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  1. Miramax and Disney split
  2. GIRL CRAZY (1943) - Arrggh!!
  3. Sin City: Jesiica Alba teaser poster best poster EVER!
  4. Best Movies In Each Genre
  5. Ring 2 Trailer
  6. What do you think is the #1 twist ending in movie history? (spoilers)
  7. Anyone see "Close Your Eyes" with Goran Visnjic?
  8. Trailer for new Jeunet/Tautou flick - A Very Long Engagement
  9. My friend refuses to watch Spiderman
  10. If not "Citizen Kane", what do YOU think is the greatest film ever?
  11. Guess that movie...
  12. Movie Music Resource?
  13. Can you get a DVD of Ju-On: The Grudge in the N. America region format?
  14. Blaxploitation movies
  15. The Incredibles mini review
  16. In France, Movie Theatres Block Mobile phone signals
  17. Does anyone remember High School U.S.A.?
  18. Will Universal sell the rights to Hulk? Will other studios sell as well?
  19. Any Rumors Of A New Hannibal Lecter Movie?
  20. VOTE YOUR MONSTER! Arnold Schwarzenegger would be perfect as . . .
  21. Song at the end of "Under the Skin" (1997)(?)
  22. Questions for Brad Bird (The Iron Giant, The Incredibles)
  23. SAW - any buzz ?
  24. TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE: Peddle it somewhere else phhhhlllttttt!
  25. Spiderman 3 to be the last
  26. Revenge of the Sith Trailer description
  27. The Beast...a direct slap in the face to PotC!
  28. Friday Night Lights:anyone else seen it?
  29. The trailer of White Noise was scary....
  30. Films that have no plot or purpose at all.
  31. is an english version of "the dreamers" with Dicaprio coming soon?
  32. Count Groucho's Movie Challenge of the Dead: Halloween Special - Classic Horror!
  33. Box Office Estimates for the Weekend of 10/8-10/10
  34. Are these titles ever coming to DVD?
  35. Scariest Movie ever?
  36. Actors/Actresses who you thought would become big stars but never did
  37. Song in Taxi trailer
  38. The Arts & Faith Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films
  39. Retro Film Fest: Anderson, SC (Goonies, Friday the 13th, Animal House, Ghostbusters!
  40. Ramones documentary End of the Century; theater listings included, 1 Dallas show only
  41. Tarantino in "Academy of the Overrated"
  42. Anyone here live in the Lake Tahoe area?
  43. TAXI review thread...
  44. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS review thread...
  45. Best nude/nudity scene?
  46. AMAZING 2046 French trailer.
  47. Scorsese thinks he's no longer a relevant filmmaker?
  48. Who is the most unattractive female actor Hollywood tries to pass as beautiful/sexy?
  49. Let's have a MARTHA STEWART FILM FEST ... suggestions needed
  50. Incredibles Ad (Disney vs Pixar issue)
  51. Remakes You Loved of Originals You Loved?
  52. 'Cape Fear' (original and remake) questions
  53. Polar Express Chicago Event
  54. Early Screenings go bad for Oceans 12
  55. Concept Art of the Scarecrow from Batman: Begins
  56. Primer and PrimerVentures.com
  57. Inspiracion
  58. alternative movie collection organizer
  59. Disney Developing Toy Story 3 & 4
  60. Bad movies preview article
  61. R.I.P. Rodney Dangerfield
  62. I [heart] Huckabees
  63. Need help finding a horror film from my youth
  64. Wolverine - Solo
  65. Currently popular actors' voices in animated movies:
  66. Can we talk about Ghost In The Machine?
  67. "100 movies that deserve love"
  68. Do you have a sick sense of humor?
  70. Why did Envy with Ben Stiller bomb?
  71. John Woo to direct live action He-Man
  72. Elektra Teaser Poster
  73. What's the oddest choice you've seen for a movie magazine cover?
  74. Anyone see Taste of Cherry?
  75. Janet Leigh dies at 77
  76. 'Once Upon A Time In China' trilogy
  77. What films give you that tingly feeling while watching it.
  78. "The Boys From County Clare" Anyone seen yet? Trailer inside.
