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  1. Best Movie I haven't seen Yet Theatrically?
  2. RARE 28 days later trailer
  3. Stallone arrested for HGH
  4. Ouch. Weekend Box Office for 5/11 - 5/13.
  5. Two sequels to follow Rob Zombie's "Halloween"
  6. Nic Cage to play Al Capone in "Untouchables" prequel
  7. anyone remember the Delphi Bureau? (tv movie)
  8. Did Resident Evil: Apocalypse come out yet?
  9. Need Help Finding A Movie...
  10. TERMINATOR: Salvation (aka T4)
  11. Transmorphers!!!
  12. George Lucas calls Spidey 3 "Silly"
  13. Robert Rodriguez may do The Jetsons
  14. "Good Luck Chuck" (Dane Cook, Jessica Alba, Rom Comedy 8.24.07)
  15. Anyone Here See Spider-Man 3 In 3D?
  16. What does "Contact" have in common with "1941"?
  17. Something Awful Grindhouse Photoshop Friday
  18. Best "Coming Soon" Web Site?
  19. question for people who have seen Alpha Dog (spoilers inside)
  20. FARCRY - The Movie. Directed by UWE BOLL
  21. Richard Stanley’s "Vacation" with Bruce Campbell
  22. Scarface: Original 1932 vs 1983 remake
  23. when your favorite movies die
  24. What does Star Wars have in common with Dirty Dancing?
  25. Worst theater experience?
  26. "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" Trailer (Here)
  27. Which Spider-Man is the best?
  28. Godfather 3/Spider-Man 3:which third installment drops the ball worse?
  29. Weekend Box Office 5/4-5/6 (Spiderman 3 with $58 million on Friday!)
  30. Weekend Box Office thread (05/04/07 - 05/06/07)...
  31. how to make money selling dvds/videos on ebay
  32. Movies about cheating or unfaithfulness
  33. Severance (2006)
  34. Balls of Fury
  35. what modern and past stars are equivalents?
  36. Predict the 2007 Summer Box Office Champ Here
  37. How well do you know Spider-man?
  38. If you want Live Free or Die Hard to be rated R and not edited, post here
  39. If they made a G.I. Joe live action movie...
  40. New Disney Theatrical Short: Goofy in How to Hook Up Your Home Theater
  41. Sam Raimi appearance at Spiderman 3 opening in Sydney. Should I go?
  42. Frank Miller's Ronin
  43. MOUSEHUNT (1997) vs OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN (1983)
  44. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Classic cartoon) - thoughts/question
  45. Ridley Scott to Direct Nottingham
  46. Guess that movie by screenshot!
  47. Movies with tropical settings?
  48. movies that have the best camera work by a director
  49. Washington Post slams Filmfest DC and festival director
  50. List your most anticipated films for Summer '07
  51. War Inc. Trailer with John Cusack, Ben Kingsley, Marisa Tomei
  52. Movies you dragged your parents to see with you (and vise versa for current parents)
  53. Critics and the "M" word
  54. Movie clip for Andy Samberg's "Hot Rod"
  55. I saw The Terminator for the first time and now I'm confused.
  56. Weekend Box Office: 4/27-4/29
  57. Poll: Help Resolve An Argument . . . Han Solo - Smuggler or Pirate?
  58. Blade Runner Re-Shoots, Apparently
  59. Crap reviews? Still want to see it?
  60. Underrated comedies???
  61. Sandlot 3: Heading Home 5/1/07
  62. Any word on the Nick Cage movie, "Next"?
  63. favorite movie with voyeurism scenes
  64. 80s kids do not know classic film stars
  65. The Top 15 Trailer Remixes of All-Time
  66. Jack Valenti dead at 85
  67. Need Help Finding Pic (Leon)
  68. Disney planning to dump the Buena Vista brand
  69. YANTMT: (Yet Another Name That Movie Thread)
  70. Movies in which someone throws something, hitting their target on the first try?
  71. Best movie scenes involving a pizza?
  72. Looking for name of this movie?
  73. Warlords - Jet Li, Takeshi Kaneshiro & Andy Lau
  74. people who made 1 notable movie and then nothing else? (1 hit wonders)
  75. Brute Force - Jules Dassin 1947 - Does it live up to its reputation?
  76. Movies that initially bored you...but now you like
  77. So, do girls not appreciate this kind of humor?
  78. The Top 10 Head Movie Slices
  79. Colorful movies
  80. Germanity
  81. Harry Potter and the OotP International Trailer
  82. Favorite movie(s) where a car is major part of the movie?
  83. Early career movies that produced the most Oscar winners?
  84. R.I.P. Roscoe Lee Browne
  85. Weekend Box Office 4/20-4/22 (Disturbia remains #1)
  86. Movies with extremely unrealistic plots
  87. The Worst Movies by the Best Directors
  88. "Spider-Man 3" reviews thread.
