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  1. 78th Academy Awards Show discussion thread! (winners, losers, speeches, etc...)
  2. Need help finding a website
  3. Jack Wild (Oliver!, H.R. Pufnstuf) Dies
  4. Are the Oscars entertaining?
  5. Movies you don't care to have explained?
  6. Free Screening ( Various Cities ) Thank You For Smoking
  7. Movie scenes inspired by John Woo's "The Killer"?
  8. Greatest sequel?
  9. 16 Blocks (2006) - Bruce Willis, Mos Def
  10. The Coolest Villain?
  11. Haha, Werner Herzog is a badass...
  12. Scarface summed up in 90 seconds.
  13. Lucky Number Slevin trailer
  14. Help me out
  15. First utterance of 'good call'? (Ghostbusters related)
  16. Anyone know what movie this is? (An elevator, a guy with an ax...)
  17. I need Miyazaki advice
  18. Sunshine
  19. The original Man on Fire...
  20. F For Fake, Research?
  21. Does OAR matter if the movie never went to theatres?
  22. In Her Shoes
  23. Need Help Finding This Movie
  24. Dave Chappelle's Block Party
  25. Best Superhero Movie and why? (includes Summer 06)
  26. Is X3 going to be the end of a trilogy?
  27. Help Identifying Movie - only have plot
  28. Similiarities between White Heat (1949) and Batman (1989)
  29. Check This Out!!!
  30. War movies shown through children's eyes?
  31. Hoop Dreams Reunion (1995)
  32. Could Don Knotts role in 'Mr Limpet' be seen as Non-Comedic?
  33. Study: Movie Critics Speak Even When They Don't Utter a Word
  34. Movie tracking calendar generating type website?
  35. anyone know of any film production companies in philly?
  36. Farce Of The Penquins - (2006)
  37. DaVinci Code shelved?
  38. Most Likeable Character?
  39. I just finished watching The Boondock Saints...
  40. How do movies that are never suppose to see the light of day get released?
  41. Missing dialogue in Jaws
  42. Question about Tony Scott...
  43. Trailers with Oscar winners/nominees
  44. Best "last breath" scene in a film? (spoilers)
  45. Funny MPAA ratings explanations?
  46. No Way Out (1987)?
  47. Can you identify this movie?
  48. Most Anticipated Film of 2006
  49. The DVD Talk Oscar Pool!
  50. RIP Don Knotts
  51. Another name this movie... sorry folks!
  52. Weekend Box Office 2/24 - 2/26 Thread
  53. Love Happy (1949)
  54. Terminator 3
  55. Which actor will come back from DTV hell?
  56. Laloux's "Fantastic Planet"
  57. Is 'Young Mr. Lincoln' based on a true story?
  58. Early 80's comedy Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  59. Madea's Family Reunion
  60. "Elizabeth" sequel
  61. Need help getting info about old 3-D movies
  62. Better war film: "Platoon" vs. "Full Metal Jacket"?
  63. Anything for Billy - Gilliam's next film?
  64. just watched "Two for the Money"...wow that was awful
  65. What is the WORST movie of your FAVORITE actor/director?
  66. "This is Encino" Movie Poster opinion?
  67. injury on CASINO ROYALE set
  68. "The Weather Man"...liked it, hated it, liked it.
  69. Summer IMAX films - ?
  70. Suggestions on movies to watch...
  71. Casshern
  72. Want a better seat at the theater? PAY A PREMIUM.
  73. Are Movies Getting Better Or Getting Worse?
  74. Anyone want to try the VH1/EW World Series of Pop Culture in Atlanta 3/25-26?
  75. Underrated Actors & Actresses
  76. Movies that defy "formula"
  77. Eight Below
  78. Wedding Crashers Ghost? You decide!
  79. Cameron Confirms Project 880 is Next
  80. "Class of 1984" and other great revenge flix thread!
