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  1. Most Depressing Movies of all-time!
  2. Best Movie of 1994
  3. Favorite Science Fiction Movie's Version of the Future?
  4. What movie is this pic from?
  5. Why Big Studio Releases Are Rare to Scare (A Commentary by Stephen King)
  6. Top 10 Movies 2000-Present
  7. Long movies that just fly by because they are so good?
  8. Has a movie ever changed your view on life?
  9. Original Cut (Full length) version of Lang's METROPOLIS has been located!!!
  10. John Woo's Red Cliff - 9 minute promo reel
  11. Best film of 2000
  12. Best movie of 2000
  13. Different romantic comedies/dramas
  14. 4th of July Weekend Box Office 7/3-7/6: Hancock Leads the Way
  15. How young is too young for an R-rated movie?
  16. Best Movie of 1999
  17. Top 10 Creepy actors that are probably creepy in real life!
  18. Samurai DVD's
  19. FRIENDS: The Movie?
  20. Superheros: Which form have you preferred: the movie, the cartoon, or the comic book?
  21. Parts when decent movies "Nuked the fridge"
  22. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)
  23. OUTFEST - L.A. Gay/Lesbian Film Fest JUL 9-21
  24. The Meta-Poll Poll — What should be the "standard" poll choices for rating movies?
  25. Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Del Toro, 2008) — The Reviews Thread
  26. Top 10 when you were 10
  27. Mirrors (Alexandre Aja, 2008) — Kiefer Sutherland in horror movie about... mirrors
  28. What's your favorite movie fight scene?
  29. How about all "review" threads being a poll with A thru F scoring?
  30. Arrested Development movie confirmed
  31. TOM CRUISE performs cartwheels down the aisle at the 2009 OSCARS
  32. Favorite Directors?
  33. Another 70's horror remake - Last House on the Left
  34. Crank vs. Shoot 'Em Up: The Battle for the Ages
  35. Going to the movies by yourself?
  36. The Departed (2006)
  37. Classic films you`ve no desire to see
  38. American Beauty Vs Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  39. Wow, Disaster Movie looks baaaaaad
  40. 10 Out of Place Songs That Work Really Well in Movies
  41. Which characters made you sink into your seat with their intensity or presence?
  42. Am I the only one who thinks Drunken Angel is his best film?
  43. I saw a red band trailer yesterday...in the theater!
  44. Weekend Box Office (6/27-6/29)- "Wanted and Wall-E wage war on wallets" Edition
  45. Need help finding a dystopian 70's sci-fi movie
  46. Imax Dome opinions?
  47. Saw V
  48. Red Sonja starring Rose McGowan, Rodriguez producer, 2010 release
  49. Repo! The Genetic Opera -- Rock opera from LionsGate
  50. Intentional and unintentionally funny reviews
  51. "10,000 B.C." on DVD
  52. Batman: Gotham Knight...Who's picking it up?
  53. The Coen Brothers' Burn After Reading (2008) Pitt, Clooney, McDormand, Malkovich
  54. Help with this robot movie!
  55. Is there anyplace which has the expected Box Office gross of upcoming movies ?
  56. quick question: actor/directors pay?
  57. Will Smith - I can't stand this egomaniac, am I alone?
  58. Ever think a particular actor was dead?
  59. 'Totally Awesome 80's Movies Part 2 - AFI Silver: July-Sept
  60. Which of these horror films would you rate as "The Best," and why?
  61. Kung Fu Panda
  62. What actors do you really love, but don't own too many of their DVDs?
  63. Traitor - Cheadle and Pearce
  64. "Wall-E" ...(An Adventure Beyond the Ordinar-E) reviews thread.
  65. Early pay TV (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax et al) memories
  66. Why not release multiple rated versions?
  67. Tropic Thunder sneak this Thursday at Little Creek, Norfolk, Va.
  68. Dirty Harry question [minor spoiler]
  69. Which actor appears most often in your DVD collection?
  70. RIP George Carlin
  71. "Hairspray" (1988) or "Hairspray" (2007)?
  72. Which actors/celebs who are popular right now will be on The Surreal Life in 5 years?
  73. Anyone ever...
  74. "Life As A House" ...any appreciation?