  89. What are you seeing theatrically this weekend? — 04/20/2007
  90. August the movie
  91. Movies you like because of funny dialog/quotes
  92. Vacancy
  93. Fantasy Moguls (New Game on IMDB)
  94. Box Office Mojo: Top Grossing Horror/Thriller Film List.
  95. "Shortcut to Happiness" (aka 'Devil & Daniel Webster) coming in July, filmed in 2001.
  96. 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' 20min (IMAX 3D)
  97. Words never used in the titles of remotely good films
  98. Pirates of the Caribbean/At World's End - Featurette
  99. August Underground Penance
  100. American's are getting short changed...
  101. Chow Yun Fat pulls out of John Woo's "Red Cliff"
  102. "300" Trailer Recuts
  103. Knocked Up — The Review Thread
  104. Shop The Moives - Freedom Writer
  105. Classic Horror Films that feel outdated...
  106. Why don't they make 1 vs. terrorist movies anymore?
  107. Trainspotting 2 - (D: Danny Boyle) S: McGregor, Miller, Bremner, Carlyle
  108. Will Ferrell -The Landlord
  109. Perfect Stranger - quick review
  110. Weekend Box Office 4/13-4/15 - Grindhouse drops out of top 10 in 2nd weekend
  111. Bay/Bruckheimer - Prince of Persia
  112. Zatoichi
  113. Animalympics?
  114. Rescue Dawn?
  115. Fracture (Gosling, Hopkins, 2007) Review Thread
  116. slideshow songs
  117. Grindhouse: Which Trailer would you most want to see the movie of?
  118. YART: Barbarella
  119. Anybody know the title of this movie?
  120. Is April 13 the most packed weekend for major new release movies?
  121. What's up with Drew Barrymore?
  122. Want to be in a Will Ferrell movie?
  123. Does the sluggish box office for GRINDHOUSE mean...
  124. San&Cotton's Top 15 "HOLY SHIT" Movie Moments
  125. Uwe Boll's Postal lampoons 9/11 (new clip)
  126. Samurai Movies
  127. Poll: Which Grindhouse feature is your favorite?
  128. The Grindhouse inspiration thread
  129. "cut to the chase" - did this phrase come from the movies?
  130. What movie has the most deaths shown on screen?
  131. Spider-man 4 villain revealed??
  132. Are movie theaters crowded on Easter Sunday?
  133. Grindhouse goofs
  134. Weekend Box Office Thread - April 6th - 8th, 2007
  135. Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN Teaser Trailer
  136. Movie running times - most accurate site?
  137. John Heder needs to...
  138. No Country for Old Men (New Coen Brothers)
  139. What are you seeing theatrically this weekend? — 04/06/2007
  140. Halle Berry to do what a few women have already done..
  141. How many movies have you seen in your life?
  142. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.
  143. Director Bob Clark (Christmas Story, Porky's, Black Christmas) dead in car accident
  144. What's that movie?
  145. best looking movie actress [SHOWN BY IMAGE]
  146. From the DC Universe... Metal Men?
  147. best looking movie actor [SHOWN BY IMAGE]
  148. Drive-Ins
  149. New screen shot quiz....
  150. Sci-Fi and Fantasy, why do they not get respect?
  151. Pirates of the Caribbean... 4??
  152. Dialogue-oriented movies...
  153. Gegen Die Wand (2004) ("Head-On") Discussion
  154. "Grindhouse" reviews thread.
  155. best JAMES CAAN film - to recommend?
  156. Jaws 4: Alternate Opening
  157. "Hey, everybody - c'mon, pay attention" - thoughts on GODFATHER, II 1941 flashback
  158. Sandler To Remake Kane
  159. Best "cops and robbers" movies?
  160. Ever accidentally found a place where they shot a movie?
  161. What is a MacGuffin?
  162. A new take on "A Certain Tendency of French Cinema"
  163. anyone know the numbers behind movie profits?
