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  1. Anymore Big Blockbuster movies comin out the next 1-2 Months ?
  2. Weekly Poll (8/1/04): Best film starring Jimmy Stewart?
  3. DMX-Never Die Alone. Pretty good flick. Spoilers.
  4. Wu Tang Clan Movies
  5. Batman Begins Trailer Online......
  6. What movie? (guy on motorcycle time travels)...out around 1985
  7. Jin-Roh
  8. Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator
  9. best/favorite Richard Linklater film
  10. Fletch question
  11. The Last Temptation of Christ
  12. 5 and a half minute Innocence (Ghost in the Shell 2) trailer
  13. Best Alfred Hitchcock Movie?
  14. Classic films are overrated
  15. Just saw "Army of Darkness" for the 1st time thread!
  16. Making Lynch's "Wild At Heart" 15 minutes shorter
  17. Assault on Precinct 13 - Starring...Brian Dennehy & Ja Rule?
  18. Weekend Box office (07/30 - 08/01)
  19. Bugsy: Was It Overated??
  20. If I really liked Napoleon Dynamite..
  21. Jon Voight's career has "jumped the shark"... Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
  22. Best movie to watch when you're depressed thread!
  23. boogie nights, and Magnolia, should i give them both another try?
  24. What are some good "Coming of Age" movies?
  25. It's back! DVDTalk HSX Leaderboard: 7/30 (Box Office Game)
  26. 80s themed movies
  27. Saw
  28. For those who have seen "the Village" SPOILERS
  29. Girls: Was Arnold hot in Commando/Predator?
  30. Fan-made Superman/Batman trailer
  31. ne1 know what this bizarre, dialogue-less animated movie I saw a while ago is called?
  32. Monster, problems with Netflix, can you fill in the blank
  33. Jeremiah Johnson question (spoiler)
  34. Recommend some Japanese Horror
  35. The Big Empty (2003) question (Spoiler)
  36. Movie Association Game II - Now with more 75% movies!
  37. what the hell is wrong with people
  38. say this isn't so.
  39. watched The Ring, but i don't understand(contain spoiler)
  40. Please recommend good comedies
  41. Marvel's Film Slate From 2nd Quarter Report Source
  42. Donald Sutherland Appreciation
  43. Rolling Stone Gives The Village 3 stars
  44. Showgirls script?
  45. 7 new Akira Kurosawa Poster's, Yojimbo, Ran, Red Beard..
  46. More reviews of The Village
  47. Bugs Bunny and The Academy Awards
  48. Worst movies since 97, by year.
  49. RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE- Vote for the Movie Poster NOW
  50. Jamie Foxx: Collateral & Ray
  51. Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights
  52. Question about Blade Runner
  53. need help identifying a movie
  54. The Life and Death of Peter Sellers trailer
  55. Open Water
  56. Pierce Brosnan won't be back as James Bond
  57. You asked for it...Caption this: Superman
  58. Film Festival Submissions?
  59. Guillermo's got my goggles!
  60. I'm looking for The Last House on the Left?
  61. Sharon Stone:why is her career not yet dead?
  62. Toolbox Murders Remake
  63. The most anticipated sequel of 2004, Baby Geniuses 2!!
  64. IMAX questions
  65. Best unemployment movie...
  66. Roger Ebert gives "The Village" one star (MERGED)
  67. What did you think of Starsky & Hutch the movie?
  68. straight to video horror flicks that don't suck. add yours !!
  69. Weekend Box Office (July 23 - 25, 2004)
  70. Weekly Poll (7/25/04): Best film starring Gregory Peck?
  71. Question about original Manchurian Candidate
  72. Thinking Movies
  73. Please help to identify this movie
  74. I need help identifying a movie
  75. The Big Bounce?
  76. Composer Jerry Goldsmith passes away
  77. Revenge of the Sith it is!!!!
  78. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith
  79. "The Bourne Supremacy" makes $19mil Friday, "Catwoman" doesn't thread!
