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  1. Tetsujin 28 trailor (Gigantor for you non-anime folks)
  2. Best Hepburn and Hayworth film?
  3. Raging Bull: Jake LaMotta would be listed as a Sex Offender today
  4. Italian Online Movie Awards 2005: nominations!
  5. FEVER PITCH review thread...
  6. What is your favorite song(s) played during or anywhere in a movie..?
  7. Song during Sideways Trailer?
  8. Is the Batman Begins screenplay posted online?
  9. Sin City
  10. is uma thurman a good actress?
  11. Actresses that need more work?
  12. What is this movie called??
  13. Which War Movie?
  14. What Is This Movie?
  15. Weekend Box Office 04/01-04/03
  16. Is there a website to check what movies have been rented the most?
  17. Get your Masters of Cinema leather trenchcoat here!
  18. Looking to purchase a copy of Mike Judge's screenplay "3001."
  19. Aging actors you'd like to see plucked from obscurity
  20. The Wedding Crashers - O. Wilson/V. Vaughn/C. Walken
  21. What happened to The Weather Man?
  22. Films That Recieved NC-17 Ratings The 1st Time Through
  23. Any New News on "Red Rabbit"?
  24. Actresses that you can tolerate/watch
  25. Looking for a movie I vaguely remember...
  26. Most Influential Movies on Society
  27. Best Directorial Debut?
  28. Actresses that should never work again (bad/annoying ones)
  29. The Cider House Rules?
  30. Third Annual Cherry Blossom Anime Marathon: April 2nd (Freer Gallery - Washington DC)
  31. Great films that have an IMperfect ending
  32. Movie Trivia - What film first used the word "damn"?
  33. HK Film Awards: Kung Fu Hustle & 2046 big winners
  34. Directors making aesthetic tributes to other Directors
  35. Rocky IV censored?
  36. "Zapped! Sweeps Oscars" from The Onion?
  37. Your Favorite Trailers of All Time
  38. Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino
  39. Cool Hand Luke as Christ Allegory
  40. Movies with at least 90,000 votes on IMDB
  41. Recommend good 80s Movies for someone who wasnt around in the 80s
  42. VCU French Film Festival (March 31 - April 3) Richmond VA.
  43. Baseball Great Jackie Robinson's New Movie
  44. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo on TCM with Bunuel marathon!
  45. Downfall
  46. Anyone else really disappointed with TOM CRUISE yet?
  47. New James Bond Announced......ORLANDO BLOOM.
  48. Return of the Ninja! Kosugi is back!
  49. Best first time acting performances
  50. Zach Snyder to direct Clancy's "Rainbow Six"
  51. Brett Ratner and the hypocrisy
  52. Dead Birds is excellent!
  53. Weekend Box Office 3/25-3/27
  54. Movies that use different titles overseas
  55. Football Factory!!!!
  56. What happens to movie props/clothing/sets etc when the movies over?
  57. Any good places to watch Rocky Horror still around?
  58. Guess Who - quick review
  59. Being Julia: Thought it was about Julia Roberts
  60. Message to the IMDB: Nooo, don't fall prey!
  61. How did Josh Harnett become a star?
  62. Match Flick?
  63. "The Final Cut" discussion thread...(spoilers from the get go)
  64. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
  65. Once and for all: Funniest Brooks Film
  66. Is Sean Connery in good health?
  67. Butterfly Effect 2: Less Kutcher, More Leonetti?
  68. Shyamalan defects from Disney to Warner Bros.
  69. Cold Fish
  70. Just finished watching 'The Bride Wore Black'...
  71. Southern Theatre owners refuse to show Imax Volcanoes Movie.
  72. [anime] Sky Blue
  73. Question about Matrix Revo(spoiler inside, dont come in)
  74. XMEN 3 has a director!
  75. Films with, um, "quirky" direction?
  76. May (unusual 'horror' film from 2002)
  77. What adjective do you use most often to describe your movies?
  78. AMITYVILLE MURDERER displeased with new movie
  79. How come we haven't/won't see a ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn?
  80. Church to fight spidey
  81. I just watched Internal Affairs, Zatoichi, and Tae Guk Gi, any more recommendations?
  82. Night of the Comet on HDNET 3/21
  83. Joss Whedon's Serenity 2.0
  84. win a date with tad hamilton question
  85. Phoenix, Scottsdale, AZ. area film fans...
  86. How do I use the three sea shells in Demolition Man?
  87. The Next Hot Comic Book Property to Hit: Killraven?
  88. $74,000 on one screen in one weekend?
