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  1. "Unauthorized" Chaplin Essanays?
  2. Should Double Features make a comeback?
  3. anyone know a link to the spiderman wtc teaser?
  4. You got Served, now the worst movie ever made at IMDB with a 1.2 rating!
  5. anyone awaiting to see Euro Trip?
  6. Movies that did NOT make the AFI Top 100 that you feel should have
  7. Now You Know...or do I?
  8. Movie about a lifeboat?
  9. Trilogy at the Egyptian
  10. Free movie Adam Sandler and Drew barrymore Tuesday (so cal only)
  11. Passion of Christ Rolling Ad
  12. Please identify this movie
  13. What's up with AICN?
  14. Movie title please!!!
  15. barbershop 2, 25.1 million weekend boxoffice 2/8
  16. Any Love For Waxwork
  17. Cursed --- D: Wes Craven
  18. what will VAN HELSING be rated?
  19. Match 2: Die Hard or John Woo's The Killer?
  20. Peter Jackson wins at DGA awards!!
  21. Need help. What movis relased in the 50's would be good to watch?
  22. Zoolander - Hilarious, OK, or Terrible?
  23. It's ****ing annoying when people cant pronounce the names
  24. Films with Asian Americans
  25. What movies are you looking forward to in 2004?
  26. Take the movie quiz!
  27. Where's the love for the stupid-funny movies?
  28. what was the first movie you saw with subtitles?
  29. Flawed 'Directors Cuts'
  30. I don't get it ... and a few comments/observations ...
  31. What are your lost indie classics of the last 10 or 15 years?
  32. Do you ever feel like "I'm not buying it" in a movie?
  33. Ed Wood: Fact or Fiction?
  34. Weinstein has conspiracy theory for 'Cold' Oscar snub
  35. Which of the three movies has the best ending?
  36. Box Office Mojo's movie reviews (?)
  37. Lost in Translation question (minor)
  38. SOUL PLANE trailer
  39. PG-13 Horror and Thriller
  40. Join the ZOMBIE ARMY! (Dawn of the Dead related)
  41. Know any buried treasure/pirate movies?
  42. Is this too crazy of an idea? (Film distibution - ratings related)
  43. Miike...is that all you got?
  44. Scarlett Johansson..typecasted?
  45. BEST Tom Hanks film?
  46. best "bad" movie ever?
  47. I think there should be a Passion of the Christ sub-forum..
  48. Giallo films
  49. recommend some good war movies
  50. What movies from 1990-present would you put on your Top Ten List?
  51. Another one bites the dust..aka..How to remake the single best sequel.
  52. American History X directors cut, what would it have?
  53. Gibson to delete scene in 'The Passion of The Christ'
  54. A hole celebrities! post your stories here
  55. "Chick Flicks" from a Male's Perspective.
  56. Need help finding name of an old TV-Movie
  57. Spoiler: Question about the Hannibal Lector trilogy
  58. Best Musical OF 1970
  59. Ultimate fate of the Dwarfs?
  60. Britney may become the next Bond Girl! what has the world come to?
  61. VERY nice FYC ads!
  62. Question about The Usual Suspects
  63. Best smirnoffski poll poll
  64. What music video directors deserve a DVD collection?
  65. BEST film directed by Atom Egoyan?
  66. alright, who's seen the movie the most times?