  80. URGENT: Help me remember this movie...
  81. What was the last TERRIBLE movie you saw?
  82. The original Leon script and it's differences...
  83. I'm trying to find this movie...
  84. Poll: Best Cynthia Rothrock movie?
  85. Spike Lee Queston - Wake Up!
  86. Why do the cell phones in a lot of movies have the same ring tone?
  87. Bad Miyagi. Karate Kid - new insights many years later.
  88. Ju-on The Grudge (ORIGINAL) showing in select theaters
  89. What current tv shows could make future films?
  90. The Sequel Supremacy: Which was better?
  91. Good Spy Movies
  92. The Browning Version
  93. Worst opening credits of all time?
  94. Creepy looking trailer for Julianne Moore film..."THE FORGOTTEN"... Looks cool!
  95. Best opening credits of all time
  96. Night Watch
  97. Hilarious Bush Vs. Kerry online film...
  98. Meet the Fockers Trailer
  99. The Forgotten
  100. 5 favorite "high school" movies?
  101. Composer Jerry Goldsmith dead at 75.
  102. White Chicks - What a funny movie !
  103. The Shape of Things with Rachel Weisz?
  104. Akira Question
  105. Sam Rami finished with Story of Spider-man 3
  106. Anyone see Comic Book Heroes?
  107. Cannibal! The Musical
  108. Catwoman got you down? Try GRAYSON instead!
  109. Need a favor (pic)
  110. Bringing babies to movies
  111. Brand new Exorcist: The Beginning Trailer
  112. Metallica SKOM gets 2 thumbs up from Ebert & Roeper
  113. The Rotten Tomatoes Catwoman Dead Pool!
  114. CATWOMAN review thread...
  115. The Top 100 Overlooked Films of the 1990s
  116. The Triumphant Return of The Movie Association Game!
  117. Did you like Point of Return with Bridget Fonda?
  118. How was your viewing of I, Robot affected by your prior knowledge of the book?
  119. Director Joe Carnahan leaves MI3
  120. New Jet Li film: Danny the Dog (trailer inside)
  121. Blue Velvet Questions
  122. If Leonardo De Caprio accepted American Psycho?
  123. House of Flying Daggers review
  124. Weekly Poll (7/18/04): Which American war needs more films?
  125. "Ray" trailer
  126. King of the Ants (minor spoilers)
  127. 'I, Robot' pulls down $17m Friday
  128. The 'WTF' movie moments of 2000's thread! (any moment/scene/news that you said huh?)
  129. DONNIE DARKO - getting re-released in NYC theaters
  130. SUPERMAN RETURNS - directed by Bryan Singer???
  131. What happened to Bill Pullman?
  132. New Star Wars Insider pics!!!
  133. Who's the youngest male in horror whose words will be remembered under 40 & dead?
  134. Necessary to have seen Pitch Black to watch Chronicles of Riddick ??
  135. Recommend a good camping horror movie available on DVD
  136. Is Goodfellas really all that violent?
  137. Help me pic a "date with wife" film: De-Lovely, Notebook, Dodge Ball, or...?
  138. Green Lantern - news, rumors, castings, etc.
  139. TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE! (from the creators of SOUTH PARK! This is gonna be great
  140. Anybody here seen Wishcraft?
  141. Best news regarding horror in a long while!
  142. in what movie was 'Burn it burn everything' spoken?
  143. Nightmare Alley - Have you seen it?
  144. Chicagoland movie buffs: exhibition at NU
  145. Anything after the credits in I, Robot?
  146. Citizen Kane Tonight in San Diego 7/15
  147. Who said "Good times, good times"?
  148. The Who - 'Live at the Isle of Wight' theatrical reissue?
  149. A PG-13 was an R Yesterday, says study, agree, dissagree
  150. I, ROBOT reviews...
  151. suicide club
  152. My favorite movie theater - Times Square losing its largest theater!
  153. Spider with Ralph Fiennes?
  154. The Door in the Floor
  155. Highest IMDB rated films not in top 250?
  156. Shrek 2 Ending question
  157. Anyone see Sunshine State with Edie Falco?
  158. Trend in movies: CAsting Woes
  159. "This is America, Charlie Brown" series opinions?
