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  1. Box Office Discussion 7/11-7/15 (Lil' Wizard Edition)
  2. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix — Reviews thread
  3. How many fuggin movies are going to use the computer hacker/upload virus plot?
  4. Did anybody ever see "The Hoax" w/Richard Gere?
  5. Big Lebowski sequel
  6. Wait, i didnt know he was in that
  7. Harry Potter 5. Next to no marketing??
  8. "Ah, HELL no!"
  9. Do you ever download movies?
  10. the Thin Red Line
  11. Best Movie of Summer 2007 (so far).
  12. was titantic predicted to be as successful as it was?
  13. Most unbelievable movie character resurrection
  14. A Christmas Carol (not with Picard) - News, Rumors, Castings
  15. Question about RottenTomatoes....
  16. Howard the Duck theatrical Screening in Los Angeles
  17. Characters that are silent for most of a movie but then have a memorable line/scene?
  18. More Stupid MPAA Tomfoolery!!!!!
  19. Brad Pitt takes a Bullitt
  20. can you name a movie where the villain shouts "No!" at the end?
  21. Die Hard Sequels - Which is Best?
  22. Your "Top 5 - Must See" Westerns
  23. Jason Lee is David Seville in "Alvin & The Chipmunks" (Christmas 2007)
  24. Good movies that lose steam towards the end?
  25. CROSSOVER Toy/Cartoon/Comic Movies you've love to see
  26. Rank Michael Bay films
  27. What is the Best Sergio Leone Film?
  28. Cloverfield (working title) Top secret JJ Abrams project - Trailer with Transformers
  29. New Harry Potter film looks pretty Adultish
  30. Box Office Discussion 7/3-7/8 (Big Robots & Fireworks)
  31. Untitled J.J. Abrams Project "Cloverfield" 1-18-08 Thread.
  32. Movie Critic JOEL SIEGEL R.I.P. 1943-2007 (w/ a GREAT personal story)
  33. Lions for Lambs - Robert Redford, Meryl Streep & the Alien
  34. Need your help .. reference Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
  35. Rank Brad Bird's films
  36. Movies you have....
  37. What is this film???
  38. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
  39. It's about 1/2 through the year. What are your Favorite Films so far?
  40. "The Hottest State" Discussion (Written and Directed by Ethan Hawke)
  41. Big Lebowski: why do people say it's the most quotable movie?
  42. Movies where you can see the stunt actor?
  43. vantage point
  44. Night of the Hunter - Please tell me why this movie is great.
  45. Help me with a movie title?
  46. RIP Joel Siegel
  47. Samuari Jack Movie Confirmed! (New Animation Studio)
  48. What's the title of this movie?
  49. Movies you never finished watching because they were so bad?
  50. Ratatouille (Discussion, Reviews, etc.)
  51. AOL top 25 sequels of alltime
  52. Jacob's Ladder: The Remake, aka, remakes hit the 90's
  53. Warhead - The Bond Movie that Wasn't
  54. Box Office Chatter 6/27-7/1 (McClane vs Rats)
  55. Name that movie talk: jury something?
  56. "Transformers"...the (more than meets the eye) reviews thread.
  57. Movies You're looking forward to in 2nd Half of '07?
  58. The King of Kong - A Fistful of Quarters
  59. Movies that alter or use the studio logo
  60. What are the movies slated for summer 2008?
  61. Last great 'PG-13' ACTION movie? (that wasn't sequel or franchise)
  62. License to Wed Trailer
  63. Nicolas Cage in Deadfall (1993)
  64. Brett Ratner to Direct "Playboy" (Hugh Hefner Biopic)
  65. If you a Karate Kid fan you will love this!
  66. Hot Rod
  67. Weinstein Company Struggling
  68. Summer Box Office Falling Short of Expectations
  69. Whats the word on Hot Rod?
  70. Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla with Gerard Butler
  71. Spaghetti Westerns?
  72. Talk of Kill Bill Volumes 3 and 4
  73. First pic from Spike Jonze's "Where the Wild Things Are"
  74. 'Lawrence of Arabia' 70mm at AFI's Silver Theatre (July 29 - Sept. 6)
  75. Afi 100
  76. movie madness
  77. Your Favorite John Goodman Films
  78. 80's Fighting movie, need name
  79. Does "The Matrix" Still Hold Up For You?
  80. Guess that movie by screenshot Part II!
  81. "Live Free or Die Hard"...the reviews thread.
