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  1. Clash of the Ninjas?
  2. What will be the biggest Grossing Movie of the Summer?
  3. Francis Ford Coppola's Noah's Ark- Starring Tom Hanks (2008)
  4. Cannes '06: winners announced.
  5. What one film could most agree on really enjoying?
  6. Best to Worst Comicbook Films of All-Time!
  7. Question for Theatre Employees
  8. RIP Paul Gleason
  9. "100 Funniest Movies"...Bravo TV's List?
  10. X3:really the last X-Men movie?
  11. Twisted Nerve (1968)
  12. Shiloh Nouvel Pitt-Jolie Is Born
  13. Question about different theaters showing the same films?
  14. Director's Cut, Unrated: Which one improved upon the original the most?
  15. Report from the World Premiere of "Cars" (reviews merged)
  16. Ray Harryhausen live interview tonight(Saturday Night) on Radio show
  17. DVD Talk review of 'X-Men: The Last Stand'
  18. Resident Evil: Extinction
  19. Stranger Than Fiction (11/10/06, Will Ferrell) Eternal Sunshine meets Adaptation?
  20. Who are all of the X-Men in the three movies?
  21. Movie you've seen the most in your lifetime...
  22. The Lake House
  23. Annoying Theater Experiences: Memorial Day Weekend
  24. Pixar's "Ratatouille" Teaser
  25. Sony's 4K DLP system at the Arclight with 'DaVinci Code' screening - anyone seen it?
  26. Palm Springs Film Noir Festival June 1-4
  27. "Sexy Decoys" in movies :)
  28. Happy 29th Birthday, Star Wars
  29. Movies by the month
  30. A Better Tomorrow remake
  31. Word on "Marie Antoinette": Not Good!
  32. The One and Only XMEN the Last Stand REVIEW Thread SPOILERS
  33. Who Wants to Be a Millioniare: Movie Week
  34. Nick Cassavetes' 'Alpha Dog' - what's the holdup?
  35. Actors that just pop up in a movie after long absence?
  36. I.D. this espionage movie
  37. The Internet Movie Database
  38. How bad does Monster House look?
  39. Phantom Menace to be released in 3D Next Spring
  40. Futbol movie recomendations?
  41. Director Val Guest dead at 94.
  42. Angels & Demons (pre-Da Vinci Code)
  43. Which movies are the most faithful adaptations of books?
  44. Any Website That Shows When and Where Movie Shoots Are?
  45. Robocop vs. Neo
  46. Did anybody else see "Theatrical" one-night Boondock Saints screening?
  47. Films with mutilple aspect ratios (?)
  48. Most badassiest scene in cinema
  49. Best/Worst last film made before an actor/actress has died?
  50. Need Help Finding This Horror Flick?
  51. Memorial Day Box Office (5/26 - 5/29): Guess the Winner, Estimates, and Actuals
  52. Help me identity this movie
  53. Taxi Driver is overrated
  54. Bus Shelter posters (how to display? they're so massive!)
  55. Movie ID Help
  56. SEE NO EVIL : sick fun time:)
  57. Classic Sci Fi Help?
  58. Keith Moon biopic starring Mike Myers
  59. Screenshot request - Back to the Future II
  60. The "MTV Music Video" style of filmmaking: Thoughts?
  61. UNDERWORLD 3 [No Kate Beckinsale :(]
  62. Akeelah and the Bee - quick review
  63. Help with movie title
  64. Box Office (5/19-5/21)
  65. DVD Talk review of 'The Da Vinci Code'
  66. DVD Talk review of 'The Da Vinci Code'
  67. Trippy Animated Films?
  68. Over The Hedge - Review Thread
  69. 10 Things I Hate About Commandments (another trailer mashup)
