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  1. The Guardian
  2. Question RE: scene in Cinema Paradiso
  3. Another Help me remember title of movie..
  4. Brad Pitt in Mission Impossible 4?
  5. Man of the Year
  6. Ever been to a drive-in movie?
  7. The Worst Last Roles of Otherwise Great Actors....
  8. Exclusive: Scorsese's 'Departed' Rocks
  9. Best/Favorite Movie About Quarterlife Crisis
  10. Last movie that moved you?
  11. Open Water 2??
  12. The Creeping Terror
  13. Who's this? (picture of male actor).
  14. Help finding a "monster in the closet" movie
  15. NY FILM FESTIVAL: Sep 29-Oct15 '06
  16. Synecdoche, New York (Charlie Kaufman)
  17. The Guardian review
  18. Gridiron Gang - quick thoughts
  19. Scorsese: what to check out next for me?
  20. Hollywood Confidential
  21. Can Somebody Please Explain This in Star Trek: Generations
  22. Eragon trailer
  23. Peter Jackson talks Halo
  24. The 25 Most Controversial Movies Ever
  25. Mostow will write and direct Sub-Mariner
  26. What was the very First movie you remember seeing?
  27. Shilling for Columbine ... Michael Moore's film and the latest Montreal massacre
  28. Sneak Alert
  29. yet another what's that movie thread
  30. Recommend some 70's crime films
  31. Jackie Earle Haley in 'Little Children' - Obscurity to Oscar Nominee?
  32. When did the MPAA start using "descriptions" with their ratings?
  33. The Mother of all Trailers
  34. New APOCALYPTO trailer up
  35. How to make a Zach Braff film
  36. Chan 'fed up' with martial arts roles
  37. 65 short films 22.5 hours: Turner Classic Movies (Sept. 15)
  38. Luc Besson says latest film his last
  39. Aspect Ratio
  40. Header....Anyone heard of this movie?
  41. Flyboys
  42. EVIL DEAD: no, not another sequel - it's gonna sing and dance on stage!
  43. Help Me Pick 4 Movie Posters!
  44. Help me with my movie amnesia (another short thread)
  45. Weekend Box Office 9/8 - 9/10
  46. Basic Instinct 2 - view and thoughts
  47. Uwe Boll Beats Up Critic In Boxing Match (with Vid!)
  48. Ziegfeld (NYC) Classics Series Sept '06: 2-for-1 Coupon
  49. You can only have 10 DVD's movie singles!
  50. EW's Top 50 High School Movies
  51. Flags of Our Father Movie Trailer Online
  52. George Romero's Dead Series..
  53. A Nightmare Before Christmas 3D -10/20/06
  54. THE THING: prequel
  55. The Greatest Movie Ever Made?
  56. Quote from a movie.
  57. AFI picks the top 25 movie musicals of all time
  58. MGM Plans 'Legally Blonde,' 'Into the Blue', 'WarGames' & 'Species' Sequels
  59. Just finished a Kubrick Marathon
  60. Looking for flicks set in Wales
  61. James Bond Question
  62. The Movie Quote Challenge
  63. Why not remake "Flash Gordon"?
  64. DVD Talk review of 'World Trade Center'
  65. Killshot
  66. A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints
  67. "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin DEAD!!!