  79. Am I the only one that backs the villian? (detective film question)
  80. Prayer of the Rollerboys. Is it any good?
  81. The CG (computer animation) movie list and discussion thread
  82. miami vice - it's going to happen (merged)
  83. Step aside Batman, JUDEX - cinemas' first superhero - on TCM tonight Oct. 3
  84. Fav. movies of the past 5 years?
  85. WTF is wrong with Dreamworks?
  86. Box Office - Friday (October 1) Estimates
  87. Anyone seen Attic Expeditions?
  88. I need help on a movie question?
  89. Roberto Benigni shooting Iraq 'comedy'
  90. The searchers=Hilarious!
  91. NEW R-Rated Seed of Chucky Trailer! (it looks pretty good)
  92. Why is Dakota Fanning getting all the major roles?
  93. Cinema Retro #1
  94. Kiarostami -- where to start?
  95. Turner Classic Movies October 2004 Horror Lineup
  96. Tommy Boy or Black Sheep
  97. Friday the 13th - MA Midnight Screening TONIGHT
  98. The End Of Violence
  99. Which Star Trek movies were good?
  100. Who programs the movies on HBO, Showtime, etc?
  101. Anyone see "Ladder 49" and want to discuss?
  102. possible gay sex scene cut from "Alexander" causes delay.
  103. Decline of the Star Trek Movies: I think I know why.... (Spoilers!!!)
  104. ST: Generations Plot Hole? Spoilers!!!!
  105. MADAGASCAR trailer. Another CG film!
  107. New ROBOTS trailer. Someone calm Williams down!
  108. When is James Cameron going to make a new movie?
  109. Tremors
  110. Sundancing in 2005
  111. Christopher Guest's next movie?
  112. Any movies with BullRIDING in it?
  113. The Green Mile
  114. BAD movies you love..
  115. List favourite SCI-FI movies and OCEAN movies
  116. At long last: Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money
  117. movies like donnie darko and fight club???
  118. Trippy anime webstream (Dead Leaves) - Sept. 28th only
  119. What rating is Terry Gilliam Brazil?
  120. Did 'Two Brothers' Ever Come Out?
  121. Excellent article on the making of James Cameron's "Aliens"
  122. why did Dr. Emmett Brown assume that the lightning would strike at 10:04:00?
  123. LOTR, Overrated?
  124. Shawshank Redemption question...
  125. Help with movie name...can't remember
  126. Domestic Grosses:why are they going down?
  127. Revenge of the Sith:Lucas expects PG-13 rating
  128. Just watched Straw Dogs...
  129. Weekly Poll (9/26/04): Best film directed by Joseph Mankiewicz?
  130. 32 Hours 7 Minutes Trailer
  131. Several new trailers
  132. Any Billy Madison fans?
  133. Weekend Box Office Estimates (9/24 - 9/26)
  134. Besids Goodfellas, The Godfather, and Casino, what are some good Mob movies
  135. Sources for THX 1138
  136. The Last Shot
  137. "White Noise" Trailer (Another Thriller; Jan 2005)
  138. best/favorite David Cronenberg movie
  139. Remember moviecritic.com?
  140. Are more foreign film fans more adventurous in their travels?
  141. Downhill (1927) - Alfred Hitchcock
  142. how much sex/nudity in THX1138?
  143. Wizard of Oz hanging? True or BS?
  144. What are some great French New Wave films?
  145. I finally saw "To Live and Die in L.A." --WOW!!!
  146. Clip from Yimou's HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS
  147. The answer to cell phones in theaters?
  148. Creepy DVD's to watch for Halloween....
  149. Your top three favorite movie scenes (for now)
  150. Wes Anderson doing MTV promos?
  151. Apocalypse Now & Conan the Barbarian
  152. Why were there no/Will there ever be more X-Files Feature Films?
  153. Actors Filming Robbery Scene Arrested
  154. Dirty Shame TV Spot
  155. Just saw "Mean Girls"..not bad, but did Tina Fey hide her scar?....thread.
  156. Help naming this movie?
  157. Thora Birch's Hole....Are the Weinstein's having their way with it? (A sore subject)
  158. Fall movie lineup preview
  159. Are there any political films that are conservative?
  160. Need a suggestion for a Roman Empire themed movie...
  161. Keith David or David Keith?
  162. All you Star Wars haters are a bunch of big poopie heads!
  163. Star Wars: Fans vision vs. Lucas' artistic vision
  164. Russ Meyer has died.
  165. John-Rhys Davies replaces Gary Oldman as Grevious
  166. 50 Cent in "Locked and Loaded"
  167. Do you like it with the lights on...or off?
  168. "The Last Starfighter" The musical
  169. Please explain to me: The Sweet Hereafter
  170. When a Stranger Calls (1979)
  171. The United States of Leeland?
  172. Jabba & Leia scene
  173. Gans to direct Silent Hill
  174. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: Who was this movie marketed to?
