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  1. Any horror film recommendations?
  2. Horror Flicks No One Should Go Without Seeing
  3. Adam Sandlers Click
  4. Serenity Charity screenings, Chicago - 23 Jun 2006
  5. WOW moments in movies
  6. Question: Sources for “La Fête à Henriette”(1952)’s narrative structure
  7. Need help - Anyone know the name of this movie?
  8. Shyamalan's falling out with Disney
  9. The Most Difficult Movie Drinking Games Ever...
  10. Most Consistent Director?
  11. 80s Horror Wish List: NOT on DVD yet
  12. Laminated Autographed Movie Posters?
  13. Best (international) political thrillers?
  14. Let's watch a couple STAR WARS toy commercials
  15. Best psychological horror movie
  16. Worst movie in a Quadrilogy?
  17. What is it about "old" special effects that make them seem better than modern CGI?
  18. Repetitive topics, getting out of hand?
  19. This week's DVD Stalk column: Response Thread
  20. Could anyone recommend some decent zombie and/or cannibal movies?
  21. Superman Returns:will it wind up like Batman Begins and King Kong?
  22. If you had to choose one director to film your life story so far...
  23. My Super Ex Girlfriend - Worst movie ever?
  24. Brenda Strong in Starship Troopers 1 & 2?
  25. Most rewatchable horror movies...
  26. Most re-watchable horror movie?
  27. Censored DVD? Return??
  28. Have sequels ever been remade that followed a remake of the first film?
  29. What movies have scenes of financial traders or commodity traders working?
  30. Remakes, getting out of hand?
  31. OK, how about this: Lawrence of Arabia vs. Ishtar
  32. What is one scene from a movie that keeps it from being "timeless"?
  33. Help with finding a horror movie title please
  34. Star Wars '77 or The Empire Strikes Back, which is your favorite?
  35. Help! What movie is this cap from?
  36. Superman or Superman II
  37. Best Zombie Movie Thread!
  38. Horror Release Calendar!
  39. Best blood and guts horror movie? (GORE, GORE, GORE!)
  40. DVD Talk review of 'The Omen (2006)'
  41. Three Extremes II
  42. Welcome to the DVD Stalk forum...
  43. Settle an argument: Batman 1989 or Superman 1978
  44. settle an argument - Batman 1989 or Superman 1978
  45. In this thread post screenshots of Al Pacino actually laughing. *pic*
  46. Socal, 70mm madness! See T2,Lawrence,Vertigo, etc.
  47. Help, Need The Name Of This Film
  48. Star Wars (by Robot Chicken)
  49. ...and the Most Inappropriate Movie to Watch Today (Father's Day) is...
  50. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  51. The Triangle
  52. Anyone remember this film - "orange cremes"?
  53. Borat Movie Trailer
  54. Scoop -- Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson reunited.
  55. Help name this movie
  56. Weekend Box Office Thread 6/16 - 6/18
  57. Romantically unconvincing leading ladies and leading men
  58. Taxi Driver or Apocalypse Now Redux?
  59. DVD Talk review of 'The Lake House'
  60. Does Jon Stewart hate Jennifer Love Hewitt?
  61. Just watched High Tension..Help im confused!! **WARNING** **SPOILERS**
  62. Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift - Review Thread
  63. Help identifying a late 70's/early 80's horror film
  64. Gimme some funny film titles!
  65. Star Wars Trivia
  66. Missing Segment from Hotdog Movie magazine....
  67. EW's 25 Most Controversial Movies of All Time
  68. Notting Hill soundtrack
  69. Requiem For A Dream...have you seen it? Should I?
  70. If you were this movie, what would your name be?
  71. What's that movie?
  72. "AFI's 100 Years...100 Cheers" Discussion Thread
  73. What's so great about Goodfellas?
  74. What are your favorite 20 scenes from movies?
  75. Need movie title help
  76. Sweeny Todd ramps into production...
  77. "The Quiet Earth" (1985): Thoughts?