  82. Movies with TV show cast connections?
  83. "You Kill Me"
  84. A fish called Wanda or Fierce creatures?
  85. Weekend Box Office 6/23-6/25 (Evan Not So Mighty Edition)
  86. Is “Conan the Barbarian” a comic book movie?
  87. 1408 -- John Cusack Horror/Thriller - Reviews, Thoughts?
  88. Best Action Movie of All-Time.
  89. 1st pic of good ol' Indiana Jones!
  90. The All-Time Greatest Moments in Cinematic Swearing
  91. Dissapointed with LADY IN THE WATER? Well, rent Edward Norton's DOWN IN THE VALLEY.
  92. What movie is "That's going to leave a mark" from?
  93. Don't care much for the AFI list? Post your additions
  94. Youtube worst movie compilation
  95. Best Movie Weapon
  96. 4K restoration of 'Dr. Strangelove' at new Landmark's West LA theatre
  97. if AFI included foreign movies...
  98. AFI’s 100 Years... 100 Movies – 10th Anniversary Edition
  99. Blade Runner: The Final Cut
  100. Favorite Pixar Movie
  101. Disney sees 'Enchanted ' fractured fairy tale as next franchise
  102. Robot Chicken: Star Wars Special
  103. Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher or Axel Foley?
  104. Revenge of the Nerds - why is Booger considered a nerd?
  105. Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - news, Rumors, Castings, etc.
  106. James Bond 22 - News, Rumors, Castings, etc (includes trailer thread)
  107. 80's SCI-FI
  108. Ridley Scott out of ideas - may make Monopoly movie
  109. Watch the teaser for the upcoming Internet-series "Extraordinaries!"
  110. Favorite Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Besides the 1974 original)
  111. Free SAW III posters/memorabilia to anyone in LA who wants them
  112. *Rare* Slasher horror scenes and trailers -- 80's on up!
  113. Toy Story 3
  114. What movie gives you the chills almost every time you see it?
  115. When was last time a movie scared you?
  116. Weekend Box Office Thread June 15th - June 17th, 2007
  117. The Ten
  118. Best Machine in a Movie
  119. There Will Be Blood - Paul Thomas Anderson
  120. ratatouille Sneak previews TONIGHT 6-16-07
  121. The Crow
  122. No Country for Old Men
  123. Disney/Pixar's WALL-E teaser trailer!
  124. Helvetica
  125. Mulcahy to Helm Scorpion King 2
  126. Socal, see Dr. Strangelove in 4K.
  127. I saw every summer movie in 1998, looking back, MOST SUCKED! Discuss
  128. Favorite Paul Rudd Performance
  129. Thomas Hayden Church - why bulk up for spiderman-3 ?
  130. The Ten trailer. All star cast, but looks bizarre.
  131. Is the theater experience even really that great?
  132. What one movie would be the worst to have survive an apocalyptic event?
  133. "Once"
  134. 20 movies NOT coming soon to a theater near you.
  135. Sicko
  136. The Long Kiss Goodnight 2!?
  137. The Lovely Bones - Rumors, News, Casting, etc...
  138. Jason Takes the Titanic (Spoof) -- Friday the 13th 8 Redux
  139. Best Place To Purchase Movie Posters
  140. "Ace in the Hole" (1951) on TCM Tuesday, I strongly recommend.
  141. What movie am I thinking of?
  142. A Sopranos feature film: would you go?
  143. The Best Last Line Of A Movie... [SPOILERS]
  144. Can you recommend a movie...
  145. Songs often used for the opposite effect in movies
  146. Alistair Cookie presents Fischer-Price's Do the Right Thing
  147. Movies that have 8mm film intros
  148. 28 Days/Weeks are ZOMBIE movies!
  149. The Invasion Trailer "Nicole Kidman"
  150. Weekend Box Office Thread - June 8th - 10th, 2007
  151. 'Surf's Up'
  152. Sunshine (2007): a nutshell review
  153. 30 Days of Night - October 19th
  154. Anyone in Colorado heading to Film on The Rocks?
  155. Oceans 13 review thread
  156. Recommend some crazy movies to me!
  157. Favorite Movies With Drunks/Alcoholics
  158. Movies Based on Songs?
  159. I'm a Cyborg but That's Okay - Park Chan-wook
  160. Actors that looks the same
  161. American Gangster trailer (Washington, Crowe)
  162. Franchise sequals with lower MPAA ratings than the original
  163. Kevin Smith's new comedy: Zack and Miri Make a Porno
  164. A Question About Back to the Future Filming
  165. Disney signs Stan Lee to exclusive multi-year deal.
  166. Ridley Scott's American Gangster
  167. Best Movies with Americans in foreign countries?
  168. Thundercats the Movie - News, Rumors, Castings, etc.
  169. Warner Bros. buys 'Shannara' books
  170. movies like MILLENNIUM ACTRESS? (tell story through movie career)
  171. Guess what country has the most movie viewership per capita?
  172. If you live in Chicago be an extra on The Dark Knight
  173. what movie is this?
