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  1. Oscars: Foreign film/actors nominations not in the Best Foreign Film category?
  2. Celebrity Deaths: the people that may feel responsible/guilty for their deaths?
  3. Grindhouse: which one am I supposed to watch first?
  4. Remake City!!!
  5. 8th Annual eFilmCritic Oscar Pick 'em - WIN 50 DVDs!
  6. The horrors just don't end...Superhero Movie
  7. which of these movies i should watch?
  8. KickBoxing Academy (with Grey's Anatomy Chyler Leigh kissing her real life brother)
  9. Russian Mafia films VS. Italian Mafia films: Which do you prefer?
  10. Best heavy-handed message movie?
  11. Mandy Moore-Worst year ever?
  12. More "Rambo" and "Rocky" movies on the way...
  13. Can anyone list actors with bad/bumpy/sickly/acne facial skin?
  14. Movies Ruined By Their Sequel (or Prequels)
  15. Best Picture Nominations
  16. Which films deserve an Oscar? Does atonement deserve to win?
  17. Godfather Superbowl ad from Audi
  18. Best "on-foot" chase scene?
  19. Your Studio And You (1995) - Parker/Stone, Spielberg, Traci Lords
  20. What's this movie?
  21. Pride and Glory - not until 2009?
  22. Best actor under 50 years old?
  23. Cop/Police Movie Recommendations.........
  24. Writers, producers reach breakthrough, could end strike next week
  25. Hannah Montana Kills Everyone: Box Office for 02/01 - 02/03
  26. Son of Rambow
  27. possible Arrested Development movie in the works
  28. Help me id these movies
  29. Movie clips site?
  30. Greatest American Hero Attempting to Fly Into Theaters!!
  31. Goodfellas or Casino
  32. Goodfellas or Casino
  33. Judgement Day? - Terminator Movies
  34. The Amityville Murders - a new documentary/film on the way...
  35. Marvel Zombies Fan Film
  36. Sorry guys but lets faze it. Blade Runner is simply a poor movie.
  37. Defiance (Zwick, 2008)
  38. David Lynch on product placement and iPhones....
  39. Baby Mama - (Tina Fey, Amy Poehler)
  40. Favorite Movie Ever
  41. Heartbreak Kid could have been so much better
  42. Do you think Kevin Bacon is frustrated?
  43. Your favorite 70s movie
  44. My idea for a sequel to Aliens...
  45. A Nightmare on Elm Street about to become A Nightmare on Remake Row
  46. Edgewise Media Contest
  47. which of these bad movies i should watch next?
  48. Recent Sean Young odd behavior
  49. Are the old classic Sci-Fi thrillers any good?
  50. Planet Earth looks boring. Should I watch it anyway?
  51. Movies about Terrorism
  52. Goodfellas or Godfather
  53. SAG Awards (2008) ...anyone interested in talking about them?
  54. Forgetting Sarah Marshall trailer (new Apatow production!)
  55. I dont get No Country For Old Men
  56. Young@Heart trailer
  57. What movie is this?
  58. No Country for Old Men...Questions
  59. Help Identifying Movie
  60. Rank the Oscar BP nominees (1998-2008): a list thread
  61. Top 10 Movie Weapons
  62. Did Sight & Sound ever re-do their Best Films list for 2007?
  63. Weekend Box-Office (1/24-1-26) : "Rambo" and "Spartans" close call for #1
  64. What should i see tonight, Antonment or Michael Clayton?
  65. Things You Just Noticed...
  66. 28 Years Later, er I mean Doomsday.
  67. Can someone answer me a question about Fright Night
  68. 'Toy Story' Films Going 3-D
  69. Anyone know which trailers will be shown during the Super Bowl?
  70. Want to Be In X-Files 2, here is your chance
  71. Untraceable starring Diane Lane Opening 1/25/08
  72. Fight Club: The Musical
  73. Has anyone heard of a movie called Dr. Claux?
  74. Hannah Montana 3D Movie!
  75. "Lord of War" ...anyone think it is a study in Economics?
  76. MPAA Admits College Pirate Study Was Wrong
  77. Teeth, the movie?
  78. Heist movie recommendations?
  79. Heath Ledger found dead in Manhattan Apartment.
  80. Will you deliver Spain from bondage? - Understanding & Appreciation of The Fountain.
  81. Movies you've always wanted to see get the "Extended" treatment
  82. Help me identify an arthouse type of war movie
  83. Watching/watched any movies in memory of MLK?
  84. 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, dir. Cristian Mungiu -- 2007 Palme d'Or Winner
  85. Name This Looney Tune Cartoon Please
  86. Diary of the Dead-Romero back to Form?
  87. Favorite Movie Monster?
  88. film posters?