  70. Film on Film in Film
  71. Munich Vs Sword Of Gideon
  72. Whoa! Bubba Nosferatu announced? With Paul Giamatti?
  73. Dogs humping in movies.....
  74. Most Lynch-ian Film Not Directed by David Lynch
  75. Let's watch a DELETED STAR WARS scene
  76. I need help with a movie title
  77. Can someone please help with a movie title?
  78. Gone, Baby Gone (Ben Affleck's directorial debut)
  79. Is the US ever going to see the release of Beowulf & Grendel?
  80. World Trade Center (2006) Trailer
  81. "A History of Violence.. What a ride!" - reconstructed
  82. If you could magically reverse a movie's boxoffice performance...
  83. Is there an age limit where movies just stop being scary?
  84. What's this MOVIE!!?!?!?
  85. Word on 'Da Vinci Code' ? Not good.
  86. Seamen onscreen in films?
  87. Vomiting, Urinating and Defecating: AKA - Worst week in DVDtalk History?
  88. Movies in which characters urinate onscreen
  89. Favorite single scene
  90. Vomiting in movies?
  91. 'Defecation scenes' in films
  92. Help Identifying Movie
  93. Question about 'The Last Picture Show'
  94. Favorite "fun" movie
  95. Early Adopter: Movies/filmmakers/actors you liked before they were widely popular
  96. House on Haunted Hill (remake) appreciation thread
  97. Happy Birthday George Lucas!
  98. Art School Confidential - quick review
  99. Aishwarya Rai sword-fighting Roman movie THE LAST LEGION (aka THE ENCHANTED SWORD)
  100. EW's 20 Scariest Movies
  101. Weekend Box Office Thread 5/12/06 - 5/14/06
  102. The 2nd X-FILES Feature Film: D.O.A. or Will It Happen?
  103. The Winter of Frankie Machine (D: Friedkin)
  104. Grilled: Kevin James and Ray Romano...straight to DVD?
  105. Looking for crew, Philadelphia area
  106. DVD Talk review of 'An American Haunting'
  107. Christmas Movie Question....help needed
  108. Da Vinci Code Kicks Ass !!
  109. Help me with specific "college" movie recommendations
  110. ID late 70 early 80 film/TV
  111. Lady in the Water trailer
  112. Warner Bros. teams with BitTorrent to distribute movies and television shows online
  113. Anyone remember this early 80's childrens' movie?
  114. PREMIRE Magazines 100 greatest performances
  115. Are Towering Inferno & Poseidon Adventure dvds worth getting?
  116. Which Actor/Actress has gone downhill the most.
  117. Which Bond films will you get?
  118. Xxxiii?
  119. Help: Name this actress (pic)
  120. does anyone here actually want to see "Over the Hedge"?
  121. Box Office Numbers Question
  122. DVD Talk review of 'Mission: Impossible III'
  123. Movies You Like But Everyone Else Hates?
  124. DVD Talk review of 'Mission: Impossible III'
  125. Spider-Man 3 or Superman Returns?
  126. Weekend Box Office Thread for 5/05/06 - 5/07/06
  127. any movie $100 million this year?
  128. 24 feature film confirmed by Kiefer Sutherland, set in London
  129. Summer Movie Brackets
  130. Six weeks of Film Noir double features at NYC's Film Forum
  131. Terminator 2 Rated R
  132. ? about Ticket Prices
  133. I Am Legend Coming Summer 2007 (Will Smith)
  134. Weird coincidence
  135. Help me find out the title of this film I saw on TCM
  136. The New World
  137. Waiting Thread
  138. Original unedited Star wars trilogy on DVD Sept 12
  139. American Psycho
  140. Film piracy costs Hollywood $6.1 bln: study
  141. Movie cliches revisited
  142. Who would you cast for a remake of The Breakfast Club?
  143. Anyone exited about World 3-D Film Expo II?
  144. Biggest Summer Movie & Gross (2006 Edition)?
  145. DRACULA sequel in the works
  146. "Birth of a Nation" On TCM 5/02
  147. AMC's Art-House Venture
  148. Need movie ideas - anyone know of a film involving a blind character?
  149. Michel Gondry to direct Jack Black in Be Kind Rewind
  150. Move with the most versions?
  151. What's this? There's 3-d in the air! NBC re-release
  152. Movies where someone quits their job and rips the boss a new one
  153. What big summer flicks are going make use of DLP screens?
  154. Movies featuring inflatable "Moonbounces" & other party rentals.
  155. Revenge of the Nerds being remade
  156. Alcoholics in films always drink hard alcohol.
  157. DVD Talk review of 'United 93'
  158. Casino Royale Poster and Pics + Official site now up
  159. Hey, that's not my city!
  160. Question about Red Band trailers...
  161. Stick It - quick review
  162. Need help identifying this movie
  163. "Halloween 5"...who was the man in the cowboy hat?
