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  1. You cannot utter words except 1 DVD Title...which one describes your life?
  2. So you want to brag that you saw Vol2? hell you want to brag you saw it 2x? (so cal)
  3. A Good Week for entertainment! - Question suggestions?
  4. Raiders of the Lost Ark deleated scene question
  5. Friday Estimates for 04/09/04
  6. Which trilogies do/will you prefer: Matrix or Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy
  7. Does anyone remember the Pipi Longstocking movies?
  8. Any Good Films That Deal With Poverty/Homeless/Living on the Street?
  9. Paramount is doing a lot of remakes
  10. Eddie Murphy in Ladykillers?
  11. Underworld 2?
  12. Get ready anime fans..here comes a live action "Cutey Honey"
  13. Japanese Quicktime Trailers...
  14. The Empire Strikes Back altered! (pic inside)
  15. The Manchurian Candidate
  16. Tarantino article about Kill Bill Part 3
  17. Stepford Wives Trailer
  18. Classical/Medieval films
  19. The Official "Movie characters" BATTLE thread!!
  20. 21 Grams - good flick or what?
  21. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
  22. Cannonball Run re-make possible? (do it yourself re-make thread)
  23. The return of Mulder & Scully: X-Files 2
  24. Some pretty huge news from Tarantino in the new Fangoria about Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2
  25. Funny Coincidence Between "Name of the Rose" and "Broken Arrow" (spoilers)
  26. M. Night documentary?
  27. Is THIS really Bruce Willis?
  28. Braveheart vs. Gladiator
  29. A New Aliens V Predator Featurette... 4/6
  30. A film so good (Warning, R rated)
  31. help, old movie with a wierd tennis game dream?
  32. Question for people who have seen THE GIRL NEXT DOOR
  33. Is there a Passion of the Christ Edition Bible?
  34. camera 1, camera 2, camera 1, camera 2
  35. More Simpsons Movie Info
  36. Woo exploring Metroid film
  37. Any buzz about Garden State?
  38. I saw The Alamo
  39. NEW Spiderman Trailer to be shown during the Apprentice....
  40. Golf legend movie?
  41. Cruise, Bardem, Foxx in COLLATERAL
  42. KIll Bill Volume 2 trailer
  43. Kevin Smith's The Green Hornet , who will/should play Kato ?
  44. Coffee & Cigarettes - your thoughts
  45. Disney movies they could turn into Live Action disas..er..extravagnazas!!;)
  46. And the director of "Fantastic Four" is...
  47. Jay & Silent Bob MAY Return!
  48. Matrix 2/3 Unnecessary Scenes?
  49. Girl Next Door Reviews
  50. Box-Office Gurus: How about a DVDTalk HSX League?
  51. Vega bros. New release date?
  52. Animated Kill Bill Prequel on the way?
  53. What makes an "anti-war" movie, anti-war?
  54. Anyone A collector of Signed Photo's
  55. What are the most accessible foreign films?
  56. Anyone get the feeling that The Punisher isn't gonna do well?
  57. Great "Passion of the Christ Review".....
  58. Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne pictures!
  59. Opposites Attract
  60. Movie Challenge Week 5: IMDB Top 250
  61. Suicide Club is a horrible horrible movie
  62. The Mickey Rourke Appreciation thread!!
  63. "ColdBlooded" anyone seen this? GREAT MOVIE!
  64. Whats happening with Bill Murray?
  65. Weekly Poll (4/4/04): Best Las Vegas film?
  66. Lorenzo Lamas is. . . The Sci-Fighter!
  67. Weekend Box Office 4/2 - 4/4
  68. Spaghetti Western- identify this film!!
  69. [POLL] Arnold's Replacement
  70. Song in The Skulls?
  71. Friday estimates: Hellboy #1
  72. 'Dawn of the Dead' Remake Question. How'd the survivors get into the locked mall?
  73. Dickie Roberts is not a bowl full of suck....
  74. Matrix Revolutions: Does it suck as much as I've heard?
  75. suprised at how good WALKING TALL was
  76. Horror movie remakes - can we stop now?.....Please?
  77. the top 100 movie characters of all time according to primiere magazine
  78. Worth buying and how does it compare??
  79. What is the best car chase ever?
  80. Steven Seagal movie (Mr. Big Balls?)
  81. You thoughts on Denzel's "Man on Fire" trailer??
  82. Kill Bill: Volume 2 thoughts
  83. Is the American release of Shaolin Soccer edited?
  84. Arnold as an actor
  85. Will the real Buford Pusser please stand up
  86. Kevin Smith Fanboy Lameness
  87. what was that movie???
