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  1. Disney in talks to buy Pixar (merged)
  2. Failure to Launch fails to launch in time for V-Day
  3. Gremlins 2
  4. What movie is this sample from?
  5. Looking for any British history / living in London movies
  6. What are the most stylish movies you have seen?
  7. Coincidence between Peter Sellers and Jim Carrey
  8. Where's Joe Pesci?
  9. Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler need to return to the kind of movies that got them famous
  10. Hoodwinked
  11. Movie scenes: Group sings on a bus ride
  12. Samurai Film Festival in Nashville 01.27-02.07
  13. Marie Antoinette Trailer
  14. Spider-Man 3 news (new character announced, so potential spoiler?)
  15. 1 and Only Movie Figures and Collectibles Discussion
  16. Big Momma's House 2 looks awful
  17. Exploitation movies that actually disturb?
  18. Your top ten stars list
  19. Choose the one sheet for Sympathy for Lady Vengence on Myspace
  20. Could someone help me with the concept behind GODSEND? I didn't get it.
  21. 'Bubble' - Steve Soderbergh's new movie (part of HDNet's 6 movie deal) - Jan. 27th
  22. A Question About Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors
  23. Prince of the City
  24. Tristan & Isolde
  25. Specific moments in movies where you laugh every time?
  26. Do movies made in the 1980's look dated to present-day twentysomethings?
  27. Tarantino on Psycho and Hitchcock
  28. Why are private eyes such tightwads?
  29. Movies with a Faustian Bargain?
  30. What are the best action scenes in movie history?
  31. Naked Gun series
  32. Last Holiday question (might contain spoilers)
  33. Most bizarre film
  34. Torso - A McFarlane Production directed by David Fincher
  35. Trilogies where the third movie isn't the weakest
  36. X-Men (Part 1) sound question
  37. idilewild trailer up (Outkast movie)