  81. Good Movies With Bad Endings
  82. Term Paper on Violence in the Media in the Reagan-Bush Eras
  83. I'm looking for a movie titled "The Suit"???
  84. Night Watch
  85. Actor Richard Bright killed
  86. Great Cast Ensembles?
  87. Worst Film of 2006...thus far...
  88. Godfather 3 trailer question?
  89. Weekend Box Office (2/17 - 2/20)
  90. New A SCANNER DARKLY trailer!
  91. Freedomland
  92. Anybody seen Day of the Dead 2: Contagium
  93. Need help finding DVD.....
  94. Innapropriate Movie Drinking Games...
  95. For all your trailer music needs
  96. Eight Below 80% at RT
  97. Recommend a Godzilla film
  98. Jason Bourne - No longer a trilogy? Possible franchise? Sources say YES.
  99. Uwe Boll - Worst director ever?
  100. quick Casino Royale question
  101. Date Movie: The Worst Film of 2006 (already).
  102. Brokeback Mountain "Mashups"....
  103. Star Wars: The Empire Brokeback
  104. Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa
  105. "Zathura" A Great Adventure!...how did this bomb?
  106. JFK & RFK should ALWAYS be played by Bruce Greenwood and Steven Culp
  107. ID me a movie (Ending described)
  108. Favorite Evil Dead film
  109. Post your favorite single shot
  110. I hate box office cashiers
  111. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry - Sandler's "modern classic"
  112. The Weather Man (movie): what car was Nicolas Cage driving?
  113. Another Kurosawa - Lucas connection?
  114. Necessary to watch Samurai Trilogy in order?
  115. Phil Brown ('Uncle Owen' from 'Star Wars') dead
  116. Snakes On A Plane: The movie
  117. What is the name of this movie?
  118. Boondock Saints Question
  119. "The Notebook"?
  120. Girlfriend Needs Help Naming A Movie...
  121. Help me find the name of this movie!
  122. London
  123. Stanton Barrett
  124. The death of Hollywood
  125. What happened to Shannyn Sossamon?
  126. Someone care to explain 2001:A Space Odyssey to me? (Spoilers obviously)
  127. Short scenes with obvious and easily explainable symbolism
  128. "House of the Dead 2"...anyone going to see this on SciFi (2/11)?
  129. Will Farrell- 'Talladega Nights' trailer
  130. Weekend Box Office 2/10 - 2/12
  131. Any love for curious george?
  132. Are you from Austin, TX? If so, you might want to check out this screening..
  133. Action movies that don't use 'slo-mo'?
  134. Matrix Trilogy or Star Wars Prequels
  135. Chronicles of Narnia..........
  136. Akira Ifukube (Godzilla Composer): 1914-2006
  137. Johnny Bravo, a live-action movie....starring The Rock??!?!
  138. In Heaven - everything is fine.
  139. Loose Change: 2nd Edition - a 9/11 Documentary (Free to view online)
  140. Script Review of Watchmen
  141. airplane question
  142. Movies hard to finish in one sitting?
  143. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
  144. Movies like Edward Scissorhands?
  145. Schwarzenegger could actually be one of my favourite actors
  146. Le Samourai/Ghost Dog: TWOTS
  147. Avoid Black and White or Foreign Films ?
  148. Movies in which the american president is painted in a bad light?
  149. Pink Panther with Steve Martin. Will it be as bad as it looks?
  150. "Elizabethtown" and other C. Crowe masterpieces!
  151. Film Geek: The Movie
  152. Walerian Borowczyk (1923 - 2006)
  153. The new Vanity Fair cover - if you're a Keira or Scarlett fan, egads!
  154. ...and no one can stop us!!!!
  155. Some Batman sequel Rumors.
  156. Submarine movies: suggestions needed
  157. "Hoodwinked"...ouch...
  158. How is supporting vs lead actress category determined?
  159. Running Scared
  160. Cat Hunting Movie?
  161. "A Streetcar Named Desire"...couple ?'s
  162. V For Vendetta
  163. Mr. and Mrs. Smith didn't impress me
  164. Favorite Superman movie?
  165. MSN--Top 10 Teen Slasher Films...
  166. Something New - quick review
  167. Weekend Box Office 2/3-2/5
  168. Why Does Everyone Hate Stallone? (Also Your Top Stallone Movies!)
  169. ----Jean Claude Van Damme movies!-----
  170. One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest (1975)
  171. Movies that bomb...are they becoming extinct?
  172. whats the name of that documentary about the 4 kids from africa?
