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  1. THE PASSION claims its first victim
  2. Capturing the Friedmans - What's your verdict?
  3. Who is the better actor? Ed Norton vs. Johnny Depp
  4. ? about children and passion
  5. How much money The Passion is making (merged)
  6. QUICK, what are you day one and week 1 box office predictions for the Passion?
  7. "The Passion of Christ".... I smell Oscar next year
  8. Question about film budgets
  9. Luc Besson directs.......Madonna !?
  10. New character who will play a "large part" in Episode III... [spoilers, of course]
  11. Kevin Smith to write/direct Green Hornet~!
  12. LotR:RotK Who is the actor playing Smeagol?
  13. Look who has a writing credit for "The Passion..."
  14. no OLD SCHOOL 2
  15. Raging bull and Network uncut on TCM 2/25 at 12:30 am
  16. show smoke in the movies and get an R rating? Yeah, right
  17. The Aisle View is Now CineMazing!
  18. Azkaban review
  19. Thirteen
  20. Other cool 60s/70s movies?
  21. The Passion - DVD Talk's Review Discussion
  22. King of New York **SPOILERS** talk/question
  23. Movie with most foul language?
  24. Best forward-moving shots?
  25. Tough-guy actor Viterelli dead at 66
  26. no trailers for passion of the chirst?
  27. top 5 romantic comedies?
  28. do you think Richard Gere was a lead or supporting in Chicago?
  29. Lost in Translation
  30. Help Wanted!!!!!!!
  31. Congratulations RotK, $1b strong.
  32. Oscar surprises?
  33. Dare to go to Club Dread? (so cal only)
  34. "Passion of the Christ": the negative Reviews are coming out
  35. Weekly Poll (2/22/04): BEST David Lean directed film?
  36. favorite movie shot of all time
  37. SAG Awards
  38. Frustrating news about Exorcist:The Beginning
  39. Box Office Projections for Weekend of Feb 20-22
  40. Who is the LAMEST leading character you've ever seen?
  41. What Are Your Oscar Predictions?
  42. movie posters in your room
  43. most overrated movie of 2004 so far?
  44. Looney Tunes & The Oscars ?
  45. Yahoo Oscar pool this year?
  46. finders fee
  47. I love Lost in Translation and Bill Murray's performance....what else would I like?
  48. An article on Oscar blunders. Do you agree or disagree?
  49. Moive posters on sale + at AllPosters
  50. Question: Who was the actor that stupidly off'ed himeself?
  51. Who is the coolest leading character you've seen?
  52. What movies deal with the transition from college to adulthood?
  53. The Girl Next Door
  54. good article on the state of comic book movies and info on "Green Hornet"...
  55. are the Lord of The Rings movies the best you have ever seen?
  56. Which Star Trek : TNG movie is the best?
  57. Need a nail from the nail-scarred hand?
  58. What skits were in "10 from Your Show of Shows"?
  59. Did CLIFFORD'S REALLY BIG MOVIE open anywhere?
  60. Blade Runner - 'Definative' Director's Cut - theatrical release?
  61. Passion Of The Christ Review!
  62. Best of the early 30s pre code gangster movies?
  63. Elektra spinoff is a go with Rob Bowman as director
  64. Umbrellas of Cherbourg re-release?
  65. Coolest and Stupidest movies of all time?
  66. Lost in Translation Question. (Not the whisper)
  67. once upon a time in america, what was the original cut like?
  68. The Naïveté In You (when watching a movie)
  69. Movie Making Help - where to find?
  70. clippers documentary in so cal?
  71. Song in Almost Famous
  72. sherlock holmes-- where to start?
  73. Let's Talk Favorite War Movies
  74. "Sex and the City" heads to the big screen?
  75. subtitles on foriegn films
  76. Eurotrip - Damm that's some good Squishy
  77. Sequel to The Thing??
  78. Taxi 3: was this really him (Spoiler)
  79. Where's all the Love for TRON?
  80. Kevin Smith directing GREEN HORNET
  81. Green Hornet - Seth Rogen (January 2011)
  82. Tarantino president
  83. Know a site to buy "Irreversible" Canadian version?
  84. Grudge - Ju-on remake news
  85. "Bullet in the Head" & "A Better Tomorrow" John Woo..anyone see?