  164. The Boondock Saints will finally be released to theaters (somewhat).
  165. Weekend Box Office Thread 4/28/06 - 4/30/06
  166. List of films by gory death scene...
  167. Symbols in ''Cinema Paradiso''
  168. Poll: Your Favorite Redford and Newman Movie
  169. Wes Anderson's American Express Commerical
  170. R.V. with Robin Williams
  171. Tarantino To Direct Hendrix Movie?
  172. Pathfinder - Karl Urban - July, 2006
  173. Who Collects Mylars?
  174. The Hills Have Eyes 2 : March 2007
  175. Movies that contain scenes like these?
  176. SPACE DAY 2006 @ Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center - Chantilly, VA (IMAX fest)
  177. Eddie Murphy "Still Raw" 2007
  178. need help with "xx/xy" ending(spoilers)
  179. An Inconvenient Truth: Global Warming / Al Gore documentary - May 24, 2006
  180. Favorite villainess in films.
  181. Are too many free pre-advance screenings hurting the overall Film's BO intake?
  182. Kinky Boots
  183. All the King's Men (starring Sean Penn, Jude Law): 9/22/06
  184. Vicious action/thriller films
  185. Where's the love for Duck Season?
  186. I forgot the name of this bad ass movie
  187. MTV Movie Award nominations
  188. Wim Wender's 'Land of Plenty' - anyone seen this?
  189. 59th Cannes Festival Selected Films:
  190. "My Date With Drew"...what a charming, little movie.
  191. The "Borat" Movie - any info?
  192. Friends with Money
  193. Good times, good times, good times. WHAT MOVIE AND WHO
  194. Worst Trailers ever?
  195. DVD Talk review of 'Silent Hill'
  196. Jason Vs. Ash
  197. Weekend Box Office Thread for 4/21/06 - 4/23/06
  198. What's the most far out there use of the phrase "based on a true story"?
  199. Despite Tom Cruise being a "jerk", how will M:I-3 do in theaters?
  200. Not Screened For Critics.
  201. Star Trek XI in 2008 Written/Directed by JJ Abrams
  202. Mothers unite in fight against movie theaters...
  203. Movies Based on Songs
  204. Mission: Impossible III thread (reviews,etc.)
  205. Need Help Finding Movies Depicting Undecided/Undeclared College Students
  206. First seven minutes of X3 on May 11th before "That 70's Show" retrospective
  207. Most GRUESOME Freddy Krueger / Jason / Michael Myers killing?
  208. Columbine Movie?
  209. New Bond Villain....
  210. Movie help!!
  211. "Aliens"...horror or not horror film?
  212. JFK - inappropriate title for this Oliver Stone movie?
  213. please tell me what movie this screen shot is from
  214. I saw Chimes at Midnight!
  215. 40's Movies - Part 2 - Help me select my next three from Netflix, please. :)
  216. The Sentinel (Opens April 21st)
  217. Whats your favorite Jim Carrey movie?
  218. Godfather Trilogy question
  219. Jesus of Nazareth: Best Jesus Movie Ever!
  220. Betcha can't identify this short:
  221. Fragrant films - coming soon?
  222. L'Inferno (1911) - Anyone seen it?
  223. She's the Man V Just One of the Guys
  224. Executive Koala
  225. am I the only person who thinks "Freddy Got Fingered" is hilarious?
  226. B. Paxton's comments about 'Haven' in his DVD talk interview
  227. Crank (2006) - Jason Statham
  228. Horror Movies Thread...what makes it good for you?
  229. Opus Dei asks for disclaimer for "The Da Vinci Code"
  230. Titanic 2 Preview....
  231. Box Office Weekend 4/14 - 4/16: The Easter Edition
  232. What movie is this line from?!?!
  233. Jet Li's FEARLESS
  234. Tom Hanks' Top 5 Favorite Movies
  235. Need Help! Symbols in Citizen Kane
  236. "The Untouchables: Capone Rising"...did anyone know about De Palma's Part II?
  237. Need a high resolution pic of Palpatine from SW..
  238. Anybody heard about the movie MEG that comes out in 2007?
  239. Brokeback Mountain 2 - we all knew this was coming....
  240. What movies is this?
  241. Your favorite director, and his worst movie?
  242. Best Tarantino Film?
  243. Movies You Love with Actors You Hate
  244. Titanic 2 trailer
  245. Indian Actor Raj Kumar Dies, Fans Riot
  246. Anyone know what Pixar is doing after cars??
  247. Uncomfortable Scenes
  248. How great was..."True Romance"?
  249. Special Effects/Makeup vs. CGI
  250. greatest game ever played