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  1. TAKEN - Bloody brilliant Luc Besson masterpiece !
  2. Best Dystopian Futuristic Films?
  3. Guilty Pleasures
  4. 'The Road' - Nov. 2008
  5. Jeepers Creepers
  6. Weekend Box Office Thread -Aug 1-3 '08- Brendan Bests Batman/Brothers. Ballot bombs.
  7. Now Showing: Your dream double-feature
  8. If you could sit down and discuss films with anyone...Robert Osborne for me
  9. Movie tickets for ~$3.50 each, must use by 11/30 (read inside why double post).
  10. Which of these movies do you recommend?
  11. Which once-great director has sunk to the lowest quality output in recent years?
  12. Films you like that everyone else hates? (don't be shy)
  13. Watching films intoxicated?
  14. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Rob Cohen, 2008) — The Reviews Thread
  15. Great character names in movies?
  16. Venom (yes, that Venom) - news, rumors, etc.
  17. Venom (yes, that Venom) - news, rumors, etc.
  18. John Carpenter returns with "Scared Straight"
  19. Batman 3 - If the Joker returns, who should play him?
  20. Box Office Predictions: The Dark Knight [part two]
  21. How does this song relate to the anime "Grave of the fireflys"?
  22. Party Movies
  23. Directors that are film buffs?
  24. Which director has *CONSISTENLY* made terrible movies over the past 10 years?
  25. Poll: Best Batman thread on this site
  26. Anyone see Heath Ledger on Graham Norton last night?
  27. Directors you just don't like? (must have seen at least 3 movies from)
  28. "X-Files 2" or "Step Brothers" tomorrow?
  29. Gomorra (Garrone, 2008) - Cannes '08 Grand Prize Winner
  30. How good was... "The Professional" aka "Lιon: The Professional"?
  31. Terry Gilliam and Johnny Depp take another stab at Don Quixote
  32. Horror movie shown in "Basic Instinct"?
  33. Who are your favorite FILM CRITICS? Who do you read? Who do you trust?
  34. The 25 greatest legal movies of all time, as ranked by the American Bar Association
  35. A Nightmare on Elm St. Remake? Say it ain't so!
  36. Is Hollywood racist toward Hispanics?
  37. The Bank Job?
  38. My Name is Bruce -- October release
  39. Indiana Jones 5 - Villain? Artifact?
  40. Ong Bak 2 in trouble - Tony Jaa is nowhere to be found
  41. Fellini's actresses make his movies unwatchable to me
  42. Which sport tends to get the better Hollywood treatment?
  43. Anaconda 3
  44. Two movie identification requests
  45. Shia LaBeouf arrested for DUI, injured.
  46. Identify this movie?
  47. Need helping figuring out a movie title
  48. Best of these Boxing Movies
  49. Ed Soloman's 'Levity'
  50. Weekend Box Office Thread - 7/25 - 7/27/08 - Dark Knight, Steps over Mamma, X-Files
  51. Pakistan Based Earyth Stood Still
  52. What's the deal with soundtrack collectors?
  53. If you had to teach an "Intro to Film" class...
  54. The Dark Knight vs. Star Wars Trilogy vs. The Thing
  56. The Dark Knight: IMAX or not?
  57. Movies made extremely fast that turned out to be really good?
  58. How many times have you seen/will see TDK?
  59. Those crafty marketing people
  60. National Amusements chain, $5 B-movie double features on Thursdays starting 8/07/08
  61. Movies You'd still love if you couldn't see them
  62. Harold & Kumar Set For A Third Installment
  63. Tron 2 Announced at SDCC!!
  64. Red Beard? (kurosawa)
  65. IMDB Top 10 - Which should go?
  66. Why is Ratatouille 2.40 and Meet the Robinsons is 1.78 ?
  67. Help: "Dark Knight" cameo
  68. Captain Blood remake
  69. Mutant Chronicles - Thomas Jane
  70. Best James Cameron Movie
  71. Faintheart, Viking rom-com
  72. Yes Man (12/19/08) -- Jim Carrey, Bradley Cooper, Zooey Deschanel
  73. Questions about the Spike Lee joint "Do The Right Thing"
  74. Helen Mirren should be a James Bond Girl: Yes or No?
  75. Hellen Mirren should be a James Bond Girl: Yes or No?
  76. Mr Brooks questions, please help!! SPOILERS!
  77. What Movie Figures would you want Mcfarlane or Sideshow to make??
  78. The Dark Knight - IMAX Question
  79. "Comic-Con has become the single most relevant event for the movie industry now."
