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  1. Donnie Darko director's cut
  2. Fat Albert starring Aaron Carter? WTH?
  3. 2004 MTV Movie Award Nominations Announced!
  4. DVDTalk HSX Leaderboard: Week 2 (Box Office Game)
  5. Memorable Animated/non-living/other Film "Characters" according to us
  6. Johnny Knoxville to star in "Hawaiian Dick" movie
  7. Shrek II heading to Cannes
  8. I think Bernie Mac has a winner here.
  9. The Lion King 1 1/2
  10. Long Kiss Goodnight - did you like it or not?
  11. Any suggestions for my script?
  12. Missing Kill Bill fight?
  13. Movie Challenge Week 7: Martial Arts Films
  14. Chicken Little?
  15. Dodgeball.. can it be the next Old School?
  16. "Master and Commander"..should have stayed on the far side of the world!!!
  17. A "Lolita"(60's) Question....spoilers
  18. Why oh why, redo-ing Angel Beach High
  19. Kill the Crazy 88
  20. Coffee and Cigarettes
  21. Brokeback Mountain
  22. Carrie-Anne Moss joins M:I-3 cast
  23. Showdown at the House of Blue Leaves - Color vs B/W
  24. Anne Hathaway takes it off.
  25. Ven Helsing plot question
  26. Movies with alternate titles.
  27. Time travel movies
  28. 1980s Era Movie Help..
  29. Blade Runner (spoilers)
  30. Best Quentin Tarantino flick? Kill Bill Vol.2 Vs. Reservoir Dogs (merged)
  31. Upcoming Paramount Projects
  32. Explain this awkward Uma Thurman/QT pic
  33. Where do you get Box Office figures?
  34. Get It While You Can (D: Vallee) S: Amy Adams - Janis Joplin biopic
  35. Question regarding Godard's Breathless
  36. Terence Hill & Bud spencer films
  37. Favorite Kill Bill chapter
  38. OK, Kill Bill got me interested -- what are the KUNG FU/HK essentials?
  39. Northfork...circus clowns?
  40. PUNISHED at the box office
  41. Seed of Chucky trailer.
  42. Bobby Jones: Stroke Of Genius
  43. Where do you buy your rare/special/big posters ?
  44. Has The Passion set another Box Office Record?
  45. Streetcar Named Desire, help spoilers needed
  46. Weekly Poll (4/18/2004): BEST Oliver Stone directed film?
  47. (Help) Name of Song... Last scene in "Jersey Girl"?
  48. Beyond the Rocks - Lost Valentino/Swanson film found!
  49. Kill Bill Vols. 1 And 2, Your Opinions.....One Movie, More Oscar Recognition?
  50. McFarlane's AvP figure pictures
  51. 13 Going on 30
  52. Sequels that you didn't even know existed
  53. Guy Maddin - 3 Short Films Online
  54. Ok, so what film first used ' Reversed Story telling' popularised in Memento ?
  55. Open Water trailer / website
  56. Saw The Butterfly Effect today
  57. Move Poster frames?
  58. Hepburn/Monroe films
  59. Friday Box Office estimates
  60. help identifying this movie
  61. "Heckboy"
  62. How much do movie scripts sell for?
  63. Untraditional Adaption trailer
  64. if you could cut an hour of stuff from kill bill vol 1 and 2 to make one 3 hr movie..
  65. The Terminal teaser (Spielberg, Hanks)
  66. Bloodsport and other movies you can watch in 13 minutes and 27 seconds
  67. Fatal Four Way: Neo vs.The Bride vs. Bill vs. Smith
  68. Peeping Tom
  69. Song which has appeared in the most movies
  70. RUMORMILL: The Green Hornet casting
  71. Spring movies vs Summer movies?
  72. I saw The Punisher and its sucked! [Possible Spoilers]
  73. The official Kill Bill is gonna slay the BO and make $100million this weekend thread!
  74. Christophe Gans' "Crying Freeman" finally gets a US release
  75. The Day After Tomorrow : Who is going to see this?
  76. Freddy vs Jason - Who would win? (merged)
  77. Premiere Top 100 Movie characters
  78. Another TMNT movie?
  79. Jesus vs. Neo: who would win?
  80. The Bride vs. The Punisher: who would win?
  81. Favorite flick to watch when sick
  82. Shaun of the Dead - review...ish
  83. Actors gone MISSING!
  84. New York Minute....racist?
  85. For some reason I feel like seeing Mean Girls
  86. name of song at end of charlie's angels full throttle. Please help!
