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  1. Need Help with a Movie Title
  2. Best Clint Eastwood Directed Movie
  3. Worst Wide Release Opening Ever
  4. An $87 million sequel to '96's $17 million Grossing THE PHANTOM...Really?
  5. The Crow Getting a Reboot
  6. Any other movies like The Dreamers?
  7. Who is the most famous actor/actress you have not seen in a performance?
  8. video games that would make great movies
  9. Nothing Like the Holidays
  10. Do movies ge4t away with more if they ar5e defined as horror
  11. Top 5 Surprises of 2008?
  12. why so much fuss over rape in movies
  13. Weekend Box-Office (12/12-12/14)
  14. Have movie makers run out of new ideas?
  15. Best and worst game to movies.
  16. Top 5 Disappointments of 2008
  17. Help with a movie title...
  18. SHORTS (R. Rodriguez’s next terrible kids movie) 8-7-09
  19. "District B13" sequel trailer
  20. Mammoth (2009, Moodysson): Michelle Williams & Gael Garcia Bernal
  21. Sex and The City Movie Question
  22. Horror remakes you would like to see made
  23. So how bad is "The Day The Earth Stood Still"?
  24. YANHIAMT: Private school, boyfriend/girlfriend, Christmas-lit fornication
  25. Actor Van Johnson dies at 92
  26. Favorite Movie starring Kurt Russell
  27. Favorite Movie starring Sylvester Stallone
  28. R.I.P. Bettie Page: 1923 - 2008
  29. Actors with different appearences from poster & film?
  30. Untitled Hugo Chavez documentary (Stone, 2010?)
  31. Top "Guy" movies of 2008?
  32. 2008 Golden Globes Nominations - Movie Edition
  33. Favorite movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
  34. Robert Prosky dead
  35. Scott Walker: 30 Century Man (Kijak, 2008)
  36. Lost City of Z (D: James Gray) S: Hunnam, Pattinson, Miller
  37. TCM Guest Programmer: Frank Miller - 12/10/08
  38. The Proposal (6/12/09, Anne Fletcher) Starring Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds
  39. Washington DC Film Critics awards announced
  40. Its probably time to watch Reversal of Fortune again
  41. Sad movies?
  42. Lord Love a Duck (1966)
  43. Wendy and Lucy with Michelle Williams
  44. I just saw Citizen Kane for the first time.
  45. Daniel Craig says next Bond film will NOT be part of a trilogy
  46. Which famous actors have never taken a role playing a villain or a "bad guy?"
  47. Favorite Cate Blanchett Performance?
  48. Peter Fonda joins Boondock Saints 2 cast.
  49. Roger Ebert's The Best 20 Films of 2008
  50. Dead Snow (Wirkola, 2009): Norwegian Nazi zombie film
  51. Movie critics
  52. The Boat That Rocked (Curtis, 2009): 60's pirate radio comedy w/ P.S. Hoffman
  53. Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman performance?
  54. Weekend Box Office for 12/5 - 12/7: The Weekend Where Punisher Tanks
  55. Netflix...now streaming to Macs...
  56. Favorite Movie starring Denzel Washington
  57. Punisher: War Zone -- The Reviews/Comments thread
  58. Forrest J. Ackerman 1916-2008 R.I.P.
  59. Favorite Tim Burton film?
  60. Frank Castle Vs. Dexter Morgan
  61. Hellboy vs. Hellboy 2
  62. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (2008)
  63. How badly will Punisher 2 bomb?
  64. Pulp Fiction Vs The Shawshank Redemption
  65. Valkyrie Review (dir. Singer, Cruise)
  66. Am I the only one who actually loves "Chicago"?
  67. Golden Compass & Other Movies That Leave You Hanging: Are You F&@#ing Kidding Me?!?
  68. Repo Chick (Cox, 2009): Sequel to Repo Man
  69. National Board of Review 2008 Winners
  70. 'Romancing the Stone' remake in works
  71. WB plans Arthur remake with Russell Brand
  72. Hi-Def movies should fill up the entire WideScreen TV
  73. They Live being remade; Hollywood allllll out of bubble gum
  74. Most Overrated Peter Jackson Movie
  75. Eden (Declan Recks, 2008) — from the producers of 'Once'
  76. 2009 Sundance Film Festival
  77. Favorite Penelope Cruz performance?
  78. AUTUMN (David Moody)
  79. Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb! Kristin Stewart to play Joan Jett in Runaways bio-pic
