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  1. good horror/suspense movies with out blood and guts?
  2. What the hell happened to Meg Ryan?
  3. New ending for "The Village?"
  4. Anyone here a Line Producer?
  5. "What the **** do You know?" -Heard of it?
  6. HP & the Goblet of Fire casting news!
  7. anyone think full metal jacket fell apart after the first hour? (spoilers)
  8. Jawa dialogue
  9. Shrek 2 TV & Movie References *SPOILERS*
  10. What's the next "big" movie?
  11. Shrek 2 - Hidden Picture in "Puss in Boots" Eyes
  12. Need Children's Film Recommendations
  13. Regal Cinema's Free Family Film Festival (... and "Good Burger" is one of them!)
  14. Nazi-era film diva Marika Roekk dies at 90, are there any DVDs of her?
  15. Harry Potter 3 thoughts
  16. The Day After Tommorow (merged)
  17. Los Angeles GODZILLA fans "Heads up"
  18. need some help...looking for some movies
  19. Question about Star Wars ep.1 and ROTK.
  20. Lost Skeleton of Cadavra release question
  21. Ideas for Smokey & The Bandit 4
  22. Stepford Wives (2004) question (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
  23. Top Ten Smelliest Celebrities!
  24. Eddie Murphy, will he ever do another movie worth a crap?
  25. John Wayne, would he have been a good James Bond
  26. This just in: Paramount is COMPLETLY out of ideas!
  27. Ladykillers (2004) Spoilers Wanted--slept through part of the movie
  28. Any updated info on Charlie and the chocolate factory?
  29. Weekly Poll (5/23/04): BEST Dustin Hoffman film?
  30. why do people not like Episode VI?
  31. Anyone know what movie this is? (horror related, people in house get killed 1 by 1)
  32. Where are the "2nd Run" Theaters in Los Angeles?
  33. What movie is this from?
  34. Is the coming soon movie 'The Terminal' really based on a true story?
  35. The Disturbing Movies, Film, and Cinema Thread
  36. Fahrenheit 911/Michael Moore wins Cannes top prize, The Palme d'Or!
  37. Friday Box Office: Shrek 2, $28.5m - $50m since Wednesday
  38. Will there ever be another TITANIC after Cameron's "Titanic?"
  39. best marilyn monroe film
  40. [SPOILER] No Mans Land HELP
  41. New York Times: Cannes aka Asia West (Long!!!)
  42. Looking for sexy movies for couples
  43. Ending of Gus van Sant's Elephant SPOILERS
  44. Which Deadly Viper Assasin are you?
  45. Worst Movie Ever?
  46. Funny SW Ep 3 article on MSNBC
  47. Need help with a name of a movie
  48. THX-1138: The George Lucas Director's Cut - Coming to theaters!
  49. Actors hyped as the next big thing after ONE Movie but who died off just as fast
  50. Best Movie Deaths of All Time Thread!!
  51. Get Over It
  52. The Kurt Russell appreciation thread!
  53. Irvin Kershner's comments about Star Wars
  54. Movie quote help?
  55. i just saw what is now one of my favorite films of all time
  56. the songs in movie musicals are lip synched right?
  57. 100 scariest movie moments
  58. Shrek 2 - quick review
  59. Rocky IV poster...
  60. Variety review of Zhang Yimou's House of Daggers
  61. DVDTalk HSX Leaderboard: Week 6 (Box Office Game)
  62. Scenes you can't believe someone actually thought would be good.
  63. Brosnan will return as Bond(?)
  64. The Brotherhood. What the hell is this?
  65. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... Anyone else see this?
  66. Dawn of the Dead REMAKE question- SPOILERS- Don't read if you haven't seen it!
  67. Bad news for Spike Jonze fans??
  68. Movies with computer programmers as the leading role.
  69. How much money have you spent on Lord of the Rings?
  70. "Paycheck"...not bad, but I got a ?