  87. Ginger Snaps III Trailer
  88. Will we ever see "The Sweatbox"? (Disney Documentary)
  89. Recommend some good Yakuza movies..
  90. warner to release both versions of the exorcist prequel on dvd.....
  91. are there any high action shaw brothers movies?
  92. DVDTalk HSX Leaderboard: Week 1 (Box Office Game)
  93. Comic books that would make cool movies
  94. If Mozart were alive today, what kind of films would he write music for?
  95. What was the problem w/ Timeline (may be spoilers eventually)
  96. Did anyone catch this in Kill Bill Vol. 1??
  97. best Neil Jordan movie
  98. Why do they call it a "popcorn flick"?
  99. Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash AND Evil Dead: The Musical Tidbit
  100. Question about Steve Martin's Pink Panther movie...
  101. Is Guy Ritchie up to anything new?
  102. Too dark!
  103. Dungeons & Dragons 2 (or is that D&D second edition?)
  104. The Official i just saw "You Got Served" thread
  105. Question about the Passion of the Christ?
  106. Ben Affleck in a Knight Rider movie? Say it ain't so!
  107. This is what is wrong with Hollywood
  108. Tarantino's references in Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2
  109. Carrie Snodgress died over a week ago?!?!
  110. Good Bye Lenin
  111. Movie Challenge Week 6: Unfamiliar Genres
  112. CA Residents: You lucky S.O.B.s! ;)
  113. Another Hollywood Couple Splits: The Stamos'
  114. Where can I see Todd Phillips's documentary Frat House?
  115. Documentary about McDonalds?
  116. What's worse?
  117. So who will go see New York Minute?
  118. Why are Americans so fat?
  119. I'm still stuck on Matrix 2 & 3 [spoilers!]
  120. good article on comedy films that belong in the national film registry
  121. Could Eisner's fate lie with 'The Alamo'?
  122. Weekly Poll (4/11/04): BEST Martin Scorsese film?
  123. is Passion #1?
  124. Damn Girl Next Door is bombing at the BO
  125. Kitchen Confidential: The Movie [still in development?]
  126. Remakes of Asian films...what's your thoughts?
  127. Gas Prices...on the big screen
  128. worst effects in your opinion (only particular shots or scene's please)
  129. Mindhunters release date
  130. You cannot utter words except 1 DVD Title...which one describes your life?
  131. So you want to brag that you saw Vol2? hell you want to brag you saw it 2x? (so cal)
  132. A Good Week for entertainment! - Question suggestions?
  133. Raiders of the Lost Ark deleated scene question
  134. Friday Estimates for 04/09/04
  135. Which trilogies do/will you prefer: Matrix or Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy
  136. Does anyone remember the Pipi Longstocking movies?
  137. Any Good Films That Deal With Poverty/Homeless/Living on the Street?
  138. Paramount is doing a lot of remakes
  139. Eddie Murphy in Ladykillers?
  140. Underworld 2?
  141. Get ready anime fans..here comes a live action "Cutey Honey"
  142. Japanese Quicktime Trailers...
  143. The Empire Strikes Back altered! (pic inside)
  144. The Manchurian Candidate
  145. Kill Bill Vol. 3 (D: Tarantino) - Rumors, news, etc.
  146. Stepford Wives Trailer
  147. Classical/Medieval films
  148. The Official "Movie characters" BATTLE thread!!
  149. 21 Grams - good flick or what?
  150. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
  151. Cannonball Run re-make possible? (do it yourself re-make thread)
  152. The return of Mulder & Scully: X-Files 2
  153. Some pretty huge news from Tarantino in the new Fangoria about Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2
  154. Funny Coincidence Between "Name of the Rose" and "Broken Arrow" (spoilers)
  155. M. Night documentary?
  156. Is THIS really Bruce Willis?
  157. Braveheart vs. Gladiator
  158. A film so good (Warning, R rated)
  159. help, old movie with a wierd tennis game dream?
