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  1. Love for Wallace and Gromit? There's lots here!
  2. Is there anybody here who DID like the movie "RFK?"
  3. Two for the Money
  4. Free Screening ( Hollywood, CA ) Domino - 10/11/05
  5. Help me delve deeper into Asian cinema
  6. Time Out reviews online
  7. Whatever happened to Adrienne Shelley?
  8. Cronenberg slags Tarantino's movies
  9. What song plays over the beginning of Takashi Miike's Dead Or Alive??
  10. Good Teenage Actresses?
  11. Anyone know what movie this is from? (audio)
  12. Horror Channel Forum Problem, anyone else?
  13. Jackie Chan's The Myth
  14. Takashi Miike's Izo - My advice: stay far, far away.
  15. Peter Jackson to produce "Halo" movie
  16. "Evil Dead II"...what's up with the beginning?
  17. The Batman Movie Series vs. Batman: The Animated Series (90's)
  18. Some Good WhoDunIt/Mystery Films?
  19. "Nanny McPhee" - This looks like fun!
  20. What are the best classic science fiction posters?
  21. Movies that feature mooning.
  22. Movies featuring the Moon.
  23. What the hell happened to Wesley Snipes' career?
  24. Capote (contains spoilers)
  25. Kal El has a brand new set of parents
  26. Tara Reid fears career is over
  27. Creepy movie Question (which movie is it?)
  28. A Creepy Movie Question (what was it?)
  29. A Creepy Movie Question (what was it?)
  30. Halloween 9: Michael Myers Goes to the Moon
  31. Match Point -- A Woody Allen Film
  32. Batman short film??
  33. Unseen Peckinpah Documentary
  34. A Dark Angel movie: could it get greenlit?
  35. Most Eccentric Hollywood Actor?
  36. Mal (from Serenity) vs. Han Solo: who would win?
  37. The I've seen Serenity thread (untagged spoilers inside)
  38. After Spiccoli, What Is The Best Sean Penn Performance?
  39. Is Regal theatre chain screening 'Land of the Dead' UNRATED at select theatres?
  40. Films with alternate music scores
  41. Most inspirational film ever...what do you think?
  42. The War Within....
  43. Are there any indie/art house type theaters in (or near) Greenville, SC?
  44. How is Tom Sizemore on welfare?
  45. What will be #1 at the box office Sept. 30-Oct. 2?
  46. Into the Blue, is anyone actually going to see this?
  47. Avoid recent news stories about FLIGHTPLAN
  48. I Pledge To See SERENITY This Weekend Poll
  49. The Ringer: Starring Johnny Knoxville
  50. Just watched "To Kill A Mockingbird"!
  51. The Shining: Family Feel Good Movie!
  52. Corpse Bride: Interesting article about filming
  53. Anybody Know of Any Websites That List any Movies Opening Weekly?
  54. All The King's Men (Sean Penn)
  55. Name the movie: schoolbus, teacher, felons, hostages...
  56. Rumors about webcam film?
  57. How High 2 coming in '06!
  58. Evan Almighty
  59. Identify this vintage vaudeville Egyptian dance (!)
  60. The Day the Clown Cried (Lewis, 1972) The infamous clown-in-Auschwitz drama
  61. Favorite Hamlet?
  62. Free Screening ( L.A. ) Serenity 9/28/05
  63. Lord of War - Sunglasses?
  64. Any Love for Roll Bounce ?
  65. Joss Whedon's GONERS
  66. Reconstruction
  67. Best years for movies?
  68. Ever hear a song,and think of a movie?
  69. Box Office 9/23-9/25
  70. What are some famous movie myth's
  71. New Francis Ford Coppola film: Youth Without Youth
  72. Lotion---Silence of the Lambs music video....
  73. Lost in Translation question
  74. Any idea what the toughest movie to make is/was?
  75. Looking for Future releases from Universal, Dreamworks, etc..
  76. JFK, the Oliver Stone movie - question about the "autopsy" scenes
  77. Edison (2005) Trailer - good for a laugh
  78. What should I take for John Travolta to sign?
  79. I want to know what you guys think about the new Outsiders cut.
  80. Anyone else seeing History of Violence?
  81. The Producers Trailer
  82. What is the name of the 'Evil Doctor' in Nightmare before Christmas
  83. Need help identifying a flick (involves 3 psychos dressed as clowns)
  84. HELP! What animated movie is this?
  85. Rebecca Romijn Engaged to Jerry O'Connell
  86. HELP - Waterboy Trivia
  87. Movie with the Most Dubious Political Agenda...
  88. Movie Interview/Review Podcast? (merged)
  89. Weepiest Films of All Time.....
  90. Just Like Heaven - Chick Flic
  91. is there a good movie thats not in this list?
