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  1. best part 2 of a trilogy
  2. House of Wax re-make w/ Elisha Cuthbert and....Paris Hilton?!?!
  3. Best movie sequels of all time
  4. N.Y. and L.A. see Hellboy this Friday
  5. Midnight Mass, has anyone seen this POS?
  6. Gaiman on Moore and Constantine
  7. Where's the sequel to.....?
  8. July movies
  9. Robocop 3 question
  10. Funnier movie?
  11. Movies: last one seen and what is next
  12. Movie Challenge Week 3: Silence is Golden
  13. movies where most of the violence is implied or off screen?
  14. Brosnan frustrated over the direction of the films, best interview on Bond
  15. QT to join Lucas and Robert Rodriguez in directing Sin City
  16. How are "The Graduate," "2001 Space Oddessy," "City Slickers," and Clu
  17. texas chainsaw massacre, what was going on during the dinner scene? (spoilers)
  18. RUDE/IRRITATING people in theaters ...
  19. Around the World in 80 Days....(A joke?)
  20. brother bear...
  21. Question: How did you become 'desensitized' for horror flicks?
  22. Weekly Poll 3-21-04: BEST film directed by Ridley Scott?
  23. Comic-Con '04: What'll Hollywood pitch to geekland?
  24. Mistakes made in vampire movies
  25. Wall Street vs. Boiler Room
  26. Yasser Arafat Says Gibson Film Not Anti-Semitic
  27. I need help identifying a giant spider movie
  28. Dawn of the Dead end of credits? :SPOLIERS:
  29. For those of you that saw Gigli?
  30. Gothika + ? : House on Haunted Hill, Creepshow, or City Hall
  31. Friday's Box Office Estimates
  32. Why is 28 Days Later considered a Zombie film?***SPOILERS***
  33. 13th Philadelphia International Film Festival
  34. New Kill Bill Volume 2 Japanese trailer
  35. is the american cut of Dogville really on 117 min?
  36. 'HYPE'..is it too powerful????
  37. Dolph Lundgren: New King of "Straight to video"action?
  38. The official I just saw "Dawn of the Dead" (04) remake thread!
  39. The Nicolas Cage Outburst
  40. Shaolin Soccer April 2nd selected cities
  41. Kingdom of Heaven
  42. Who (which site) has the best movie summaries?
  43. Dilemma regarding Gus van Sant's Elephant (OAR)
  44. New Van Helsing trailer
  45. Who here thinks Hellboy will blow away Passion of the Christ?
  46. Cannes 2003 Silver Lion Winner
  47. Does anyone know of any films where the bad/evil guy wins?
  48. What should I see this weekend?
  49. New Hellboy trailer?
  50. Mercedes McCambridge, Voice Of Possessed Child In 'Exorcist,' Dies
  51. The Time Machine Question (SPOILER) -1960's
  52. If Die Hard 4 had Arabic Terrorists as the Bad Guys, would it Sink or Swim ?
  53. Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
  54. Great Romance movies for guys who don't like Romance movies
  55. Troy or King Arthur, which do you think will be better?
  56. Movies that you have to "work at"
  57. Could Anyone Help Me Figure out what movie this is
  58. Day of the Dead- Box office Gross?
  59. Spielberg & Cruise Team Up Again for "War of the Worlds"
  60. 'Troy' Full Trailer up!
  61. Favourite ' Body Swapping' Movie ?
  62. Top Ten St. Patrick's Day Movies
  63. Tom Hanks and the F-word
  64. Bus 174
  65. Question on the highest Grossing Independent Film
  66. Jewish Group's survey finds the Passion may be reducing Anti-Semetism
  67. Question about Dawn of the Dead Gore
  68. Bob Hope's Road Movies
  69. The Whole "Ten Minutes of Footage" Thing
  70. Interactive movires, anyone?
  71. Serenity (Firefly) cast?
  72. Laws of Attraction - Trailer 15/20
  73. Rashomon Storytelling - do you feel ripped off?
  74. Charlie Kaufman & Michel Gondry Interview - Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
  75. HERO to be Released!! BOO YAA!
  76. How is Veronica Guerin, how bad is the Cat in the Hat?
  77. Can I watch the Evil Dead movies out of order?
  78. Grandmaster Melle Mel now plans `The Resurrection'!
  79. Movie buffs, here's one for you: Does "RAN" have an Intermission?
  80. Weekly Poll (3/14/04): Best Hitchcock film?
  81. Do you watch historical movies on the day in question?
  82. movies that have a rating change due to an appeal with no cuts
  83. Get ready for a wave of religious films
  84. Groucho’s Movie Challenge: Week 2
  85. Slow Zombies Vs. Fast Zombies
  86. Not ANOTHER OnE???? (socal only)
  87. "Cursed" movies?