  78. Who designed Bill Murray's sweatsuit in Broken Flowers?
  79. The Cruel Intentions appreciation thread
  80. Campbell Scott appreciation thread
  81. For Replay Value, Who enjoys Star Wars as 3,4,5,6 now?
  82. Best Actor that got robbed of the Oscar?
  83. Casino Royale Trailer is up
  84. uwe boll wants to kick your ass
  85. Help with a Horror title please
  86. DVD Talk review of 'Cars'
  87. Favorite blockbuster-driven decade
  88. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls facts
  89. RUSHMORE fans, take a look...
  90. The World Series (MLB) in a movie ever shown?
  91. explain the concept in "The Lakehouse"
  92. Ferris Bueller's Day Off turns 20, today!!!!!!!!
  93. Anyone Collect Movie Stills (Pictures) Instead of/Along With Movie Posters?
  94. Explain the ending please (Planet of the Apes remake)
  95. X-men (first one) question about Rogue and Magneto
  96. Name a spy movie for me?
  97. Soccer Movies?
  98. The Peter Saarsgard :drool: Appreciation Thread
  99. Box Office Results: 6/09-6/11
  100. "Superman Returns"...the reviews thread.
  101. Most commonly used saying to come from a movie?
  102. DVD Talk review of 'A Prairie Home Companion'
  103. What Movie Would you Want to Watch at the Location where it was Filmed?
  104. just saw Oldboy - SPOILERS!
  105. Netflix to screen movies this summer at locations where they were filmed
  106. Fear (1996) Appreciation Thread
  107. Interesting note about the Davinci Code in our local theater
  108. Alien vs Predator 2 is being directed by...
  109. "MTV Movie Awards" (2006 Edition)
  110. Top 100 movies by year?
  111. What ever happened to: Geena Davis?
  112. Another re-make... but Battle Royale?
  113. Movies that didn't deserve an R rating
  114. Planning a Butt-Numb-A-Thon
  115. Best picture that got robbed of the Oscar?
  116. Boxing Movies
  117. Van Damme, Seagal, Snipes - Whose Straight to Video Career is least Embarassing ?
  118. Why would someone make a commercial NOW with American Godzilla?
  119. Rpbin Williams' Career - Straight To Video Hell!?!?!
  120. movie poster recommendations?
  121. Anyone Help with Name of This Film.- Or this Short.?
  122. Question about Opening Movie Theater?
  123. Who can name the Actors that started out as sleazeballs but become leading men?
  124. Help! What film speeches are "motivational"?
  125. Upcoming horror/sci-fi conventions in Southern California?
  126. Enjoy a good Western? Go see The Proposition.
  127. Can anyone please name this movie that I saw? It has two cops - one white, one black.
  128. More Horror Re-makes: Part III... The Stepfather
  129. Careers in the Film Industry?
  130. "The Omen" out 6/6/6 - Reviews
  131. Movie withdrawl, frontloaded summer
  132. Ziyi Zhang & Weinsteins - Live-Action Mulan & Seven Samurai (Remake)
  133. Return of the Jedi is great
  134. If you were to introduce the STAR WARS Trilogies to someone who hadn't seen them...
  135. Framed 35mm film cells?
  136. A Prairie Home Companion (Robert Altman): Reviews, thoughts, etc...
  137. 2 questions about movie tricks
  138. Does anyone else....
  139. Arthur Widmer, inventor of blue screen technology, dies at 92
  140. Singer/group featured in the most movies and name the movies...
  141. Box Office 6-2-4: Break-Up HUGE, X-Men falls nearly 80%!!
  142. CARLITO'S WAY Teaser
  143. CAPE FEAR '91 question
  144. Rob Zombie to write/direct next Halloween movie?
  145. X-Men Spinoff Movies
  146. The Break Up:The review.....
  147. District B13. (If you love fun action, GO SEE IT. OPENS FRI)
  148. Secret Wars vs. Crisis on Infinite Earth:which would you rather see?
  149. Godard for a newbie (me)
  150. Fantastic Four II - June 15/07 (merged)
  151. Actor or actress you didn't recognize until the end credits.
  152. Solo Wolverine movie...
  153. Spiderman 3: First pics of the black suit....
  154. Kill Bill in 120 seconds, plus Kill Count...
  155. stupid thread that I can't think of a title for
  156. What ever happened to Spaceballs: the Search for More Money?
  157. RIP Shohei Imamura
  158. Please Name This Horror Film
  159. A couple of STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE questions
  160. X-Men 4 - The search for mo' money
  161. Socal, See Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm
  162. Films that don't have a sequel...but dammit they deserve one.
  163. Clash of the Ninjas?
  164. What will be the biggest Grossing Movie of the Summer?
  165. Francis Ford Coppola's Noah's Ark- Starring Tom Hanks (2008)
  166. Cannes '06: winners announced.
  167. What one film could most agree on really enjoying?
  168. Best to Worst Comicbook Films of All-Time!
  169. Question for Theatre Employees
  170. RIP Paul Gleason
  171. "100 Funniest Movies"...Bravo TV's List?
