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  1. Action movies that don't use 'slo-mo'?
  2. Matrix Trilogy or Star Wars Prequels
  3. Chronicles of Narnia..........
  4. Akira Ifukube (Godzilla Composer): 1914-2006
  5. Johnny Bravo, a live-action movie....starring The Rock??!?!
  6. In Heaven - everything is fine.
  7. Loose Change: 2nd Edition - a 9/11 Documentary (Free to view online)
  8. airplane question
  9. Movies hard to finish in one sitting?
  10. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
  11. Movies like Edward Scissorhands?
  12. Schwarzenegger could actually be one of my favourite actors
  13. Le Samourai/Ghost Dog: TWOTS
  14. Avoid Black and White or Foreign Films ?
  15. Movies in which the american president is painted in a bad light?
  16. Pink Panther with Steve Martin. Will it be as bad as it looks?
  17. "Elizabethtown" and other C. Crowe masterpieces!
  18. Film Geek: The Movie
  19. Walerian Borowczyk (1923 - 2006)
  20. The new Vanity Fair cover - if you're a Keira or Scarlett fan, egads!
  21. ...and no one can stop us!!!!
  22. Some Batman sequel Rumors.
  23. Submarine movies: suggestions needed
  24. "Hoodwinked"...ouch...
  25. How is supporting vs lead actress category determined?
  26. Running Scared
  27. Cat Hunting Movie?
  28. "A Streetcar Named Desire"...couple ?'s
  29. V For Vendetta
  30. Mr. and Mrs. Smith didn't impress me
  31. Favorite Superman movie?
  32. MSN--Top 10 Teen Slasher Films...
  33. Something New - quick review
  34. Weekend Box Office 2/3-2/5
  35. Why Does Everyone Hate Stallone? (Also Your Top Stallone Movies!)
  36. ----Jean Claude Van Damme movies!-----
  37. One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest (1975)
  38. Movies that bomb...are they becoming extinct?
  39. whats the name of that documentary about the 4 kids from africa?
  40. Movies about the French Riviera
  41. Amazing "Harry Potter" trivia..
  42. Jack Black is Nacho Libre
  43. Film Critic Paul Clinton (CNN.com) passes away at 53
  44. Caché (Hidden)
  45. The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
  46. Which actors currently do you think have the chance to become one of the best ever?
  47. Naomi Watts, Mulholland Dr and King Kong
  48. Director Lee Tamahori arrested
  49. One more reason so hate Michael Bay (Scarlett Johansson)
  50. "Bully"...why did Larry Clark lie?
  51. Fun with Movies! Mensa screenshot challenge.
  52. A new slant on a classic
  53. Super Bowl previews:what can we expect?
  54. Harry Potter 5 Casting News
  55. Every Which Way But Loose, starring...The Rock?
  56. More questions
  57. Scary Movie 4 Teaser + Posters
  58. Most Influential Independent Movies
  59. Appreciating "November"
  60. 'Sleepless in Seattle' as dark thriller!
  61. "The Notorious Bettie Page" trailer
  62. Cinderella Man nominations??
  63. Suggestions Wanted
  64. Ultimate Oscar contest - win 72 Best Picture Winner DVDs!
  65. The One & Only 2005 Oscar Prediction Thread: Who will win, who should win discussion
  66. D-War - Korean monster flick, American actors, $145m budget?
  67. Official "Who got snubbed?" Oscar Nominee thread
  68. NYC Movie Fans! Ziegfeld plays Indy, Godfather, LOTR & more!
  69. Claymation is dead! Long live.....CGI?
  70. Ultravoilet
  71. Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man on Discover Ch. Feb.3
  72. Friday the 13th prequel coming out 10/13/06!
  73. What Dreams May Come
  74. "Afternoon Delight"
  75. Movies without a title in the opening credits?
  76. Razzie Award Nominations are in
  77. Your 3 favorite sequential years
  78. Toy Story 3 scrapped!
  79. The Perfect Woman!!!
  80. Best Terrence Malick movie
  81. "Junebug" and "The Chumscrubber"
  82. King Kong - view/thoughts - WOW
  83. Omen remake teaser
  84. Can you name the movies these clips are from?
  85. Why did Alien 3 "Suck"?
  86. Weekend Box Office 1/27 - 1/29
  87. Name International movies made for the English market.
  88. Foreign European color movie suggestions...
  89. What are some good 70s movies ?
  90. Films Critics Hate, Fans Love?
  91. "True" by Tykwer with Natalie Portman?
