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  1. Christian Bale - Is there a more versatile actor?
  2. Tom Cruise to run United Artists
  3. Whatchu mean, 'walk da earth?' Y'know.. like Caine in Kung Fu..
  4. De Niro & 50 Cent Team Up for New Orleans
  5. What makes Borat funny?
  6. Movie Trivia - Obscure Clues
  7. Does anyone like Bill Bailey?
  8. Help me identify this old B/W movie still (big pic)
  9. Paul Schrader's film canon
  10. Most underrated sequels or members of a franchise
  11. G4's Night of the Living Dead with MARK BORCHARDT AND MIKE SCHANK
  12. Why does Chris Tucker do Rush Hour Movies and nothing else?
  13. how do you pronounce Babel?
  14. Another Trailer Spoof in time for Halloween (Scary Mary Poppins)
  15. Smoking Aces trailer (from the director of Narc) (merged)
  16. What dated pop-culture references will show up in SHREK 3?
  17. Strange Request, but can anyone help me find the original cg spiderman teaser?
  18. How much do reviews affect your decision to see a movie?
  19. Do you think any movies give a realistic portrayal of the typical college experience?
  20. Superman Returns cut "Return to Krypton" sequence
  21. Hellraiser question
  22. Hadoken! Hadoken! Shoryuken! Street Fighter!
  23. Best era of Fantasy Films, late 70's/early 80's?
  24. Movies that turned out to be way different than you thought?
  25. Douglas Croft - talented child-actor from the 40's who "disappeared" and died at 37
  26. Hottest movie ever made (without sex or nudity)?
  27. What's the name of this movie???
  28. My Horror Films Rant
  29. Little Children - quick review
  30. DVD Talk review of 'Saw III'
  31. Volver screening in West Hollywood, Nov.1, RSVP quick!
  32. Weekend Box Office Thread 10/27/2006 - 10/29/2006 (SAW III, $14.1m Friday)
  33. HOSTEL: PART II teaser trailer
  34. Superman 2 (Donner cut) getting limited re-release?
  35. Superman Returns Sequel is a GO!
  36. The Official SAW III Thread (merged)
  37. Saw II uncut?
  38. Movie scenes created with office products; guess the movie (merged)
  39. Almost Famous 2?
  40. I come out of theatres most satisfied in October
  41. Question about "the Village"
  42. Interesting article on state of entertainment journalism
  43. Sid369 (or others)...Indian Horror?
  44. stupid movie trivia: the Klugman trifecta
  45. 300 the movie?
  46. Need help remembering a few movies.
  47. Must Have Horrors
  48. What killed the Western?
  49. Day of the Dead remake trailer
  50. Actress Jane Wyatt Dies at 96
  51. A Third Comment on "The Jackal"
  52. The Shining: A Question (somewhat of a spoiler)
  53. No more American Haunting pop up ads!!!!
  54. Question About Bride of Chucky
  55. Actors in their [your opinion] optimum role
  56. Movies you've watched a lot...
  57. Clive Barker to Write Hellraiser Remake
  58. All About Eve... a shameless request for homework help.
  59. 88 Minutes Trailer (Al Pacino)
  60. Saw 1, Saw 2, and Saw 3 back to back to back for $20
  61. Realistic or not?
  62. Weekend Box Office Thread 10/20/2006 - 10/22/2006
  63. Potemkin with Meisel score?
  64. Hardly any 'R' rated films in th theaters right now..
  65. Halloween Repeat Viewings
  66. Favorite Martin Scorsese film?
  67. The Prestige Review Thread
  68. Down in the Valley (Edward Norton)
  69. Hot Fuzz
  70. Some good current comedies?
  71. 'The Bridge' movie trailer
  72. Favorite Hammer Frankenstein/Dracula movies?
  73. Name some of the classic movie monsters?
  74. Transformers - Summer 2007 - Live Action Movie (Part II)
  75. What movies did you watch at school? (Elementary/High school)
  76. Is Feast worth a blind buy?
  77. Send Me An Angel by Real Life...what movies??
  78. Katsuhiro Otomo's ( akira, steamboy) next film.
  79. What was the last Bond movie that you didn't see at the show?
  80. A couple of questions about Eternal Sunshine ....
  81. AMERICAN GANGSTER (Ridley Scott) filming in midtown NYC Oct 16-20
  82. "Perfume: A Story of Murder"
  83. Screenshot: Which classic movie is ths from?
  84. DVD Talk review of 'Man of the Year'
  85. DVD Talk review of 'The Departed'
  86. Weekend Box Office Thread 10/13/06 - 10/15/06
  87. What's the name of this movie? (video game inside a movie).
  88. lame, straight to DVD, sequals...
