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  1. Popular Movies You Have Never Seen
  2. Alien 1979 Vs The Thing 1982
  3. 16th Annual VCU French Film Festival - Richmond, VA - March 28-30
  4. Frank Whaley: Anyone else a casual fan of this actor?
  5. Need help identifying movie…
  6. Stone's War
  7. Just seen Videodrome for the first time! WTF?
  8. Shutter - quick review
  9. Meet the Browns - quick review
  10. Never Back Down - quick review
  11. Worst. Remake. Ever.
  12. Henenlotter's "Bad Biology"
  13. Movie Quote Contest, a little help needed
  14. Weekend Box Office- 3/21-3/23 "Horton Meets The Browns"
  15. Expelled from Expelled!
  16. Tyler Perry
  17. Any new and exciting films/directors to look out for?
  18. I want an Austin Powers sequel
  19. Mister Lonely (Harmony Korine, 2008)
  20. Paul Scofield (1922-2008) RIP
  21. Movie ID Help..
  22. Psycho 1960 vs The Thing 1982
  23. The Jack Ryan franchise and... Sam Raimi
  24. Gran Torino (Clint Eastwood mystery project): A Western? A Swan Song for Dirty Harry?
  25. Arthur C. Clarke has died
  26. RoboCop (2014, Padilha) S: Kinnaman, Oldman, Jackson, Cornish
  27. Director Anthony Minghella, RIP
  28. Anthony Minghella, RIP
  29. Chan, Li Plan 2nd Movie Collaboration
  30. Remake This! Trading Places Edition
  31. Predators in Predator 1 and 2
  32. Murder Party (2007), thoughts?
  33. Favorite summer blockbuster?
  34. Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who
  35. Help with movie title...
  36. 10000 BC Movie Review and What Did You Think?
  37. Identify Actress
  38. Next Michael Bay Abortion: Rosemary's Baby
  39. Funny Games
  40. Here's a remake no one saw coming: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
  41. The Ruins - April 4, 2008
  42. The Strangers (2008)
  43. need movie-related help for school project
  44. What's this 80's sex comedy??
  45. Best Realease of 2008 (so far)?
  46. Need Some Help with Movie Stand Ups
  47. Have you seen EVERYTHING a particular actor has been in?
  48. Best musing of Over the Top ever
  49. Movies set in post-Colonial Africa?
  50. AICN thread with Bruce Willis?
  51. Disney Reward Points?
  52. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day - quick review
  53. 10.000 B.C. - little info
  54. What does the title "Good Will Hunting" mean to you?
  55. 21
  56. Made of Honor
  57. Anna Nicole: The Movie
  58. Into the Wild - Great film!
  59. My new favorite movie critic: Sexman
  60. Penelope (Palansky, 2008) — Christina Ricci with a pig nose
  61. 40 Movie References From The Simpsons
  62. Grindhouse On Comcast On Demand Hd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  63. Tropic Thunder (Ben Stiller, Jack Black - oh yeah, & Robert Downey Jr. as...)
  64. The International (Tykwer, 2008) — Clive Owen, Naomi Watts in Interpol thriller
  65. Patrick Swayze has terminal cancer, just weeks to live.
  66. 'The Wrestler' D:Daron Aronofsky, w/Mickey Rourke
  67. Shoot "Em Up has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen
  68. Spring Cleanup: delete a film-related site from your web browser favorites list
  69. Ben Foster appreciation thread.
  70. Next in line for a terrible remake: 'The Breakfast Club'
  71. So I Finally Saw:Masaki Kobayashi-HARAKIRI
  72. The Bank Job (Jason Statham)
  73. Movies In Which You Liked The Remake More Than The Original
  74. Great opening shots
  75. The Fuller Brush Man
  76. Australia (Luhrmann, 2008) — Kidman and Jackman in WW2 / outback western
  77. So I Finally Saw: "The Wages of Fear"
  78. Vigilante Movies
  79. Regal Cinemas now showing explicit previews prior to movies.
  80. Movies where you agreed with the villan?
  81. Best vampire movie?
  82. Movies that would be GREAT, if not for one thing...
  83. The Other Boleyn Girl
  84. Last truly original movie you saw?
  85. Warcraft (2016, D: Duncan Jones) S: Ben Foster, Paula Patton, Dominic Cooper
  86. Smart People (Noam Murro, 2008) — Dennis Quaid, Ellen Page, Thomas Haden Church
  87. Conan O'brien No Country for Old Men
  88. The Love Guru trailer (Mike Myers, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake)
  89. Street Kings (David Ayer, 2008) — Keanu Reeves / Hugh Laurie LAPD thriller (merged)
  90. 2009 horror remakes/sequels, many 3-D!
