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  1. "Titanic" line tops cheesy movie scene survey
  2. Who are today's MEGA SUPERSTAR actors?
  3. Can someone please help me answer these questions about " 12 Angry Men " PLEASE!!!!!
  4. Characters singing songs in movies - not funny
  5. Is Leonardo DiCaprio a MEGA SUPERSTAR?
  6. Movies that deserve a second chance
  7. Who would you want as the MAIN Villain in Spider-Man 3?
  8. Harry Potter 4 - most expensive movie ever!
  9. Anyone see "The Last Horror Movie" (2003)
  10. Politically themed movies with no bias?
  11. "Zatoichi: Blind Swordsman" ending? (spoilers)
  12. Movie With The Highest Walk Out Rate?
  13. What song will you always associate with a favorite movie?
  14. Weekend Box Office 12/3-12/5
  15. What movie posters do you have, and where do you get them?
  16. Harrison Ford confirms role in Indy sequel...
  17. Anyone Know of Movies that Deal With Urban Teens that are Real and Not Stereotypical?
  18. Tobey Maguirre in Spider-Man 2?
  19. Phantasm V: Ravager (2014)
  20. Custom Star Wars Uncle Owen ebay.
  21. Best character entrance?
  22. Closer reviews
  23. In your opinion, who is the biggest hack director?
  24. Somone please tell me the name of this movie...
  25. Theatrical releases that never saw a home video release?
  26. Whatever happened to Almodovar's "Paperboy"?
  27. POLL: Favorite CG-Animated Film
  28. No major releases this week? (12/3)
  29. IS there a website about music in movies?
  30. Finding Neverland wins Best Picture of 2004
  31. Hollywood Remakes... WTF!
  32. Bottle Rocket - The Tour
  33. Ong Bak
  34. Help with name of German (I think) film
  35. What happened to the Bill Murray "Press Your Luck" movie?
  36. Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  37. I really llike Spider-Man 2, but...
  38. Will Affleck ever bounce back?
  39. best/favorite Federico Fellini movie
  40. Bewitched Teaser Trailer
  41. Yu Gi Oh Movie
  42. Baddest movie aliens?
  43. Independent CG Film: Thru the Moebius Strip
  44. R.I.P. John Barrymore
  45. How did Ben Affleck become a star?
  46. Julia Roberts gives birth to twins
  47. Goodfella's question
  48. Your Favorite movies about rock 'n' roll?
  49. Do film parodies diminish originals??
  50. Interesting (to me) news: Wes Anderson to direct Roald Dahl's "Fantastic Mr. Fox"...
  51. Anyone standing in line for Star Wars yet?
  52. article on Peter Jackson's "King Kong"
  53. Undertow (David Gordon Green)
  54. Kinsey
  55. The English Patient is the worst film to win Best Picture
  56. Thoughts on Moulin Rouge (2001)?
  57. Which actress do today's "younguns" think hot?
  58. Great music scores with not so great movies
  59. Whose the Most Attractive Actress who HAS ALREADY appeared Nude after Stardom?
  60. Ewan McGregor as a pigeon in WWII: "Valiant" trailer
  61. Friday Box Office #s - Natl Treasure #1, Alexander not so great
  62. Name these two Disney Channel movies?
  63. What is the buzz on Meets the Fockers?
  64. The Neverending Story
  65. Depardieu and Auteuil in "36 Quai des Orfèvres"
  66. Who else was extremely aroused during The Machinist?
  67. Who is the most attractive actress who has yet to appear nude?
  68. The War at Home with Emilio Estevez?
  69. A Christmas Story Question - Toy Zeppelin
  70. just watched 'Alexander'
  71. best movies to watch stoned???