  38. Help me find this western...
  39. Last Holiday - quick review
  40. Se7en - Recut
  41. Glory Road - quick review
  42. Box Office: 1/13 - 1/15
  43. Shelley Winters dies at 85
  44. Movies with the highest replay value?
  45. Any Reviews for Match Point?
  46. Just saw Fatal Instinct on DVD....
  47. Big Momma's House 2
  48. Johnson Family Vacation completely takes over and swallows HBO
  49. Trailer: Ultraviolet (merged)
  50. Help finding an Anime title
  51. V for Vendetta - review thread
  52. V For Vendetta might have a problem...
  53. 16 Blocks and Idlewind trailers
  54. Jane Fonda book signing tour..
  55. Online Film Critic Society nominations for 2005 films
  56. Final Destination 3 trailor
  57. Robert Altman to receive Honorary Oscar
  58. Rare Japanese videotapes/laserdiscs?
  59. What movies would you change the plot/ending to make it better for you?
  60. Depp + Burton = Sweeney Todd?
  61. Favorite Brosnan Bonds
  62. DVD encryption cockup likely to cost Munich a BAFTA award
  63. Firewall (Harrison Ford)-- 2/10/06
  64. Best website for movie reviews THAT HAVE SCREENSHOTS
  65. What universally hated movies do you actually like?
  66. Your favorite 40s movie
  67. Revenge of the Sith or Return of the Jedi?
  68. Scenes from movies that feature really fantastic acting
  69. German cannibal finds film distasteful: Butterfly: A Grimm Love Story
  70. Who looks at Star Wars as still 4-6?
  71. Any good essays about Coen brothers films?
  72. Quentin Tarantino pissed at James Bond producers for not calling him back about job
  73. Greatest Empire in Science Fiction...
  74. See No Evil starring WWE's Kane
  75. "When a stranger calls" remake
  76. Manderlay Trailer
  77. Weekend Box Office (Jan 6th - Jan 8th) Thread
  78. BEST COMMENTARY...opinions?
  79. My Big Fat Independent Movie
  80. "Alien 3" ?'s
  81. Movie Advisory Board, What's the Dealio?
  82. Need Help With Finding A Movie
  83. AARGH darn smalltown movie theatres
  84. Reno 911: The Movie
  85. Saving a preview to disk?
  86. Lacey Chabert... Deja Vu
  87. Which movie is this??????
  88. Deep Cover
  89. Flight 93 Trailer (Paul Greengrass's 9/11 movie)
  90. Theatrical Movie Release List?
  91. The Wizard of Oz.. my thoughts
  92. Coachella: The Film
  93. Pather Panchali Screening in San Diego today Jan 5, 2006
  94. Screen Actor's Guild Nominations
  95. Movies with a "spinning newspaper" transition?
  96. This has always bugged me about Star Wars: A New Hope
  97. Pan's Labyrinth Teaser
  98. What the heck happened to P.T. Anderson's site?
  99. Need help finding a horror movie.
  100. Possible script for the G.I. Joe movie
  101. Month Long retrospective on Miyazaki Film on Turner Classics !!
  102. What are some of the better car chase/crash movies?
  103. Wong Kar-Wai to head Cannes film festival jury
  104. Movie Theater reviews?
  105. 'Hostel'..."a balls out horror flick" (the reviews thread)
  106. Ocean's Thirteen
  107. Good horse movies for an 8 year old girl?
  108. The Hollywood 'Blackballed' List
  109. A question for Usual Suspects fans
  110. Creature movies where you didn't see "them" for a long while?
  111. Me and You and Everyone We Know
  112. Sold out showings today at the theater:what gives
  113. Rank the Indiana Jones trilogy
  114. Apocaplypse Now analysis
  115. Jeremiah Season 2 - where can I find this?
  116. Soem films I saw recently over Xmas....
  117. Brad Pitt's Best Performance?
  118. Brett Ratner's (X3) Christmas Card - he dresses as Wolverine
  119. movies that "explain" the twist ending via flashbacks to the movie
  120. Italian Cop Flicks...where to start?
  121. Hunted
  122. First movie of 2006?
  123. Need Help remembering a movie name
  124. Robot Holocaust (1986)
  125. Blue (Patrick Cranshaw) is dead...
  126. "Star Wars"...why didn't they change Luke's last name?
  127. Director's Cuts on TV--Will this be a new trend?
  128. Favorit Horror/Comedy/Spoof ????
  129. Box Office: 12/30 - 1/02
  130. The Big Casino
  131. ***Your Top 5 Favorite Buddy Cop Movies of All Time***
  132. Cast-signed Movie Posters
  133. Apocalypse Movies for NYE
  134. My 10 best moviewatching experiences of 2005
  135. Good movies for new years eve?
  136. Help me remember the name of this movie...
  137. Vanilla Sky Underrated?
  138. Question about Brokeback Mountain
  139. Which is your favorite in Rodriguez's Mexico Trilogy?
  140. What movie gives you the chills almost every time you see it?
  141. "Renaissance" - French B&W animation (March 2006)