  91. Best Steven Seagal Flick?
  92. Double Features
  93. Which movies have used Kubrick's 2001 climax - the "swirly wacky color vortex"?
  94. New Line Cinema to be folded into WB
  95. Step Brothers Trailer (John C. Reilly, Will Ferrell)
  96. Miami film festival
  97. Paranoid Park (Van Sant, 2008) — Murder drama set in Portland, Oregon
  98. Trying to Find an Online Video of Steve Zahn Singing at the Indie Film Spirit Awards
  99. Independence Day:: Theatrical vs. Extended edtion
  100. WWE and Fox join forces for movies: You've have got to be frickin' kidding me.
  101. I wonder if Brian Orndorf is biting on cyanide now...
  102. Jason Statham returns for Transporter 3 along with T-Bag!
  103. The Gilman - Ben Chapman has passed away.
  104. Diablo Cody Script Leaked
  105. Chuck Palahniuk's Choke, film, set to release on April 1, 2008?!?!
  106. Jules Winnfield...Hockey Coach?!?
  107. Tell Me About 'Mongol'...
  108. The Counterfeiters (Ruzowitzky, 2008) — Austrian WW2 movie
  109. There Will Be Blood SNL Parody
  110. 2007 OSCAR SHOW discussion thread! (winners, losers, speeches, etc...)
  111. Just saw all the Best Picture Nominees - In a Row
  112. Turner Classics has disappointed me
  113. What was this movie?
  114. The Signal (2008)
  115. Documentary: King Corn
  116. Funniest Comedy Teams of 20th century
  117. Redbelt (Mamet, 2008) — Chiwetel Ejiofor's jiu-jitsu movie
  118. Movies that end w/self sacrifice?
  119. Which is the better Terminator - T1000 or TX?
  120. Charlie Bartlett
  121. Films set during the Gold Rush and Oil Boom era (1849-1925)
  122. Sony buys Emmerich's '2012'
  123. More "Akira" live-action talk...
  124. Favorite "based on actual events" movies?
  125. Free-spirit movies
  126. The 2008 DVD Talk Oscar Contest!
  127. Biggest 2nd weekend drop ever?
  128. Unintentionally Scary Family Movies
  129. wow, Uwe Boll can direct and has some talent........
  130. Guess the Movie by Screenshot: Jessica Alba Edition
  131. Need help IDing a movie...
  132. Definitive 'Old West' tales?
  133. Please delete this thread.
  134. "Swimming Pool" very good movie, but...(spoilers)
  135. Movies you'd like to edit?
  136. Youtube me some nice knife in the foot scenes.
  137. Meet the Spartans
  138. Box Office Weekend (2-15/2-17) - Jumper v Step Up 2 v Spiderwick v Definitely, Maybe
  139. Best 60's - 80's animation?
  140. What was the last movie you saw that had sub-titles?
  141. Step Up 2 the streets - quick beats
  142. Post your celeb pics!
  143. Who had the better year - Casey Affleck or Josh Brolin?
  144. Stallone, Arnie and Van Damme, in Which Movie did they Physically look their best ?
  145. Best Denzel Washington "Bad Guy" Performance?
  146. Robert De Niro or Al Pacino ?
  147. Release date for Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade?
  148. George Washington Loves to Dance and Jump: Weekend Box Office for 2/14 to 2/18
  149. Favorite horror flick
  150. Name this Horror movie please!
  151. Am I the only one who liked the Star Wars prequels?
  152. My War Collection (What am I missing?)
  153. A forum thread based movie or Train_man
  154. In your opinion, are big-budget movies getting better?
  155. What was that tiem travel movie a few years ago...
  156. Almost Great Movies
  157. Could River Have Beaten The Operative In Hand To Hand Combat In Serenity?
  158. The Spiderwick Chronicles thread
  159. Who were the up-and-coming actors that never became huge stars?
  160. Japanese film director Ichikawa dies at 92
  161. 2007 In Pictorial Review -- Your Favourite One-Sheets/Teasers/Posters
  162. Writers strike officially over; they go back to work Wednesday
  163. The Namesake - need help immediately
  164. The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988)
  165. 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson les scene, I'm There!