  89. "Rambo" (They drew first blood, not me!) reviews thread.
  90. Luke turned Sith!
  91. The Hottie and the Nottie
  92. 'Magnolia' - interpretations of kid's rap?
  93. Best Chick Flick?
  94. Top 10 Sickest Movies
  95. Oliver Stone set to direct "Bush" -- Starring Josh Brolin as Dub-ya!
  96. Can someone identify this animated short?
  97. Suzanne Pleshette, 1937-2008, RIP
  98. Quick HDNet question
  99. Never Back Down Trailer. Looks like The Karate Kid meets Fight Club
  100. Karate Kid Alternate Ending
  101. Rock The Bells -the Movie (a Great Documentary!)
  102. Leatherheads (4/4/08 - Clooney, Zellweger, Krasinski)
  103. New AFI movie special -- AFI's 10 top 10
  104. "Fan Boys" trailer
  105. Hey Hollywood...we don't want your Anti-War/Anti-US films - Part 2
  106. Weekend Box Office - 1/18/08- 1/20/08 - Cloverfield makes mad money with 27 dresses
  107. Which movies have that cliche scene of "reaching arms up to the sky"?
  108. Name the Guaranteed Goosebump Scene!
  109. One of those "Help me find a movie threads..."
  110. Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut"
  111. 8 Kick-Ass Movies You Didn't Know Were Based on Books
  112. Your favorite bad-ass scenes
  113. Eastern Promises....good film, horrible ending
  114. Name a movie for me, please
  115. Coming to America/Star Wars
  116. Is there a chronology to Tarantino/Rodriguez films? (Spoilers)
  117. Zeitgeist - The Movie (2007)
  118. OH. MY. GOD. (movie trailer)
  119. U2 3D IMAX Opens Jan 23, 2008
  120. Neil Marshall's Doomsday (Rhona Mitra, Malcolm McDowell) Trailer
  121. American Cannibal (2006)
  122. Which actors chose to retire too early in career?
  123. Do you think Sylvester Stallone's a talented filmmaker?
  124. Favorite has-been actors/actresses?
  125. Yeah, she's "pretty" overrated looking...
  126. Brad Renfro dead at 25
  127. Cloverfield box office predictions thread
  128. Favorite (Just ONE) Movie of all time
  129. 2008's Theatrical Release List
  130. EL CID (Digital HD presentation) AFI Silver Theatre: Jan. 28
  131. Full Class Back for 'High School Musical 3'
  132. The Mumblecore Thread: Swanberg, Bujalski, Duplass, Katz, etc.
  133. What are your thoughts on Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)?
  134. Actor that has worked with the best directors?
  135. One and Only CLOVERFIELD reviews thread!
  136. creepy coraline video
  137. "New York, je t'aime" AKA "New York, I Love You" (Sequel to Paris, je t'aime)
  138. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to be split into two films
  139. movie television premieres (hbo, sho, etc.)