  75. My son's movie, FULL BATTLE RATTLE, at Film Forum NYC July 9-22
  76. Entertainment Weekly's Best 100 Films from the Last 25 Years
  77. Weekend Box-Office (6/20-6/22) : Get Smart #1, Guru bombs
  78. From to conservative to liberal movies
  79. Spaceballs One night only!
  80. Greatest American Hero (2008) ??
  81. Unique animation - Openfilm only?
  82. Mongol. How is it?
  83. Where does "old food" come from?
  84. Alone in the Dark-Does anyone actually like it
  85. Is there a good movie comparison site?
  86. Sacha Baron Cohen's "Bruno" set for summer '09
  87. Your 15 Top 10!
  88. Ong Bak 2
  89. How badly will The Love Guru tank?
  90. Tonight on CBS: AFI's 10 top 10
  91. Underrated, lesser known action films that you love
  92. Movie Podcasts?
  93. Stuart Gordon to make Lovecrafts Thing on the Doorstep
  94. Face Off is still awesome after 11 years!
  95. The Vatican wants no part of "Angels & Demons"
  96. Question about Kurosawa documentaries
  97. The ABC Sunday Night Movie presents JAWS and RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK
  98. I cannot believe Sex and the City has grossed 4x that of The Punisher
  99. SilverDocs 2008, June 16-23
  100. R.I.P. Stan Winston
  101. Stan Winston: R.I.P
  102. HELL'S GROUND (Zibahkhana) - Pakistan's first modern horror film
  103. Who thinks Shyamalan deserves 'Uwe Boll hate?'
  104. Anybody see Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager?
  105. Looking Ahead: Summer Movies 2009
  106. Swing Vote (J.M. Stern, 2008) — Costner, Hopper, Grammer, Tucci and... Reinhold!
  107. Weekend Box Office Thread - June 13th - June 15th, 2008 - Hulk is happening.
  108. Name a movie where the monster does the growl/scream close-up?
  109. Does bread shrink when you freeze it?
  110. Best to Worst Superhero Movies: Grade 'em!
  111. 2008 Films (What Have You Been Watching?)
  112. help identifying a font (from X-Men 2)
  113. Lot in Beijing
  114. Smurfs - Live action
  115. True Romance is Awesome!
  116. Shia Vs Tom Cruise
  117. Spielberg needs a Billion Dollars?
  118. Mods, take a look at this
  119. "Capote" vs "Infamous" for the Desert Island?
  120. Should a Star sign on for a "Franchise film" if they only want to do One movie?
  121. The one and only THE INCREDIBLE HULK reviews thread!
  122. Guess the Tomatometer for The Happening
  123. Movie Box-Office King
  124. Boy A (Crowley, 2008) — BAFTA winner Andrew Garfield's debut as former child criminal
  125. MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA (Spike Lee's $45 million WWII movie)- Sept. 2008
  126. Stuck (Mena Suvari, Stephen Rea, dir. by Stuart Gordon)
  127. What makes a movie "dated" vs. being a "period piece"?
  128. The stark adult nature of many 70s films
  129. 30 Upcoming Sequels
  130. Weekend Box-Office 6/6-6/8 : Panda karate chops Zohan
  131. RELIGULOUS- Starrng Bill Maher; DIrected by Larry Charles (In Theaters October 2008)
  132. Full Metal Jacket 2nd half- yay or nay?
  133. Kung Fu Panda - 6/6/08 (Dreamworks - Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Ian McShane)
  134. You Don't Mess With the Zohan
  135. Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
  136. What film should I see this weekend?
  137. Yahoo users rank top 30 animated films of all time
  138. "Punch-Drunk Love" - Where's the love?
  139. And Paramount Vantage is no more
  140. "Kane & Lynch" ...Bruce Willis VG movie.
  141. Robert Downey Jr is Sherlock Holmes (dir. by Guy Ritchie)
  142. First there was "jump the shark"...now "nuke the fridge"
  143. The 100 Greatest Movie Posters of All Time
  144. Should Indiana Jones 5 being about Time Travel?
  145. (YAIT) Question about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  146. The Onion Movie