  92. Bright Lights Big City questions
  93. Less Than Zero questions
  94. Movies or scenes that make you hungry?
  95. Hunting for information...
  96. Heart and Souls (1993 Robert Downey Jr movie) question ??
  97. Pulse.....New Horror movie
  98. Probing the mind of producer/director Uwe Boll
  99. RIP Fayard Nicholas, of the Nicholas Brothers Dance Team
  100. Brick.....Has anyone seen this movie?
  101. If there were no more movie theaters...
  102. 'Film' actors who've also done 'theatre' - thoughts
  103. Question about quote in 'Team America'
  104. Christopher Penn found dead in an apartment (merged)
  105. question about where they filmed the supermarket scenes in "go" 1999
  106. The New World
  107. Movies featuring Sex Tourism
  108. Superbowl 2006 film Trailers.
  109. Trailer Park Boys -- The Movie
  110. Help Me Out With Some War Movies.
  111. Movies you disliked the first time you saw them,now you love them
  112. Movies based on novel of a different name?
  113. Do you still buy popcorn @ the movies?
  114. Whatever happened to Lawrence Kasdan?
  115. Whatever happened to Wesley Snipes?
  116. Hary Potter films reviewed by Christian websites
  117. Regal's Big Screen Events
  118. Fandango
  119. Your favorite horror decade
  120. "The 50 Worst Films of All Time"...
  121. whats the joke surrounding Brokeback mountain?
  122. Some woman at the theater spoiled multiple movies while we were standing in line
  123. Do You Have To Watch Get Shorty First To Understand Be Cool? Need Replies Soon.
  124. Weekend Box Office 1/20-1/22
  125. Man on Fire: A true story or not?
  126. The Confederate States of America
  127. Gene Hackman vs. Dustin Hoffman
  128. 24 feature film...maybe this winter?
  129. Where can I buy or rent: For the Love of My Child: The Anissa Ayala Story?
  130. Hard Candy
  131. Disney in talks to buy Pixar (merged)
  132. Failure to Launch fails to launch in time for V-Day
  133. Gremlins 2
  134. What movie is this sample from?
  135. Looking for any British history / living in London movies
  136. What are the most stylish movies you have seen?
  137. Coincidence between Peter Sellers and Jim Carrey
  138. Where's Joe Pesci?
  139. Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler need to return to the kind of movies that got them famous
  140. Hoodwinked
  141. Movie scenes: Group sings on a bus ride
  142. Samurai Film Festival in Nashville 01.27-02.07
  143. Marie Antoinette Trailer
  144. Spider-Man 3 news (new character announced, so potential spoiler?)
  145. 1 and Only Movie Figures and Collectibles Discussion
  146. Big Momma's House 2 looks awful
  147. Exploitation movies that actually disturb?
  148. Your top ten stars list
  149. Choose the one sheet for Sympathy for Lady Vengence on Myspace
  150. Could someone help me with the concept behind GODSEND? I didn't get it.
  151. 'Bubble' - Steve Soderbergh's new movie (part of HDNet's 6 movie deal) - Jan. 27th
  152. A Question About Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors
  153. Prince of the City
  154. Tristan & Isolde
  155. Specific moments in movies where you laugh every time?
  156. Do movies made in the 1980's look dated to present-day twentysomethings?
  157. Tarantino on Psycho and Hitchcock
  158. Why are private eyes such tightwads?
  159. Movies with a Faustian Bargain?
  160. What are the best action scenes in movie history?
  161. Naked Gun series
  162. Last Holiday question (might contain spoilers)
  163. Most bizarre film
  164. Torso - A McFarlane Production directed by David Fincher
  165. Trilogies where the third movie isn't the weakest
  166. X-Men (Part 1) sound question
  167. idilewild trailer up (Outkast movie)