  164. What film(s) furthest in the past accurately predicted today's world?
  165. Weekend Box Office Thread - March 30th - April 1st, 2007
  166. Midnight Express --- GREAT movie
  167. 70's made for tv movie The Last Survivors (Martin Sheen)
  168. What happened to Joe Pesci?
  169. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
  170. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy A Second Opinion
  171. Children of Men Screenplay?
  172. Movies with "Where they are now" endings
  173. Order to watch Hannibal films in?
  174. Disturbia
  175. Why no "fun" political movies?
  176. American Pie presents: BETA HOUSE
  177. Crazy movie stunts
  178. Ok, who's going to see Black Sheep?
  179. Does Mark Wahlberg mumble a lot?
  180. What are you seeing theatrically this April Fool's weekend? — 03/30/2007
  181. The Hoax (Lasse Hallström, 2007) — Richard Gere / Alfred Molina
  182. New Adam Sandler movie
  183. Has anyone else seen the great Korean monster movie "The Host"?
  184. Anyone remember seeing "Jedi" in the theater in 1983?
  185. National Treasure 2
  186. Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Colon) The Movie will air on Adult Swim Sunday @ 10pm
  187. The Fighter (Russell, 2011): Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg
  188. Is it safe to say that Jim Carrey's career is pretty much over?
  189. The Golden Compass
  190. Ice Skating films
  191. Wristcutters: A Love Story Billboards?
  192. 28 WEEKS LATER - Trailer online - May 11th, 2007
  193. Freddy v Jason 2 ???
  194. David Fincher-Esquire Interview
  195. Blades of Glory
  196. Eagle vs. Shark (Taika Cohen, 2007) — with Jermaine Clement
  197. Bong Joon-Ho, Michel Gondry, Leos Carax ready to tackle 'Tokyo'
  198. Herzog/Kinski's Cobra Verde finally has U.S. theatrical premiere
  199. Ferrell Calls on Academy for Comedy Oscar
  200. Great actors that will never be leads
  201. Forrest Gump sequel? Is that even a good idea?
  202. The Lookout (Frank, 2007) — Joseph Gordon-Levitt / Jeff Daniels
  203. Please help figure out what these two movies are
  204. Weekend Box Office Discussion 3/23-3/25
  205. TMNT - Review Thread
  206. Herman Stein dies: you may not know the name, but you probably know his music
  207. Sam Peckinpah Director
  208. Stardust
  209. Emma Watson NOT Leaving HP Films
  210. Anyone check out Hills have Eyes II yet ?
  211. The Sound of Music - my thoughts
  212. Mr. Bean's Holiday — (Bendelack, 2007)
  213. What happened to Hollywood during the 80's?
  214. The Kingdom (Peter Berg film)
  215. another what's this movie question?
  216. Funny how a “Yes” or a “No” can change the destiny of many people (The Godfather)
  217. A comprehensive exploration of cinematic exploitation
  218. What are you seeing this weekend, theatrically? — March 23 2007
  219. How long ago did the Star Wars saga happen in Earth years?
  220. Looking for Legal DivX downloads
  221. Meeting Simon Pegg anything I should ask?
  222. OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN in the movie JAWS (1975) - FACT!
  223. Jennifer Connely fans :)
  224. Gears of War: the movie...
  225. Spiderman vs Venom pic from the movie
  226. Leaked footage of David O. Russell throwing major tantrum on set of "Huckabees"
  227. 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' Trailer
  228. 1st movie you saw theatrically?
  229. Film title help-like Repo man
  230. British Sci-Fi movies?
  231. Random/Unexpected Roles By Actors/Actresses
  232. War Games 2: The Dead Code
  233. Emma Watson quits (Harry Potter rumor-appears false)
  234. "Fifty Pills" Stay Far Far Away!
  235. Premonition - review
  236. Black Sheep trailer
  237. Movie Title?
  238. Across The Universe (merged)
  239. Weekend Box Office Thread March 16th - 18th, 2007
  240. Reporting copyrighted material on Youtube?
  241. Lonely Hearts -- Travolta, Gandolfini, Hayek and Leto
  242. Casino Royale- Not a Bond movie
  243. Horror Film Help???????????
  244. Star Trek Music DUEL GOLDSMITH vs HORNER
  245. Would you want to see Ghostbusters 3?
  246. Showtime. Did I really see this? + Bonus Thread: Your own forgettable movies.
  247. Why Does Sandra Bullock Still Have A Movie Career?
  248. Best 'free ticket' movie you saw?
  249. Burger King's Chief Of Marketing Announces "Burger King: The Movie"
  250. What are you seeing this weekend theatrically? — March 16 2007