  88. Best Endings Ever
  89. best Morgan Freeman performance?
  90. Dawn of the Dead Remake - See the First 10 Minutes Uncut & Uncensored...
  91. Just saw "Dawn of the Dead" (78) for the 1st time...
  92. Box Office Projections: March 12-14
  93. What hit movie are you surprised that they never made a sequel to?
  94. best part 3 in a trilogy?
  95. rotk questions regarding possible extended scene's
  96. Taking Lives discussion (possible spoilers)
  97. Spartan - short review
  98. Quick question on songs in 'Starsky & Hutch' 2004
  99. Song from Freaky Friday help
  100. Eliza Dushku as Black Cat in Spidey 3? Might happen afterall
  101. Describe the Passion of the Christ in just One Word
  102. living dead sequel from 80s
  103. Just saw THIRTEEN
  104. Kill Bill v2 rated R
  105. Directors that direct their own remakes ?
  106. Nemo suit thrown out
  107. Silent Films Discussion
  108. What are some good unfilmed scripts?
  109. Ishtar on HBO?!?!
  110. Which TV show should be made into a movie?
  111. The end of the world is near: "Saved!" trailer
  112. I ROBOT Trailer!!
  113. Hoop Dreams tonight on TCM
  114. Schindler's List instead of the Passion
  115. Best Car chase scenes
  116. Bruce Campbell - Thursday March 18th @ Birmingham, MI
  117. Scary Movie 4 news: Cast, Director, Writers, Plot
  118. Hannibal vs Red Dragon...which is better?
  119. Question About 1960's "Pyscho"
  120. Timecop
  121. What was the name of those things in Star Wars?
  122. Let There Be Light: possible Biblical movies ...
  123. Secret Window thoughts
  124. Secret Window screening (so cal only)
  125. Disney's "Home on the Range"
  126. "Highlander 2" silly question.
  127. Just rented "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"...Pleasantly surprised!!
  128. Kill Bill Vol-2 (Test screening review)
  129. Paul Winfield DIED today RIP Paul
  130. FAST AND FURIOUS 3- The latest
  131. Release date for Dawn of the Dead?
  132. Appleseed
  133. Best Hellraiser film?
  134. Aliens vs Predator -new Internet Only teaser.
  135. Liked Matrix Revolutions: something wrong with me?
  136. Name this horror anthology film
  137. Futuristic War or Medieval War? *MxR & ROTK spoiler image*
  138. Blaxploitation Help Needed!
  139. Spalding Gray's body found
  140. What movie is this quote from?
  141. Katsuhiro Otomo's Steamboy
  142. Is "The Passion" accurate to the Gospels?
  143. The time is ripe for a remake of BRAVE NEW WORLD
  144. I spit on your grave, is the rape graphic?
  145. NASCAR 3D (Imax feature) question
  146. No "Sex and the City" movie
  147. Robert Rodriguez to helm Burrough's "John Carter of Mars"
  148. Groucho’s Movie Challenge: Week 1
  149. Latter Days
  150. Weekly Poll (3/7/04) BEST Tom Cruise film?
  151. Box Office Projections: March 5-7
  152. Kim ki-Duk's "Samaria" movie poster controversy.
  153. Hungry for more Tolkein Movies? Trailer for Ancanar! And a ?
  154. Hidalgo - quick review
  155. whats the appeal of Eyes Wide Shut?
  156. Just saw "Night of the Living Dead" (68) for the 1st time..
  157. Movie Cliches we accept/dismiss while viewing.
  158. Anyone Seen "A Patch of Blue" With Sidney Poitier?
  159. Stuff you never got
  160. Jaws
  161. once upon a time in mexico?
  162. Anyone seen CLUB DREAD ?
  163. Pet peeves while watching a movie with loved ones/friends
  164. see the first 10 minutes of dawn of the dead remake uncut on 3/15 on USA Network!