  68. Movies that were overrated because of the twist.
  69. Question about "Infamous" trailer
  70. Anyone else going to the TIFF this year?
  71. Chicago: Almodovar Film Fest
  72. The DVD Stalk HORROR AWARDS !
  73. Favorite part of Moore's Bond era
  74. Lance Henriksen filming in Thailand
  75. Finishing The Game
  76. TCM Underground Movies
  77. Weekend Box Office 9/1 - 9/4
  78. WICKER MAN remake opens - reviews and comments
  79. Poseidon - "Making of" was better than the movie
  80. A Movie that Could Really use a CGI Make Over
  81. Little Children. Directed by Todd Field
  82. DVD Talk review of 'Crank'
  83. 'Jesus Camp' movie trailer
  84. DVD Talk review of 'The Quiet'
  85. Crank reviews
  86. Just saw "Crank"
  87. The Keep
  88. Black Christmas censored?
  89. Peter Jackson to produce remake of 'The Dam Busters'
  90. Greatest / favorite opening montage?
  91. Uwe Boll's POSTAL
  92. Michael Apted's "49 Up" (The next in the Seven Up series)
  93. The Complete List of Films with a Twist Ending?
  94. Glenn Ford dies
  95. TCM:The Beginning review
  96. The best of these three classic horror box sets
  97. Name this vampire movie
  98. The Protector starring Tony Jaa (Ong Bak) Sept. 8th
  99. Help ID This Old Cinemax Soft-Core Flick
  100. Just saw "Idlewild," loved it!
  101. "The Queen" (Helen Mirren)
  102. This Film Is Not Yet Rated - Documentary about the MPAA rating system
  103. The Departed movie trailer up
  104. Romero returns to 'Dead' zone - "Diary of the Dead"
  105. Which movies have you seen more than once theatrically this year?
  106. Does watching one movie trigger you to watch a totally unrelated one?
  107. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) - my thoughts
  108. I don't understand something from Blade 2
  109. Anyone know the song at the end of "Beerfest"...
  110. DVD Talk review of 'How to Eat Fried Worms'
  111. DVD Talk review of 'Snakes on a Plane'
  112. What are some of the great film noirs?
  113. All That Jazz, an amazing film!
  114. Creep
  115. Weekend Box Office Discussion 8/25-8/27
  116. The Last King of Scotland: Oscar nod for Forest Whitaker?
  117. William Friedkin's 'Bug' trailer
  118. Apocalypse Now vs Full Metal Jacket
  119. Classic comedy exchange: Which movie is it from?
  120. Horror Films you saw at the Theater?
  121. Movie(s) that is your guiltiest pleasure?
  122. The Thin Red Line vs Saving Private Ryan
  123. Nine, Ten Freddy's Back Again
  124. Looking Ahead: 2007 Summer Movies
  125. Was Oldboy based on a manga?
  126. What? No thread about "Film Geek"?!
  127. Question about Fargo.
  128. DVD Talk review of 'Step Up'
  129. Miami Vice Trailer Music?
  130. Superman returns still not at 200 million
  131. DVD Talk review of 'Snakes on a Plane'
  132. Paramount cuts ties with Tom Cruise
  133. Need list of movies with poisoned drink scenes
  134. Columbia House DVD - Registration
  135. The Funniest Line You've Heard in a Movie This Summer (2006)
  136. Movies with an event in the past that is seen in the future.
  137. Anyone notice the formula of film trilogies
  138. Which movie supprised you the most....ever
  139. Zoology Handbook: The 5 Deadliest Movie Directors
  140. Sydney Pollack / cell phone short question
  141. "Scream 2"...what did they need a sober sister?
  142. What one movie disappointed you the most...ever?
  143. Edmond - William H. Macy's new flick
  144. Your Top 10 Movies So Far... (2006)
  145. Should I see the movies Scary Movie 4 parodies BEFORE actually seeing SM4?
  146. Accepted - quick review
  147. Saw III (How many SAWs will we have to SEE before we've SEEN them all?)
  148. Weekend Box Office Numbersssss Discussion 8/18 - 8/20
  149. Christopher Nolan to direct The Prisoner
  150. Yet another movie ID help... for a girl!
  151. New Grey Gardens film in theaters! (hence delay of Criterion DVD redux)
  152. How many total movies have YOU seen??
  153. "Kung Fu Hustle"...how is it with dubbing?
  154. Top 25 cult films of all time - from boston.com
  155. Favorite Vietnam war movie
  156. What stood in for Saddam's House in Hot Shots Part Deux?
  157. smallville the movie vs superman returns sequel
  158. Head Trauma- has anyone seen it.
  159. Fantasic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
  160. Wes Anderson's next movie: The Darjeeling Limited
  161. any idea what movie this is?