  80. The Dark Knight: Overrated?
  81. The X-Files: I Want To Believe (Carter, 2008) — The Reviews Thread
  82. TDK: IMAX or regular theater?
  83. The Dark Knight (Batman Begins 2) Discussion - Part 3
  84. Which Dark Knight Poster Should I Buy??? [PICS]
  85. SnagFilms: Free Streaming Documentaries Site
  86. Bollywood version of "Kung Fu Hustle": "Chandni Chowk to China" trailer
  87. How to Lose Friends & Alienate People -- 10/03/08 -- Pegg/Dunst/Bridges/Fox
  88. Babylon A.D - Vin Diesel
  89. Battle of the Contemporary Villains: Anton Chigurh vs. Daniel Plainview vs. The Joker
  90. How many The Dark Knight threads should we have?
  91. DreamWorks research debacle and how it might affect us
  92. YADKT: The best batsuit
  93. Vin Diesel/Rob Cohen reunite for xXx: The Return of Xander Cage
  94. From the dephs of hell: Top Gun 2
  95. War Games 25th Anniversary in Select theaters July 24
  96. "Knife to the Eye!" - Fincher options "The Goon"!
  97. christian bale was almost robin in batman forever!
  98. Hitchcockian Thrillers
  99. Off Topic Threads
  100. Richard Roeper Leaving "Ebert + Roeper"
  101. BatTalk: What does Burton think of Nolan's work?
  102. Attractive actor or actress, that you're not really attracted to?
  103. Heath Ledger's Joker one of the greatest performance of all time.
  104. Batman Begins or The Dark Knight (TDK lessened BB?)
  105. The Wackness (2008) Reviews Thread
  106. Summer movies that actually lived up to the hype...
  107. Werner Herzog and David Lynch team up for "My Son, My Son"
  108. Movies where "the hero" dies early on (duh, SPOILERS)
  109. Why even bother with "movie cash" anymore?
  110. Need help with movie Title ?
  111. Dark Knight sequel to be directed by Uwe Boll, star Patrick Dempsey
  112. Space Chimps-Formal Thoughts
  113. Best Superhero Movie Ever! (new and improved)
  114. Weekend Box Office :7/18-7/20-"It's not about money. It's about sending a message"
  115. Batman Begins 3 - Villain?
  116. Felon with Val Kilmer
  117. Starship Troopers 3 Mauraders
  118. Help me decide which movie to see...
  119. National TV coverage for FULL BATTLE RATTLE
  120. Watchmen trailer out
  121. One & only The Dark Knight / IMDb thread
  122. Scariest Posters?
  123. WarGames 25th Anniversary Event
  124. Know what really annoys me? (pointless nitpick)
  125. Movies you can tell will suck by their poster
  126. Best Trilogy of all time?
  127. The Monster Squad being remade...say it ain't so
  128. Actors that starred in "epic-type" films, but rarely starred in any other film?
  129. "G, PG, PG-13" movies of the past that would be rated "R" if released now?