  72. Cheesy horror movies, you can't help to love thread!
  73. best/favorite Pedro Almodovar movie
  74. Harold & Kumar 2 - Escape from Guantanamo Bay
  75. Most CRINGEWORTHY Scenes in Movie History
  76. Trying to identify a movie saw a long time ago
  77. Help With A Movie
  78. FilmThreat's "The 50 Coldest People in Hollywood 2004"
  79. War of the worlds(Tom Cruise)is filming about 5 min.from my house...
  80. Johnny Greenwood (radiohead) and Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) in new Harry Potter film
  81. Thanksgiving movies
  82. James Cameron's next movie....
  83. here's a movie question i've been wanting to ask for a long time
  84. Name this movie?
  85. Amazon Theater
  86. Vin Diesel meets Disney: The Pacifier
  87. Historical Accuracy in Alexander? bisexuality
  88. Raiders of the Ark music question
  89. Help with name of French movie (should be easy)
  90. Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction
  91. Moments in movies you otherwise like that just feel awkward?
  92. RotJ: Did Lucas change Anakin at the end?
  93. Weekend Box Office Thread 11/19-11-21
  94. Countdown to CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS~!!!!!!
  95. Do you miss John Candy?
  96. What happened to John Hughes?
  97. Another "name that movie" - horror
  98. WHAT??? No Spongebob thread???
  99. The Woodsman trailer & music question.
  100. Looking for screenshot from THE DEER HUNTER
  101. Recommendations of good movie poster web sites?
  102. National Treasure
  103. Movie screenshot request...28 Days Later
  104. The Incredibles or The Iron Giant?
  105. lethal weapon series question
  106. The animated films of Dreamworks: How many are there, which is your favorite?
  107. Just curious! Any Willow fans out there that would like to see a Willow II!
  108. Fanny & Alexander: which version to watch first?
  109. Recommend a Good End of the World movie
  110. please recommend dvds for my brother and sister
  111. Studios sue Pixar, demand bad movie
  112. longest strecht wuthout dialogue or music in a Tarantino/Smith movie
  113. END-OF-THE-WORLD Films/Made-For-TV: Post favorites (and disappointments)
  114. The Shining...Where does the story take place?
  115. Evil Dead being REMADE....by Sam Raimi
  116. Bat Boy: The Musical
  117. And the award for "movie sequel that NOBODY wanted" goes to. . . . Highlander 5!
  118. Films with long stretches of no dialogue
  119. Naked Jungle, Robinson Crusoe 50th ann
  120. Need help identifying a short film?
  121. Help finding a movie...
  122. Is there a website that would tell you what movies you might like?
  123. What is with all the L.L. initials in the "Superman" universe?
  124. The Clearing with Redford and Dafoe?
  125. Dead End Discussion (SPOILERS!)
  126. Keanu Reeves to star in new Spike Lee movie
  127. Van Damme's The legionnaire is actually a pretty good movie:
  128. Blue in Green - L.A. Sneak Preview
  129. Bad book adaptation smackdown
  130. Hypothetical Dawn of the Dead/Zombie Question
  131. New Phantom of the Opera trailer
  132. Toy Story 3 in the works
  133. Another World of the Worlds (not Spielburg)
  134. Who Is Cletis Tout?
  135. Be Cool Teaser Site up
  136. Another Japanese Horror remake: Dark Water (Jennifer Connolly)
  137. Assault on Precinct 13 Remake TRAILER is up...Looks cool!
  138. Movies Askew
  139. Did Mr Orange really think he could get away with
  140. "Jacob's Ladder"...what a great movie! are there any continuity flubs? (spoilers)
  141. Claymation movie title?
  142. Kevin Smith reference in "The Incredibles?"
  143. Pee Wee Appearance at FYE in NYC
  144. What is this Christmas movie I'm thinking of???
  145. Need help identifying thriller/suspense movie
  146. Tom Hanks cast in DaVinci Code
  147. Why Do Movies With Special Effects Cost So Much Money?
  148. Airplane Crash Movies
  149. Need Help Identifying Film about Chinese Women/Families
  150. Animated flix: Too much pop culture?
  151. actual ghosts in movies
  152. Can someone ID this old Tarzan(?) movie for me?
  153. Anyone else get neutered and see Bridget Jones 2?
  154. The Sandlot 2: What exactly is the plot?
  155. What are some of your favorite Short Films?
  156. American Psycho question?
  157. Why did it cost $165 mil to make "Polar Express" and will it be a box office bomb?
  158. Jamie Foxx has unoffically won BEST ACTOR
  159. Weekend Box Office Thread (w/ Correct Dates for once) 11/12/04 - 11/14/04
  160. Amazon Theater Short films
  161. What type of poker is in Cincinnati Kid??
  162. Seed of Chucky review thread
  163. Riddick 3 depends on DVD sales
  164. Owning Mahowny with Phillip Seymour Hoffman?
  165. 80's "Private School Girl" film?