  165. Ok, I joined Netflix again - Need (good) film recommendations...
  166. Yasujiro Ozu Film Retrospect - Washington DC
  167. Ong Bak Muay Thai
  168. Shaun of the Dead trailer in Quicktime
  169. Just watched "Raging Bull" for the 3rd time in 10 years...
  170. Will I like The Fisher King?
  171. Best on-screen role of a Nazi
  172. "Troy" looks amazing..
  173. 'The Day After Tomorrow' - New Trailer
  174. How do you think the zombies came to be in Romero's "Night of the Living Dead"?
  175. Movie alphabet game
  177. Are there annual awards given to Trailers/Posters?
  178. The whole Oscars not recognizing fantasy thing?
  179. No Kumar in Life Aquatic? Say it isnt so!
  180. Does Oscar Need Changing?
  181. How is the 137 min Director's cut of "Dawn of the Dead"?
  182. Best/Essential Drama's to Own?
  183. Favorite Moments of The Oscars
  184. Dawn of the Dead: Free passes
  185. Are other studios regretting not picking up the Passion?
  186. Disney Co. Splits CEO, Chairman Positions
  187. A sickening part of the Oscars
  188. So what is going on with THE MAN THING?
  189. Why no Sean Ashton at Oscars? Golden Globe fall out
  190. Lady Killers Poster and Behind the scenes video
  191. Some help for a paper...
  192. Bill Murray: Sore Loser?
  193. You're first look at Nemesis...
  194. Godzilla:Final Wars -coming Dec 11th
  195. "A Japanese Story".....when??
  196. School of Rock!
  197. New "Punisher" Trailer
  198. Do I have to watch "Night of the Living Dead" before "Dawn of the Dead"?
  199. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  200. ESPN.com's Sports Guy's hilarious running diary of his 250th viewing of Hoosiers
  201. Oscars George Lucas won, answer inside. Serious discussion only
  202. Weekly Poll 2/29/04: Does film runtime affect your judgement toward a film's quality?
  203. (Yet another) Help identify this movie - comedy? - 80s??
  204. Donnie Darko [spoilers]
  205. What's the movie with cute animals but adult humor?
  206. recommend some good books on film/directors...
  207. Council on American-Islamic Relations runs its mouth about Hidalgo....
  208. What movie had a Star Wars themed bar mitzvah?
  209. Why all the Hating on Freddie Prinze Jr ?
  210. The Office Space Quotes Thread
  211. Bigfoot in garbage bin movie. What is it?
  212. SAVED . . . no, not the sequel to The Passion
  213. The Passion attracts the Mark of the Beast
  214. Infernal Affairs & Scorsese
  215. Character actor John Randolph dead at 88
  216. Hmm , so how many Oscars has Lucas won ?
  217. Lord of the Rings Top Oscar winner 11 out of 11!
  218. Weigh In: THE most over-used trailer cliché
  219. Hold on... for the ride of your life!
  220. The One and only Oscar Thread! Predictions/Thoughts?
  221. Kill Bill Vol 2 Teaser and one sheet poster pics
  222. Casshern (movie trailer) any info?
  223. New Spider-Man 2 pics
  224. Passion - Potential for Repeat Viewings
  225. New Hellboy Trailer
  226. POTC Vs. Last Temptation
  227. For Your Consideration [56K = not good]
  228. I need FAST help: Exorcist or Exorcist: The Version you've never seen
  229. question regarding the last frames of Matchstick Men? (spoilers, duh)
  230. i forgot the name of this movie. please help
  231. 3rd time a charm - ROTK
  232. Rob Schneider Denied Academy Membership "All I want is Free DVDs"
  233. Monica Bellucci/ Vincent Cassel- AGENTS SECRETS
  234. Join The Oscar Predictions!
  235. The Oscars that should have been..
  236. CLub Dread
  237. What did the McCourt brothers think of ANGELA'S ASHES?
  238. Robert Rodriguez will direct "Sin City"
  239. Forget Tom Cruise, the Last Samurai was french
  240. The Godfather (1 2 or 3 vs Goodfellas)
  241. '80s movies fans - your lives have been leading up to this!
  242. Who should play Daisy Duke?
  243. Aeon Flux headed for the big screen
  244. "Le Curé d'Ars": Missing French Classic
  245. The Room (spoon!)
  246. TWISTED - is it really that bad?
  247. Vin Diesel: Are his 15 minutes up yet?
  248. Quentin Tarantino:Great filmmaker, or JackAss?
  249. Best Jesus film.
  250. List all the OSCAR BALLET CONTESTS you know of