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  1. Top 25 cult films of all time - from boston.com
  2. Favorite Vietnam war movie
  3. What stood in for Saddam's House in Hot Shots Part Deux?
  4. smallville the movie vs superman returns sequel
  5. Head Trauma- has anyone seen it.
  6. Fantasic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
  7. Wes Anderson's next movie: The Darjeeling Limited
  8. any idea what movie this is?
  9. Top 10 Movie Bombs...
  10. Movies That Would Be Too Expensive To Cast Now?
  11. The Chronicles of Riddick - Did you get it?
  12. HOSTEL 2 gets its leading ladies
  13. I think there ought to be a real 'Heart of Darkness' movie made
  14. Bruno Kirby, Dead At 57
  15. Horror at Toronto '06
  16. Scenes of people accidentally/unknowingly getting shot
  17. The Last Survivors
  18. Win a signed Last Kiss poster
  19. Darth Vader being a smartass
  20. Stranger Than Fiction
  21. Miami Vice Poll
  22. Russian SciFi/Fantasy films in NYC Aug 11-24
  23. Snakes On A Plane On Toast!
  24. Article on just how much $$$ Disney has invested in 'Pirates'
  25. Need help finding the name of a movie.
  26. Looking for quote from 'ATL'
  27. Little Miss Sunshine ..
  28. Snakes on a Plane box office predictions
  29. Movies post 9/11 with Terrorists/Terrorism
  30. Red Lights (Feux rouges)
  31. 10th And Wolf (new Donnie Brasco flick)
  32. Looking for title of Aussie Soap/Movie feat kids
  33. Help with a movie title
  34. Marvel "AVENGERS" Film in the works?
  35. The "cheesy movie scenes on youtube" tribute thread
  36. Has Tarantino become nothing more than a Parody of himself ?
  37. Help figure out the title of this movie: A friend requested this
  38. Snakes on a train?
  39. Meet William H. Macy This Weekend ( Aug. 11-13 ) In Hollywood & Pasadena
  40. I know it's august but... Santa Clause 3
  41. Watched Wishmaster, how is #2-4?
  42. Need Help Identifying 2 Movies Based on Images
  43. Box Office Discussion 8/9-8/13
  44. Info about the new Christopher Guest movie "For Your Consideration"
  45. Will Snakes on a PLane be affected by news of new airplane terror plots?
  46. Equilibrium: I don't get it?! (SPOILERS)
  47. Just saw Beerfest.
  48. If you could only save 1 Singer Cousin, who would it be, Marc or Bryan?
  49. Disney Family Feud
  50. PULP FICTION - how can you simply "leave the life?" ***SPOILERS***
  51. Sign the online petition from IFC's 'This Film Is Not Yet Rated' website.
  52. So no "Kung Fu Hustle 2" for now?
  53. A few horror films to look out for (Fantasia Film Fest winners)
  54. The illusionist (merged)
  55. List of Spy Movies
  56. The Covenant trailer (might as well be The Craft 2)
  57. Remake this: "The Return of the Living Dead" Your thoughts?
  58. Favorite Behind-The-Scenes photo(s)
  59. Need help with name of an upcoming movie
  60. Identify movie name?
  61. the Sequel Onlslaught Continues. Next up, Lethal Weapon 5!
  62. What are some non-R1 Horror DVDs to buy?
  63. What film was this scene from?
  64. Unrelated movies w/ same footage
  65. Name this scifi movie title...can't remember
  66. Rumor: Snake Plissken is back. "Escape from Earth"
  67. Name of movie ?
  68. John Tucker Must Die
  69. Man of the Year Trailer (Robin Williams/Barry Levinson)
  70. Weekend Box Office: "Ricky Bobby Edition" 8/4-8/6
  71. Universal Moster Fans - Heads Up!
  72. What is the name of the movie?
  73. 5-25-77
  74. Wild Things 3 An eye candy of guilty pleasure
  75. Documentary about a race across the U.S.?
  76. Pet Semetary question
  77. Wall Street Question.
  78. Nashville: The Weekend Classics Matinee Series at the Belcourt
  79. whos knows this movie??