  175. Need help identifying this movie please!
  176. The first Cannes Film Festival- 58 Years Ago Today (9-20)
  177. Could someone please explain the "dust for blood" guy in Hellboy to me?
  178. Movies set in New Orleans
  179. Girls staring at lava lamp what movie?
  180. Indiana Jones 4, Mad Max 4 or Die Hard 4?
  181. Is Harrison Ford's movie career as a big box office star are over?
  182. Poor reviews for Kidman's new film- BIRTH
  183. Home Alone Star arrested!
  184. DOOM - the movie, starring Eomer
  185. Baadasssss!
  186. Ghost in the Shell 2 (HOLY MACKEREL!!!)
  187. New The Incredibles trailer! Too cool.
  188. Lucas: "Watch Star Wars in this order: I, II, III, IV, V, VI."
  189. I think putting Hayden in as the Anakin ghost is horrible... thread!
  190. Edward Furlong Arrested
  191. It's Back! DVDTalk HSX Leaderboard: 9/17 (Box Office Game)
  192. Shaun Of The Dead Sneak Preview Listings?
  193. Scariest movies of the past decade
  194. New Blade:Trinity trailer + Abigail clip.
  195. Fantastic Four Set Pics & THE THING Sighting
  196. Is Spartan a good Blind Buy?
  197. School Of Rock music
  198. Alexander: anyone else yet to be impressed?
  199. Anybody know where I can get this Pulp Fiction poster??
  200. Return of the Jedi question
  201. WORST opening scene of a movie
  202. whatsitcalled?
  203. the only way to see La Dolce Vita . . .
  204. The absolute WORST! Ewoks or Jar Jar?
  205. Anyone seen the Chinese version of HERO...
  206. Gary Oldman quits Episode III
  207. Why Kubrick's 'Paths Of Glory' sucks
  208. Popular movies you didn't like, and why
  209. "Close Your Eyes", anyone here seen it?
  210. George Lucas interview on Star Wars
  211. What is it w/ the "kinetic" camera these days?
  212. Quickie reviews for 4 horror imports...
  213. Is "Slacker" like any other non-Linklater movies I might have seen?
  214. Whatever happened to that Matthhew Broderick/Alec Baldwin movie?
  215. Der Untergang (The Fall ?) [Constantin-Film]
  216. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence this Friday!
  217. A Princess of Mars
  218. Zimmer & Newton Howard Scoring Batman Begins
  219. Lord of the Rings prop fans, here ya go!!
  220. "Ray" starring Jamie Foxx
  221. Chill Factor (1999) music question
  222. Tak Guk Gi: the Brotherhood of War. Anyone see it yet?
  223. Universal gets Land of the dead
  224. Korean films - Have they always been so great, or is this a new trend?
  225. what's the advance buzz on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow ??
  226. PAPARAZZI - surely someone else has seen it ?
  227. A Dirty Shame; Why the NC-17 rating?
  228. White Noise
  229. Fox News to air interview with Star Wars Trilogy extras man in about 8 minutes.
  230. My thoughts on the Star Wars Prequel movies...
  231. Joss Whedon's Serenity
  232. The Greatest Movie Never Made?
  233. Are you looking forward to the Incredibles? / One and only (Merged)
  234. Ice Cube's gone soft on us: "Are We There Yet?"
  235. The fate of Paul Shrader's exorcist prequel
  236. John Cusack films in the 80's vs the 90's?
  237. "SAW" Preview
  238. Sigh. Dukes Of Hazzard Casting News..
  239. Cheesey scenes in "non-cheesey" movies
  240. Roger Ebert database now up
  241. THX-1138 Director's Cut now in theaters!
  242. Mark Hamill Talks Star Wars Epis. 7, 8, & 9
  243. DVD's with pop can / drink cup sound errors...
  244. Disney CEO Eisner stepping down in 2006!
  245. By far my best theater experience ever - Haunted Castle Imax 3D at Luxor in Vegas
  246. The official I saw "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" thread!
  247. Looking For A Title Of A Movie
  248. Please help me identify this foreign film
  249. Columbo: How Many Episodes?
  250. So it's friggin Frank Oz's fault!