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  1. Does Larry King have any actual film experience?
  2. Kiki's Delivery Service - Does a place this nice actually exist?
  3. Will Lions Gate keep their word on High Tension(NC-17 release) or not?
  4. Just saw "Assault on Precinct 13" (05) thread...
  5. Fantastic Four Trailer Online!
  6. Anyone from Pittsburgh go to the Regent Square Theater
  7. Quick answer to this question, please (The Shining trivia)
  8. Favorite VOCAL PERFORMANCES in an ANIMATED Film (1995+)
  9. Ferret's Weekly Movie Discussion: The Bicycle Thief
  10. Vince McMahon and Steve Austin to sign 3 movie deal
  11. IMDB news says Star Trek 11 is a GO!
  12. PLEASE help me identify this movie
  13. RIP Virginia Mayo, Ruth Warrick and Thelma White
  14. Movie about Dantes Inferno and/or Hell.
  15. What is the OLDEST movie you've ever seen?
  16. Bad Education
  17. Monkeyshines, No. 1 (1890)
  18. 62nd Golden Globe Awards discussion...surprises, sad and happy moments thread!
  19. Weekend Box Office 1/14-1/16
  20. A Grand Moff Tarkin Question...
  21. When was the last time the whole theater sat through the credits?
  22. Clint Eastwood to direct Flags of Our Fathers
  23. When's the last time you and the audience CLAPPED at the end of the movie?
  24. Anybody Else Watching The James Bond Marathon On Encore This Weekend?
  25. Collateral song?
  26. Natalie Portman or Emmy Rossum:who will have the bigger career?
  27. Keanu as John Constantine??????
  28. How far back in time did Superman go in "The Movie"?
  29. What's the name of this movie?
  30. Please help me with a title to a movie from long ago?
  31. 'The Jacket' (Brody, Knightley) trailer
  32. Question about Mission Impossible 1
  33. Is Sideways a good date movie?
  34. Movies about eyes of the storm
  35. New Bruce Willis movie: Hostage (trailer)
  36. Favorite film from upcoming "Gangsters" coll.
  37. "Suicide Club"...what a hauntingly good movie!
  38. Innocent Blood
  39. Favorite OVERALL Animated Film Since 1995 (English-speaking)
  40. Help me begin my journey into Kurosawa's filmography!
  41. Amrish Puri (Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) 1932-2005
  42. You got to be kidding me!
  43. Just saw Electra and...
  44. The Fog of War
  45. Name this Sho Kasugi movie?
  46. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  47. Ingmar Bermgan's films