  89. Stay: Bob Gothwait's new...um...movie...?
  90. Do you HAVE to text during the movie?!?!?!
  91. High Anxiety OAR?
  92. The Best Horror Movie Deathsl
  93. The Power of One...any other fans?
  94. Back To School (Remake) starring Cedric The Entertainer
  95. DVD Talk review of 'The Grudge 2'
  96. DVD Talk review of 'Little Children'
  97. GARY SINISE - are the best years behind him?
  98. Plane Dead
  99. Edited for TV lines, that are better/funnier than the original?
  100. "The Greatest Horror Movie Moments"
  101. Flags of our Fathers - sneak preview
  102. Need the name of some movies...
  103. Harsh Times starring Christian Bale
  104. Ramones biopic
  105. SAW 3 Movie posters mixed with real blood
  106. Please help me identify this Hong Kong movie
  107. SISTERS Remake Trailer
  108. Please help me with a horror trivia quiz
  109. Night of the Living Dead - 3D
  110. Blood Diamond - Featuring DiCaprio
  111. When will Baz Luhrmann make another one of his movies?
  112. Weekend Box Office: 10/6 - 10/8
  113. DVD Talk review of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning'
  114. "Marie Antoinette" (1938) finally on DVD 10/10/06!
  115. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013) D: McKay; S: Ferrell, Rudd, Carell, Koechner
