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  1. Behind the scenes with Siskel & Ebert!
  2. Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette Trailer
  3. Best Movie Mistakes w/Pictures...
  4. A Christmas Gory....
  5. "Serenity 2" Might Be Heading to TV.
  6. Sequels in the works:
  7. Lost Highway - WTF?!?!?
  8. Starsky and Hutch. The Dukes of Hazzard. ...and now:
  9. Why are Dinosaurs on Skull Island? *Possible King Kong Spoilers*
  10. "Inside Man" A potentially good movie with a great cast
  11. Movie Characters/Scenes that remind you of your own life.
  12. Jackass 2 !!!
  13. Bruce Campbell: They Call Me Bruce
  14. Whats Your Favourite Clint Eastwood Movie???
  15. Need help for a paper, re: Asian American Cinema
  16. The Oracle of Bacon....
  17. Three effects of the Kongs
  18. Jet Li to retire from Action movies
  19. 'Saw' producer dead at 42
  20. Is anyone else tired of "A Christmas Story"
  21. Definitive "Gay" Movie List?
  22. "Saw" producer dies at 42
  23. Director/Actor/Actress that guarantee your interest
  24. MTV Movie Awards Parody Videos?
  25. Should 'Creation' be made?
  26. Movies that shook the world! (according to you)
  27. Which animated feature films will be nominated?
  28. Who thinks King Kong will bomb?
  29. A Love Song For Bobby Long
  30. BAD designer BAD!!!!!
  31. Box Office, 12/2 - 12/4 weekend
  32. Star Wreck: The Pirkinning (Finnish sci-fi movie)
  33. Movies that were made simply for actors/actresses to make $$?
  34. Bandidas trailer -- Penelope Cruz Salma Hayek
  35. "Daredevil" DC...such an under appreciated classic!
  36. Just saw "Night Watch" today
  37. Brokeback Mountain opening Dec. 9
  38. Copyrights and Film Clips
  39. Rank Moore's Bonds
  40. An American Haunting
  41. Free Screening ( L.A. ) King Kong 12/7/05
  42. Free Screening ( L.A. ) Brokeback Mountain 12/7/05
  43. Actor or Actress who appeared in only one film & was the lead.
  44. The Hills Have Eyes remake - NC-17 DVD in the future.
  45. Need help identifying a movie
  46. Help id a movie - Cowboy with long forehead
  47. At long last! And now, the Dungeon Siege trailer!
  48. Would CS Lewis have protested the new Narnia movie?
  49. Mind-Twisting Films - Name some movies that blow away your mind...
  50. Han Solo or Indiana Jones
  51. It's looking like we'll see a 5th Romero "Dead" Film (sequel to "Land Of the Dead")
  52. King Kong segment this friday on Dateline
  53. Screenshot request, I Walked with a Zombie
  54. "Land of the Dead" movie? (spoilers)
  55. Napolean Dynamite LEGO Mosaic....
  56. movies with Blackface. Discussion will ensue.