  80. Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard (June 29, 2007)
  81. George Clooney to star in remake of Pet Sematary (maybe)
  82. Grudge 2 trailer
  83. Chan/Li Action Movie Close to a Done Deal...
  84. What ever happened to Project Greenlights horror movie "Feast"?
  85. Fast Food Nation trailer
  86. Who was the definitive actor of each decade?
  87. Movies with cults in them
  88. Snakes on a Train (real movie)
  89. Brother-in-Law of Chucky...?
  90. The Top 50 Movie Endings of All Time....
  91. Batman Begins 2 (The Dark Knight) + Ledger confimed
  92. Mulholland Drive [Spoilers]
  93. DVD Talk review of 'Little Miss Sunshine'
  94. Need 70's Drive-in Movie Identified
  95. Fire damages "Casino Royale" set
  96. Please help me find this movie....UK
  97. Revolutionary war movies?
  98. What is the Title of this obscure Adam&Eve comdey Movie?
  99. World Trade Center review
  100. The Official "Miami Vice is the WORST movie of the year" thread
  101. Weekend Box Office Discussion 7/28 - 7/30
  102. Essential Terry Thomas?
  103. Happy Feet anyone?
  104. How is Ant Bully in IMAX 3D???
  105. Hugh Jackman is everywhere
  106. M. Night Shyamalan Directing Harry Potter?
  107. Aquaman Movie in the works
  108. Pick the box office leader!
  109. Scorsese's THE DEPARTED trailer online
  110. DVD Talk review of 'The Descent'
  111. Back to the Future Question
  112. Lil' Jon set to direct a Shakespeare adaptation about gnomes? "WHAAAATT?!"
  113. Help me find any movie with these words in it?
  114. Brian De Palma's The Black Dahlia
  115. Anyone know what movies these are?
  116. Stuart Gordon's 'Edmond' - wider release?
  117. The ABC Sunday Night Movie
  118. Steely dan's rant on the Butterscotch Stallion
  119. Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Adaptation
  120. Looks like Disney's gonna try one more time in the 2-D realm...
  121. Help me identify 2 horror movies...
  122. Is City of God the best movie of this decade so far?
  123. This week's DVD Stalk column (7/27/06): Response Thread
  124. Mallrats 2 should be next!
  125. 'Crash' stars still waiting on checks...
  126. Rachel Weisz and bathtubs
  127. DVD Talk review of 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend'
  128. Rufus Sewell is severly typecasted
  129. Horrible miscast voice-acting?
  130. The secret salacious world of the Munchkins
  131. Favorite Danny Elfman Score(s)?
  132. KILL BILL: 2 new films coming... Animation
  133. Question about The Fountain Trailer?
  134. Help identify movie *Adult Content*
  135. Dakota Fanning Rape Scene
  136. Need help figuring out this movie.
  137. "Incredible Hulk" is happening (merged)
  138. Is Superman Returns a box office dissapointment ?
  139. Mako (1933-2006)
  140. Which movie character would you most like to date?
  141. Requiem for a Dream
  142. Rocky VII
  143. Best site to find all-time box office gross?
  144. Miami Vice - The Review Thread
  145. why doesnt ll cool j...