  130. Best "best" picture winner of last ten years
  131. Draining Horror Movies?
  132. Best film of 1969?
  133. My new toy!!!
  134. the internet mob vs. critics
  135. Norman (2011), aka... they're making MY FIRST MOVIE!
  136. Trouble Afoot at Paramount
  137. Finally! Director's Cut of "54" with Mike Myers & Ryan Phillippe
  138. Movies that you think are unfairly/overly criticized this decade
  139. Which Criterion DVDs would a person with "modern" tastes like?
  140. Megan Fox Wants to Do a Movie Nekkid
  141. Favorite Blaxploitation Movie?
  142. Best Martin Scorsese Movie
  143. Just saw Heathers...Great!
  144. Directors Cut?
  145. Best Joker performance
  146. How much will Iron Man make? Where will it sit for All-Time Domestic?
  147. Overlooked Sci-Fi
  148. Awesome trailer for new Russian film: THE ADMIRAL
  149. Favorite movie from the year you were born?
  150. Just saw Stand By Me for the first time.
  151. Any fans of Jonathan Ross here?
  152. Weekend Box Office 7/11-7/13: "Hellboy" tops, "Meet Dave" is the next Pluto Nash.
  153. Robert Downey Jr is Sherlock Holmes (dir. by Guy Ritchie)
  154. Invasion of the Body Snatchers: 1956 or 1978?
  155. Outlander-A Sci-Fi Viking Epic
  156. DC Gearing Up Superhero Movie Strategy
  157. Mr. Cranky rates the movies (mrcranky.com) is shutting down on August 31.
  158. Movies that pretty much everyone likes
  159. Movies with wacky premises?
  160. The Deer Hunter
  161. Why did Travis take Betsy to the porno theater?
  162. Box Office Predictions: The Dark Knight
  163. De Niro Wants 2 More Shepherd Flicks
  164. SAMUEL L. JACKSON - did "Pulp Fiction" both help and hurt his career?
  165. The Dark Knight (Nolan, 2008) — The Reviews Thread
  166. Meet Dave, I got a bad feeling about this.
  167. Incredible Hulk box office "overdelivered, relative to its underpromise"
  168. What are some movies that feature todays stars?
  169. Best Film of 1955
  170. Who remembers The Legend of Boggy Creek
  171. Original Movie Poster - good 'nuff for theaters but not for DVD's?
  172. Hell Ride-Red Band Trailer
  173. Movies you think have aged well?
  174. No movie about CHARLES J WHITMAN? (who's he?)
  175. Fight Club Vs Pulp Fiction
  176. Best Film of 1995
  177. Least Dignified Moments in the Careers of Great Actors
  178. Beverly Hills Chihuahua: Greatest movie ever made?
  179. Best film of 1997
  180. How old is Marion in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK?
  181. Best Film of 1979
  182. Bill Irwin - fine actor, clown college grad
  183. George Dzundza - Underrated Actor?
  184. Best Film of 1998
  185. David Fincher takes on multiple comic book adaptations (Including 'Heavy Metal'!)
  186. Movie Myths
  187. Poll- Seen the Harry Potter films, do I read the books?
  188. Mark Wahlberg
  189. Why is Fistful Of Dollars still cut by 4 mins ?
  190. Most Depressing Movies of all-time!
  191. Best Movie of 1994
  192. Favorite Science Fiction Movie's Version of the Future?
  193. What movie is this pic from?
  194. Why Big Studio Releases Are Rare to Scare (A Commentary by Stephen King)
  195. Top 10 Movies 2000-Present
  196. Long movies that just fly by because they are so good?
  197. Has a movie ever changed your view on life?
  198. Original Cut (Full length) version of Lang's METROPOLIS has been located!!!
  199. John Woo's Red Cliff - 9 minute promo reel
  200. Best film of 2000
  201. Best movie of 2000
  202. Different romantic comedies/dramas
  203. 4th of July Weekend Box Office 7/3-7/6: Hancock Leads the Way
  204. How young is too young for an R-rated movie?
  205. Best Movie of 1999
  206. Top 10 Creepy actors that are probably creepy in real life!
  207. Samurai DVD's
  208. FRIENDS: The Movie?
  209. Superheros: Which form have you preferred: the movie, the cartoon, or the comic book?
  210. Parts when decent movies "Nuked the fridge"
  211. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)
  212. OUTFEST - L.A. Gay/Lesbian Film Fest JUL 9-21
  213. The Meta-Poll Poll — What should be the "standard" poll choices for rating movies?
  214. Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Del Toro, 2008) — The Reviews Thread
  215. Top 10 when you were 10
  216. Mirrors (Alexandre Aja, 2008) — Kiefer Sutherland in horror movie about... mirrors
  217. What's your favorite movie fight scene?
  218. How about all "review" threads being a poll with A thru F scoring?
  219. Arrested Development movie confirmed
  220. TOM CRUISE performs cartwheels down the aisle at the 2009 OSCARS
  221. Favorite Directors?
  222. Another 70's horror remake - Last House on the Left
  223. Crank vs. Shoot 'Em Up: The Battle for the Ages
  224. Going to the movies by yourself?
  225. The Departed (2006)
  226. Classic films you`ve no desire to see
  227. American Beauty Vs Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  228. Wow, Disaster Movie looks baaaaaad
  229. 10 Out of Place Songs That Work Really Well in Movies
  230. Which characters made you sink into your seat with their intensity or presence?
  231. Am I the only one who thinks Drunken Angel is his best film?
  232. I saw a red band trailer yesterday...in the theater!
  233. Weekend Box Office (6/27-6/29)- "Wanted and Wall-E wage war on wallets" Edition
  234. Need help finding a dystopian 70's sci-fi movie
  235. Imax Dome opinions?
  236. Saw V
  237. Red Sonja starring Rose McGowan, Rodriguez producer, 2010 release
  238. Repo! The Genetic Opera -- Rock opera from LionsGate
  239. Intentional and unintentionally funny reviews
  240. "10,000 B.C." on DVD
  241. Batman: Gotham Knight...Who's picking it up?
  242. The Coen Brothers' Burn After Reading (2008) Pitt, Clooney, McDormand, Malkovich
  243. Help with this robot movie!
  244. Is there anyplace which has the expected Box Office gross of upcoming movies ?
  245. quick question: actor/directors pay?
  246. Will Smith - I can't stand this egomaniac, am I alone?
  247. Ever think a particular actor was dead?
  248. 'Totally Awesome 80's Movies Part 2 - AFI Silver: July-Sept
  249. Which of these horror films would you rate as "The Best," and why?
  250. Kung Fu Panda