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  1. "20 Most Overrated Movies of all Time" - Premiere Magazine
  2. Duck Soup...not that funny
  3. Brazilian Job (aka Italian Job 2)
  4. 11 (fairly) recent must-see films
  5. Return to Oz
  6. Lord of War
  7. What happened to the Dark Horizons website?
  8. Alien question
  9. Name of song in "Last Days" Please Help!
  10. The 40-Year-Old Virgin Review Thread
  11. The Top 70 Profane, Rude, or Inappropriate Movie Quotes.....
  12. Grizzly Man
  13. Skeleton Key --thoughts after seeing it
  14. Best Movie Title Sequence?
  15. "The Brown Bunny"...how was it and what's it about?
  16. Did ANYONE else NOT like SIN CITY?
  17. Place your bets: What will be #1 at the Box Office 8/12-14?
  18. Anyone remember this 80's movie?
  19. Beatty Wins First Round in 'Dick Tracy' Battle
  20. Another can you ID this movie?
  21. Best site for studio/AR information on a film?
  22. Deuce Bigalow 2. im ready for it!
  23. How much of BO does the studio really get?
  24. Garfield 2.. Why?
  25. Is SAW 2 gonna be teh suck?
  26. The Dukes of Hazzard REVIEW Thread
  27. The DOOM Trailer
  28. Why are Stripes and The Jerk classics?
  29. Pic request, HQ picture of DeNiro/Pacino from Heat.
  30. Mathew McGrory passed away?
  31. Are the movies really dying? Part II
  32. Horror/Survival/End of the World, etc...film suggestions?
  33. "The Rising" - Aug. 12th limited U.S. release - anyone ("Lagaan" fans maybe?) going?
  34. Which Daisy Duke is the more smokin' hot one??
  35. the 1 second movie
  36. Chinese translation of Ep. III.....
  37. Who's the hotter Daisy Duke?
  38. Best PREQUELS ?
  39. The new Sam Mendes film is teh suck
  40. "RENT" - The film! (Nov 23, 2005)
  41. What are your top 80's animations?
  42. Pratfalls and Slapstick in Modern Movies...
  43. Was Batman Begins a financial disaspointment?
  44. Recommendations, please: 1940s settings
  45. Can you ID this movie?
  46. Doris Wishman (Each Time I Kill)
  47. [rumor] new RESIDENT EVIL Trilogy in the works?
  48. First Curtis Hanson now Jim Sheridan?
  49. Anyone see the One Man Star Wars play?
  50. Horror movies with children giggling/drawing stupid stuff
  51. "Pay or Die"