  71. movies that should have been longer? (no ee's or dc's please)
  72. Actor Tony Randall Dies at 84
  73. Star Wars DVD Image? Is this real? *Spoiler of course*
  74. Gnomeo and Juliet: It's coming, a love story between garden gnomes!
  75. napolean dynamite
  76. Collateral
  77. Starship Troopers 2?
  78. Favorite inspirational sports film?
  79. Why oh why - Remake of Back to School?!
  80. ugh...the next disney theme park ride-inspired movie
  81. What are the best adaptations that are quite UNfaithful to the source material?
  82. Why don't cable movies play in Widescreen??
  83. Good places to Buy Vintage Movie Posters (Besides Ebay?)
  84. Groucho's Movie Challenge Week 11: The Cannes Film Festival
  85. Fahrenheit 9/11 Variety Review
  86. Films that contain clips from other films.
  87. The 'How'd They Screw Up This Movie' Game
  88. ranking the top kisses in us movie history
  89. Help with song from Belly
  90. Anyone getting tired of the Enya-like "Aaaaaaaah...aaaaaahhh..." scores?
  91. Turner Classic Movies nudity?
  92. Ever answer the phone/door when the bell rings in a movie?
  93. Quentin Tarantino presents hero
  94. She never saw Ferris Bueller!
  95. HELLBOY 2 happening (merged)
  96. Wyatt Earp... is it better than Tombstone?
  97. Event movies with very poor SFX
  98. The Godfather IV: If Sonny Wasn't Shot, Where would the Corleone Family be now?
  99. Your favorite TITANIC film
  100. Favorite/Best National Lampoon's Vacation Film?
  101. Trailer for 'Open Water'
  102. Harry Potter 3 Score is Online for Listening
  103. Weekly Poll (5/16/04): BEST John Huston film?
  104. Does anyone actually want to see Shrek 2?
  105. Need opinions on a horror movie - My Little Eye
  106. Friday Box Office Estimates.. eh
  107. First picture from Lucas Moodyson's secret film project...
  108. Dakota Fanning's best perfomance
  109. Shark Tale trailer.
  110. Whats your favorite movie with Jennifer Connelly on a pier in a red dress?
  111. A Day Without A Mexican
  112. T3 Temporal Incursion Theory
  113. Modern Film Theory....
  114. Movies you love, but everyone else around you hates.
  115. New Constantine trailer
  116. Shaun of the Dead: Zombies, gore, jokes...mmm mmmm good! (merged)
  117. New Trailer for Pixar's Incredibles!
  118. most realistic special effects sequence?
  119. Quentin Tarantino at the Blue Iguana
  120. Help me recall the name of this sci-fi film
  121. Best Doctor Movies?
  122. The brilliance that is Chicago.
  123. The Barbarian Invasion
  124. Sleeping Dictionary W/ Jessica Alba
  125. "Echos of Enlightenment"- Anyone seen this?
  126. Trailer: Linklater's "Before Sunset', sequel to 'Before Sunrise'
  127. Brian Austin Green in a Movie
  128. movies that are a few minutes too long?
  129. Actors/Actresses who REALLY die to play certain roles.
  130. Raiders of the Lost Ark Film Reel Question
  131. Actors/Actresses who Die to play certain roles
  132. Hero, or Antihero? Which do you prefer?
  133. M. Knight movie hype
  134. The Official MEAN GIRLS Rocks all kind of Teenybopper Goodness
  135. new york minute will do worse in box office then battlefield earth (on 3000 screens)
  136. Was John Sayles Credited or compensated for the Big Chill?
  137. marilyn manson to play jesus in george romero film?!
  138. Can someone explain the ending to Cronos?
  139. Trailers/Previews with the last shot of the movie in them
  140. Cheesy movies you're almost afraid to admit you like thread!!
  141. Scary Movie 3 Deleted Scenes ?
  142. Tom Sizemore - Screwing up his life and career
  143. DVDTalk HSX Leaderboard: Week 5 (Box Office Game)
  144. Biggest Differential in Real age between Actors playing Characters of Same Age ?
  145. Feel Good Date Movies.......
  146. Characters you can relate to
  147. Why do people leave before the credits are over? Do you?
  148. Tideland... a new Terry Gilliam movie
  149. Get your 10-minute Azkaban fix here!(SPOILERS)
  150. Awesome movies you thought would suck?
  151. Movie Challenge Part 10: The Greatest Year
  152. So why can't they keep an actor to play Batman?
  153. What's up with the dubs in Die Hard 2?
  154. Gordon Liu movies
  155. The Official 13 going on 30 Rocks all kinds of Happy Happy Joy Joy thread
  156. What is the goriest, most actual horrifying Horror movie on DVD?
  157. i got a question about the setting of CLOCKWORK ORANGE
  158. Dubbing/Voice Over Question
  159. Napoleon Dynamite
  160. New SW Insider pics!
  161. What will be the summer's biggest bomb?
  162. best/worst of the b moive diaster movies
  163. Teaser for Scorsese's "Raging Fred"
  164. Need help with name of con/poker movie.
  165. Frankenstein(1931) ending......?
  166. How much will Troy do opening weekend?
  167. Good Sci-Fi movies?
  168. 10 minute preview of 'The Day After Tomorrow' on FOX 5/12
  169. HERO - Have you seen it?
  170. Best sites for viewing trailers
  171. Weekend Box Office: Van Helsing takes in $54 million
  172. Hot Movie Mommies (Mother's Day thread)
  173. Directors-past and present.
  174. Something I noticed about Wing Commander
  175. Weekly Poll (5/9/04): BEST Billy Wilder directed film?
  176. watch the first 5 minutes of shrek 2 on nick!