  166. Saving Private Ryan - german soldier
  167. Elektra trailer
  168. dumbest thing about 'SAW'
  169. Veronica Guerin with Cate Blanchett?
  170. Black Hawk Down: Holy Crap! what a great movie
  171. Conservative groups protest "Kinsey"
  172. Movies that "challenged" the Miller Test.
  173. What happened to Gabrielle Anwar?
  174. Closer..why is the advertising pushing Julia Roberts?
  175. Amazon Theater
  176. When musical scores are remarkably similar...
  177. Do you see the same movie more than 1x in theaters, and if so why?
  178. POLAR EXPRESS review thread...
  179. The Manson Family
  180. son of mask trailer.
  181. Would "Gone With the Wind" have been split into two movies...
  182. my experience at AFI
  183. Blade: Trinity review
  184. help finding Pulp Fiction poster...
  185. What's up with Jude Law?
  186. Stargate plot question
  187. Has Anyone Considered This Regarding Episode 3?
  188. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory poster
  189. Nichols Removes Portman's Nude Scenes
  190. Reasons why Red Dawn did not work
  191. R.I.P. Howard Keel
  192. Film Noir DVD recommendations
  193. Batman forever question
  194. Anyone Else Anxious For The Serenity Movie?
  195. Oliver Stone's Alexander
  196. LOTR-FOTR in HD tommorow night
  197. Another Weekend, another Boxoffice Thread - 10/4 - 10/6
  198. After The Sunset Review
  199. THEEK , where art thou ?
  200. Dungeons and Dragons - reboot
  201. Fahrenheit 9/11- Out of running for Oscar consideration?
  202. Fangorial Blood Drive 2 - Seeking Submissions
  203. Artivist Film Festival 2005 4/19-4/24 in Hollywood
  204. Alfie
  205. movie theater rudeness rant
  206. Casting Extras?
  207. Will there be press screenings for Seed of Chucky?
  208. Pixar's Cars Teaser
  209. Anyone Heard of this Film Called "Havoc?"
  210. What is Studio Ghibli's role in Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
  211. One and only Revenge of the Sith Teaser Trailer Discussion
  212. Coming soon - Dallas: The Movie, Good Times: The Movie, and Miami Vice: The Movie
  213. Slumber Party Massacre Trilogy...Discuss!
  214. ALI G - INDAHOUSE - Restepc!
  215. Filmmaker gunned down
  216. my theory...
  217. New Friday the 13th Box Set
  218. Raising Cain Question
  219. Favorite Akira Kurosawa Movie that isn't Seven Samurai?
  220. What the Bleep Do We KNow?
  221. Is Anyone Doing the Blockbuster Deal (Identical to Netflix)?
  222. Michael Bay started Shooting "The Island" nextdoor
  223. Aquatic Movies other than Finding Nemo
  224. best/favorite James Cameron movie
  225. DVD's with lots of snow?
  226. Any of you screenwriters out there?
  227. Best School based movies?
  228. Saw 2 coming 2005...
  229. Tarantino's next project (maybe):Kung-fu film shot in Mandarin
  230. my theory...
  231. How many films will you have watched this year?
  232. Looking for opinions on two made-for-tv movies...
  233. Affleck Blasts Kevin Smith
  234. Grudge or Saw?
  235. Who is the most awesome looking figure/creature in horror?
  236. Anyone know what High Tension (Haute Tension) will be rated?
  237. Things you dislike in films you do like (potential spoilers)
  238. Gandhi Movie Clip
  239. What happened to Joe Pesci?
  240. Fantastic 4 footage!
  241. The Corpse Bride - Tim Burton's other new movie
  242. Finding Neverland - quick review
  243. which movies can you not afford to miss the 1st 5 minutes of?
  244. Gora - A Space Movie (Trailer)
  245. A plethora of new trailers
  246. Universal: the creature feature studio?
  247. Weekly Weekend Box Office Thread 10/29 - 10/31
  248. Anyone else think Celeste is Hot in Mystic River?
  249. I want some cool old movie trailers!
  250. Not another remake: "the Blob" plus a few others