  140. Strange Wilderness
  141. So, just re-watched "I Am Sam" (2001) (Penn, Pfeiffer)...
  142. Movie Series' that were never completed
  143. King of Kong screwed by Oscar
  144. 1106 - A Moment in FIctional Time
  145. Scarface question: Whats up with the sister?
  146. Any trilogy out there that doesn't suffer from "Boba-Fett" syndrome?
  147. Roger Avary arrested on suspicion of manslaughter/felony driving under the influence
  148. Now there's Ads in my trailers!
  149. The Golden Globes Awards 2008 appreciation thread
  150. 10,000 BC - guess there are a lot of new movies out
  151. Teeth - is this for real?
  152. Vantage Point - any buzz?
  153. Weekend Box Office Thread 1/18/08 - 1/20/08 - Cloverfield - Trailer (Hit? or Miss?)
  154. Question about "Shooter" - spoilers
  155. Why do people like to watch explosions?
  156. Movie in Production 'Game'
  157. The Foreign Movie of 2008 to Watch is...CHARLSTON AND VENDETTA!
  158. Movies that involve learning about or understanding money?
  159. Kung Fu space kitty beats up hapless dog...
  160. Weekend Box Office Thread 1/11/08 - 1/13/08 - Could First Sunday kick the Bucket?
  161. Pirates of the Caribbean 4??
  162. Vampira has Passed. Maila Nurmi dead at 86
  163. Has anyone been in more 'Based on a Real Story' movies than Denzel ?
  164. It's just a movie right?
  165. Reccomend Some Modern Westerns
  166. PUBLIC ENEMIES (Michael Mann), 2009 - Depp, Bale
  167. What movie "broke the 4th wall" the best?
  168. The Orphanage - signs of life in mood-based horror
  169. Come Early Morning [starring Ashley Judd]
  170. Harry Potter and The Chronicles of The Lord of The Golden Compass of The Jedi
  171. Spaghetti Western Guns Sound F/X
  172. So I met Cronenberg last night...
  173. Film Analysis on Kubrick/Hitchcock by Rob Ager
  174. Scariest Movies You Watched As A Kid
  175. Be Kind Rewind Trailer - Discussion Thread
  176. Screw D.C.'s Teen Titans, bring on Marvel's Power Pack movie!
  177. Any Academy Award Movie Challenge This Year?
  178. Can anyone list movies with awesome scenes of gatlin guns?
  179. Best/Favorite Scifi of the Decade ('98 - '08)
  180. "Apt Pupil" starring RICKY SCHRODER.....??
  181. "No good movie has ever included a hot-air balloon" (and other rules of thumb)
  182. John Hughes or Judd Apatow?
  183. Van Damme vs. Seagal: The Movie?!
  184. Run Fatboy Run (Simon Pegg) - 3/28/2008
  185. My Blueberry Nights (Wong Kar-Wai, 2008) Portman, Strathairn, Weisz, Law
  186. ROVDYR (2008) - Norwegian Horror
  187. Christian Slater - Will he ever really break out?
  188. Movie theater popcorn - is this happening everywhere?
  189. I can watch Aliens without watching Alien, right?
  190. Last movie of 2007, first movie of 2008
  191. Your Favourite funny movie
  192. about chinese films
  193. Recommend me a good, recent, SCARY movie
  194. Favorite movie musical of this decade (2000)??
  195. 2008 Visual Effects bake off...
  196. Anyone seen a scene in a movie with just a light drizzle, instead of heavy rain?
  197. Weekend Box Office Thread - Jan 05 - 07th 2008 - Nat'l Treasures 3-peat
  198. Chocolate -- Directed by Prachya Pinkaew
  199. Teeth (Seriously Nasty Movie)
  200. Shia Is Taking Over The Indiana Jones franchise.......
  201. Best movie without talent?
  202. David Lynch's thoughts on seeing movies on portable devices
  203. The Biggest Waste of Talent ever in a Movie ?
  204. What's up with Jessica Biel - is she really not going to play a superhero?
  205. Should Disney film Narnia novels out-of-sequence for consistent casting?
  206. Just watched The Insider for the first time. Mann, Crowe, etc were robbed!
  207. The 'OH FACE' guy gets work. Sort of.
  208. David Gordon Green's "Snow Angels" - March 2008
  209. The Writers Strike Story (so far)
  210. If you were Hans from Die Hard
  211. Will SUPERMAN RETURN again?
  212. Anyone going to Sundance this year?
  213. JuOn or The Grudge?
  214. David Cross defends doing The Chipmunks movie
  215. Margot at the Wedding (dir. Baumbach, Kidman)
  216. Was the villain in Die Hard 3 really a stutterer?
  217. Definitely, Maybe (Valentine's Day 2008) Starring Ryan Reynolds & Abigail Breslin
  218. New Star Trek movie
  219. Best Heel to Face character changes (bad guys turning good)
  220. "Trick 'r Treat" (2008) Release date?
  221. Casting for Ender's Game?
  222. Brian Orndorf's DVDTalk Theatrical Juno Review
  223. Just saw "The Exorcist" for the first time!...couple questions.
  224. OSCARS May be Cancelled
  225. Anybody Else Think...
  226. Movie id?
  227. Movies that deal with child psychology?
  228. Least Belieavable Movie Bad Guy?
  229. Favorite Bond movie?
  230. The Great Debaters
  231. The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
  232. Get a Hit 2007 Indie Film FREE
  233. Box Office for 12/28-12/30 (Ben Gates vs. Alvin Seville)
  234. Bleakest ending to a movie?
  235. Critics Top 10 lists?
  236. Open Caption at the Theater
  237. Wrong Movie Shown
  238. J.D. Wilkes's "Seven Signs"
  239. "The Savages"
  240. Coens to make spaghetti western?
  241. The Orphanage
  242. Better actor: Pacino or De Niro
  243. Powerful Dialogue That Sticks With You?
  244. 10 Worst Movies of 2007
  245. Will Edward Norton make a comeback?
  246. Movies with scenes *after* end credits
  247. Movies you appreciate more on multiple viewings?
  248. "Slice of Life" Movies
  249. DVDTalk Review for Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem
  250. 2007 National Film Registry selections announced...