  147. Better enjoy this summer movie season . . .
  148. Wondering whatever happened to the three-breasted woman from Total Recall?
  149. How Many Indiana Jones Threads is Enough?
  150. In your opinion, what makes one a film buff?
  151. Different versions of movies that have never officially been released?
  152. My "what is that movie?" thread: ASK THE PIG.
  153. Tim Burton developing "Dark Shadows"
  154. Electra Glide in Blue
  155. Indiana Jones-type films: Why does the "lost city/treasure area" always fall apart?
  156. It's Alive (2008)
  157. Fire at Universal destroys sets, landmark backlot locations
  158. Looking for the name of the Schwarzenegger movie...
  159. Weekend Box Office Thread - 5/30/08 - 6/1/08 - Sex sells as Indy tumbles.
  160. Help with name of obscure films
  161. How / Why did you develop your love for the cinema?
  162. Ninja Assassin (2009) - James McTeigue, Wachowskis (Rain, Sho Kosugi, Naomie Harris)
  163. He's Just Not That Into You
  164. How do you rate Indiana Jones villains?
  165. Just watched The King of Comedy (Scorsese)
  166. Anders Thomas Jensen
  167. Okay, seriously...why don't people like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?
  168. SEX AND THE CITY: THE MOVIE- Reviews/Discussion Thread
  169. Burn After Reading (New Coen Bros. movie): Clooney, Pitt, McDormand, Malkovich
  170. Harvey Korman RIP
  171. Indiana Jones 5 And Beyond: What do you want to see?
  172. Beverly Hills Cop 4 (D: Ratner) S: Murphy
  173. Alien Vs. Predator III - First pics
  174. The Highs of Movie Series
  175. Longest time between SEQUELS?
  176. Which MOVIE FRANCHISE had the most satisying revival?
  177. Movie ID help: Yuppie killer movie
  178. You know a movie is bad when...
  179. Just watched Mulholland Dr. for the first time...garbage
  180. Savage Grace - 5/28/08, Julianne Moore
  181. Sydney Pollack - Dead at 73
  182. SHOTGUN STORIES (2008) - (Michael Shannon) (Produced by David Gordon Green)
  183. Complete Inscription on Holy brass knuckles from the movie Constantine needed.
  184. Best straight to video movie you've seen
  185. Love the first movie, but refuse to watch the sequel(s)?
  186. Highest total movie gross by any person
  187. The Secret History of Star Wars
  188. Your Favorite Movie That Takes Place In Las Vegas?
  189. The One and Only Star Wars: The Clone Wars feature film thread!
  190. I've had enough of this new French horror crap (VENT)
  191. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Fincher, 2008)
  192. Box Office: 5/22-5/26 "Indiana Jones 4 the Win" MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND
  193. S. Darko (2009)
  194. What are some movies you own, but can't bring yourself to watch again?
  195. What are some good movies that feature an ANTI-HERO?
  196. Cannes - Spike Lee criticizes Eastwood, Coens
  197. Dawn of the Dead 2 (Sequel to the original!)
  198. Sex and The City: The Wrath of Khan
  199. Pulp Fiction new 35mm print at AFI Silver May 30-June 5
  200. What movie/actor is this!?
  201. E-Cards: Summer Spectacular
  202. Eagle Eye -- new thriller starring S. LeBeouf, M. Monaghan, R. Dawson,
  203. "Indiana Jones Trilogy" ...are you watching prior to TKofCS?
  204. Political Thrillers
  205. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Can I see it without seeing the 1st?
  206. KING LEAR- (Knightley, Hopkins, Paltrow)
  207. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull REVIEWS Thread
  208. RocknRolla (Richie, 2008) — with Butler, Piven, Newton, Wilkinson and more
  209. Highlander: It's a kind of remake.
  210. Anyone a silent film expert?
  211. Bloodline
  212. Can 'one minute' of screen time make or break a film?
  213. What are some of the best non-CGI special effects?
  214. Shine a Light (Rolling Stones documentary by Martin Scorsese)
  215. Question about scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark
  216. Better Movie: The Lost World or Jurassic Park 3
  217. Chinaman's Chance [coming this year!]
  218. The R2-D2 DVD Player
  219. Serpico Question
  220. Lucas talks Indy V ! (Indy IV Spoilers!) EGADS!
  221. Whatever Happened to F. Murray Abraham?
  222. Raiders/Temple of Doom "Prequel" question
  223. Frontiers - Actually not a bad movie
  224. barringer82's director tributes
  225. Conan the Commentarian
  226. Box Office 5/16-5/18: Prince Caspian Tops, Iron Man passes $200 million
  227. Awful Movie ads
  228. Prince Caspian DVD Talk Review discussion
  229. Michelle Trachtenberg's movie THE CIRCUIT
  230. From Alan Ball (Writer of American Beauty and Six Feet Under): Towelhead
  231. Screenshot Request - Necessary Roughness
  232. John Phillip Law dies at 70
  233. Stuart Gordon's "Space Truckers"
  234. Untraceable more like Unwatchable
  235. Beavis and Butt-Head LIVE ACTION MOVIE?!?!
  236. Single worst year for movies?
  237. Anyone See NUMB (Matthew Perry, Kevin Pollak, Mary Steenburgen)?
  238. Cannes 2008 Review Index Spectacular!
  239. Egads! Summer Movies 2008 is just like Summer Movies 1989!
  240. Nic Cage to star in 'Bad Lieutenant'
  241. “Hand” Solo
  242. I've never understood this about Spaceballs
  243. help me out - name this movie...
  244. Savage Grace - Julliana Moore
  245. Well that certainly came out of nowhere II. Remake of Bad Lieutenant.(Herzog/N. Cage)
  246. Michael Moore making '9/11' sequel
  247. Copland: Overrated or Underrated?
  248. Indiana Jones (Original Trilogy) Confusion
  249. Help me watch more of the movies I own. (Will update daily)
  250. Guess That Movie By Screenshot: Eight Men Out Memorial Edition