  52. So I saw the trailer for Just Like Heaven last night....
  53. Japanese Story
  54. Weekend Box Office: August 5-7, 2005
  55. What films make up the "Yojimbo" series?
  56. Broken Flowers
  57. Who's seeing the sneak preview of The Great Raid tomorrow?
  58. Looking for SCARFACE screenshot
  59. Who is your S.O.'s favorite actor/actress?
  60. BLUES BROTHERS back on the big screen...
  61. Coppola, Salles to film adaptation of Kerouac's "On the Road"
  62. Studio will pay $1.5 million to settle fake-critic lawsuit
  63. Top 10 Awesomely Bad Movies of the 80's....
  64. Great scenes with music
  65. Frank Darabont of Shawshank Redemtion and Green Mile, to direct McCammon's "MINE"
  66. Can you name these actors? (A game of sorts)
  67. Why didnt they use the ion cannon to destroy the Imperial walkers?
  68. DerailRoaded - Inside the Mind of Wild Man Fischer - very limited screenings
  69. Favorite genre?
  70. ID this movie please
  71. John Malkovich's Eyes (2004), hoax?
  72. Coolness Test: Sam Jackson VS. John Travolta
  73. Lord of War - starring Nicolas Cage
  74. Class action suit can get you money back on some Sony movies
  75. Angelina Jolie in Alexander: was she trying to be funny?
  76. Why is nobody going to 'Murderball'? (article)
  77. From the creators of the Blair Witch Project: Altered
  78. At-At Question
  79. Things that villains should never, ever say:
  80. Donnie Darko - calling the power of DVDtalk (spoilers)
  81. The Better Part V: Rocky V or Love on the Run?
  82. Which version of Alexander should I watch?
  83. Save Our Firecrotch! (funny MPAA rating news)
  84. What's the song in Deuce Bigalow?
  85. Luc Besson directing again
  86. scarlett johannson vs. natalie portman. let the war begin
  87. Great Sergio Leone radio interview on NPR
  88. Stalag 17: Great movie, but....(SPOILERS INSIDE)
  89. Why are the roads always wet?
  90. Big rumor about Frank Miller's "300"
  91. Disaster Movies
  92. Who is the worst actor in film today?
  93. Make this the LOTR/Star Wars board
  94. Scenes where you get déjà vu
  95. Best Jodie Foster performance?
  96. Possible spoilers/Need help figuring out movie name.
  97. Movies that you didn't know were being made?
  98. 80's Post-Apocalypse
  99. Stealth: So how does it end? (BIG SPOILERS)
  100. Intolerable Cruelty - Any one else slowly liking this film...
  101. Lucas' Worst Ideas
  102. Remakes That You Would Like Done
  103. That's NOT the Milenium Falcon in Sith.
  104. 70s, 80s or 90s
  105. Any chance that this is a legit autographed item?
  106. What will be #1 at the Box Office for July 29-31?
  107. What's the name of the movie?
  108. What does everbody think about 50 Cent's "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" trailer?
  109. An interesting look back at House Of Flying Daggers
  110. Favorite pre-70's decade?
  111. Trying out my new digi cam: Autograph Display PICS
  112. Wedding Crashers "Crash This Trailer"
  113. Biggest Waste of Talent...Director Edition
  114. Cinetopia Theatres?
  115. How much time progresses through each film?
  116. 'Digital Cinema' impressions
  117. Overall ticket sales for Star Wars question
  118. Movies that take place in the jungle
  119. Forest Whitaker's martial art style
  120. Socal,see Once Upon A Time In America on the big screen!
  121. Secret Window [movie] did a complete RIGHT turn from the novel...
  122. What Makes A Movie Good?
  123. Some clarification...
  124. looks like there's going to be more canon Star Wars sources
  125. God of War movie planned
  126. PT Anderson hired as Altman's backup/glorified AD/ghost director
  127. Wong Kar-Wai on "Charlie Rose" TONIGHT 7/26
  128. Michael Moore does good: Traverse City Film Festival July 27-31!
  129. Reservoir Dogs: Orange is a Wuss!
  130. Sling Blade: Did Dyle want Karl to ? Warnig Spoilers!
  131. What's up with Leelee Sobieski?
  132. Help with class assignment needed
  133. Voltron is coming to the big screen.
  134. Desperation
  135. Walk The Line - Joaquin Phoenix is Johnny Cash
  136. What does it take for a movie to be a "success"??
  137. Which Do You Like Better: TPM or AOTC?
  138. Anybody remember Dream A Little Dream with the 2 Corey's??
  139. Ep. III in " Dollar " Theaters ?
  140. Any Love For Nicolas Cages' ''Family Man''?
  141. Matthau vs. Thorton in (The) Bad News Bears?
  142. Reservoir Dogs actor Edward Bunker (aka Mr Blue) past away
  143. The most underrated movie ever thread!
  144. "Killing Words" (2003) aka "Palabras Encadenadas" - buy, buy, buy this movie! Now!
  145. Mysterious Skin
  146. John Badham
  147. The Fall
  148. Nicollette Sheridan as Emma Frost, the White Queen?
  149. Help with Title of movie? 70's, Amazon, Plane Crash, woman survivor
  150. Animation - P3K (Pinocchio 3000)
  151. Swimming with Sharks (major spoiler inside)
  152. quiz!
  153. Metropolis Movie trivia (Spoilers)
  154. Stealth - any thoughts?
  155. Weekend Box Office, July 22 - 24
  156. What's Your Favorite Johnny Depp Role?
  157. Why Did Harvey Keitel quit Eyes Wide Shut
  158. Edward Norton, where are you?
  159. Old movie posters that would be edited or not used at all today
  160. The phrase appearing in the largest number of films...
  161. Mel Gibson to dive back into antiquity with next film Apocalypto
  162. The BFI's list of the 50 films all children should see by age 14
  163. Steve Buscemi...
  164. The Blue Lagoon (1980) question ***spoiler***
  165. Favourite sarcastic movie review lines
  166. Actor's greatest decade?
  167. Waiting...
  168. Batman vs. Batman Begins - What the hell?!?! (Spoilers)
  169. FATAL ATTRACTION is being re-made...with LL COOL J!!!
  170. where did Lucas get the idea for YODA?