  80. Disney Family Classics on TCM this month
  81. Polanski files for sex-case dismissal
  82. Deadspace: Downfall
  83. Please help me identify this movie!
  84. Mark Romanek to adapt Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go
  85. Zoolander 2 (2/12/2016, D: Stiller) S: Stiller, Wilson
  86. Need help identifying some strange movies
  87. Favorite Nicole Kidman film?
  88. Most Overrated Quentin Tarantino Movie
  89. Who would you like to do a Bond theme?
  90. Megaman Live action movie (december 08)
  91. "Un conte de Noël" ("A Christmas Tale")
  92. Hot actresses and their "beauty" films?
  93. The Great Buck Howard (McGinly, 2009): comedy with Malkovich, Colin and Tom Hanks
  94. A Boy Named Charlie Brown, they don't make em like they used to
  95. Blaxploitation is back...and awesome
  96. Box office Thanksgiving Weekend 11/27-11/30 4 Xmas leads, Twilight/Bolt battle for #2
  97. Best Christmas movie ever?
  98. What do you do when you want to see a small part of a movie?
  99. Star Trek XI (Abrams, 2009) - Part 2
  100. What Doesn't Kill You (Goodman, 2008):Boston crime drama w/Ethan Hawke & Mark Ruffalo
  101. Three Men and a Bride (Guttenberg, Selleck, and Danson are Back!)
  102. Favorite Warren Beatty film?
  103. Duplicity (Gilroy, 2009): Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, Paul Giamatti
  104. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
  105. How would you rate this year for movies?
  106. Most Overrated Steven Spielberg Movie
  107. Extreme City: Paul Schrader's Bollywood film
  108. Whatever Works (Woody Allen, 2009): Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood
  109. Give 'em Hell, Malone- Pulp Noir with Thomas Jane
  110. Rocky Balboa (2006) Vs Rambo (2008)
  111. Who were they? Two big fat guys called the "Bullit Brothers" on Howdy Doody
  112. Idiocracy question/request?
  113. Serge Gainsbourge (via heroique): Sfar, 2009
  114. "Serge Gainsbourge (via heroique)": Sfar, 2009
  115. Steven Soderbergh's "GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE" starring porn star Sasha Grey
  116. Best Comedy of 2008
  117. Riot (John Carpenter, 2009): Nicolas Cage as death row inmate
  118. Up in the Air (Reitman, 2009): Clooney as exec obsessed with frequent flyer miles
  119. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (Scorsese, 2010): DiCaprio will carry the big stick
  120. Cadillac Records (Martin, 2008): Story of Chess Records, w/ Beyonce & Adrien Brody
  121. Clint Eastwood To Retire From Acting
  122. Adventureland (Mottola, 2009)
  123. Black Dynamite
  124. Anyone else miss ARNIE Blockbuster Action movies ?
  125. Weekend box office totals (11/21 - 11/23)
  126. Worst comedy of 2008
  127. Horror movie body count
  128. Dance Flick (Wayans, 2009)
  129. When Oliver Stone inevitably makes "Obama", who's going to star?
  130. Favorite Bond opening scene?
  131. article regarding the future of the 'Narnia' film series...
  132. Adoration (Egoyan, 2009)
  133. Primal Fear
  134. Mary and Max (Elliot, 2009): Claymation w/ Philip Seymour Hoffman & Eric Bana voices
  135. Disney and Imax agree on five-film deal
  136. American remake of 'The Host'
  137. Monster's Inc. is my favorite Pixar movie, am I gonna like Wall-E?
  138. Which current TV Actresses have Feature Film potential?
  139. FOX hires Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl/Chuck) to write X-Men: First Class
  140. Nothing But the Truth (Lurie, 2008): political drama with Beckinsdale and Matt Dillon
  141. Need some help...
  142. help with name of movie
  143. Zodiac or The Directors Cut?
  144. Men Who Stare at Goats (Heslov, 2010): Clooney as "paranormal" soldier
  145. Crossing Over (Kramer, 2009) — Immigration drama w/ Ford, Penn, Liotta, Judd & Braga
  146. Van Gogh: Brush with Genius (IMAX feature)
  147. World War Z
  148. Monsters vs. Aliens (R. Letterman / Vernon) — Dreamworks' 3D movie with Rogen, Rudd
  149. The Cable Guy
  150. JVCD - Jean Claude Van Damme new movie. In theaters now!
  151. Here we go again...."Dance Flick"
  152. Is The Missing from Ron Howard any good?
  153. Box Office Weekend (11/14-11/16) - Quantum of Solace "Another Way To Make Money"
  154. Did someone watch Loaded? (2008)
  155. The films of PTA on the big screen only at the Silver
  156. What the hell is the deal with Michael Madsen
  157. Superior Theatrical Cuts/Inferior Director's Cuts
  158. Clive Barker's Book of Blood
  159. TRAILER: "Crossing Over"
  160. Paul (Mottola, 2009): extraterrestial comedy w/ Simon Pegg & Nick Frost
  161. Michael Dougherty's 'Trick R' Treat's theatrical release... what happened?
  162. John Boorman's CGI Wizard of Oz Adaptation (2010)
  163. Best looking older actresses?
  164. "Let The Right One In" - Best Vampire Movie In Years? 2010 Remake?