  166. The Clone Wars (2008)
  167. Anyone Else A Fan Of Southern Comfort?
  168. Do you post on IMDB?
  169. Drag Me To Hell - Sam Raimi
  170. AMC Best Picture showcase, anyone going?
  171. We Own The Night
  172. ID this late 70's/early 80's sci fi movie
  173. 'Grace is Gone' (John Cusack film) wide release ??
  174. Identify This 80's Movie...
  175. Questions about the end of Apocolypto(spoilers, naturally)
  176. Guess That Movie By Screenshot, Part Se7en: "What's in the Box?" Edition
  177. Superhero Movie (new spoof coming in March)
  178. Roy Scheider, RIP
  179. Classic lines that are overrated?
  180. Michael Caine, Peter O'Toole, Morgan Freeman, Ian McKellen: Why are they so wise?
  181. Why the hell does Ackroyd yell "POPCORN!" in Grosse Point Blank?
  182. Favorite Character Actors ~ Told With Pictures
  183. Disney Movie Reward Codes
  184. I watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 tonight...
  185. WEEKEND BOX OFFICE Discussion Thread (2/8/08-2/10/08) "Fool's" Edition
  186. "In Bruges" (Colin Farrell/Ralph Fiennes)
  187. The Ruins
  188. I love Event Horizon
  189. Name that Horror Film
  190. 'Taken' Trailer with Liam Neeson
  191. Movies messin with your mind.... (merged)
  192. Mafia movie title?
  193. "Oddball" Randy Quaid banned for LIFE by Actor's Equity union
  194. Please help me ID recent horror flick
  195. London to Brighton
  196. Vanity Fair article and slideshow on classic Hollywood lobby cards
  197. Best girl kicking ass scene?
  198. Most Hated Actors
  199. Chaos Theory (Ryan Reynolds, Emily Mortimer, Stuart Townsend, Sarah Chalke)
  200. Oscars: Foreign film/actors nominations not in the Best Foreign Film category?
  201. Celebrity Deaths: the people that may feel responsible/guilty for their deaths?
  202. Grindhouse: which one am I supposed to watch first?
  203. Remake City!!!
  204. 8th Annual eFilmCritic Oscar Pick 'em - WIN 50 DVDs!
  205. The horrors just don't end...Superhero Movie
  206. which of these movies i should watch?
  207. KickBoxing Academy (with Grey's Anatomy Chyler Leigh kissing her real life brother)
  208. Russian Mafia films VS. Italian Mafia films: Which do you prefer?
  209. Best heavy-handed message movie?
  210. Mandy Moore-Worst year ever?
  211. More "Rambo" and "Rocky" movies on the way...
  212. Can anyone list actors with bad/bumpy/sickly/acne facial skin?
  213. Movies Ruined By Their Sequel (or Prequels)
  214. Best Picture Nominations
  215. Which films deserve an Oscar? Does atonement deserve to win?
  216. Godfather Superbowl ad from Audi
  217. Best "on-foot" chase scene?
  218. Your Studio And You (1995) - Parker/Stone, Spielberg, Traci Lords
  219. What's this movie?
  220. Pride and Glory - not until 2009?
  221. Best actor under 50 years old?
  222. Cop/Police Movie Recommendations.........
  223. Writers, producers reach breakthrough, could end strike next week
  224. Hannah Montana Kills Everyone: Box Office for 02/01 - 02/03
  225. Son of Rambow
  226. possible Arrested Development movie in the works
  227. Help me id these movies
  228. Movie clips site?
  229. Greatest American Hero Attempting to Fly Into Theaters!!
  230. Goodfellas or Casino
  231. Goodfellas or Casino
  232. Judgement Day? - Terminator Movies
  233. The Amityville Murders - a new documentary/film on the way...
  234. Marvel Zombies Fan Film
  235. Sorry guys but lets faze it. Blade Runner is simply a poor movie.
  236. Defiance (Zwick, 2008)
  237. David Lynch on product placement and iPhones....
  238. Baby Mama - (Tina Fey, Amy Poehler)
  239. Favorite Movie Ever
  240. Heartbreak Kid could have been so much better
  241. Do you think Kevin Bacon is frustrated?
  242. Your favorite 70s movie
  243. My idea for a sequel to Aliens...
  244. A Nightmare on Elm Street about to become A Nightmare on Remake Row
  245. Edgewise Media Contest
  246. which of these bad movies i should watch next?
  247. Recent Sean Young odd behavior
  248. Are the old classic Sci-Fi thrillers any good?
  249. Planet Earth looks boring. Should I watch it anyway?
  250. Movies about Terrorism