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  1. Most GRUESOME Freddy Krueger / Jason / Michael Myers killing?
  2. Columbine Movie?
  3. New Bond Villain....
  4. Movie help!!
  5. "Aliens"...horror or not horror film?
  6. JFK - inappropriate title for this Oliver Stone movie?
  7. please tell me what movie this screen shot is from
  8. I saw Chimes at Midnight!
  9. 40's Movies - Part 2 - Help me select my next three from Netflix, please. :)
  10. The Sentinel (Opens April 21st)
  11. Whats your favorite Jim Carrey movie?
  12. Godfather Trilogy question
  13. Jesus of Nazareth: Best Jesus Movie Ever!
  14. Betcha can't identify this short:
  15. Fragrant films - coming soon?
  16. L'Inferno (1911) - Anyone seen it?
  17. She's the Man V Just One of the Guys
  18. Executive Koala
  19. am I the only person who thinks "Freddy Got Fingered" is hilarious?
  20. B. Paxton's comments about 'Haven' in his DVD talk interview
  21. Crank (2006) - Jason Statham
  22. Horror Movies Thread...what makes it good for you?
  23. Opus Dei asks for disclaimer for "The Da Vinci Code"
  24. Titanic 2 Preview....
  25. Box Office Weekend 4/14 - 4/16: The Easter Edition
  26. What movie is this line from?!?!
  27. Jet Li's FEARLESS
  28. Tom Hanks' Top 5 Favorite Movies
  29. Need Help! Symbols in Citizen Kane
  30. "The Untouchables: Capone Rising"...did anyone know about De Palma's Part II?
  31. Need a high resolution pic of Palpatine from SW..
  32. Anybody heard about the movie MEG that comes out in 2007?
  33. Brokeback Mountain 2 - we all knew this was coming....
  34. What movies is this?
  35. Your favorite director, and his worst movie?
  36. Best Tarantino Film?
  37. Movies You Love with Actors You Hate
  38. Titanic 2 trailer
  39. Indian Actor Raj Kumar Dies, Fans Riot
  40. Anyone know what Pixar is doing after cars??
  41. Uncomfortable Scenes
  42. How great was..."True Romance"?
  43. Special Effects/Makeup vs. CGI
  44. greatest game ever played
  45. Could someone please explain Stay to me?
  46. Most Effective Use of Music in a Movie?
  47. "Outbreak" - what does he say? (SPOILERS)
  48. American Pie 5: The Naked Mile
  49. Whit Stillman movies...
  50. LITTLE MAN looks hilarious
  51. FINALLY!! A movie about a real-life crazy person...!
  52. Is this scene from a movie: pic inside-monkey w/gun
  53. Just saw Crash and Brokeback= Winner CRASH
  54. Is it just me, or will "the Wild" bomb...huge.
  55. Just saw 12 Monkeys for the first time - Question on ending
  56. November (with Courtney Cox) - Anyone see it?
  57. THE (almost) complete STEVEN SPIELBERG FILM REVIEW
  58. 'Brick' - best film I've seen in months
  59. White Chicks
  60. Hard Candy
  61. Zodiac Script Review
  62. Paris Hilton May Play Mother Teresa....
  63. DVD Talk review of 'Lucky Number Slevin'
  64. Acting Extremities- "Crazy Actors"
  65. Take the Lead - quick review
  66. Recommend some films about writers (especially screenwriters, like Adaptation)
  67. Movie characters starting with letter "T"?
  68. Can they still call the fourth Mission: Impossible movie MI5?
  69. Cilve Owen as Bond: still a possibility; Daniel Craig being set up to fail?
  70. Casablanca tops list of 101 greatest scripts
  71. Stanley Kubrick's Loltia- extended VHS version. Anyone else seen it?
  72. Ice Age age approriate for a 3yr old?
  73. Saw 3
  74. Stone to Direct ‘Basic Instinct 3’....
  75. Odd Req- In-Car computers for Police in Movies and TV
  76. whos gets the ticket money? who gets the consession stand money?