  173. Movies about the French Riviera
  174. Amazing "Harry Potter" trivia..
  175. Jack Black is Nacho Libre
  176. Film Critic Paul Clinton (CNN.com) passes away at 53
  177. Caché (Hidden)
  178. The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
  179. Which actors currently do you think have the chance to become one of the best ever?
  180. Naomi Watts, Mulholland Dr and King Kong
  181. Director Lee Tamahori arrested
  182. One more reason so hate Michael Bay (Scarlett Johansson)
  183. "Bully"...why did Larry Clark lie?
  184. Fun with Movies! Mensa screenshot challenge.
  185. A new slant on a classic
  186. Super Bowl previews:what can we expect?
  187. Harry Potter 5 Casting News
  188. Every Which Way But Loose, starring...The Rock?
  189. More questions
  190. Scary Movie 4 Teaser + Posters
  191. Most Influential Independent Movies
  192. Appreciating "November"
  193. 'Sleepless in Seattle' as dark thriller!
  194. "The Notorious Bettie Page" trailer
  195. Cinderella Man nominations??
  196. Suggestions Wanted
  197. Ultimate Oscar contest - win 72 Best Picture Winner DVDs!
  198. The One & Only 2005 Oscar Prediction Thread: Who will win, who should win discussion
  199. D-War - Korean monster flick, American actors, $145m budget?
  200. Official "Who got snubbed?" Oscar Nominee thread
  201. NYC Movie Fans! Ziegfeld plays Indy, Godfather, LOTR & more!
  202. Claymation is dead! Long live.....CGI?
  203. Ultravoilet
  204. Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man on Discover Ch. Feb.3
  205. Friday the 13th prequel coming out 10/13/06!
  206. What Dreams May Come
  207. "Afternoon Delight"
  208. Movies without a title in the opening credits?
  209. Razzie Award Nominations are in
  210. Your 3 favorite sequential years
  211. Toy Story 3 scrapped!
  212. The Perfect Woman!!!
  213. Best Terrence Malick movie
  214. "Junebug" and "The Chumscrubber"
  215. King Kong - view/thoughts - WOW
  216. Omen remake teaser
  217. Can you name the movies these clips are from?
  218. Why did Alien 3 "Suck"?
  219. Weekend Box Office 1/27 - 1/29
  220. Name International movies made for the English market.
  221. Foreign European color movie suggestions...
  222. What are some good 70s movies ?
  223. Films Critics Hate, Fans Love?
  224. "True" by Tykwer with Natalie Portman?
  225. Bright Lights Big City questions
  226. Less Than Zero questions
  227. Movies or scenes that make you hungry?
  228. Hunting for information...
  229. Heart and Souls (1993 Robert Downey Jr movie) question ??
  230. Pulse.....New Horror movie
  231. Probing the mind of producer/director Uwe Boll
  232. RIP Fayard Nicholas, of the Nicholas Brothers Dance Team
  233. Brick.....Has anyone seen this movie?
  234. If there were no more movie theaters...
  235. 'Film' actors who've also done 'theatre' - thoughts
  236. Question about quote in 'Team America'
  237. Christopher Penn found dead in an apartment (merged)
  238. question about where they filmed the supermarket scenes in "go" 1999
  239. The New World
  240. Movies featuring Sex Tourism
  241. Superbowl 2006 film Trailers.
  242. Trailer Park Boys -- The Movie
  243. Help Me Out With Some War Movies.
  244. Movies you disliked the first time you saw them,now you love them
  245. Movies based on novel of a different name?
  246. Do you still buy popcorn @ the movies?
  247. Whatever happened to Lawrence Kasdan?
  248. Whatever happened to Wesley Snipes?
  249. Hary Potter films reviewed by Christian websites
  250. Regal's Big Screen Events