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  1. Movies with scenes *after* end credits
  2. Movies you appreciate more on multiple viewings?
  3. "Slice of Life" Movies
  4. DVDTalk Review for Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem
  5. 2007 National Film Registry selections announced...
  6. What if Vincent declined to give Jules examples as to why Europe is superior?
  7. Hancock (Will Smith, 2008)
  8. Pineapple Express (David Gordon Green, 2008)
  9. "Fool's Gold" (Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey)
  10. Movies that have a scene like this
  11. Movies that explore or feature silence?
  12. Help figuring out a movie title
  13. Strange Wilderness- new Happy Madison flick!
  14. Movie you're most looking forward to in 2008
  15. Are theaters that crowded on X-Mas Day?
  16. 2008's Theatrical Release List
  17. Favorite title/credit sequences of 2007
  18. The 2008 Rank 'Em As You See 'Em Thread
  19. Favorite Troma Titles
  20. Machine Girl
  21. Solaris?
  22. Dune - News, Rumors, Etc
  23. Weekend Box-Office (12/21-12/23) Biggest Nicolas Cage opening
  24. Hancock - Will Smith is a superhero
  25. Scorsese makes a Hitchcock film
  26. Guess That Movie By Screenshot, Episode VI: The Return of the (Movie) Jedi
  27. Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Kristen Bell + Jason Segel
  28. 2008 Spirit Award Nominees Announced
  29. Strange Wilderness - New Happy Madison (Zahn, Hill, Long)
  30. John Hillcoat to direct "The Road"
  31. how did Zodiac not get any golden globe noms?
  32. FREE Award-Winning Indie Film - 10 MPH
  33. Sam Raimi returns to horror!
  34. Annoyance over company logos in a film's opening
  35. Jackass 2.5 Online for Free
  36. 21 (Luketic, 2008) — MIT blackjack team movie starring Spacey and Fishburne
  37. Every film ever made contains a still photo
  38. Question about Blade Runner
  39. Hancock starring Will Smith
  40. Tim Burton to make Alice In Wonderland
  41. Jackson to produce "The Hobbit"
  42. What is it With "GoldenEye"?
  43. Films with a sequel in a different medium? (ie live action film with animated sequel
  44. Casino: most f-bombs?
  45. Sci-Fi Channel originals thread?
  46. Quick Question About The Writer's Strike
  47. Hancock
  48. National Guard Movie Ad - Talk about Military Propaganda
  49. Hitchcock film recommendations?
  50. The Worst Christmas Movies
  51. You Don't Mess with the Zohan (Dugan, 2007) — Apatow's Adam Sandler movie
  52. "I'm Not There", directed by Todd Haynes, 2007
  53. Appleseed Ex Machina!!!
  54. The Met Live In HD; 1st show Romeo et Juliette
  55. Leatherheads - Clooney/Zellweger/Krasinski
  56. City of Ember (Fall 2008) : Starring Bill Murray (From the Director of Monster House)
  57. Floyd Red Crow Westerman ("Dances With Wolves") dies
  58. movie quote help (its from a song)
  59. No 007 movie in 2007 ?!?!?
  60. "Oh Hell Naw!" Weekend Box Office: Dec. 14-16
  61. Star Trek V The Final Frontier
  62. Superman: The Movie is coming to sacramento, CA jan.10, 2008!
  63. New James Bond movie entitled "007"
  64. Scorcese/Hitchcock secret project
  65. Websites that list movies in chronological order of its time period within the film?
  66. A Clockwork Orange should be remade
  67. 'Lost In Translation' translated
  68. Once
  69. Spam Review...
  70. The Whisper at the end of "Lost In Translation" revealed.
  71. Mamma Mia!
  72. Sword and the Sorcerer: Tales of the Ancient Empire is being made
  73. Anyone else think that STARDUST was overall pretty bad?
  74. Beautiful Girls reference to Rich Man Poor Man
  75. Does anyone have some screen shots of-
  76. Joe Bob Briggs Drive In Theatre
  77. Advance Screening Question
  78. Night at the Museum 2 - ANNOUNCED!
  79. Someone named Fergie bastardizes Bond
  80. 5500 “f*cks” in 55 minutes (with video evidence)
  81. The Bucket List
  82. The Bourne Movies
  83. Wayans Brothers Completely Unaware of Hot Fuzz, Make Own Action Movie Parody
  84. Looking for movie trailer for Jiang Wen's "Devils on the Doorstep".
  85. Site that tells you how much nudity is in a movie?
  86. "The Contender" (2000)...is it appropriate for 12th graders?