  146. Running With Scissors
  147. Need help with a Star Wars like film
  148. DVD Talk review of 'Lady in the Water'
  149. What movie is this screen shot from?
  150. Vin Diesel and BET Team on Animated Hannibal
  151. Weekend Box Office 7/21-7/23
  152. Turetskii Gambit (Russian Film)
  153. Looking for an old movie
  154. "Heaven Can Wait" star Jack Warden dies at 85
  155. New film by Satoshi Kon: Paprika
  156. New Stargate Movies on the Horizon
  157. Children Of Men (merged/spoilers)
  158. Official TMNT the Movie (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Thread (merged)
  159. Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
  160. What is the "trapped in a Target" movie?
  161. Joker Casting News: Heath Ledger being offered the role
  162. Day of the Dead remake...Starring Ving Rhames and Mena Suvari
  163. Does Harry ever NOT like a movie?
  164. Monster House
  165. Bond 22 gearing up for pre-production
  166. Has anyone seen The Cavern (new to DVD 7/18)?
  167. Godfather Part 2 Question
  168. Lady In The Water Reviews Thread
  169. The Public Enemy (James Cagney) **Spoilers Within**
  170. Help identifying a movie
  171. Missed a scene from Dead Man's Chest... what happened? (spoilers...)
  172. World Trade Center Sneak Preview July 29
  173. Weekend Box Office Discussion 7/14-7/16
  174. Volver trailer -- Almodóvar, Cruz, Maura
  175. What was your anticipated trifecta for '06
  176. Beerfest
  177. Michel Gondry's new film - The Science of Sleep (Trailer!)
  178. Plaga Zombie: Muntant Zone....anybody seen it?
  179. The Art of Movie Quoting....
  180. Invincible (Mark Wahlberg, Greg Kinnear): Does this seem familiar to anyone else?
  181. What are these movies called?
  182. 28 Weeks Later - May 11th, 2007
  183. What is Dupree doing that freaks out Kate Hudson?
  184. The Prestige trailer -- Jackman, Bale, Johansson
  185. Green Lantern movie storyline?
  186. Does Rosario Dawson look different to you?
  187. Oscar-Winning Actor Red Buttons Dies at 87
  188. Shrek The Third AKA Shrek 3 -- Casting news
  189. This week's DVD Stalk column (7/13/06): Response Thread
  190. Do New Yorkers Get Tired of Seeing Movies Set in New York?
  191. Help with Movies set in Theatres
  192. Take the Economist's Film Quiz
  193. Vital
  194. What movie has been released on the most home video formats?
  195. "Night in the Museum" (Christmas 2006; Ben Stiller stars)
  196. YART: Adventures in Babysitting.. w/ Raven Symone
  197. POTC:Dead Mans Chest: Empire Strikes Back or Matrix Reloaded Vibe?
  198. List of oscar eligible movies pre-1997
  199. Natalie Portman will be naked...
  200. Explain the ending of "Cut" from 3 Extremes to me
  201. Has anyone seen THE BUSINESS ? It's a uk crime film?
  202. List of sexual movies
  203. Little Miss Sunshine + lots of free previews!
  204. With Pirates making so much money how could Disney resist??
  205. Comic Con 2006
  206. The Devil Wears Prada - quick review
  207. Worst Movie Type-The Super Chick Flick
  208. Pirates sets new one-day box office record!
  209. A new Rocky movie Why!!!!!!
  210. Greatest "sad love story"?
  211. Deal: Discount IMAX tickets
  212. Who Saw POTC on a DLP screen??
  213. Weekend Box Office Thread 7/7/06 - 7/9/06
  214. How Marlon Brando was digitally resurrected for Superman Returns
  215. My thoughts on Lady in the Water
  216. Movies where a character says the title during the movie
  217. Most successful product placements
  218. Help me with this movie quiz (identify from a still image)
  219. your top ten most underrated movies.
  220. Just saw American Psycho for the first time...
  221. DVD Talk review of 'The Devil Wears Prada'
  222. What Ever Happened to the Woman Who Claimed She Created the Terminator/Matrix?
  223. Guess POTC 2 weekend gross
  224. Academy adds 120 members..
  225. Hollywoodland
  226. This week's DVD Stalk column (7/6/06): Response Thread
  227. Jackass: Number Two - 9/22/2006
  228. Directors/Actors who abandon movies mid production
  229. 11 Good-Bad Horror Movies You Need To See....
  230. Help rectify "the Internet's" opinion on some movies
  231. Casting addition to 'Pirates 3'
  232. Why do certain great movies like 'Cinderella Man' tank at the box office?
  233. Name That Movie!
  234. Will I win this bet?
  235. What are some good movies about the holocaust?
  236. Fantasy Movie Recommendations?
  237. I've never seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which one should I watch???
  238. What's the worst Deus Ex Machina in film in your opinion?
  239. Jonathan Scott-Taylor Damien:Omen II (Recent Photos?)
  240. Who did it better: Bryan Singer or Richard Lester?
  241. Do the exit signs in theaters bug anyone else when they watch a movie?
  242. Roger Ebert is in serious condition - don't worry, he's not dead, he's getting better
  243. Spiderman 2, no rewatching value?
  244. POTC: Dead Man's Chest --- The Reviews Thread
  245. So...the year is half over...WORST movie 0f 2006 so far?
  246. looking for a movie title...
  247. What a dumb idea!
  248. Help! What movie is this from?!?
  249. Masters of Horror
  250. Batman Begins or Superman Returns?