  77. Rififi remake?? (2007)
  78. How About a "Dragonlance" movie?
  79. Ice Harvest, opinions?
  80. DVD Talk review of 'Dave Chappelle's Block Party'
  81. DVD Talk review of 'Brick'
  82. Can Someone help me, with this title.
  83. Baywatch: The Movie
  84. Best Segue to End Credit Songs in Movies
  85. Is there any movie they can't make?
  86. What are some of the "must see" Asian films in the past year or so?
  87. About A Boy
  88. Elm Street Prequel to be directed by Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Director
  89. Evil Aliens - stateside release??
  90. Kate Beckinsale leads Whedon's 'Wonder Woman'... No, wait.
  91. Heat Vision and Jack (a Jack Black pilot)
  92. Formulamatic movies
  93. Please recommend a Straight-to-video Steven Seagal movie
  94. John McTiernan Charged in Wiretapping Case
  95. Adam & Steve - it's about time!
  96. Movie Name Help! Will bug me all day long.
  97. What's wrong with the movie industry?
  98. Cliffhanger (Stallone)
  99. Actors in lots of sequels to originals they were never in.
  100. Somebody explain Superman 2 to me
  101. Foreign Movie Title Translations?
  102. What do you prefer?
  103. Unique Color Palettes
  104. Michael Bay to remake LADYHAWKE?
  105. Student Work :Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  106. Madonna to join Star Wars?
  107. Box Office 3/31-4/2: Ice Age $21 million opening day
  108. The Thing Remake?
  109. Spielberg to direct remake of Small Wonder starring Dakota Fanning
  110. What's this movie title???
  111. Favorite movie that takes place almost exclusively at night?
  112. The (in) Complete Billy Wilder Film Review
  113. Awesome, I F*cking Shot That!
  114. What is or will be the biggest bomb of 2006?
  115. What plots are you sick and tired of?
  116. Puss in Boots (2008) - DreamWorks
  117. Films where one character "assumes" the identity of another?
  118. Movie scenes that completely destroy the sense of realism?
  119. Ice Age: The Meltdown
  120. [help]could it be the film "heavingly kid"?
  121. Movie Teams (ex. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks), how many are there?
  122. Can anyone help me with some suggestions
  123. Goal! - 5/12/06 - Anyone interested?
  124. The Movie Timeline
  125. Horror Movies: U.S. Audiences Hungry for Blood....
  126. Need help identifying an actress....
  127. Bob Saget to direct R rated penguin mockumentary
  128. Scenes on a Bridge
  129. Movies that DIDN'T make you cry.
  130. Ocean's 13 - Summer 2007
  131. Longest gone without watching a movie?
  132. 3 Extremes
  133. "(insert movie)" is a bad movie I just love!
  134. R.I.P., Richard Fleischer - Director, (1916-2006)
  135. Most Romantic Romance?
  136. Attention Christina Lindberg fans! (In L.A.)
  137. Tank Girl? Yay or nay?
  138. Slither looks awesome!!!
  139. STAY ALIVE reviews
  140. I finally saw Network..it was a dark comedy/satire right?
  141. Movies with characters who stutter?
  142. United 93
  143. Movies that were mostly good but crashed and burned towards the end
  144. Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector. A "bold new vision" in comedy!
  145. Game6 - the real return of Michael Keaton?
  146. American Dreamz: Or Satire For the Masses.
  147. Movie Theaters play 3D Sporting Events - Would you go?
  148. Anyone see Thank You For Smoking?
  149. Sean Penn should have won in 1996,
  150. Question about 'Van Helsing'
  151. question about the movie Communion
  152. Who portrayed P.O.T.U.S. the best in a movie?
  153. "Everything is Illuminated" ? (minor spoilers)