  172. X3:really the last X-Men movie?
  173. Twisted Nerve (1968)
  174. Shiloh Nouvel Pitt-Jolie Is Born
  175. Question about different theaters showing the same films?
  176. Director's Cut, Unrated: Which one improved upon the original the most?
  177. Report from the World Premiere of "Cars" (reviews merged)
  178. Ray Harryhausen live interview tonight(Saturday Night) on Radio show
  179. DVD Talk review of 'X-Men: The Last Stand'
  180. Resident Evil: Extinction
  181. Stranger Than Fiction (11/10/06, Will Ferrell) Eternal Sunshine meets Adaptation?
  182. Who are all of the X-Men in the three movies?
  183. Movie you've seen the most in your lifetime...
  184. The Lake House
  185. Annoying Theater Experiences: Memorial Day Weekend
  186. Pixar's "Ratatouille" Teaser
  187. Sony's 4K DLP system at the Arclight with 'DaVinci Code' screening - anyone seen it?
  188. Palm Springs Film Noir Festival June 1-4
  189. "Sexy Decoys" in movies :)
  190. Happy 29th Birthday, Star Wars
  191. Movies by the month
  192. A Better Tomorrow remake
  193. Word on "Marie Antoinette": Not Good!
  194. The One and Only XMEN the Last Stand REVIEW Thread SPOILERS
  195. Who Wants to Be a Millioniare: Movie Week
  196. Nick Cassavetes' 'Alpha Dog' - what's the holdup?
  197. Actors that just pop up in a movie after long absence?
  198. I.D. this espionage movie
  199. The Internet Movie Database
  200. How bad does Monster House look?
  201. Phantom Menace to be released in 3D Next Spring
  202. Futbol movie recomendations?
  203. Director Val Guest dead at 94.
  204. Angels & Demons (pre-Da Vinci Code)
  205. Which movies are the most faithful adaptations of books?
  206. Any Website That Shows When and Where Movie Shoots Are?
  207. Robocop vs. Neo
  208. Did anybody else see "Theatrical" one-night Boondock Saints screening?
  209. Films with mutilple aspect ratios (?)
  210. Most badassiest scene in cinema
  211. Best/Worst last film made before an actor/actress has died?
  212. Need Help Finding This Horror Flick?
  213. Memorial Day Box Office (5/26 - 5/29): Guess the Winner, Estimates, and Actuals
  214. Help me identity this movie
  215. Taxi Driver is overrated
  216. Bus Shelter posters (how to display? they're so massive!)
  217. Movie ID Help
  218. SEE NO EVIL : sick fun time:)
  219. Classic Sci Fi Help?
  220. Keith Moon biopic starring Mike Myers
  221. Screenshot request - Back to the Future II
  222. The "MTV Music Video" style of filmmaking: Thoughts?
  223. UNDERWORLD 3 [No Kate Beckinsale :(]
  224. Akeelah and the Bee - quick review
  225. Help with movie title
  226. Box Office (5/19-5/21)
  227. DVD Talk review of 'The Da Vinci Code'
  228. DVD Talk review of 'The Da Vinci Code'
  229. Trippy Animated Films?
  230. Over The Hedge - Review Thread
  231. 10 Things I Hate About Commandments (another trailer mashup)
  232. Film on Film in Film
  233. Munich Vs Sword Of Gideon
  234. Whoa! Bubba Nosferatu announced? With Paul Giamatti?
  235. Dogs humping in movies.....
  236. Most Lynch-ian Film Not Directed by David Lynch
  237. Let's watch a DELETED STAR WARS scene
  238. I need help with a movie title
  239. Can someone please help with a movie title?
  240. Gone, Baby Gone (Ben Affleck's directorial debut)
  241. Is the US ever going to see the release of Beowulf & Grendel?
  242. World Trade Center (2006) Trailer
  243. "A History of Violence.. What a ride!" - reconstructed
  244. If you could magically reverse a movie's boxoffice performance...
  245. Is there an age limit where movies just stop being scary?
  246. What's this MOVIE!!?!?!?
  247. Word on 'Da Vinci Code' ? Not good.
  248. Seamen onscreen in films?
  249. Vomiting, Urinating and Defecating: AKA - Worst week in DVDtalk History?
  250. Movies in which characters urinate onscreen