  162. Top 10 Movie Bombs...
  163. Movies That Would Be Too Expensive To Cast Now?
  164. The Chronicles of Riddick - Did you get it?
  165. HOSTEL 2 gets its leading ladies
  166. I think there ought to be a real 'Heart of Darkness' movie made
  167. Bruno Kirby, Dead At 57
  168. Horror at Toronto '06
  169. Scenes of people accidentally/unknowingly getting shot
  170. The Last Survivors
  171. Win a signed Last Kiss poster
  172. Darth Vader being a smartass
  173. Stranger Than Fiction
  174. Miami Vice Poll
  175. Russian SciFi/Fantasy films in NYC Aug 11-24
  176. Snakes On A Plane On Toast!
  177. Article on just how much $$$ Disney has invested in 'Pirates'
  178. Need help finding the name of a movie.
  179. Looking for quote from 'ATL'
  180. Little Miss Sunshine ..
  181. Snakes on a Plane box office predictions
  182. Movies post 9/11 with Terrorists/Terrorism
  183. Red Lights (Feux rouges)
  184. 10th And Wolf (new Donnie Brasco flick)
  185. Looking for title of Aussie Soap/Movie feat kids
  186. Help with a movie title
  187. Marvel "AVENGERS" Film in the works?
  188. The "cheesy movie scenes on youtube" tribute thread
  189. Has Tarantino become nothing more than a Parody of himself ?
  190. Help figure out the title of this movie: A friend requested this
  191. Snakes on a train?
  192. Meet William H. Macy This Weekend ( Aug. 11-13 ) In Hollywood & Pasadena
  193. I know it's august but... Santa Clause 3
  194. Watched Wishmaster, how is #2-4?
  195. Need Help Identifying 2 Movies Based on Images
  196. Box Office Discussion 8/9-8/13
  197. Info about the new Christopher Guest movie "For Your Consideration"
  198. Will Snakes on a PLane be affected by news of new airplane terror plots?
  199. Equilibrium: I don't get it?! (SPOILERS)
  200. Just saw Beerfest.
  201. If you could only save 1 Singer Cousin, who would it be, Marc or Bryan?
  202. Disney Family Feud
  203. PULP FICTION - how can you simply "leave the life?" ***SPOILERS***
  204. Sign the online petition from IFC's 'This Film Is Not Yet Rated' website.
  205. So no "Kung Fu Hustle 2" for now?
  206. A few horror films to look out for (Fantasia Film Fest winners)
  207. The illusionist (merged)
  208. List of Spy Movies
  209. The Covenant trailer (might as well be The Craft 2)
  210. Remake this: "The Return of the Living Dead" Your thoughts?
  211. Favorite Behind-The-Scenes photo(s)
  212. Need help with name of an upcoming movie
  213. Identify movie name?
  214. Lethal Weapon 5 a Possibility
  215. What are some non-R1 Horror DVDs to buy?
  216. What film was this scene from?
  217. Unrelated movies w/ same footage
  218. Name this scifi movie title...can't remember
  219. Rumor: Snake Plissken is back. "Escape from Earth"
  220. Name of movie ?
  221. John Tucker Must Die
  222. Man of the Year Trailer (Robin Williams/Barry Levinson)
  223. Weekend Box Office: "Ricky Bobby Edition" 8/4-8/6
  224. Universal Moster Fans - Heads Up!
  225. What is the name of the movie?
  226. 5-25-77
  227. Wild Things 3 An eye candy of guilty pleasure
  228. Documentary about a race across the U.S.?
  229. Pet Semetary question
  230. Wall Street Question.
  231. Nashville: The Weekend Classics Matinee Series at the Belcourt
  232. whos knows this movie??
  233. George Clooney to star in remake of Pet Sematary (maybe)
  234. Grudge 2 trailer
  235. Chan/Li Action Movie Close to a Done Deal...
  236. What ever happened to Project Greenlights horror movie "Feast"?
  237. Fast Food Nation trailer
  238. Who was the definitive actor of each decade?
  239. Movies with cults in them
  240. Snakes on a Train (real movie)
  241. Brother-in-Law of Chucky...?
  242. The Top 50 Movie Endings of All Time....
  243. Batman Begins 2 (The Dark Knight) + Ledger confimed
  244. Mulholland Drive [Spoilers]
  245. DVD Talk review of 'Little Miss Sunshine'
  246. Need 70's Drive-in Movie Identified
  247. Fire damages "Casino Royale" set
  248. Please help me find this movie....UK
  249. Revolutionary war movies?
  250. What is the Title of this obscure Adam&Eve comdey Movie?