  87. Resurrecting movie franchises. Do you like this new trend?
  88. What other 'movie' sites do talkers go to?
  89. Need some specific film recommendations please
  90. Need Help With Animated Film Name
  91. What signature soundtrack composers do you love to hear?
  92. Most unexpected deaths (spoilers).
  93. Best and worst last picture of star or director?
  94. AMERICAN PIE - Beta House
  95. Weekend Box Office: Golden Compass Weekend
  96. No Country for Old Men: what was i supposed to think?
  97. My perspective on Jerry Maguire
  98. Movie still pictures
  99. Arrested Development... wait for it... THE MOVIE
  100. Recommend some good Dracula flicks
  101. Which Wayne's World movie did you like more?
  102. 100 great horror films by screenshot
  103. The 8 Most Cringe-Worthy Comic Book Movie Moments
  104. I just saw WALK HARD at a sneak preview...
  105. Bob Morton in Robocop...good guy?
  106. The Quiet - Fantastic Movie
  107. Odd/awkward movie marketing
  108. Teeth (Or 'Vagina Dentata') - The Most Terrifying Film Men Will Ever See
  109. Speed Racer movie, new pictures...
  110. What Other Movie Have I Heard This Song From Eyes Wide Shut In?
  111. A flim that should be:London After Midnight(1927)!
  112. A movie theater first for me
  113. Did Morgan Spurlock find Bin Laden in new documentary?
  114. Ever see a movie that really stuck with you for a while?
  115. Atonement - When does it go wide?
  116. Jon Voight as Paul Sarone in "Anaconda"
  117. Where does "Seven" take place?
  118. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - Overrated?
  119. 2007 OSCAR TALK - news, discussion, speculation
  120. Questions about Mickey One (Arthur Penn, 1966)
  121. The Poughkeepsie Tapes Trailer
  122. Need movies similar to Kung Pow
  123. The Girl Next Door - no not the elisha cuthbert one (merged)
  124. Gabriel - This movie was so bad I have to write about it.
  125. Hounddog: Whatever happened to it?
  126. Let's talk about the Director's Cut of Troy
  127. Ever came so close to seeing a movie in the theaters but didn't and regret it?
  128. CLERKS vs THE BROTHERS McMULLEN - which is the better debut film?
  129. Can you name established actors that have rarely headlined a film all by themselves?
  130. Prince Caspian --Trailer coming soon??
  131. Midnight Meat Train
  132. Wanted (Jolie. Freeman, Stamp, McAvoy)
  133. "American Gangster" or "Gone Baby Gone"?
  134. Anyone here from Pittsburgh? Any screenings of 'It's A Wonderful Life'?
  135. What Happened to John Hughes?
  136. 'Diving Bell...' with Director in attendence DC screening: Dec. 11
  137. looking for a movie
  138. Minor" Masterpieces
  139. Once (John Carney) - One of the best films of the year.
  140. Mission Impossible 3 or Die Hard 4?
  141. General behavior at movie theaters..Not good
  142. Random Movie Clip Thread
  143. Step up 2 the Streets
  144. Which animated series made the better movie? The Simpsons, Futurama or Family Guy?
  145. Which cartoon made the better movie? The Simpsons, Futurama or Family Guy?
  146. What movie is this??
  147. Help me with a movie title! (pics)
  148. Rudo y Cursi (Carlos Cuarón, 2009) — Gael García Bernal & Diego Luna
  149. Post your top ten of 2007
  150. Rise of the Footsoldier
  151. "There Will Be Blood" January 2008
  152. Almost Famous -- Complete List of Songs?
  153. CJ7 - Stephen Chow's new film...
  154. Black Christmas Remake - Like it?, Love it?, or Hate it?
  155. Unfinished Bruce Lee movie?
  156. August Rush - quick overture
  157. trying to find title nerdy guys doing stunts
  158. Weekend Box Office - Thanksgiving Weekend
  159. Are you ever amazed at your movie tastes?
  160. TERMINATOR: Salvation (aka T4)
  161. Movies that cover long periods of time? (At least 100 years)
  162. Final Destination 4 -- In 3-D
  163. Which 1980s/1990s movie villain actors do you miss?
  164. Benoit Poelvoorde is now the biggest film star in Europe
  165. G.I. JOE movie: Sienna Miller cast as The Baroness
  166. What Recent Movies Have Really ''Done It'' For You?
  167. Best resurrection of a movie franchise?
  168. "Original Sin" :Antonio Banderas/Angelina Jolie
  169. What's your preferred cut of Close Encounters?
  170. Weekend Box Office Thread - 11.16.2007 - 11.18.2007 - 3D Edition.
  171. Movies about or Starring former Dallas Cowboys (and cheerleaders)+Anybody in Tyler TX
  172. Ever watch a movie again, think it was your 1st time?
  173. Best Shouted Line from an Epic Film?
  174. Best Christopher Lee Dracula sequal movie
  175. Need help, Dont know movie name.
  176. Firends of Sacha Guitry, Unite! - Write Criterion!
  177. "Teeth"
  178. A Tale of Two Sisters remake, why god why??
  179. Favorite movie couple?
  180. Which movie should I see this weekend?
  181. Can anyone identify this movie?
  182. thriller or cop movie reccomendations.
