dvd version marathon?
  85. Fellowship, the one to rule them all...
  86. Why did Stuart Townsend turn down Aragorn?
  87. ROTK- $8 Million made just on midnight showings
  88. Ending? (Please explain)
  89. A question about Arwen
  90. What's Everyone Hope to See in the ROTK: Extended Edition
  91. The Hottest Male in Middle-Earth
  92. Legolas vs. Nobutada(Last Samurai)
  93. ROTK: What did you think of Denethor? (SPOILERS)
  94. Rank 'em! (Fellowship, Towers and King)
  95. What's the big deal about LotR?
  96. Things to do at the LOTR3 premier today
  97. Once More With Hobbits
  98. smeagol question -Spoilers-
  99. How was your theater experience for ROTK?
  100. Someone Had to Ask: "Concerning Pipeweed"
  101. What trailers did you get on ROTK
  102. LOTR marathon viewers?
  103. Return of the King review (spoiler free)
  104. the official rotk disussion thread (spoilers are present WITHOUT tags)
  105. Broken Lizard's Club Dread Trailer
  106. Where will ROTK end up on all-time box office?
  107. Chronicles of Riddick Trailer (Pitch Black sequel)
  108. What's the name of this movie?
  109. Arwen vs. Eowyn
  110. Walking Tall (The Rock) Trailer
  111. French & Saunders LOTR parody
  112. DVD Talk Review of LOTR:ROTK!
  113. Are there any LOTR: FOTR & TT summaries (video or text) online?
  114. Return of the King - IMAX?
  115. Great site for questions about LOTR
  116. lotr trilogy sore ass edition: thoughts, comments, audience vibes ect.
  117. ROTK Clocks In At 3:28:58
  118. LOTR humor
  119. Filming The Silmarillion?
  120. Lauren Shuler Donner Talks X-Men 3
  121. Honey starring Jessica Alba (hottie with the lottie)
  122. N.Y. film critics award LOTR:ROTK Best Picture!
  123. Was there a Two Towers Beyond the movie National Geographic DVD?
  124. Music Inspired by or about the Lord of the Rings
  125. NY Film Critics Best Picture: Return of the King
  126. NY, SF, Boston Critics awards
  127. Has Steve Martin's "Cheaper by the Dozen" been Marketed?
  128. "Zorba the Greek" - what's the OAR ?
  129. "Lord of the Rings" - Fox Trot Style!
  130. favortie song that is performed in a movie (or during the credits)
  131. The broken horn of gondor? [spoilers]
  132. Could someone make this comp wallpaper?
  133. Who has already SEEN ROTK?
  134. weekend box office 12/14
  135. spiderman2 trailer
  136. Taking Lives
  137. 2001 question: why did HAL freak out?
  138. One mediocre review of ROTK here...
  139. Lilja 4 Ever
  140. have you seen rundown, bagpipe question
  141. Your favorite film trilogy?
  142. Watched TTT:EE at the theater
  143. Only the strong - Mark Dacascos
  144. Why did Jean... (major untagged spoilers) (X2)
  145. Editing Dialogue (Italian Job Specific)
  146. Starwars VS James Bond Box office gross question
  147. Who can figure out what film this is?
  148. A question of Clint Eastwood
  149. Am I the only one who hated Pirates (POTC)?
  150. R.I.P. Willy (From Free Willy)
  151. Where to get original VHS release of STAR WARS?
  152. the greatest whale actor of our time has passed away :(
  153. Question about the mortality of elves
  154. In what order should I read the books?
  155. Someone please help me find this movie
  156. Why do people bash/hate Kevin Costner?
  157. Review out on Return of the King and it's GREAT!!
  158. Strategies for "surviving" Trilogy Tuesday?
  159. What are some romantic scenes between two women?
  160. Rotten Tomatoes-100% Fresh Of Rotk
  161. Spider-Man 2 teaser trailer...
  162. Favorite JAMES BOND posters
  163. Garfield Teaser Trailer Online
  164. Any romantic love scenes with two guys?
  165. Does anyone have any information about Gaspar Noe's Sodomites?
  166. Peter Jackson - "The Hobbit"
  167. "Repressed hobbit homoeroticism"