  92. If you know this, You're a GOD !!!!
  93. QUIZ: What Revenge of The Sith Character are you??
  94. Weekend Boxoffice (9/16 - 9/18)
  95. Carlito's Way - Prequel- Any good?
  96. Green Street Hooligans
  97. Why did Alien: Ressurrection Suck?
  98. Best WWII Film...
  99. Coincedence, I think not! (possible plot spoilers).
  100. Hollywood Stock Exchange Talk!
  101. So who here actually sees IMAX films?
  102. Frances Farmer?
  103. "Lord of War"...anyone see it yet?
  104. trying to find name of film
  105. trying to find name of film
  106. Slither(Trailer Inside)
  107. Jenny McCarthy writes and stars in Dirty Love
  108. Aishwarya Rai : "The Worlds' Most Beautiful Actress" says Roger Ebert
  109. Ennio Morricone spaghetti western tribute on TCM 9/16
  110. The Worst Film Of All Time
  111. New Goblet of Fire Trailer up
  112. House of Wax is surprising good !
  113. Robert Wise dies at 91
  114. Superman Returns Teaser Trailer
  115. Woo-hoo! First footage from TV: The Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  116. Time for Sinanju to shine once again!
  117. Whose the Most Successful UNATTRACTIVE movie star of the last 20 Years ?
  118. Out of the 4 big film festival's which is easiest for tix, and price for hotels?
  119. name me a movie where the maid/nanny is NOT named Maria!
  120. Guy Ritchie's Revolver
  121. Is Dave Chappelle in The Guyver?
  122. Dead End
  123. Another Scorsese/DiCaprio film: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
  124. Worst movie title change for a foreign market?
  125. Danny Elfman badmouths Sam Raimi!
  126. "I will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war."
  127. Bush: The Movie
  128. Cry_Wolf
  129. Dead and Breakfast
  130. What happened to the new CHEECH & CHONG movie?
  131. Help me remember an old movie!
  132. Self-referential actors
  133. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
  134. Box office: 9/09-9/11
  135. A Slasher Movie Question...
  136. Pop Quiz, Hot Shot?? (relating to movie villians prior to the Cold War).....
  137. Favourite RELIGIOUS Horror Movie
  138. Post some of your OLD SCHOOL Movies that you remember...
  139. Infernal Affairs screening @ W Va University
  140. Where the Truth Lies: now NC-17 for an "explicit three way sex scene"
  141. was "the usual suspects" the first story to use a twist ending?