  168. Help me find this western...
  169. Last Holiday - quick review
  170. Se7en - Recut
  171. Glory Road - quick review
  172. Box Office: 1/13 - 1/15
  173. Shelley Winters dies at 85
  174. Movies with the highest replay value?
  175. Any Reviews for Match Point?
  176. Just saw Fatal Instinct on DVD....
  177. Big Momma's House 2
  178. Johnson Family Vacation completely takes over and swallows HBO
  179. Trailer: Ultraviolet (merged)
  180. Help finding an Anime title
  181. V for Vendetta - review thread
  182. V For Vendetta might have a problem...
  183. 16 Blocks and Idlewind trailers
  184. Jane Fonda book signing tour..
  185. Online Film Critic Society nominations for 2005 films
  186. Final Destination 3 trailor
  187. Robert Altman to receive Honorary Oscar
  188. Rare Japanese videotapes/laserdiscs?
  189. What movies would you change the plot/ending to make it better for you?
  190. Depp + Burton = Sweeney Todd?
  191. Favorite Brosnan Bonds
  192. DVD encryption cockup likely to cost Munich a BAFTA award
  193. Firewall (Harrison Ford)-- 2/10/06
  194. Best website for movie reviews THAT HAVE SCREENSHOTS
  195. What universally hated movies do you actually like?
  196. Your favorite 40s movie
  197. Revenge of the Sith or Return of the Jedi?
  198. Scenes from movies that feature really fantastic acting
  199. German cannibal finds film distasteful: Butterfly: A Grimm Love Story
  200. Who looks at Star Wars as still 4-6?
  201. Any good essays about Coen brothers films?
  202. Quentin Tarantino pissed at James Bond producers for not calling him back about job
  203. Greatest Empire in Science Fiction...
  204. See No Evil starring WWE's Kane
  205. "When a stranger calls" remake
  206. Manderlay Trailer
  207. Weekend Box Office (Jan 6th - Jan 8th) Thread
  208. BEST COMMENTARY...opinions?
  209. My Big Fat Independent Movie
  210. "Alien 3" ?'s
  211. Movie Advisory Board, What's the Dealio?
  212. Need Help With Finding A Movie
  213. AARGH darn smalltown movie theatres
  214. Reno 911: The Movie
  215. Saving a preview to disk?
  216. Lacey Chabert... Deja Vu
  217. Which movie is this??????
  218. Deep Cover
  219. Flight 93 Trailer (Paul Greengrass's 9/11 movie)
  220. Theatrical Movie Release List?
  221. The Wizard of Oz.. my thoughts
  222. Coachella: The Film
  223. Pather Panchali Screening in San Diego today Jan 5, 2006
  224. Screen Actor's Guild Nominations
  225. Movies with a "spinning newspaper" transition?
  226. This has always bugged me about Star Wars: A New Hope
  227. Pan's Labyrinth Teaser
  228. What the heck happened to P.T. Anderson's site?
  229. Need help finding a horror movie.
  230. Possible script for the G.I. Joe movie
  231. Month Long retrospective on Miyazaki Film on Turner Classics !!
  232. What are some of the better car chase/crash movies?
  233. Wong Kar-Wai to head Cannes film festival jury
  234. Movie Theater reviews?
  235. 'Hostel'..."a balls out horror flick" (the reviews thread)
  236. Ocean's Thirteen
  237. Good horse movies for an 8 year old girl?
  238. The Hollywood 'Blackballed' List
  239. A question for Usual Suspects fans
  240. Creature movies where you didn't see "them" for a long while?
  241. Me and You and Everyone We Know
  242. Sold out showings today at the theater:what gives
  243. Rank the Indiana Jones trilogy
  244. Apocaplypse Now analysis
  245. Jeremiah Season 2 - where can I find this?
  246. Soem films I saw recently over Xmas....
  247. Brad Pitt's Best Performance?
  248. Brett Ratner's (X3) Christmas Card - he dresses as Wolverine
  249. movies that "explain" the twist ending via flashbacks to the movie
  250. Italian Cop Flicks...where to start?