  89. Anyone else have yet to see a movie released this year?
  90. Highest Death Count in a Family Film? (spoilers, enter at your own risk)
  91. Hanzo: The Razor
  92. Ong Bak: Thai Warrior
  93. Who really deserved (or didn't) the Oscar for Best Picture??
  94. The Upside of Anger - quick review
  95. Julie Delpy trashes Beyonce's Oscars performance
  96. Croupier ending question [spoilers]
  97. Looking for Recommendations on Some Good Buster Keaton dvds
  98. Weekend Box Office 3/18-3/20
  99. Looks like they're remaking The Warriors
  100. Red Eye
  101. What's up with all the upcoming movies being remakes or sequels?
  102. Rank the Pixar movies/Which is your favorite (Poll)?
  103. "The Island" - Michael Bay without Bruckheimer
  104. Hong Kong Fanatic: jackie chan
  105. Song: Sin City Trailer
  106. "Girl Play" - Indie film opening in New York on April 1st
  107. The Fear Of Speed
  108. Star Wars 3D 2007!
  109. SIDEWAYS: A Misogynistic Mess?
  110. MST3K fans must read.
  111. good slice-of-life movies?
  112. Ever Contact a Celebrity and Receive a Signed Autograph or Letter Back?
  113. Francis Ford Coppola's "Finian's Rainbow" finally on DVD!!!
  114. Ticket Sales for SW Ep 3???
  115. Official "SIN CITY" Review Forum (May Contain Spoilers)
  116. First review of Schrader's Exorcist prequel
  117. 3 movies, 6 hours, a buck fitty!
  118. Superman Returns set pictures
  119. When should LOTR Trilogy have a theatrical re-release?
  120. RING TWO review thread...
  121. Dirty Dancing Havana Nights!
  122. Dracula 3000 Good or Bad??
  123. Ring 2 Screening in OC
  124. Tarantino Talks Kill Bill, Jason, Bond, etc.
  125. Actor/Actress with no idle nominations (never lost)
  126. Need help! What movie is this?
  127. What kind of guns did they use in Heat??
  128. Anyone seen The Reflecting Skin?
  129. Seen Ong Bak?
  130. Anyone see "A Tale of Two Sisters" (2004)...any good?
  131. New York City's 2005 Tribeca Film Festival
  133. THE BEAST
  134. Make your summer movie boxoffice predictions
  135. You're teaching a film class - Pick 3
  136. Disney names new CEO; Eisner leaving earlier than planned
  137. Weekend (3/11 - 3/13) Box Office Results
  138. The Passion Recut crashes and burns on Friday
  139. Bill the Butcher vs. Al Swearingen: who wins?
  140. 'Sideways' Director, Actress-Wife Split
  141. She Hates Me?
  142. Is there anything like Shaolin Soccer?
  143. Vin Diesel Talks Hannibal and Riddick 2
  144. Original Blade Runner on FX channel
  145. Last Night's Celebrity Sightings...
  146. The Passion Recut
  147. Looking for the name of a movie (slapstick comedy)
  148. Nicole DeHuff, Deborah in Meet the Parents, dead at 30.
  149. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants [trailer]
  150. Question about Halo?
  151. Ring Two?
  152. Where to find old press kits/books?
  153. Screenshot request, Lo Pan
  154. "On second thought..." Ever been persuaded to change your opinion of a film?
  155. New Line to revive "Phantasm"
  156. The Mob, Mafia, Suggestions?
  157. Could someone suggest some documentaries like War Words and Spellbound
  158. Ok, I'm Just Going To Say It - Mr and Mrs Smith Looks Bloody Fantastic
  159. World War II, Suggestions?
  160. Happy Birthday, Juliette Binoche!
  161. What's the last film that moved you to tears?
  162. Movies along the lines of Memento, Usual Suspects, Primal Fear?
  163. What are the last GOOD foreign films you saw?
  164. Good acting bits in otherwise crappy movies
  165. Bad parts in good movies
  166. Keanu Reeves - 8th Voyage of Sinbad
  167. The I Inside (Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Polley, Piper Perabo) - awesome
  168. Tarantino might do Friday The 13th
  169. HOSTAGE review thread...
  170. Tom-Yum-Goong TRAILER - Tony Jaa
  171. And The Man Playing Thomas Magnum in the Upcoming "Magnum PI" Feature Is...
  172. Watch too many serious movies? Lighten up!
  173. Freddy vs Jason vs Ash Treatment
  174. Should Spike Lee be making leaner movies? (Bamboozled)
  175. Favourite Miyazaki Movie?
  176. movie quotes that define you or your personality?