  142. Name of song in "Bee Season" trailer!
  143. Deer Hunter Question
  144. Il Mare (2006)
  145. X-men or X-men 2?
  146. Actors that appear related, or could be cast as such...
  147. Spidey 3 Villains Revealed?
  148. Who was the oldest actor that played a teen in a movie or tv show?
  149. The cave
  150. Return of the Living Dead 4 & 5: October 15th on the Sci-Fi Channel
  151. The Matrix and Innocent People
  152. Your thoughts on Hiding Out...
  153. Once Upon a Time in America, can somone explain the ending? (spoilers w/o tags
  154. "Brokeback Mountain" : A Modern Classic
  155. Yelling at the Screen (Hilarious essay on Blacks in horror movies)
  156. Favorite cameo apperience in a movie?
  157. Night of the Comet 2 in the works
  158. Most Overrated Actor/Actress?
  159. Rank the 20 Bond films
  160. Forrest Gump: evil conservative propaganda?
  161. TheFog remake - reviews & thoughts [spoilers]
  162. Venom
  163. your favorite director
  164. Pulp Fiction: Is Vincent Vega gay?
  165. good movie quotes to use as ringtone
  166. What's that Jerry Lewis movie where he plays an astronaut for America?
  167. Back to the Future 2 plot hole?
  168. Name this action movie w/ big gun
  169. The new wave of pyschological thrillers...
  170. A movie pet peeve of mine.
  171. How long has Harrison Ford's Career been sucking now?
  172. What movie is this? Should be easy.
  173. Anyone else dislike movies with cheering at the end?
  174. I need someone to explain Oldboy to me...like you would to a 5 year old (spoilers)
  175. Weekend Box Office 9/2-9/5
  176. 40-Year-Old Virgin: False Advertising?
  177. Underclassman (starring Nick Cannon)
  178. Who here is fast becoming a Fan of Rachel McAdams ?
  179. Hurricane Katrina and Dawn of The Dead....
  180. What? Already?
  181. Need Help with a name to a movie...
  182. How Do You Become A Producer
  183. What movie is this please help
  184. Good Night, and Good Luck
  185. R-rated Comedies bright spots of summer
  186. What movie is this .gif from?
  187. Admiral Ozzel dies!!! :(
  188. Jules et Jim ending help
  189. Question about needles puncturing the skin in movies
  190. YAMIR (Yet Another Movie Id Request)
  191. Back pains from watching movies?
  192. UGH... Dukes of Hazzard 2!!!??
  193. Disney and Dolby will Bring "Chicken Little" in 3D to Select Theatres Nationwide
  194. The Transporter vs. The Big Hit
  195. I don't know if this should be here but...
  196. Lord of War - N. Cage - Any buzz?
  197. Guess the Movie Game!
  198. Movie Help... (an erotic one, I guess)
  199. Sci-Fi Movie Help...
  200. The New Bond guessing game
  201. best war movies?
  202. Flightplan - New Jodie F movie
  203. Oscar odds and favorites: who do you like?
  204. Movie Help
  205. Friday night box office?
  206. Favorite Chuck Norris role?
  207. Redford and Newman may pair up again on screen
  208. Movie-hopping...do you do it?
  209. Ring Two Review thread (part 2)
  210. The mystery of the ESB time span revealed??
  211. Westworld Remake (merged)
  212. The South Will Rise Again
  213. "Sexual content including dialogue" isn't that the same thing?
  214. Silence of the Lambs Buffalo Bill song
  215. My top 5 worst movies of the year!
  216. try to answer!! who is this
  217. what's the deal with will ferrell and cappuccino machines?
  218. Memoirs of a Geisha trailer...
  219. Scenes that DO NOT need CGI or Dummies, but use them anyway....
  220. 20 Things That Only Happen In Movies....
  221. Best documentaries
  222. The Official How It Should Have Ended Website....
  223. Best Kevin Spacey role
  224. Maggie Gyllenhaal & Happy Endings
  225. Independent film - SACRIFICE
  226. Creepshow 3
  227. Session 416 - Excerpt 1 (More Serenity Marketing)
  228. Jamie Kennedy deleted scenes from Boogie Nights
  229. Who'd have thought....the Hollywood slump is based on dull movies!
  230. Need help on a movie
  231. Actor Brock Peters dies; best known for "To Kill a Mockingbird"
  232. SAW 2 poster recalled -- really a collector's item?
  233. nyc film festival
  234. Films "extended/revised" for network Television - The List
  235. Request for Screenshots - A New Hope
  236. The Phantom Edit
  237. Anyone heard about the new horror movie, Chaos?
  238. Young actress dissapears from her home
  239. Why does Bruce Willis shave his head?
  240. So, how is the Constant Gardner? (Fernando Meirelles, dir. of city of god)
  241. New Full (International) Trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  242. Ashlee Simpson's movie thread (Taser not included)
  243. Who is the greatest movie bad guy?
  244. The Woods
  245. Another great movie (Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy)
  246. Natalie Portman
  247. For good or bad...movies that just seem to linger thread.
  248. BROTHERS GRIMM review thread...
  249. The Machinist
  250. Valiant - First Disney CG Animated without Pixar bombs in Boxoffice ($6.09M)