  171. Why didn't Obi Wan find Luke sooner?
  172. New version of THE OMEN coming
  173. Help with a movie title
  174. Polar Express to be released in IMAX every X-Mas?
  175. 80's Sword n Sorcery
  176. The end has come: my 20 year search for a movie is over!
  177. Why Obi-Won put Luke on Anakin's Home Planet - I've got the answers
  178. Favorite movie of the summer so far?
  179. Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny: Official Teaser Site
  180. help me find an old obi wan poster (OT)
  181. Which Wonka?
  182. Death Star Sound
  183. Stephen King's The Stand - your thoughts SPOILERS!
  184. james doohan, 85
  185. Article on film delays...
  186. Tons of new Horror Re-makes slated for theaters....
  187. Do remakes/sequels ruin your enjoyment of the originals?
  188. Eight Men Out - Most Underrated Baseball Movie Ever??
  189. Can you relate to modern superheroes in film?
  190. Batman and Robin
  191. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
  192. The "I didn't realize that was him/her" thread
  193. Are the movies really dying?
  194. So who has played the best Batman so far?
  195. Hand me the keys you fairy Godmother
  196. Harry Potter GoF Comic Con Trailer??
  197. Where to lend classic cars for movie filming?
  198. Who's image is on Brad Hamilton's t-shirt?
  199. Your favorite movie when your were young? (theater and video)
  200. Say it isn't so.......Spielberg to do an ET sequel?????
  201. "The Theory Of Cinematic Art", by acclaimed filmmaker... KIM JONG IL
  202. Thad Christ - trailer "High...In Heaven."
  203. Miramax and their massive 2005 rollout...
  204. Trailer music from Dawn of the Dead 2004 teaser trailer...what is it?
  205. March of the Penquins
  206. Wedding bells for Sandra Bullock and Jesse James!
  207. Movies That Everyone Seems to Like... Except Me (and Explain Why)
  208. Who Exactly Does The Title "A New Hope" Refer To?
  209. Best Russell Crowe Movie?
  210. Which Naked Gun Movie?
  211. Pretty Persuasion
  212. Weekend Box Office thread (07/15 - 07/17)
  213. Murderball
  214. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Review Thread
  215. What's your favorite Al Pacino performance?
  216. How to find movie run end day
  217. Movies that Feature Backgammon
  218. Me You And Everyone We Know
  219. Godzilla: Even BIGGER!
  220. New Batman sequal already in talks??!!
  221. When you were under 17, were you ever turned away from an R rated movie
  222. Dennis Leary fans. Double Whammy
  223. Bring Me The Head Of Darth Maul!
  224. War of the Worlds 2005. Starring Jake Busey. WTH?
  225. Taking my 12 year old to the movies...
  226. "Story of a Love Affair", Antonioni's first film: Thoughts, etc.
  227. Where to download movie trailers?
  228. Time Span for the Day After Tomorrow
  229. Need some Movie Help
  230. 'Gladiator' May Return Without Crowe...
  231. There may be a sequel to The Usual Suspects.
  232. The Sequels are COMING...
  233. ClickStar - download movies same-day released in theaters, pre-DVD
  234. Another comedy remake: Summer School
  235. The war of the War of the Worlds movies
  236. So....I just finished watching The Running Man....
  237. King arthur dvd case misprint
  238. Top 20 goofiest movie monsters
  239. Why didn't they show the rebels reacting to the Death Star on Yavin?
  240. The Exorcism of Emily Rose Trailer
  241. The Descent (Dog Soldiers follow-up)
  242. Meet the Little Focker (another sequel)
  243. the anatomy of a fanboy?
  244. Terror at Red Wolf Inn
  245. Does your audience normally applaud during/after a film?
  246. Asians in Star Wars
  247. My thoughts on Tarantino and his movies
  248. Scenes where record abruptly stops
  249. Jessica Alba
  250. The Adventures Of Milo And Otis