  67. Lucas Belvaux's "The Trilogy" anyone seen the films yet?
  68. The Underground Comedy Movie
  69. Good Surfing movies? (visually and story-wise)
  70. BEST Cameron Crowe directed film?
  71. The Life Aquatic
  72. Favorite Cinema Hurl
  73. Free upcoming movie with Kim from 24!!(so cal only)
  74. Finding Nemo stolen by Disney?
  75. Who is the better actor: Johnny Deep or Brad Pitt?
  76. 10 Questions for Harvey Weinstein
  77. Sweet new trailer for the Nikopol movie (Enki Bilal)
  78. My rant against Monster and movies like it
  79. BEST Jim Carrey film?
  80. Favorite Clint Eastwood Western?
  81. BEST Adam Sandler film?
  82. Does anyone like slasher movies?
  83. Can anyone ID this movie?
  84. What move previews will we see during the Super Bowl?
  85. blood for dracula and mp and the holy grail
  86. It's time to look back at Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
  87. Los Angeles Sci-Fi/Comic Book convention 2-7/8-03
  88. I'm about to start watching House of the Dead. Pray for my soul. . . .
  89. First Starship Troopers 2 tv spot
  90. Looking for title of these movies...
  91. Are these two comedies any good?
  92. Perfect score -- surprisingly good!!
  93. BEST Kevin Costner starring film?
  94. So I finally seen Fargo....
  95. Imelda!
  96. This just seems wrong
  97. Sandler to remake the longest yard
  98. Anyone see Cronos?
  99. Anyone see Basket Case?
  100. Johnny English- Any Word On A Possible Sequel?
  101. Recent or must see movies worth a rental?
  102. anyone know all the types of "violence" in mpaa ratings and can discribe them
  103. Dumb question about "Thirteen"
  104. Naomi Watts cast in Peter Jackson's King Kong
  105. Some sorta sweet news from MIRAMAX
  106. The Last Temptation of Christ
  107. did anyone understand the ending of "the Eye"?
  108. Batman Script Review......
  109. You Got Served!!!
  110. The Cannonball Run discussion thread
  111. most INFLUENTIAL science-fiction movie
  112. G.I. Joe The Movie rumored to be a go
  113. BEST musical after 1970?
  114. BEST musical before 1970?
  115. LOTR RISK----get it, play it.
  116. Miracle
  117. Return of the King - the number1 movie of 2003 (box office receipts)
  118. catwoman...worse than we thought
  119. Best Michael Curtiz film (excluding Casablanca)
  120. Disney/Pixar break off talks
  121. BEST Elia Kazan directed film?
  122. Just got my copy of Lost in Translation...
  123. psychological movies?
  124. Reminder: The Public Enemy (James Cagney) 1/29, 1/30 at 2:30 am et on TCM
  125. More "curious" movie taglines
  126. Movie quote problem?
  127. OMIGOD! Katherine Hepburn is Chinese! And other Ethnically Incorrect Films
  128. movie club for people in the seattle area
  129. Movie Therapy: Using Movies for Mental Health
  130. The Big Bounce- Is anyone actually looking forward to this?
  131. best Peter Weir movie
  132. Beyonce Knowles & Johnny Depp Up for Superman?
  133. Halle Berry - world's clumsiest actress?
  134. An Open letter to House of the Dead
  135. Johnny Depp is slowly becoming one of my favorite actors ever...
  136. If Jar Jar binks dies in Ep3, would you cheer?
  137. Land of Destiny (Dir. John Woo, Nic Cage, Chow Yun Fat)
  138. ROTK:EE running time is.......
  139. ROTK Oscar Snubs
  140. alfred hitchcock cameo in psycho?
  141. Best Andrei Tarkovsky movie.
  142. The Last Samurai:THE movie that GOT BEAT in 2003...
  143. The Company
  144. 2003 Oscar Winner Predictions (based on the official nominations)
  145. Don't watch the trailer for "Secret Window"
  146. A questions about movie posters.
  147. question for fans of the book..
  148. LOTR- ROTK- 11 Oscar nominations
  149. Oscar Nominees for 2003
  150. best Jim Jarmusch movie
  151. ROTK hits $876.5 million worldwide!
  152. What are some movies comprised (almost completely) of references and homage?
  153. Does Quinten Tarantino have a thing for women's feet, or is it just a "trademark"?
  154. Brooks Institute of Photography? Please help
  155. Fog of War
  156. Court movies where the verdict didn't make sense
  157. Pirates of the Caribbean Questions [Spoilers; Ye be warned]
  158. 28 days later...WTF?!
  159. 24th Annual Golden Raspberry Award Nominations
  160. Who do you guys consider a better actor- Steve Buscemi or John Turturro?
  161. Manohla Dargis' LA Times review of ROTK
  162. do you feel pressured to watch a movie coz everybody has seen it?
  163. The Fountain
  164. Errol Morris' "Fog of War"
  165. Movie Songs you listen to over and over...
  166. BEST Michael Douglas film?
  167. With 4 Golden Globe awards for ROTK.. would that encourage more viewings?
  168. Peter Jackson just won a Golden Globe!
  169. difference between two cuts of Identity?