  174. Pirate Radio USA Digial Download (First 10 Min Free)
  175. Titanic's "Jack and Rose" reunited! (Leo and Kate in a new movie)
  176. Undefeatable
  177. Favorite movie that takes place almost exclusively at night?
  178. Searching for a movie...
  179. Selleck Rules Out 'Magnum' Movie Cameo
  180. Inside Man sequel in the works
  181. Snake Plissken Vs. John McClane: Who would win?
  182. X-Men Help
  183. The Rock's Game Plan.....wow
  184. Weekend Box Office 6/1-6/3
  185. Help with SciFi Quote
  186. Spy Hunter the Movie: Rumors, Casting, etc
  187. Holywood Movies Set In Japan pre 95
  188. Jodie Foster goes "Dirty Harry" & "Kill Bill"...
  189. DVDTalk Review of Mr. Brooks
  190. The Farrelly Brothers' The Heartbreak Kid
  191. Best Actor Playing a Comic Book Character?
  192. Alexander / Alexander Director's Cut?
  193. Teen Titans the Movie
  194. The 100 Scariest Movie Scenes
  195. Once
  196. AFI Top 100, Version 2.0: What films from the last 10 years will make it in?
  197. Pirates of the Caribbean as a trilogy:who is the main character? (SPOILERS)
  198. Comedy westerns needed for ideas
  199. Do you think music has to fit the time period of a movie?
  200. Saw Hostel 2
  201. Superbad -- The Movie Thread
  202. The 20 Best "That Guys" of All Time
  203. "Wrath of Khan" continuity?
  204. Paul Newman retires
  205. quality movies that weren't blockbusters in their day
  206. Talk of Smokin' Aces prequel
  207. Your favorite comedy characters?
  208. Actors (from bad films) you still have respect for
  209. Alexander movie/soundtrack
  210. Braveheart screen cap request
  211. Are film budgets overreported?
  212. Mystery Trailer...
  213. How much money have you spent on Star Wars?
  214. Flags of Our Fathers or Letters From Iwo Jima first?
  215. Lack of movies playing at theaters due to blockbusters
  216. Anyone else notice the Terry Gilliam influence in PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 3?
  217. Mr. Brooks (Kevin Costner) - Reviews, thoughts, etc...
  218. "Fido" w/Billy Connolly Carrie-Ann Moss Comedy (6.15.07)
  219. Your most looked forward to theatrical horror film -- 2007
  220. ONIMUSHA: The Movie
  221. Bad Guy Bracket: The #1 Superhero-flick Villain
  222. I Know Who Killed Me - Trailer online - July 27th
  223. Harvey Weinstein says "Luc Besson is a has-been"
  224. Box Office Thread: Biggie Sized 2007 Memorial Day Edition: 5/24 - 5/28
  225. "Bug" (Ashley Judd)" reviews thread...
  226. Out 1 (Jacques Rivette, 1971) screening in Chicago
  227. Human History in 10 Films
  228. The Sims - The movie ... really
  229. Pirates AWE ending after credits?
  230. What is the most bloody/violent movie you have ever seen?
  231. Favorite New York Movies?
  232. George Clooney
  233. Happy 30th Anniversary to Star Wars (5/25/77)
  234. Trailer For "Sicko" - A Michael Moore Film
  235. Snakes on a Plane: apparently it was a bad influence
  236. New Star Wars movie? Slim-to-none chance...but maybe?
  237. Masters of the Universe - News, rumors, etc.
  238. "Flags of Our Fathers" or "Letters From Iwo Jima"?
  239. Will Eisner's Spirit with Frank Miller writing/directing...
  240. 2007 Cannes Film Festival Review Roundup
  241. THE MARINE: Is JOHN CENA used as a tool of USA Government Propaganda?
  242. Anyone like a movie the first time, but not as much the second time?
  243. Dawn of The Dead- Most dangerous stunt in a movie?
  244. CHUD.com's 50 Biggest Disappointments
  245. Schindler's List made me cry
  246. Temple of Doom or Last Crusade
  247. KARMA - A Love Story
  248. I need some help identifying this movie
  249. Not Another Remake!...Suspiria Edition
  250. Name these 4 films