  160. Question for people who have seen THE GIRL NEXT DOOR
  161. Is there a Passion of the Christ Edition Bible?
  162. camera 1, camera 2, camera 1, camera 2
  163. More Simpsons Movie Info
  164. Woo exploring Metroid film
  165. Any buzz about Garden State?
  166. I saw The Alamo
  167. NEW Spiderman Trailer to be shown during the Apprentice....
  168. Golf legend movie?
  169. Cruise, Bardem, Foxx in COLLATERAL
  170. Kevin Smith's The Green Hornet , who will/should play Kato ?
  171. Coffee & Cigarettes - your thoughts
  172. Disney movies they could turn into Live Action disas..er..extravagnazas!!;)
  173. And the director of "Fantastic Four" is...
  174. Jay & Silent Bob MAY Return!
  175. Matrix 2/3 Unnecessary Scenes?
  176. Girl Next Door Reviews
  177. Box-Office Gurus: How about a DVDTalk HSX League?
  178. Vega bros. New release date?
  179. Animated Kill Bill Prequel on the way?
  180. What makes an "anti-war" movie, anti-war?
  181. Anyone A collector of Signed Photo's
  182. What are the most accessible foreign films?
  183. Anyone get the feeling that The Punisher isn't gonna do well?
  184. Great "Passion of the Christ Review".....
  185. Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne pictures!
  186. Opposites Attract
  187. Movie Challenge Week 5: IMDB Top 250
  188. Suicide Club is a horrible horrible movie
  189. The Mickey Rourke Appreciation thread!!
  190. "ColdBlooded" anyone seen this? GREAT MOVIE!
  191. Whats happening with Bill Murray?
  192. Weekly Poll (4/4/04): Best Las Vegas film?
  193. Lorenzo Lamas is. . . The Sci-Fighter!
  194. Weekend Box Office 4/2 - 4/4
  195. Spaghetti Western- identify this film!!
  196. [POLL] Arnold's Replacement
  197. Song in The Skulls?
  198. Friday estimates: Hellboy #1
  199. 'Dawn of the Dead' Remake Question. How'd the survivors get into the locked mall?
  200. Dickie Roberts is not a bowl full of suck....
  201. Matrix Revolutions: Does it suck as much as I've heard?
  202. suprised at how good WALKING TALL was
  203. Horror movie remakes - can we stop now?.....Please?
  204. the top 100 movie characters of all time according to primiere magazine
  205. Worth buying and how does it compare??
  206. What is the best car chase ever?
  207. Steven Seagal movie (Mr. Big Balls?)
  208. You thoughts on Denzel's "Man on Fire" trailer??
  209. Kill Bill: Volume 2 thoughts
  210. Is the American release of Shaolin Soccer edited?
  211. Arnold as an actor
  212. Will the real Buford Pusser please stand up
  213. Kevin Smith Fanboy Lameness
  214. what was that movie???
  215. So, is it a Given now that Films will have scenes removed just to add them on the DVD
  216. Peter O'Toole will win Best Supporting Actor for Troy
  217. Newsaskew.com's April 1st joke...
  218. 5 best guy movies / 5 worst guy movies?
  219. New Alamo clips
  220. My brief Hellboy review
  221. Dawn of the Dead 2004 - What happens after the Credits ???
  222. Troy- new trailer
  223. Naked Weapon, So Close, Versus: Any other movies as cool as these?
  224. R.I.P Peter Diamond
  225. Will watching "Texas Chainsaw.." (03) ruin (74) if I haven't seen?
  226. The Girl Next Door Commercial Question...
  227. Character defining movie quotes
  228. Most Promising Young Director
  229. john waters discussion thread
  230. Remembering the good ole times at the movies
  231. YOUR favorite Robert Zemeckis Film?
  232. Troy
  233. How many movies have you seen?
  234. "Bold as Love" - The Movie?
  235. Scanner Darkly finally moving ahead
  236. JFK Assassination in Movies
  237. Billy Bob is back!
  238. Anyone see 'Young Adam'?
  239. What's The Big Deal With Greedo Shooting First?
  240. help with a quote
  241. 1st Review of "Ghost in the Shell" sequel, "Innocence"
  242. Another remake: The Hills Have Eyes
  243. Alexander Payne's Sideways
  244. Disney Vows to DESTROY TOY STORY!
  245. Jack Blacks Kong is bigger than yours
  246. On a Pale Horse: Optioned by Disney
  247. Catwoman: it gets even worse
  248. FilmFest DC (2004 International Film Festival)
  249. Hong Kong Int'l Film Fest 04 - European branch
  250. profanity in 13 Days?