  48. Alex Kintner's death in JAWS (Pic)
  49. moviequote.net
  50. People I Know with Pacino *Spoiler*?
  51. What part of Tokyo was Lost in Translation filmed in?
  52. No Retreat, No Surrender- What a cheesy movie
  53. Help in identifying this movie
  54. Your favorite non-Disney, non-CG Animated film (1995+)
  55. How long do you watch before you walk out of a movie
  56. Online Film Critics Society 2005 awards: some surprises
  57. Ferret's Weekly Movie Discussion: M.Hulot's Holiday
  58. Any info on Steven Soderbergh's Che?
  59. Predictions For 77th Oscar Nominations
  60. What is the name of this movie please.
  61. Is there a web site where you can list watched movies?
  62. Beautiful Girls - Why is this film so under appreciated?
  63. Cube Zero
  64. Help me remember this Sci-Fi movie from 2004
  65. Slacker: I can't stop watching the JFK conspirary scene-got any faves?
  66. Any movies that you rent and just don't seem to watch?
  67. Beyond The Sea - quick review
  68. Looking for an original nightmare on elm street poster
  69. Weekend Box Office 1/7-1/9
  70. New Trailer for The Ring 2
  71. Pertaining to "suspending disbelief" while watching movies..
  72. Sam Jackson takes a stand!!!
  73. First 5 Minutes of Elektra
  74. Anyone see the documentary 'Overnight'?
  75. Furniture inspired by the legendary Humphrey Bogart
  76. Your Favorite Movies
  77. What is the big deal about Chicago?
  78. Lord of the Rings poster question/gripe
  79. The Woodsman reviews
  80. When did Armand Assante become a B movie star?
  81. Only one month for Oscar film reviewing?
  82. Ghost in the Machine
  83. Who do you think is the best actor, actress and director in movies today?
  84. Kieslowski's Three Colors Trilogy - French or Polish?
  85. Stone: Alexander flopped because of "fundamentalism"
  86. GAME: Guess the Movie by Screenshot with NO HEADS or FACES!
  87. CNN: 10 Blockbusters to Watch for in 2005
  88. Looking for contemporary werewolf flicks I may have missed...
  89. Peter Jackson' Heavenly Creatures
  90. Natalie Portman in "V for Vendetta"
  91. Anyone here actually like Kung Pow! - Enter The Fist??
  92. Any campers out for REVENAGE OF THE SITH?
  93. When do the big oscar contenders (woodsman, mdb, rowanda,, hfld ect) open wide?
  94. What are the absolute BEST films based in the "Big Band" era?
  95. In Good Company
  96. Robert De Niro American Express commercial?
  97. How is "the Third Man"?
  98. Domino - New Kiera Knightley movie
  99. Iron Giant ... just for kids ?
  100. Worst Films of 2004 - what do you regret seeing?
  101. Hoosiers + Stand & Deliver + Lean On Me + Boston Public = Coach Carter
  102. Last Movie You Saw of 2004 / First Movie You've seen of 2005 ( in theaters )
  103. Nicole Kidman is in everything!!!!
  104. Where to buy the international Batman Begins poster?
  105. Kevin S. and P. T. Anderson beef.
  106. Why doesn't Liev Schreiber get more movie roles?
  107. The Honeymooners - A remake to end all remakes
  108. Movies you are looking forward to in 2005
  109. "The Incredibles" deserves the best animation last year
  110. Blue Oyster Bar : Police Academy movies
  111. favorite Arnold-potrayed Terminator?
  112. Why are people going to see Meet the Fockers?
  113. Help me with Criterions..
  114. I, Robot...interpretations and thoughts about the ending?
  115. anyone know where i can find the complete kevin smith review of magnolia?
  116. New Year's movies - of or relating to New Year's Eve/Day
  117. Corvette Summer apearance on INHD2 1-9-2005
  118. A brief review of Halle Berry's "Catwoman"
  119. So I just bought Garden State...
  120. What ever happened to Christopher McQuarrie?
  121. Thirteen with Evan Rachel Wood?
  122. The Station Agent?
  123. What's the Movie?!?! Game
  124. How good of an actor is Peter Sarsgaard?
  125. What are some good pirate films?
  126. article on KUNG-FU HUSTLE - from Shaolin Soccer's Stephen Chow
  127. My 10 best moviewatching experiences of 2004
  128. Help identify a couple of movies please
  129. More Hollywood originality.....
  130. Spoiler request: How does Butterfly Effect theatrical cut end?
  131. best/favorite Alexander Payne movie
  132. Name of a song in Girl Next Door
  133. What is the name of the fake Night of the Living Dead audio joke movie?
  134. What movie(s) you wanted to see in 2004 but didn't/couldn't?
  135. Open Water just might be the worst movie i have ever seen
  136. Favorite Disney Animated Film Since Lion King
  137. THE SEA INSIDE--wonderful film
  138. 19 year old beaten for shushing theater talkers.
  139. Who has the TV rights to the original Star Wars trilogy?
  140. 25 films added to National Film Registry
  141. Demolition Man questions and comments
  142. Think cell phones are annoying in theaters? Try a riot...
  143. What are good movies that people do not know about? (merged again)
  144. Your Favorite Movie Posters?
  145. My take on Epics
  146. The coolest movie theater in your town (merged)
  147. Jet Li is missing
  148. Trailers and more trailers.....
  149. Star Wars without John William's music?
  150. And the Oscar goes to...
  151. is the Thin Red Line any good?
  152. Weekend Box Office 12/24-12/26
  153. "King Arthur" Unrated...what rousing fare!