  86. Mafia Movies, What's Your Choice?
  87. Yaaah! Finally something from I Heart Huckabees
  88. Smith wants to give refunds if you don't like Jersey Girl
  89. Hal Hartley
  90. Quicktime: The Lord of The Rings- A Filmmaker's Journey (4 min mini-doc)
  91. VOTE! Your favorite ALI MACGRAW film? (er, non Yoga)
  92. Welcome to Mooseport thoughts
  93. Full Shrek 2 trailer
  94. ROTK wins 5 British Academy Awards
  95. Wonderland..what an unexpexted surprise!
  96. Box Office for the weekend of 2/15
  97. wanna go on a Eurotrip? ha ha (socal only)
  98. Dirty Dancing:Havana Nights question
  99. Weekly Poll: 2/15/04 - BEST Western film?
  100. Butterfly Effect: Too realistic for moviegoers?
  101. The "Help identifying a movie" thread.
  102. Troy - what rating?
  103. Peter Jackson Fans: Check This Out!
  104. Preview article for the Gibson Interview on ABC - Passion of Christ
  105. which movies will never be remade?
  106. The Missing
  107. Where can I find lists..like best horror, action, etc..movies?
  108. Your Top 3 Special Effects Sequences/Movies with Special Effects?
  109. Thoughts on the work of François Ozon?
  110. Holy crap - Ah-nold and Jackie in a Disney film?!?
  111. Freddy vs Jason? Bah! How about Python vs Boa!
  112. Just some personal thoughts on Star Wars
  113. Did HIGHWAYMEN come out this week?!
  114. Best zombie movie out on DVD?
  115. 50 First Dates: a pleasant surprise
  116. Match 5: Die Hard or My Fair Lady?
  117. Oldest movie for rent at your local video store?
  118. check out this hilarious short film
  119. Match 4: Die Hard or The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly?
  120. Jim Carrey Movies
  121. New Line Looking to Profit Even More From LOTR
  122. Do you plan to see "Passion of Chirst'?
  123. ***O.A.R Cover of Fool in The RAin (Led Z)***
  124. difference between Wadd (John Holmes documentary) nc17 and R?
  125. Tom Cruise Is Obese
  126. Passion of Christ in "Select Theaters"
  127. Swimming Pool question (major spoilers)
  128. Jim Carrey's playboy interview
  129. Old Skinemax movie title
  130. Ergh! This is killing me!
  131. Simpsons Movie In the Works
  132. And now.. Movieoke!
  133. Eyes Without a Face
  134. Song at the end of The Butterfly Effect?
  135. Match 3: Die Hard or Lethal Weapon?
  136. Dawn Of The Dead: My take
  137. Wonder Woman...who would you pick? (merged)
  138. ok, saw RotK again... still prefer TTT...
  139. Sophia Copolla: First American woman nominated for best director...
  140. oscar question...for 2004 films
  141. "cookie man" movie?
  142. Official James Bond thread, news, actors, films
  143. Comcast wants to buy Disney
  144. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - IMAX?
  145. How is French Connection II?
  146. Gigli...rhymes with REALLY good.
  147. IGN Filmforce Interview with Marvel's Avi Arad
  148. Oscar Vegas Odds?
  149. BIG FISH...what did everyone think
  150. Zombie Fix
  151. Star Wars Gangsta rap
  152. Catherine Zeta-Jones joins cast of Ocean's 12
  153. Ender's Game (2013) (D: Hood; S: Butterfield, Ford, Steinfeld, Kingsley, Breslin)
  154. After Sunrise (Linklater, Before Sunset sequel) review
  155. The Lottery tv movie
  156. Die Hard 2 - Yea or Nay?
  157. Anyone worried Nolan's "Batman" will be like Ang Lee's "Hulk"?
  158. Help name this movie
  159. RocShemp! regarding your Rocketeer question in other thread.
  160. The Simpsons Movie finally Greenlit
  161. Ron Howard (?!) to direct "The Da Vinci Code" (2005)
  162. favorite/best/memerable movie going expieriences
  163. The Machinist (Christian Bale) trailer
  164. Simpsons movie confirmed (with tentative date)
  165. The Great Ninja Movie Thread
  166. "Unauthorized" Chaplin Essanays?