  154. My co worker just said White Chicks was funnier then 40 Year Old Virgin?
  155. New Line to make a Horror version of "Peter Pan"
  156. Are matinee prices becoming extinct?
  157. Would you pay full price to see a movie that is less than 90 minutes?
  158. WWII films dealing with domination/submission?
  159. Looking to I.D. 2 movies...sci-fi and horror...
  160. more movie help
  161. Can someone help with the name of this movie
  162. Movie was OK or bad but the soundtrack was awesome?
  163. Name the greatest movie shots of all time (need help with home theater design)
  164. Best old unknown ensemble cast turned into stars?
  165. The last great Bruckheimer action/adventure film?
  166. I can't believe I just watched (insert movie) for the first time!
  167. Vote in the Great American Movie Showdown
  168. Weekend Box Office Thread March 17 - 19th, 2006
  169. Unprecedented 3-CD set for "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" (1969) from FSM
  170. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
  171. Rian Johnson's new film "Brick"
  172. The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada - quick review
  173. Need help with a DVD title
  174. You've got to watch (insert film here)....
  175. It's been a busy week, movie-wise
  176. need help with movie
  177. Any Christopher Lambert fans?
  178. ONE more "Help with this title" Thread :)
  179. Not enough "need help with a movie title" threads, well here's another one...
  180. Who would you cast in the movie version of THREE'S COMPANY?
  181. The Complete Sydney Pollack Movie Review
  182. 'Cars' wows theater owners in first public screening
  183. "Drawing Restraint 9". Oh...My...Gawd...
  184. I Dream of Jeannie cast
  185. Amanda Bynes Mega-Thread
  186. FIND ME GUILTY - another Lumet classic?
  187. Johnny Mnemonic - why was it such a failure?
  188. Didn't that movie just come out?
  189. George Lucas on moviemaking in Time Mag.
  190. Del Toro is The Wolf Man
  191. Brett Ratner - a day in the life of
  192. Pulp Fiction question?
  193. More Brokeback crying...
  194. Lucas working on a new film not named Star Wars or Indy!
  195. 'Welcome Back, Ice Cube' — Rapper Taking On 'Kotter' Role
  196. A History Of Violence..What a ride!
  197. 16 Blocks
  198. Does the KARATE KID get Recognition for being the Cult Classic that it is ?
  199. Office Space: As a Crime Thriller....
  200. the Complete Bob Altman Film Review
  201. New James Bond movie: fewer gadgets, more grit
  202. Was this the worst week in movie history?
  203. Ratatouille -- Pixar and Brad Bird next project
  204. where to find screenplays/scripts online?
  205. Lucky Number Slevin Review thread (merged)
  206. IMDb Bottom 100
  207. Bi-op-ic or Bio-pic?
  208. Screen Cap Quiz...
  209. Cuts to original NC-17 release of "The Libertine" for wide R?
  210. Yet Another Weekend Box Office Thread (3/10 - 3/12, 2006)
  211. Scorsese vs. Oscar
  212. 2006 South by Southwest Film Festival recap
  213. Movies that you are shocked that haven't been produced yet: both good and bad
  214. familymediaguide.com
  215. Deleted/alternate scenes you saw in the movie theater
  216. Ask the Dust - Hayek/Farrell/Towne
  217. Help! Looking for movies that use smoke special effects
  218. So how long before a remake of Jaws is made?
  219. They Live!
  220. Favorite Adventure films
  221. SLITHER reviews
  222. Films in black & white, but with certain things in color: What are they?
  223. The Giver (2014, Noyce) S: Streep, Bridges, Holmes, Skarsgard, Swift
  224. Jarhead - a dissapointment
  225. THE SHAGGY DOG is proof that we need more Disney remakes
  226. Weird coincidences in movies?
  227. Clint Eastwood's war film(s)
  228. Can't Find the Title
  229. Kirby Dick's 'This Film Is Not Yet Rated'
  230. Anthony Hopkins: "Audiences aren't so mindless as movie-makers think"....
  231. Badlands (Mallick) soundtrack question...
  232. IMDB: Eros (2004)
  233. Shinobi - Heart Under Blade
  234. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN is proof that Ang Lee should make Spider-Man/Hulk buddy movie!
  235. CRASH is proof that Oscar-winning movies don't need to be released later in the year
  236. MGM, Weinstein Set to Roar Again
  237. Wild Things (1998)
  238. Need help with title...
  239. Question about film making
  240. Overnight (2003) - The Documentary
  241. Question about the Academy
  242. The Halloween Remake! Possible Pg-13 young teen target market remake
  243. So, MovieTalk....who should have won Best Picture?
  244. Are there Special Editions of the Harry Potter movies?
  245. Need help with titles
  246. Anyone watch Ebert and Roeper?
  247. Entertainment Weekly's 25 Worst sequels ever made
  248. Toy Story 2: Requiem
  249. Natalie Portman rap video
  250. Quentin Tarantino picks his fave films of 2005