  177. How is "Romper Stomper"?
  178. Ideal age to first watch "Star Wars"?
  179. Did any of these films get a U.S. release theatrically?
  180. "Crash" trailer
  181. So which directors are known to get 'Final Cut' for their movies?
  182. Oscar Winner Teresa Wright Dies at 86
  183. Do you watch trailers for anticipated movies?
  184. Besides Aint-It-Cool what are good websites about film industry gossip
  185. Star Wars trailer on Thurs during The OC
  186. Help. What movie is this?
  187. I loved Twilight Zone, which dvd movies would you recommend?
  188. Recommend me a movie for the following situation!
  189. 'Friday the 13th' Announcement !!
  190. Cronenberg's Naked Lunch
  191. movies that deserve a remake?
  192. Please Explain the Shining? *Spoiler*
  193. Any movies with a fire fight as great as Heat's?
  194. DEBRA HILL - Halloween Producer/Co-Writer DEAD at 54!
  195. Question about Music and Imagery
  196. The Jacket
  197. "The Pacifier"...the #1 movie in the land (Weekend 3/4-3/6) thread!
  198. Books that should be made into movies... (merged)
  199. "Drugstore Cowboy"? (spoilers)
  200. Long, Interesting Article On The Controversial, Pan-Asian Casting In "Geisha"
  201. Looking for a movie scene
  202. your favorite TOM & JERRY cartoon
  203. Cell phones and dial tones - huh?
  204. Can someone please help me figure out what movie this is from?
  205. End/Credits songs that put a smile on your face
  206. Does George Clooney remind you of Cary Grant?
  207. Who do you contact to chime in on not making remakes?
  208. "Robots" review...
  209. Weekend Box Office 3/4-3/6
  210. Actor that has played the most "real" people?
  211. Prior to This Week's Release, What Did You Believe Bambi's Sex to Be?
  212. Fox Studio Classics - Evaluating them based on FILM QUALITY only
  213. Was there a line flub in "The Devil's Advocate"?
  214. What was the prescription Miles was taking in "Sideways"?
  215. Where have all the really good serio-comedies gone...like "My Cousin Vinny"?
  216. My Own Private Idaho Question
  217. What are some of the biggest BOMBS you actually went to the theater to see?
  218. Dang! When will some decent movies hit theaters?
  219. What are some of the biggest movies you've NEVER seen?
  220. Blockbuster or Oscar?
  221. Roger Ebert Slammed as a 'Racist'
  222. News on King Kong (2005), War of the Worlds, and other films
  223. Interesting MPAA rating
  224. What's this movie?
  225. What's the tastiest movie ever made about food and/or cooking?
  226. Is "99 Women" a good movie?
  227. Need help identifying some music in both Heat and Collateral
  228. Babel - Pitt, Blanchett & Garcia Bernal in talks to star
  229. Is Batman Begins suppose to be released in IMAX theaters?
  230. Revenge of the Sith Toy pics: grisly and SPOILER filled!!!
  231. Fever Pitch
  232. Sith Comes to O.C.
  233. Filmmakers remembering movies incorrectly...
  234. Peter Jackson sues New Line over Rings profits
  235. movies that do a complete 180 half way through the movie (will contain spoilers)
  236. Legend: Which score do you like better?
  237. Best & Favorite "Biopic" of all-time?
  238. 'The Beast'
  239. Films of the 2000s That Will Stand the Test of Time
  240. Will I like "My Own Private Idaho" if I loved "Midnight Cowboy"?
  241. How much $$$ each Oscar Nominated Movie made
  242. Recommend me some Paul Newman films to watch
  243. Anyone Else Mistakenly Believe Jack Nicholson Was Dead This Morning?
  244. Anyone else looking forward to Unleashed?
  245. Gene Kelly/Singing in the Rain car commerical!
  246. Did Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese have a falling out?
  247. Really hard (HK) movie question...
  248. The Rise and Fall of 2D Animation!
  249. What are Hollywood premieres like?
  250. Cheech and Chong movies... Take 'em or leave 'em?

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