  167. Should Double Features make a comeback?
  168. anyone know a link to the spiderman wtc teaser?
  169. You got Served, now the worst movie ever made at IMDB with a 1.2 rating!
  170. anyone awaiting to see Euro Trip?
  171. Movies that did NOT make the AFI Top 100 that you feel should have
  172. Now You Know...or do I?
  173. Movie about a lifeboat?
  174. The Dreamers
  175. Trilogy at the Egyptian
  176. Free movie Adam Sandler and Drew barrymore Tuesday (so cal only)
  177. Passion of Christ Rolling Ad
  178. Please identify this movie
  179. What's up with AICN?
  180. Movie title please!!!
  181. barbershop 2, 25.1 million weekend boxoffice 2/8
  182. Any Love For Waxwork
  183. Whatever happened to "Cursed?"
  184. what will VAN HELSING be rated?
  185. Match 2: Die Hard or John Woo's The Killer?
  186. Peter Jackson wins at DGA awards!!
  187. Need help. What movis relased in the 50's would be good to watch?
  188. Barbershop 2 - quick review
  189. Zoolander - Hilarious, OK, or Terrible?
  190. It's ****ing annoying when people cant pronounce the names
  191. Films with Asian Americans
  192. What movies are you looking forward to in 2004?
  193. Take the movie quiz!
  194. Where's the love for the stupid-funny movies?
  195. what was the first movie you saw with subtitles?
  196. Flawed 'Directors Cuts'
  197. I don't get it ... and a few comments/observations ...
  198. What are your lost indie classics of the last 10 or 15 years?
  199. Do you ever feel like "I'm not buying it" in a movie?
  200. Ed Wood: Fact or Fiction?
  201. Weinstein has conspiracy theory for 'Cold' Oscar snub
  202. Which of the three movies has the best ending?
  203. Box Office Mojo's movie reviews (?)
  204. Lost in Translation question (minor)
  205. SOUL PLANE trailer
  206. PG-13 Horror and Thriller
  207. Join the ZOMBIE ARMY! (Dawn of the Dead related)
  208. Know any buried treasure/pirate movies?
  209. Is this too crazy of an idea? (Film distibution - ratings related)
  210. Miike...is that all you got?
  211. Scarlett Johansson..typecasted?
  212. BEST Tom Hanks film?
  213. best "bad" movie ever?
  214. I think there should be a Passion of the Christ sub-forum..
  215. Giallo films
  216. recommend some good war movies
  217. What movies from 1990-present would you put on your Top Ten List?
  218. Another one bites the dust..aka..How to remake the single best sequel.
  219. American History X directors cut, what would it have?
  220. Gibson to delete scene in 'The Passion of The Christ'
  221. A hole celebrities! post your stories here
  222. "Chick Flicks" from a Male's Perspective.
  223. Need help finding name of an old TV-Movie
  224. Spoiler: Question about the Hannibal Lector trilogy
  225. Best Musical OF 1970
  226. Ultimate fate of the Dwarfs?
  227. Britney may become the next Bond Girl! what has the world come to?
  228. VERY nice FYC ads!
  229. Question about The Usual Suspects
  230. Best smirnoffski poll poll
  231. What music video directors deserve a DVD collection?
  232. BEST film directed by Atom Egoyan?
  233. alright, who's seen the movie the most times?
  234. Lucas Belvaux's "The Trilogy" anyone seen the films yet?
  235. The Underground Comedy Movie
  236. Good Surfing movies? (visually and story-wise)
  237. BEST Cameron Crowe directed film?
  238. The Life Aquatic
  239. Favorite Cinema Hurl
  240. Free upcoming movie with Kim from 24!!(so cal only)
  241. Finding Nemo stolen by Disney?
  242. Who is the better actor: Johnny Deep or Brad Pitt?
  243. 10 Questions for Harvey Weinstein
  244. Sweet new trailer for the Nikopol movie (Enki Bilal)
  245. My rant against Monster and movies like it
  246. BEST Jim Carrey film?
  247. Favorite Clint Eastwood Western?
  248. BEST Adam Sandler film?
  249. Does anyone like slasher movies?
  250. Can anyone ID this movie?