  165. Ridley Scott directing Monopoly movie.
  166. One and Only Quantum of Solace (James Bond) review thread!
  167. The phrase "a new kind of Bond girl"
  168. 6 Degrees of Judd Apatow Separation: Actors that appear in at least 2 films together?
  169. Trailers playing up different aspects of the same movie?
  170. Most shameless, manipulative, heavy-handed, jam-the-message-down-your-throat movie?
  171. Please help me name this movie - early to mid 70's?
  172. Max Payne Review
  173. Will Technology Kill the Classics?
  174. Jaden Smith (Will's Kid) to star in Karate Kid re-make
  175. What's your current relationship's first date movie? (What about past ones?)
  176. Pixar's Masterpiece for 2009 - Up (In Theaters 5/29/2009)
  177. Joe Johnston to direct Captain America
  178. Up (Docter & Peterson, 2009) — Next movie by Pixar
  179. An American Werewolf in London
  180. So, um...Christopher Nolan's gonna get sued cause of "Batman"
  181. Horror movie I cant think of... (70's - 80's maybe?)
  182. Does anyone remember this movie (80's)
  183. Movies that are tied to their time and should not be remade
  184. Is Enemy at the Gates any good?
  185. Thomas Kretschmann: Anyone else love this underused actor?
  186. Weekend Boxoffice 11/7-11/9 Madagascar huge opening, RM #2, HSM3 & Z&M fighting third
  187. MY NAME IS BRUCE (Bruce "MuthaF***in" Campbell) (2-10-09)
  188. What movie is this? (NSFW topic)
  189. Pink Panther 2...or How Actors Stopped Acting and Pick Up Paychecks for Being!
  190. A question about a Godfather Part II scene (Major Spoilers)
  191. Who are the best actresses under thirty?
  192. The Killer Inside Me (Winterbottom): Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba
  193. Oldboy (2013) (D: Lee; S: Brolin, Olsen, Copley, Jackson)
  194. Is Meryl Streep the Greatest Actress of All-Time?
  195. The Grateful Dead: The Movie
  196. Stallone. Statham. Jet Li... The Expendables
  197. "This is a true story"
  198. The Reader (Daldry, 2008) — with Fiennes, Winslet, and Bruno Ganz
  199. Disturbing films that made you feel dirty and ashamed after watching...
  200. Michael Crichton dead at 66
  201. MGM Pumps New Blood in to Farrelly Bros. Three Stooges Movie - Nov. 2009
  202. Badguy vs. Badguy
  203. Horror films ...what makes a good one for you?
  204. What would you rather see: Yes Man or Ace Ventura 3?
  205. Most overrated Stanley Kubrick Movie
  206. George Romero's next Dead film
  207. Movie that changed Your Outlook on Life?
  208. Was [THIS ACTOR] ever a teenager or young adult in their movies?
  209. Previews before old VHS movies
  210. Scream 4: Good or Bad
  211. 80's period pieces
  212. Changeling review (eastwood's new movie)
  213. Best Ang Lee Movie
  214. Things you just noticed in movies you've seen alot?
  215. Box Office 10/31-11/02: Zack & Miri Make a Bomb, HSM3 drops big
  216. The Reader (2008)
  217. So I'm watching Halloween II...
  218. Poor Boy's Game with Danny Glover
  219. Need help with two movie titles
  220. Least chemistry couple?
  221. November 15 is Petula Clark's birthday!
  222. The best Hindi/Muslim lesbian film trilogy since....?
  223. The Last Dragon -Remake- w/ Samuel L. Jackson as Sho'nuff
  224. Best David Lynch Movie
  225. What happened to Heather Graham?
  226. Is The Ice Harvest any good?
  227. PREACHER (Dir. Sam Mendes)
  228. Summer 2009, which are you most looking forward to?
  229. Joaquin Phoenix to retire from acting.
  230. Movie Quiz
  231. How do you rank all the Star Wars movies/cartoons/shows?
  232. Best of AFI's top Gangster Movies
  233. Twilight
  234. Zac Efron to star in 'Footloose" remake
  235. The 81st Academy Awards — 2009 Oscar pre-nomination discussion
  236. Highest grossing movies in the U.K.
  237. Night of the Living Dead 40th Anniversary
  238. Your favorite Steve Martin comedy
  239. Future marvel & DC animated movies???
  240. Movie with computer chip inside human?
  241. Weekend Box Office 10/24-10/26: Zac Efron plays Jigsaw's game - and wins.
  242. What's your favorite Koyaanisqatsi-type film?
  243. Anyone See The Strangers?
  244. Kalifornia (1993)
  245. Soderbergh to direct 3-D rock musical about Cleopatra
  246. What to do about idiots texting at the movies.
  247. Best M. Night Shyamalan
  248. Cameron Crowe to "remake" Joe vs. the Volcano w/Witherspoon and Stiller, no title yet
  249. Biutiful (Inarritu, 2009) w/ Javier Bardem
  250. "Best" best picture winner of the 1950's