  116. Just seen "Gone With the Wind" again...
  117. DVD Talk review of 'The Guardian'
  118. What ever happened to the Warriors and Death Race 2000 remakes???
  119. THE MARINE-- starring John Cena
  120. Similar movies to Bridget Jones's Diary
  121. After Dark Films' presents 8 Films To Die For (Nov. 17-19)
  122. Any info/thoughts on upcoming An American Crime?
  123. Near Dark remake in the works
  124. What movies dealt with a son/daughter helping their old disabled parents?
  125. A War Games Sequel?
  126. The Guardian..
  127. Question about RottenTomatoes.com....
  128. What are some good war movies?
  129. Kubrick: Cruise and Kidman ruined 'Eyes Wide Shut'
  130. Creep - A letdown
  131. Serial Killer dream
  132. The Biology of B-Movie Monsters (explains how movie monsters violate laws of physics)
  133. Help ID this movie...
  134. So I just watched the Shining for the 30th time and ...
  135. M*A*S*H* is not a good movie.
  136. Audrey Hepburn question
  137. HALLOWEEN on the big screen...
  138. Uwe Boll to make BloodRayne 2
  139. Blindness - Fernando Meirelles (2008)
  140. ID this movie - naked man running through African jungle
  141. Peeping Tom (1960) - What's Your Thoughts?
  142. Need Help: Women in Japanese action flicks
  143. 42nd Chicago Int'l Film Festival
  144. Anybody know this movie?
  145. Weekend Box Office: September 29 - October 1st
  146. Enjoying Horror Vicariously Through Others?
  147. Lucky # Slevin Question (spoilers within)
  148. New MPAA study - Piracy hurts janitors
  149. Best Movie Accents
  150. Saving Private Ryan question.
  151. What's your Top 20? A fun new site.
  152. Departed - review thread
  153. What We've Learned at the Movies
  154. City of God sequel
  155. Movie theater question
  156. LAST FRIDAY [Friday series]: No Smokey!
  157. Friday the 13th Remake/Sequel headed for Summer.
  158. NBC E.T. TV special from 2002??
  159. Savannah Smiles DVD: Anyone Buy it?
  160. DVD Talk review of 'School for Scoundrels'
  161. Creature Feature Recommendations
  162. Did 'Bring It On' create the Teen Sports movie Genre ?
  163. Re-used movie props......
  164. Scarlett Johansson is the Sexiest Woman Alive!
  165. Movies where the EE are worse than the TE
  166. Knight Rider--2008
  167. Worst Movie Fight Ever
  168. What films do you think have the best cinematography?
  169. Favorite Horror Movies by Decade?
  170. Saw III...Probably Going to Suck
  171. Trailer Eddie Murphy "NORBIT"
  172. Science of Sleep
  173. ISO: What movie is this...
  174. Edison Force
  175. Should I see "Fearless" or "The Last Kiss" Saturday?
  176. Jason's 10 Best Kills...
  177. Trying to figue out this horror movie
  178. Is it okay to be amused by this? (Codename: The Cleaner)
  179. Get your Bu˝uel thong right here!
  180. Top Scariest Movies..
  181. Recommend me some 50's/60's Horror films
  182. Top Scariest Movies..
  183. Is it "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" or "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"?
  184. I need help with silent films
  185. Imprint was the sickest thing ever....
  186. Black Snake Moan
  187. Tetsuro Tamba (1922-2006)
  188. The Muppet Matrix
  189. Film Noir Fans and Students
  190. DOA - Dead or Alive REVIEWS - NO Spoilers
  191. Need help remembering Title of Movie
  192. The Guardian (Costner/Kutcher)
  193. Trailer Park Boys
  194. Home of the Brave trailer
  195. School for Scoundrels - a short review
  196. Is this a real movie mistake?
  197. The Abandoned (Nacho CerdÓ/Richard Stanley)
  198. EVIL ALIENS brief US theatrical release.
  199. John Cameron Mitchell's 'Shortbus' trailer
  200. What happened to the weekend Box office threads?
  201. DVD Talk review of 'The Covenant'
  202. where did Cary Elwes go?
  203. TCM: The Beginning review
  204. Latest Horror DVDs Worth Buying
  205. 16mmdocumentary/dopshowreel/commercial
  206. Mystery Image from some movie
  207. Trailer for 'Bobby'
  208. Pee-wee's Playhouse: The Movie '07
  209. Disney's 'Jungle Cruise' movie
  210. M&M's Guess The Movie game (horror, suspense)
  211. Trailer for Frank Miller's 300 (Zak Snyder, 03/07)
  212. Shoot 'Em Up -- Owen, Bellucci, Giamatti
  213. Sven Nykvist has died.
  214. The Guardian
  215. Question RE: scene in Cinema Paradiso
  216. Another Help me remember title of movie..
  217. Brad Pitt in Mission Impossible 4?
  218. Man of the Year
  219. Ever been to a drive-in movie?
  220. The Worst Last Roles of Otherwise Great Actors....
  221. Exclusive: Scorsese's 'Departed' Rocks
  222. Best/Favorite Movie About Quarterlife Crisis
  223. Last movie that moved you?
  224. Open Water 2??
  225. The Creeping Terror
  226. Who's this? (picture of male actor).
  227. Help finding a "monster in the closet" movie
  228. NY FILM FESTIVAL: Sep 29-Oct15 '06
  229. Synecdoche, New York (Charlie Kaufman)
  230. The Guardian review
  231. Gridiron Gang - quick thoughts
  232. Scorsese: what to check out next for me?
  233. Hollywood Confidential
  234. Can Somebody Please Explain This in Star Trek: Generations
  235. Eragon trailer
  236. Peter Jackson talks Halo
  237. The 25 Most Controversial Movies Ever
  238. Mostow will write and direct Sub-Mariner
  239. What was the very First movie you remember seeing?
  240. Shilling for Columbine ... Michael Moore's film and the latest Montreal massacre
  241. Sneak Alert
  242. yet another what's that movie thread
  243. Recommend some 70's crime films
  244. Jackie Earle Haley in 'Little Children' - Obscurity to Oscar Nominee?
  245. When did the MPAA start using "descriptions" with their ratings?
  246. The Mother of all Trailers
  247. New APOCALYPTO trailer up
  248. How to make a Zach Braff film
  249. Chan 'fed up' with martial arts roles
  250. 65 short films 22.5 hours: Turner Classic Movies (Sept. 15)