  88. So, is it a Given now that Films will have scenes removed just to add them on the DVD
  89. Peter O'Toole will win Best Supporting Actor for Troy
  90. Newsaskew.com's April 1st joke...
  91. Kill Bill vol 2 production pics
  92. 5 best guy movies / 5 worst guy movies?
  93. New Alamo clips
  94. My brief Hellboy review
  95. Dawn of the Dead 2004 - What happens after the Credits ???
  96. Troy- new trailer
  97. Naked Weapon, So Close, Versus: Any other movies as cool as these?
  98. R.I.P Peter Diamond
  99. Will watching "Texas Chainsaw.." (03) ruin (74) if I haven't seen?
  100. The Girl Next Door Commercial Question...
  101. Character defining movie quotes
  102. Most Promising Young Director
  103. john waters discussion thread
  104. Remembering the good ole times at the movies
  105. YOUR favorite Robert Zemeckis Film?
  106. Troy
  107. How many movies have you seen?
  108. "Bold as Love" - The Movie?
  109. Scanner Darkly finally moving ahead
  110. JFK Assassination in Movies
  111. Billy Bob is back!
  112. Anyone see 'Young Adam'?
  113. What's The Big Deal With Greedo Shooting First?
  114. help with a quote
  115. 1st Review of "Ghost in the Shell" sequel, "Innocence"
  116. Another remake: The Hills Have Eyes
  117. Alexander Payne's Sideways
  118. Disney Vows to DESTROY TOY STORY!
  119. Jack Blacks Kong is bigger than yours
  120. pictures of the batmobile from BATMAN BEGINS
  121. On a Pale Horse: Optioned by Disney
  122. Catwoman: it gets even worse
  123. FilmFest DC (2004 International Film Festival)
  124. Hong Kong Int'l Film Fest 04 - European branch
  125. profanity in 13 Days?
  126. Jack Black is set to be in King Kong....
  127. What actor or director deserves a lifetime achievement Oscar?
  128. OKAY!!! I GIVE UP!!! What is the significance of "Oh-ma-pa-pa-pa-pie"...?
  129. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story - Trailer
  130. Epic or Not an Epic
  131. Walking Tall (socal only)
  132. X-Files 2 on the way!
  133. Top flops...
  134. Movie Challenge Week 4: The Truth is Stranger
  135. best part 1 of a trilogy?
  136. Movies that mad you cry.......
  137. Bootleg international Spider-Man 2 trailer online!
  138. Peter Ustinov dead at 82
  139. The Searchers the Duke's best?
  140. Pacino's People I Know: What's the deal?
  141. Weekly Poll (3/28/04): BEST Audrey Hepburn film?
  142. Are scenes in Dogville very graphic? (possible spoilers)
  143. Passion of the Christ is a big hit in Lebanon and Syria
  144. Artisan/Lions Gate Films MAY own the remake rights to Day of the Dead.
  145. Scooby Doo 2
  146. Coffee and Cigarettes Trailer
  147. any big horror movies coming out that you know of?
  148. Jersey Girl was fan freakin tastic
  149. Eugene O'Neill's THE HAIRY APE (1944) . . . anyone seen it?
  150. What are some good WW I movies on DVD?
  151. X-men 3 any news?
  152. Hidalgo pronunciation
  153. What was this vampire movie?
  154. A Wayans Bros. Classic - White Chicks
  155. Making of "The Passion of the Christ"
  156. Old Sci-Fi movie I cant remember
  157. Virgin Suicides & LiT & Sophia Coppola, Oh My!
  158. Movies you can relate to
  159. Dawn of the Dead Questions...need answering
  160. Question about the movie Zombie
  161. Favorite Jack Ryan Movie
  162. New Garfield Trailer
  163. TCM's Widescreen vs. P&S tutorial - GREAT!!
  164. Roger Rabbit 2?
  165. Anyone heard of Havoc?
  166. What's the better remake? DotD or TCM
  167. Movies featuring scenes of torture...
  168. Anyone a member of the American Film Institute?
  169. And the name of the next Star Wars film is. . . .
  170. Horror movies . . . Yes or No?
  171. Cancel the 2005 Academy Awards! This movie will sweep.
  172. Don Coscarelli's The Beastmaster
  173. Maguire Returns for 'Spidey 3' in 2007
  174. Actresses and nudity
  175. Which do you prefer - Mainstream Hollywood films or Indie/Foreign?
  176. Decide Micheal Bay's Future
  177. ladykillers hanks' "best comedy?"