  142. Films you've seen more than once this year
  143. Dumb Superman Question
  144. Most Obvious Stuntmen
  145. Screenshot Challenge
  146. Rachel McAdams:Blonde vs. Brunette
  147. Your favorite movie decades
  148. 25 new films added to National Film Registry
  149. What's the name of this movie? [dinosaurs, stop-motion style]
  150. Deathrace 2000...no wait...3000. Coming soon.
  151. Psycho (1960)
  152. Help me connect Adam West to Kevin Bacon
  153. It's Game Time: 2nd Degree, how well do you know your movies
  154. Jarhead vs. Full Metal Jacket
  155. Do the Right Thing: WTF
  156. Local Movie Tab
  157. Casanova
  158. Funny one liners from the audience?
  159. Lousy previews for good movies.
  160. 2006 Theatrical Release List
  161. Which Deathstalker movies were good
  162. Roger Eberts 12/25/05 "Answer Man" -- WTF???
  163. The New World Limited run will be 20. min longer than wide release
  164. Socal, Gone with the Wind on the big screen
  165. Socal,Kingdom of Heaven DC on the big screen.
  166. The 2006 Rank 'em as You See Them Thread
  167. Character Actor Vincent Schiavelli Dies
  168. Your favorite 50s movie
  169. Help me DVD gods!
  170. What will be the top 5 grossing movies of 2006
  171. So anyone see Wolf Creek yet?
  172. Help with the name of a movie
  173. Your favorite 80s movie
  174. Ebert's 10 Best Lists: 1967-present....
  175. For Fans of Good Comedy... Cook Off The Movie
  176. The Chronic of Narnia
  177. Luc Besson's ANGELA
  178. Recommendations on Woody Allen and Fritz Lang movies to buy?
  179. What was the Appeal of Godzilla? (The Old One)
  180. What happened to Mike Judge's Idiocracy?
  181. You, Me, and Dupree trailer (Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon, Michael Douglas)
  182. Box Office: 12/21 - 12/25
  183. The Thing - Help me understand a few things...SPOILERS
  184. Date Movie (Alyson Hannigan) Trailer
  185. Just saw The Godfather for the first time.....
  186. Cheaper by the Dozen 2 - quick review
  187. Screw Ebert! What are YOUR top 10 films of 2005?
  188. Fun with Dick and Jane - quick review
  189. Movies based on short films
  190. Charlie Rose Show - Year in Film - Tonight 12/21
  191. Back to the future 4
  192. Memoirs of a Geisha Review Thread
  193. Mel Gibsons New Movie (trailer For Apocalyto)
  194. 2005 movies you looked forwarded to & got disappointed
  195. Worst book to movie adaptations
  196. Anyone else here think Michael Mann is extremely underrated?
  197. "Four Brothers"...Singleton back to form?
  198. Another name your all time favorite movies list...
  199. Grandma's Boy
  200. Why isn't Tom Poston in more movies?
  201. Family Films during the Holidays: Review Proof?
  202. Roger Ebert's Top 10 of 2005
  203. "Man on Fire" Question
  204. Movies where parents don't want their children to be with each other?
  205. "One of the most famous edits ever done on film."
  206. Film's 10 most epic battles
  207. The Chronicles of Narnia: Price Caspian Greenlit (merged)
  208. Woody Allen is mediocre and makes miserable films: Woody Allen
  209. Fast Food Nation coming next year
  210. Batman Begins should be in the Oscar Running
  211. M. Night Shyamalan's : Lady in the water
  212. Godzilla (1998) and King Kong (2005)-a discussion of the two
  213. Theater owners want cell phones blocked
  214. Movies that lose their steam - especially comedies
  215. Remington Steele........ the movie
  216. Babystep me through Bresson
  217. The Family Stone - quick review
  218. Anyone else deliberately avoid "Making Of" docs/specials?
  219. Are "cigarette burns" in films shown in theaters a myth?
  220. The Modern Theatre Experience (merged with RANT)
  221. Looking for bitter cynical Christmas movies
  222. The Ten Steps -10 minute horror short
  223. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest TRAILER!
  224. Why don't people like _____ and how can people like ____
  225. So, "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance"...?
  226. What movies are you looking forward to in 2006?
  227. 70MM: A dead format?
  228. Kodak DLP equipped theatres?
  229. 70mm: horizontal (??)
  230. Box Office: 12/14 - 12/18 (merged)
  231. Nightwatch (McGregor, Nolte, Arquette) HELP NEEDED
  232. Favorite recent 'blockbuster' trailer?
  233. The Da Vinci Code - Full trailer released
  234. Redemption The Stan Tookie Williams Story
  235. So, I'd like help with a paper for school. (Movie related)
  236. Gif movies??
  237. One and Only 2005 Oscar Nomination Prediction Thread
  238. 2006 Golden Globes discussion thread! (movie only edition)
  239. Here's the Miami Vice teaser trailer!
  240. Stay, Spoilers so don't look if you haven't seen it...
  241. Here's the Mission: Impossible 3 teaser trailer!
  242. Zerophilia
  243. Question for those that saw the interpreter, possible spoilers
  244. Identify this movie about telling a kid your santa claus in a bell tower?
  245. MI-3 trailer comes out today. *video inside*
  246. Butt-Numb-a-Thon 7
  247. Help naming a movie (please)
  248. Shopgirl
  249. Help With Old Chuck Connors Movie Name Please
  250. Please help me remember name of this movie