  168. Lighted Theatre Exit signs - Red or Green?
  169. Intermission (latest Colin Farrell pic)
  170. Starring Academy Award winner/nominee (insert famous actor/actress)" - and.. so what?
  171. Camcorders that film in widescreen?
  172. Spy Movies
  173. Car movies or movies with good car chases
  174. REMINDER: Ripley's Game on IFC Sat., 12/13
  175. "Mainstream" Films that feature "Hardcore" Sex
  176. TTT:EE - Whaddaya mean Aragorn is 87?
  177. Is there a movie you hated at first...
  178. Who's going to Sundance?
  179. When should I go see ROTK?
  180. Engrish Two Towers Subtitles
  181. Sound and Fury (update on little girl?)
  182. Get ready for more ‘pre-movie’ ads
  183. help with Geoffrey Rush films please
  184. Vertigo - What a Great Movie
  185. Training Day essay topics
  186. Dots, Dots, Mpaa Dots Everywhere!!!! Help Me
  187. Peter Jackson - "The theatrical versions are the definitive versions."
  188. Film Fans Break Movie-Watching Record
  189. Best. Review. Ever.
  190. Top Ten 80s Movies Thread (Comedies)
  191. How does ice age stack up against the pixar films?
  192. Robert McCammon books
  193. Question about Data in Nemesis (SPOILERS!)
  194. Are There Any Fans Of 'About Last Night' Here?
  195. Confirmed today: PJ is interested in The Hobbit!
  196. Worst of the Best?
  197. Star Wars Ref in Jingle all the way dvd
  198. Look ma! I'm in hell! (AKA The Scooby Doo 2 trailer is up)
  199. The Matrix Trilogy - huh?
  200. Prequel to Cube - Cube Zero
  201. This is kinda interesting
  202. LotR Full Version?
  203. Why doesn't Legolas ever run out of arrows?
  204. saw Return of the king yesterday (no spoilers)
  205. Is LXG that bad?
  206. i have a question regarding a movies run time
  207. Misunderstood Movie Moments
  208. Thoughts on "Secretary."
  209. What are some of your favorite Holiday DVDs?
  210. The Passion of the Christ - New Teaser Trailer
  211. Last Samurai - Better without Tom Cruise?
  212. How much do you value comedy in a movie?
  213. Honey-- fourteen million friggin' dollars?
  214. Monster (2003)
  215. The Triplets of Belleville - wide release, when?
  216. Michael Crichton's Airframe movie?
  217. Something's Gotta Give - review
  218. Daredevil 1.5 Dvd release to be rated R
  219. Watched FOTR:EE at the theater
  220. So, my wife and I were watching Empire Strikes Back...
  221. Cold Mountain
  222. Tom Cruise or Toshiro Mifune?
  223. Anyone remember Tuff Turf (1985) w/James Spader?
  224. Is ROTK really a legit Best Picture contender?
  225. "LOTR Secret Diaries" funny link
  226. Searching for: Star Trek Cartoon / stop animation
  227. Have you seen this court house?
  228. Troy looks like it will be blockbuster crap
  229. a review on ROTK
  230. "Can't we all just get along?" -What movie?
  231. Isn'titcoolnews.com
  232. who else got lucky and got lotr trilogy tuesday tickets?
  233. Criterion LOTR Trilogy?
  234. laughing at over the top violence/gore/torture, is it normal?
  235. actors in movies that you don't miss?
  236. Predictions on ROTK's opening weekend B.O. take
  237. It just looked too bare in here
  238. Pieces of April - a short review
  239. The Movie Quote thread
  240. Best Criterion Movie???
  241. Road House / The Last Dragon fans: Read this!
  242. Anyone watch the new cut of Alien 3 yet?
  243. Disney's "Home on the Range" (trailer's online)
  244. Magnolia Introduction Truth?
  245. No Man's Land: good blind buy?
  246. Rumor from the 'Bits: New Line/Jackson may do the Hobbit!
  247. Netflix phenomenon (NYT article)
  248. Bad Santa the #1 movie in the country!?!?
  249. On Golden Pond
  250. STUCK ON YOU - The New Farrelly Bros. Film