  178. Help finding movie - about a dollar bill.
  179. Ok, I'm all for new Star Trek movies but.....
  180. Young Actor/Actresses whose Careers have already JUMPED THE SHARK
  181. Since Afflecker is out who should be DareDevil in a sequel
  182. San Francisco Int'l Film Festival 2004
  183. Opinions: John Carpenter's "They Live"
  184. Godard, Tykwer, Depp, and more Collaboration?!?
  185. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Website and Trailer up
  186. Monty Python's "Life of Brian" to be re-released in theaters
  187. the Trhee Colors Trilogy, what am I getting into?
  188. The Whole 10 Yards
  189. Is the new "Walking Tall" a remake
  190. sherman's march
  191. So -- who's going to see 'Jersey Girl'?
  192. Was Keira Knightley really only 15-16 when she was in The Hole?
  193. Best friend dies, main character finally gets motivated
  194. would mallrats have been better if it had the alternate opening?
  195. Kevin Smith to Fans: "can some of you reign it in this week?"
  196. The Rundown
  197. Mission Impossible 3 News
  198. The Salton Sea
  199. Possible chance to win Kill Bill handkerchief on Japanese site
  200. CASSHERN?!? What is it? (Japanese answer to the Matrix?)
  201. Reviews of Kill Bill Volume 2
  202. GODSEND website
  203. Your interpretation of "Vanilla Sky" ? (SPOILERS)
  204. Batman Begins logo
  205. French Film Chain Refuses To Show 'Passion'
  206. Four Rooms - Anyone ever see it?
  207. Jack Valenti to Retire
  208. Pulp Fiction, should it have won Best Picture [1994]
  209. Weirdest movie-related promo item you own?
  210. The Movie Quote challenge
  211. More "Bewitched" casting news
  212. best part 2 of a trilogy
  213. House of Wax re-make w/ Elisha Cuthbert and....Paris Hilton?!?!
  214. Best movie sequels of all time
  215. N.Y. and L.A. see Hellboy this Friday
  216. Midnight Mass, has anyone seen this POS?
  217. Gaiman on Moore and Constantine
  218. Where's the sequel to.....?
  219. July movies
  220. Robocop 3 question
  221. Funnier movie?
  222. Movies: last one seen and what is next
  223. Movie Challenge Week 3: Silence is Golden
  224. movies where most of the violence is implied or off screen?
  225. Brosnan frustrated over the direction of the films, best interview on Bond
  226. QT to join Lucas and Robert Rodriguez in directing Sin City
  227. How are "The Graduate," "2001 Space Oddessy," "City Slickers," and Clu
  228. texas chainsaw massacre, what was going on during the dinner scene? (spoilers)
  229. RUDE/IRRITATING people in theaters ...
  230. Around the World in 80 Days....(A joke?)
  231. brother bear...
  232. Question: How did you become 'desensitized' for horror flicks?
  233. Weekly Poll 3-21-04: BEST film directed by Ridley Scott?
  234. Comic-Con '04: What'll Hollywood pitch to geekland?
  235. Mistakes made in vampire movies
  236. Wall Street vs. Boiler Room
  237. Yasser Arafat Says Gibson Film Not Anti-Semitic
  238. I need help identifying a giant spider movie
  239. Dawn of the Dead end of credits? :SPOLIERS:
  240. For those of you that saw Gigli?
  241. Gothika + ? : House on Haunted Hill, Creepshow, or City Hall
  242. Friday's Box Office Estimates
  243. Why is 28 Days Later considered a Zombie film?***SPOILERS***
  244. 13th Philadelphia International Film Festival
  245. New Kill Bill Volume 2 Japanese trailer
  246. is the american cut of Dogville really on 117 min?
  247. 'HYPE'..is it too powerful????
  248. Dolph Lundgren: New King of "Straight to video"action?
  249. The official I just saw "Dawn of the Dead" (04) remake thread!
  250. The Nicolas Cage Outburst