  57. Name Your Favorite Christmas Movies ^^ make a List~!!
  58. Looking for movie recommendations (based on a list)
  59. Bunch of new CG Animated trailers/images
  60. That sound of someone/something hitting the ground-- where was it used first?
  61. DOA: Dead or Alive Teaser Trailer
  62. What are some great Detective Movies?
  63. New Cars Trailer, Pixar's latest
  64. Why is the 'horror' genre so appealing to many?
  65. How much would you pay to to see/talk/get something signed by your favorite actor(s)?
  66. Pat Morita is Dead at 73
  67. Has anyone seen "Pulse" yet (original, or hell the remake)
  68. POTC: Dead Man's Chest Trailer
  69. Thanksgiving Box Office, 11/23-27
  70. Has anyone here ever seen rare cuts of films?
  71. Need Help Identifying This Movie
  72. Anyone else notice that Tom Cruise loves to sing and dance?
  73. Do Any Of You Know The Name Of This Horror Movie?
  74. Anyone looking forward to Syriana?
  75. Day of the Dead 2 - is it really that bad ??
  76. Some of your favorite British/Scottish/Irish films?
  77. Polar Express - Wow, what a stinker!
  78. Did anyone else think that Minority Report needed a twist ending?
  79. Favorite take on Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"
  80. Identify this French 70's art film, please (partly shot in Morocco)
  81. Directors who scrore their own work...
  82. Trailer for "The Sentinel" - New Michael Douglas movie with Kiefer Sutherland. *link*
  84. Buyer Beware: Ken Russell's "The Devils" R1 DVD
  85. Weekend Box Office 11/18-11/20
  86. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (2006)
  87. Episode 3: A Lost Hope
  88. The Special dEaD.....
  89. What happens when five movie trailer voice over guys get into one limo?
  90. Ebay: Toothpick from the set of Fight Club....
  91. What Exactly Is Film Noir?
  92. 3-Iron
  93. Poultrygeist: night of the Chicked Dead A Troma Team Release
  94. "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe"...what did I watch when I was a kid?
  95. Ten films eligible for best animated motion picture oscar
  96. Which to see first: Walk the Line or Harry Potter?
  97. What is your all time favorite film?
  98. Favorite John Carpenter Film?
  99. Unique Scarface (1983) Poster....
  100. Gotta do a movie for my english/film class
  101. del Torro's "Pan's Labyrinth" in postproduction (Pics)
  102. Buena Vista Intl. tops $1 bln overseas for 11th straight year!
  103. The Phantom Menace Teaser: A Recollections thread
  104. Movie Help
  105. 'The Matador' (Pierce Brosnan film) - when is this getting released?
  106. Austin Film Appreciation Club
  107. Hustle and Flow 2 is coming!
  108. Robocop remake. :(
  109. Film Podcasts
  110. Did you Like Lord of the Rings?
  111. Grendel movie in production? Comic related
  112. Box Office Mojo! Nice Site!
  113. Need screencap from The Great Outdoors
  114. Films in WWII
  115. Derailed - quick review
  116. Best Haunted House Movies?
  117. Question for those who watched Saw II (Spoilers..)
  118. Weekend Boxoffice for Nov 11th - 13th
  119. Need help finding the title of 2 older movies.
  120. The Game
  121. "C.R.A.Z.Y." - Best Foreign Film of 2005?
  122. The Passenger (Jack Nicholson) limited re-release
  123. Ghostbusters - Female reboot (D: Feig, S: McCarthy, Wiig, Jones, McKinnon)
  124. Moustapha Akkad, 'Hallween' producer, critically injured in bombings; daughter killed
  125. Thomson gets deal with film studios to roll out digital cinema
  126. Alone in the Dark/Uwe Boll
  127. Has anything really grand come out of French cinema?
  128. NAME THIS FILM: Fox and the Hound (I think) edition
  129. Get Rich or Die Tryin' official review thread
  130. The Fountain teaser trailer
  131. How are cities/areas tiered for theatrical distribution?
  132. What happened to 'Duma'?
  133. Scary movie to watch with the gf...
  134. So who first came up with the idea for The Matrix?
  135. Need help comparing Fight Club/Falling Down consumerism themes for paper
  136. When a big movie doesn't come to your town...
  137. Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic
  138. Best Paul Verhoeven Movie...
  140. Highlander: The Source
  141. First professional Harry Potter 4 review I've seen...
  142. 11-minute Cannes teaser for Chen Kaige's "The Promise" - limited U.S. release Dec. 16
  143. Weekend Box Office Thread (11/4/05 - 11/6/05)
  144. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
  145. Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price
  146. Whats the best Zombie movies ever?
  147. THE WILD BUNCH remake...
  148. FULL King Kong Trailer Online Now!
  149. Die Paul WS Anderson, you don't belong in this world!
  150. mrs doubtfire trilogy?!?
  151. The Onion's Scott Tobias on why critics should be able to change their minds...
  152. Another Phantasm movie?
  153. Chicken Little 3D
  154. Zogby: Best Vietnam War Film....
  155. Disney Sexual Innuendo-Help!
  156. Spidey 3: Who would you cast as.... Gwen Stacy?
  157. Was 'Insomnia' really a favor so Nolan could do Batman?
  158. Which Exorcist Prequel do you prefer?
  159. DAY OF THE DEAD remake...
  160. Another 'Silence of the lambs'?
  161. Top Ten Violent Death Scenes...
  162. Jobs ready to sell Pixar.. to Disney
  163. What was the last 2 movies you saw in the theatre? What's the next?
  164. I am trying to find a horror movie that is not too scary
  165. Saw III?
  166. if you had to recommend one of these three RICHARD GERE films, which would it be?