  160. "Angel Heart"... can someone please explain? (spoilers)
  161. Who is your all-time favorite director?
  162. What are some good scary horror/thriller/scifi movies?
  163. Time's Richard Corliss Needs To Go To "Movie School"!
  164. Looking for good revenge movies
  165. Who is your favorite bad guy movie roles that made him Star Material?
  166. Below
  167. Movie star rating: Why only 4?
  168. The Mole People
  169. Please explain the alternate endding for the Butterfly Effect?
  170. I have to know in Superman comics what the name of the city was in a jar?
  171. Misleading movie titles
  172. The Godfather, Part II - Casting decision for Young Vito role
  173. The Godfather II: the FLASHBACK scene (1941)
  174. French Cinema Recommendations?
  175. Thoughts on the Original "Superman" (Reeves, 1978)
  176. Strangers with Candy: the Movie
  177. City of God
  178. the maxx
  179. Name that movie?
  180. Weekly Poll (7/11/04): Best Ron Howard directed film?
  181. Zardoz why the hell did Sean Connery take this role?
  182. The Evil Dead Trilogy Continuity Cut
  183. Around the World in 80 Days - Highly Underrated
  184. Hollywood original movies on the decline?
  185. Best JAMES CAAN film - After or Before The Godfather!!
  186. "Doom" starring The Rock?
  187. Who's the best looking actor & actress and who's the best overall(acting,body,looks)
  188. I Robot
  189. What Did You Think of "The Running Man?"
  190. Why do people think the effects in Spiderman 1/2 look fake?
  191. Movies with Beavis & Butt-Head in it.
  192. "Retarded girls like the zoo" from Rocky
  193. Friday's Box Office Estimates
  194. Will 9/11 be nominated for best picture?
  195. Latest Superman news/rumors. McG-out? Bryan Singer-In?
  196. Anyone see Roadhouse 66 with Willem Dafoe & Judge Reinhold?
  197. Some Kind of Monster, how is it, and when does it open wide?
  198. Need help looking for this movie poster.
  199. my problem with WAR documentaries !!!
  200. the villian or villians in spidey 3 (spoiler)
  201. DVDTalk HSX Leaderboard: Week 13 (Box Office Game)
  202. Anyone see "Anchorman"...how is it?
  203. 'Firefly' fans: First stills of Joss Whedon's SERENITY
  204. What other movie sites do you go to? And why the hate with AICN?
  205. Forget politics...is Michael Moore a good filmmaker?
  206. After credits scenes in King Arthur or Anchorman?
  207. movies about hunting, fishing and the great outdoors
  208. Looks like no Halle for Xmen3
  209. Empire's Top 10 Greatest Shootouts!
  210. Name this Looney Tunes short
  211. Controversial movies quiz
  212. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005)... hmmm. (merged)
  213. Question about ROBOCOP 2
  214. New Line Cinema to revive Police Academy
  215. What movies don't belong in the IMDB Top 250?
  216. Can anyone tell me anything about "The Dreamers"?
  217. anyone see "open water" yet?
  218. Terror in the Aisles..need help identifying a movie
  219. I Need some psychological thriller movie recommendations.
  220. The official King Arthur Thread (or how bad did this movie suck)
  221. Michael Moore says "pirate my film"
  222. Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Editions back in theaters?
  223. Any good serious Mermaid movies?
  224. The Motorcycle Diaries
  225. Blazing Saddles or Young Frankenstein - the better film? (merged)
  226. Batman Begins Teaser Trailer NOT on I, Robot.
  227. Before Sunset - is it going to expand to more screens?
  228. Catwoman movie cash
  229. July is here what movies will you be seeing?
  230. Eric Douglas dead
  231. Catwoman: No More IMAX?
  232. the ring 2 director is the director of the original ring
  233. Boycotting I, Robot??
  234. Looking for a "new" zombie film for the collection...
  235. New Resident Evil-Apocalypse Trailer
  236. Most realistic sex scene in a movie (not favorite sex scene)
  237. M. Night Shyamalan doing a "virtual Q&A"...
  238. The Thing (John Carpenter)
  239. The new film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 'A Very Long Engagement'
  240. Harvey Weinstein may be leaving Miramax
  241. Toronto International Film Festival - Help Please
  242. Help Settle an Argument Re: Movie Music
  243. Underwater Horror Flicks
  244. Favorite Sex Movie?
  245. Anyone Seen "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"
  246. Looney Tunes Anyone??
  247. How are these movies?
  248. anyone want a good laugh, jay and silent bob strike back on comedy central
  249. I cant think of the name of this movie
  250. I cant think of the name of this movie