  170. golden globes MOVIE discussion thread
  171. "Disturbing Behavior"- If you own it, watch a certain scene (cussing soda cans!)
  172. AFI's 100 years... 100 songs
  173. A Question About Big Fish (Very Minor Spoilers) - PLEASE HELP!
  174. Chris Eyre's Edge of America
  175. finance movie recommendations
  176. Anyone else hearing good word of mouth on The Butterfly Effect?
  177. "Saw" starring Cary Elwes & Danny Glover
  178. Question about Heat
  179. ROTK - little details to watch for (repeat viewings)
  180. Spawn = Science Fiction? (Or what exactly defines Sci-Fi?)
  181. The Lion King
  182. Do the Right Thing - Out-dated?
  183. What movies use too much CGI?
  184. Friday night box office estimates?
  185. Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.. who's gonna go see it?
  186. Blade - Can we just put this franchise out of it's misery
  187. Better late than never... I finally saw The Usual Suspects (but I have a question?)
  188. Robocop Criterion and MGM are same in movie content, right?
  189. training day question (minor spoilers)
  190. Well, it's here...the Son of the Mask (The Mask 2)
  191. Help me ID this movie
  192. Blade Runner Ending (MAJOR SPOILERS!)
  193. Did anyone else see the 70mm Playtime in LA last night?
  194. Whats the most disturbing movie you've seen
  195. Empire magazine - 'January' 'Return of the King special edition
  196. Why isn't Sauron rendered invisible?
  197. R.I.P. Ann Miller
  198. LotR uber dvd set?
  199. Why did they forge the Great Rings
  200. movies where you have to be on drugs/drunk to really like
  201. Robert Redford's "The Clearing" trailer on-line
  202. More crappy VG movies by House of the Dead director
  203. The Day After Tomorrow
  204. Touching The Void - Don't miss it!!
  205. Hellraiser movie artwork question!!!!
  206. A tentative "Troy" vs. "Helen of Troy" thread
  207. Dustin Hoffman to star in Meet the Parent Sequel
  208. Best order in which to watch the El Mariachi trilogy?
  209. Next Big Trilogy movie in the works: "His Dark Materials" : Compass, Knife, Spyglass
  210. The hair of Sci-Fi fantasy!
  211. The 4th Great Big 70 MM Festival! - Egyptian Theatre LA, Jan 22-25
  212. characters you hate
  213. best Terry Gilliam movie
  214. How can I contact Chris Penn?
  215. Possible for NewLine to do other prequels or sequels...
  216. What's up with the big fat goth kid in "The Butterfly Effect"?
  217. What is the worst widescreen to pan & scan conversion you've ever noticed?
  218. Once Upon a Time in America - Question
  219. Free movies this week (so cal only)
  220. Pixar's New Short: Boundin'
  221. A Helm's Deep question.
  222. a Run Lola Run disscusion thread (no spoiler tags)
  223. Blair Witch....5 years later
  224. ? about Peter Jackson's future
  225. Harry Potter In IMAX
  226. What is the best movie poll poll?
  227. Recommend me Some Cheesy, Violent Martial Arts DVD's
  228. best John Carpenter movie
  229. Please help name this movie
  230. So...how is Torque?
  231. Was Andy Serkis also in the end carrying the pumpkin?
  232. House of Sand and Fog
  233. Your Collection LOTR sideshow Weta ?
  234. movies about archaeology???
  235. BEST Eddie Murphy film?
  236. The Princess Bride or Robin Hood: Prince of Theives?
  237. 'Superfly' Star Ron O'Neal Dies
  238. So, what are the LOTR:EE editing/effects mistakes you have seen...
  239. Whats with The One Eyed ORC General?
  240. Best "Best Films of [Insert Year]" site(s)?
  241. The Seventh Seal
  242. please explain a film "treatment"
  243. Matrix Revolutions ACTION SCENES - Set a New Standard?
  244. Can "Rules of the Game" be compared to anything recently?
  245. best David Lynch movie
  246. Does AMC Theaters have a Student Price?
  247. Remembering Cary Grant (he would have turned 100 today)
  248. Box Office Estimates for 1/16-18/04
  249. Great moments in cinema according to You...
  250. Jersey Girl

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