  154. "ABBA: The Movie" widescreen on TCM
  155. Drunken Master 3
  156. Do you own any press kits?
  157. New WETA project?
  158. Anyone seen Darkness? Or any reviews?
  159. Help me identify this gangster movie?
  160. What happened to Rick Moranis?
  161. MSNBC's 10 Worst Films of the Year
  162. Which of these Star Wars villains do you prefer?
  163. The 2005 Rank them as you see them thread
  164. Bride and Prejudice: The Bollywood Musical
  165. Grand Theft Parsons
  166. Merry Christmas to everybody in Movie Talk
  167. Any news about BMW's The Hire Season 3?
  168. Recommend some drug movies!
  169. TRAILER: Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven"
  170. He man and the Master of the Universe NEW MOVIE?
  171. ELLEN DEGENERES to play God
  172. Call of Cthulhu trailer
  173. The New World (new Terrence Malick) Fall '05
  174. Game: Guess movie by screenshot
  175. Muppet's Wizard of Oz
  176. Post your top 10 BEST and WORST films of 2004 here...
  177. Director of 'The Golden Compass" resigns...
  178. Oldboy North American remake
  179. Better trilogy: Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings?
  180. My year end TEN BEST list
  181. What movie is this?
  182. Kingdom of Heaven:since when was this made?
  183. What Film/MOW and I thinking of?
  184. The Phantom of the Opera - quick review
  185. Please help...what movie am I thinking of?
  186. Has a Movie Ever Been Made About The Rape Of Nanking??
  187. The Devil and Daniel Webster with Alec Baldwin & Anthony Hopkins?
  188. Need help in finding the name of this movie.
  189. Name of two movies (from 60s or 70s, maybe early 80s)?
  190. Anyone know of a website for film locations?
  191. Ebert's Top 10 of 2004
  192. 2 AWESOME new SHORT FILMS by ZZalgern0n
  193. What's the name of the movie? (drug related).
  194. Longest Yard trailer (New Adam Sandler, Chris Rock movie)
  195. Miss Congeniality 2 trailer
  196. Too Many Movies!!!
  197. Ford attached to controversial Iraq movie from Universal
  198. Swedish Court: Filmmakers vs. TV4 in regards to Commercial Interruptions
  199. Matrix lawsuit clear to go ahead!
  200. BAD NEWS BEARS remake script review
  201. Movie trailer quotes that make you NOT want to see the movie...
  202. I love White Oleander.....
  203. VFX Oscar Bake-Off
  204. My War Movie collection... what am I missing?
  205. Flashback: Contact
  206. Anyone remember Zouzou??
  207. FOTR question
  208. LOTR:ROTK question...
  209. Crawlspace
  210. So tell me about these Yakuza Papers...
  211. The Flash (2018) - S: Ezra Miller
  212. Splinter Cell (D: Liman) S: Tom Hardy
  213. The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Coming
  214. Flight of the Phoenix reviews
  215. Horror movie about Power lines/Electricity?
  216. Just saw Sideways...great movie!
  217. Tupac Ressurection best documentry ever yall agree
  218. Henry Rollins Film Corner on IFC?
  219. Help me shake the butterflies!!!
  220. Wayne's World car for 15000 $
  221. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum
  222. Are there any movies positive about television?
  223. Loved Hero, what's next to see?
  224. Tara Reid is officially earth's hottest actress
  225. They're making THE GODFATHER into a video game?!!!
  226. Saw Dodgeball last night...
  227. Do you know this movie?
  228. Magneto movie?
  229. favorite character in the View Askew universe
  230. Help, need to identify this movie...
  231. ALONE IN THE DARK going Direct to Video
  232. New Ultraman movie (w/trailer)
  233. "Robots" from the FOX Movie studio....
  234. Will Lemony Snicket be the next Harry Potter?
  235. Wonder Woman (2017, D: Patty Jenkins,) S: Gadot
  236. Poll: Does Bruce Willis looks better bald?
  237. Possible Peter Jackson Hobbit news
  238. Music in Leon the Professional
  239. any word on The Fockers?
  240. Hey, Hey, Hey! Fat Albert looks really good!
  241. Best Bio-pic?
  242. DOOM is doomed!
  243. "Monster's Ball" Signature Series or R-rated theatrical?
  244. blatently non-legit SW:ROTS trailer
  245. Fantastic 4 Sneek Preview / Trailer (merged)
  246. Be Cool Trailer
  247. Indie film recommendations
  248. Explain Session Nine to me
  249. Film: Golden Globe Nods (12/13/04)
  250. Where is Joe Pesci?