  177. Boom mics visible in Van Helsing?
  178. Movies that bring back good memories for you!
  179. Bubba Ho-Tep Playing (Jenkintown, PA)
  180. Pink Panther/Fran Jeffries
  181. post the screenplay to you favorite movie (56k hell)~~~~~~
  182. Partridge Family in the works...
  183. I need help with a movie tag line...
  184. Mel Gibson to save Disney??
  185. Now that Spidey is off the bases, we need some dumb promos!
  186. The Official the Punisher rocked all kinds of Sweetness thread
  187. Great, Simple Trailer Site: davestrailerpage.co.uk
  188. Will ‘Van Helsing’ director Stephen Sommers be the next Spielberg?
  189. "Fahrenheit 9/11" DEBUNKED!!!!
  190. Stupidest movie ever - White Chicks
  191. Do you think there have been too many dumb polls recently?
  192. Do you observe the One-Seat rule...?
  193. Haute Tension (High Tension)
  194. Uma's joke in Kill Bill 2
  195. Ignore the other thread! Van Helsing is GREAT! just saw it yesterday!
  196. funniest sex scene?
  197. Spiderman advertising - now THIS is going too far!
  198. Movies about the Ocean and Boats
  199. Are you more into directors or actors?
  200. The Shining and The Exorcist in 30 seconds (by bunnies)
  201. Best Lady Director?
  202. Does Br'er Bear have to choke a b... (SOTS Sequel)
  203. Tobe Hooper and zombies? I'm in......
  204. Twilight Samurai
  205. DVDTalk HSX Leaderboard: Week 4 (Box Office Game)
  206. Moore Di$ney Cen$or$hip - Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 [Merged]
  207. Is Larry "Bud" Melman dead?
  208. Eighties Summer Camp movie??
  209. 'Troy' Review
  210. Triplets of Belleville original language?
  211. So, ultimately, which Volume of Kill Bill did you like better?
  212. Need suggestions for movies dealing with racism or racial issues
  213. Movie Challenge Part 9: If it ain't broke...FIX IT ANYWAY!
  214. You know how some movies are sooo bad that they become good?
  215. Marvel Comics Movie Line Up...
  216. Man on Fire's Tony Scott = NYTimes Reviewer A.O. Scott?
  217. Best TV movie?
  218. Movies that make you crave food.
  219. New Superman coming or not???
  220. JUDGE DREDD - new movie in the works?
  221. girl with a pearl earing, how is it?
  222. The Monster Squad
  223. 7 1/2 min of Shyamalan's 'The Village' to be shown on ABC during "Unbreakable" (5/3)
  224. Wolfgang Peterson interview on CNN tonite at 8PM EST(5/3)
  225. What Did You Think of "Pleasantville?"
  226. Worst Decade for Movies?
  227. Name of this 80's 3D movie? (Warning: TOUGH)
  228. The X-Files 2 a GO!
  229. Need help on a horror flick...
  230. excellent dave chappell movie news
  231. Dark Blue World
  232. How much will Van Helsing do opening weekend?
  233. How many of you get the advanced screening ticket?
  234. Are CG Special Effects becoming ordinary and ho-hum?
  235. How Many Directors have toys after themselves?
  236. Weekly Poll (5/2/2004): BEST John Ford film?
  237. Will they make a movie about Thomas Hamill?
  238. Favorite Kill Bill gangmember/assassin?
  239. Recommend some good modern martial arts movies.
  240. Butterfly Effect (alt ending?)
  241. SOUL PLANE: A movie so bad looking, it has to be good! See Trailer!
  242. Good movies made awesome by great soundtracks that play in the movie!
  243. Reminder: Ed Wood in widescreen tonight 5/1-5/2 at 2:00 am et on TCM!
  244. how are the STREET FIGHTER movies?
  245. Quick need a review!!!
  246. guess who is losing a penis
  247. Friday's Box Office (4/30) -- MEAN GIRLS is a hit!
  248. Best 'Coming of Age' Sex Scene ?
  249. is bad boys 1 extremly violent?
  250. Another 80s Comedy classic to be remade...

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