  167. Wrath Of Bush - Michael Moore Film
  168. Gérard Depardieu ends his film career.
  169. Creature From the Black Lagoon remake is a go
  170. Most Overrated Movie Villain
  171. Did Michael Keaton Enjoy Playing Batman?
  172. Similar sequences in "Kill Bill" and "Miller's Crossing"
  173. Zathura
  174. Weekend Box Office 10/28-10/30
  175. The Libertine Trailer now up
  176. Final Destination 3 (Poster, trailer, etc...)
  177. Temple of Doom deleted scene question..
  178. How do you Feel about studios releasing DVDs during theatrical runs??
  179. Free Screening ( L.A. ) Jarhead 11/03/05
  180. Was there ever such movie "Red Assfault" ?
  181. Please help me figure out what movie this is?
  182. The Weather Man 23/10/2005
  183. What current movies have been sitting on the shelf?
  184. I have a "Straw Dogs" question (some spoilers)
  185. What movie is the champ on being released (+ being a hit) years after it was filmed?
  186. someone have the answer to this?
  187. "Transamerica"- This looks good.
  188. Jackson's 'KING KONG' - 3 hours long (reviews merged)
  189. Everything is Illuminated
  190. What is the name of the song featured in the "Jarhead" comercials?
  191. It's official - Wesley Snipes' career is dead
  192. Horror movie question...
  193. Bad review makes Keira cry for 24 hours
  194. Prime
  195. The 15 Best Horror Movies of All Time...
  196. Best Stephen King movies?
  197. Memorable 'Horror' Film death scenes [SPOILERS - obviousily]
  198. Books that are soon to be movies....
  199. Celebrity Autograph Signing Calendar?
  200. Best funeral/wake/eulogy scenes (spoilers)
  201. The Ice Harvest
  202. Shopgirl
  203. **Official Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire Thread Nov. 18th (PICS) 56K Step Off**
  204. Freddy vs Jason Vs Michael and F13th Remake
  205. Christopher Nolan talks about the fight camerawork in BATMAN BEGINS
  206. North Country - quick review
  207. Clooney suicidal?
  208. The OAO Saw II reviews and discussion thread!
  209. Good Night and Good Luck
  210. Most overated Movie
  211. Weekend Box Office 10/21-10/23
  212. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
  213. John Candy still getting work????
  214. An alternate view on "Batman & Robin"
  215. The Squid and the Whale
  216. has anyone seen/heard of a movie called "9 Songs"?
  217. We know what YOUR favorite movies are. How about your folks?
  218. Stay
  219. Big Trouble in Little South Park...
  220. I dunno if this looks great or bad
  221. Chicken Little 3D Locations??
  222. Columbus, OH folks: an evening with Steve Buscemi - Oct. 26
  223. Good Vincient Price Films?
  224. Moviegoing Companion Regrets
  225. Beware: DVD being projected!
  226. Southern California's Movieland Wax Museum closing it's doors on Oct 31st
  227. Does anyone agree with my take on "The Girl Next Door"?
  228. I met William Hurt today
  229. What other franchises need a reboot?
  230. I'm looking for "The Best of the Best"
  231. Conan: Red Nails (animated film)
  232. The Cutting Edge 2
  233. Val Lewton Horror on TCM Wed, 19 Oct.
  234. Bad movies are best from 2 to 5 am.
  235. Is "Dawn of the Dead" (78) as classic as "Frankenstein" (31)...?
  236. Searching for a movie!! Wayne's world spoof?
  237. Memorable movie speeches
  238. Scary Movies... for kids?
  239. Charles Band's Road Show -- aka- Creator Of Puppet Master
  240. Boyz in the Hood: Guy with Pacifiier what is up with that?
  241. What are some Cheesy/Good sci-fi movies?
  242. What are some good 'Road Trip' movies?
  243. Snakes on a Plane.........
  244. Restoration thread
  245. Fred Gwynne in Pet Semetary....
  246. Really bizarre "what's this movie" question...
  247. Weekend Box Office 10/14-10/16
  248. Christopher Lee And Peter Cushing- How Many Films Together?
  249. Actors with different phases
  250. Grizzly Man