  183. So what's Bill Hunt alluding to in his column today? "Cinematic Treat"
  184. The Forbidden Kingdom trailer (Chan & Li)
  185. Best Trailer of 2007 goes to:
  186. Why did Foster and Demme pull out of Hannibal?
  187. Enchanted - watch these clips from the movie!
  188. Title of Muppet Movie??
  189. 5 Upcoming Comic Book Movies That Must Be Stopped
  190. Would you refuse to see a film remake of a favorite book?
  191. I am Legend...Another Hollywood Remake
  192. Yo, Poe: Sylvester Stallone's Edgar Allan Poe movie
  193. Hey Hollywood...we don't want your Anti-War/Anti-US films
  194. Lawrence of Arabia 70MM at the Senator in Baltimore!
  195. DragonBall (Live Action) - News, Yada, hmmm
  196. GUILLERMO DEL TORO: "Champions"
  197. MAX PAYNE: [Video Game] The Movie -2008
  198. 70's movies that involve a rape scene?
  199. The Man From Earth (2007)
  200. Golden Compass: Please increase its box office by boycotting!
  201. Favorite Pixar Short Film
  202. P2
  203. Best Assassin/Hitman(woman) Movie?
  204. Brian De Palma's Redacted (2007) Thread
  205. Your top 25 favorite movies of this decade so far?
  206. Movies you thought weren't bad when you first saw them, but later learned to love the
  207. ALL FREAKIN NIGHT 2007 @ the Olympia Film Festival, Saturday MIDNIGHT Olympia WA
  208. Joe Strummer: the Future Is Unwritten
  209. The Kite Runner (Dir. Mar Forster)
  210. Valkyrie trailer
  211. Most Unexpected Nude Scene in a Movie
  212. Do you think Michael Moore is full of it, or do you support him?
  213. Control by Anton Corbijn
  214. 100 Best Rock & Roll Movies
  215. No Country for Old Men (Coen Bros., 2007) — Reviews thread
  216. YART - Rob Zombie to remake C.H.U.D.
  217. Lions for Lambs the Worst Movie Ever Made
  218. Semi-Pro (Alterman, 2008) — Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, André Benjamin
  219. Cougar Club
  220. Roger Bart
  221. The New Death Wish (Stallone) - News, Rumors, yada yada yada
  222. Daniel Craig to receive $60 billion for next 4 Bond films
  223. Guess That Movie By Screenshot, "Easy Edition"
  224. Gone baby Gone
  225. A Clockwork Orange : "Political Offenders"
  226. Weekend Box Office Thread - Nov 2 - 4th, 2007 - American Gangster Bee #1 (So far..)
  227. Love for "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" (2001)
  228. RESIDENT EVIL: 3D computer-animated feature (2008)
  229. help me identify this late 70's/Early 80's Grade school film
  230. The Bee Movie (Discussion Thread)
  231. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (Lumet, 2007) — Hoffman/Hawke/Finney/Tomei
  232. Johnny Depp : Best Role on Film?
  233. WANTED Trailer Up
  234. Robert Goulet Dies at 73
  235. E.T. - How overrated is this film?
  236. 25 Most Awesome Horror Kills
  237. Awake trailer (Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba, Lena Olin, Terrence Howard)
  238. question about "the rest stop"
  239. Raising Arizona music question
  240. BLADE RUNNER - national rollout - dates/theatres
  241. Green Lantern - news, rumors, castings, etc.
  242. THE RESCUERS: BERNARD & BIANCA versus THE SECRET OF NIMH: Which one do you prefer?
  243. Weekend Box Office Thread - 10/26/2007 - 10/28/2007 - Saw this one coming.
  244. Private Lessons 25th Anniversary DVD
  245. Gay Hollywood movies: Out of Sight? (What happened to Harvey?)
  246. Useless Remake #477: The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
  247. Saw IV (Movie discussion thread.)
  248. Thing From Another World
  249. Hollywood cheats us with garbage! What story would YOU like to see made into a movie?
  250. MR. UNTOUCHABLE (Directed by Marc Levin)