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  1. Do you have a 4th of July movie tradition?
  2. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Round of 8
  3. Year-by-year Best In Film.
  4. View-Master the Movie
  5. Sheep, James (Bond) (Reverse) Sheep
  6. Does Anyone Know What This Is ?
  7. RoboGeisha aka "The Greatest Movie Trailer Ever"
  8. Keith Loutit and tilt-shift photography
  9. Harve Presnell dies at 75
  10. Asteroids movie announced (1979 videogame)
  11. Favorite actors of da 1970s
  12. I'm in Public Enemies!
  13. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Round of 16
  14. Karl Malden dead at 97
  15. For those who saw DEFIANCE at theatre
  16. Totally Awesome 3: More Films of the '80's (AFI Silver theatre showcase)
  17. Poorly reviewed movies that made $$$?
  18. month talk: July (predictions, memories etc)
  19. Micmacs a tire-larigot (Jeunet, 2009)
  20. Amelia (Nair, 2009): Hilary Swank as Amelia Earhart
  21. Couples Retreat (Billingsley, 2009): Vince Vaughn and John Favreau ensemble comedy
  22. YART: An American Remake in London
  23. Summer Movies - 2010
  24. GROWN UPS('10)w/Sandler,Spade,Rock,Schneider,Hayek,Rudolph & (WTF?) P.T. Anderson!
  25. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Round of 32/Group #2
  26. I'm sick of indie quirk
  27. Goal II: Living the Dream
  28. Coppola's Dracula (1992)...how was it received?
  29. Public Enemies (Mann, 2009) The Reviews Thread
  30. Daybreakers - Vampire movie from "Undead" directors
  31. Is this the worst year for movies ever?
  32. Bad Boys 3 or Transformers 3: Which would you rather see?
  33. DVD Talk Ratings Thread
  34. Jeff Goldblum NOT Dead
  35. Whiteout---Kate Beckinsale
  36. MOONRAKER: celebrate its 30th anniversary with me
  37. Farrah Fawcett dies - 62
  38. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Round of 32/Group #1
  39. Am I the only one that realizes Transformers is a glorified car commercial?
  40. Bad Viewing Company
  41. Transformers Nearly Beat The Dark Knight: 5-Day Weekend Box Office 6/24 - 6/28
  42. Oscars doubling best-picture nominees to 10
  43. Movie Talk (Reverse) Sheep, Round 2 Eclectic Vindaloo
  44. "Gone Baby Gone" was the 4th Kenzie/Gennaro book...but the first film
  45. BATMAN: "The Movie Of The Decade" - 20 years ago today
  46. Like Or Not Like ?
  47. A fan's dream: When Buffy Killed Edward "Twilight" Cullen
  48. Balloons in movies
  49. Cold Souls (Barthes, 2009) Giamatti as himself, w/ Emily Watson, David Strathairn
  50. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Round of 64/Group #4
  51. Is Training Day still Realistic Today?
  52. Identify this 80s movie featuring Indy-type blond heroine and... Aztecs?
  53. Patton Oswalt, Robin Williams with August dark comedy double-header
  54. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009) - Jeremy Piven
  55. Terminator 2 (1991) CGI...Still Holds Up in 2009?
  56. Need the Name of a Horror Movie
  57. The Hangover Gets Dethroned by Betty White: Weekend Box Office 6/19 - 6/21
  58. RISEN (zombie genre)
  59. Creepy movie moments
  60. Should studios buy a few 'real' phone numbers?
  61. World's Greatest Dad (Goldthwait, 2009): Robin Williams in dark comedy
  62. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Bay, 2009) The Reviews Thread
  63. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Round of 64/Group #3
  64. Zombieland---Woody Harrelson
  65. No Batman 3 until 2013?
  66. Working for Walt Disney (was he a tyrant?)
  67. 2012 - Wow, this truly looks like an abomination.
  68. Movie Talk (Reverse) Sheep A Forum Game
  69. Possible to make a good, new superhero movie without having an "origin" story?
  70. Most Disappointing Comic Book Adaptation to Screen?
  71. What "side" movie would you like to see?
  72. The Alphabet Killer (2008) - starring Eliza Dushku
  73. Dick Tracy reboot?
  74. Futuristic Movie Timeline
  75. Black Swan (Aronofsky, 2010): Natalie Portman in supernatural thriller
  76. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Round of 64/Group #2
  77. That's SIR Christopher Lee to you....
  78. Post movies that are bad a**.
  79. Favorite Movie Element(s)?
  80. The Art of War III ---Minus Wesley Snipes -- Starring Treach from Naughty by Nature
  81. Teaser for Michael Moore's new film
  82. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Round of 64/Group #1
  83. Hangover Still #1, Eddie Murphy Bombs Again: Weekend Box Office for 6/12 - 6/14
  84. Listen to movies online(including commentary)
  85. The Taking of Pelham 123 -- The Reviews/Comments Thread
  86. Favorite Summer Movie????
  87. Skyfall (Bond 23) -- D: Sam Mendes S: Craig, Fiennes, Dench, Bardem -- 11/09/12
  88. 9 (2009 - Thai "Karmic" Horror)
  89. YAWMITT: what movie is this?
  90. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - Cruise to star and produce with JJ Abrams
  91. How do you decide what dvd version to get of different films?
  92. What is your favorite movie decade?
  93. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Opening Round
  94. How many of your hometowns have OPEN AIR SCREENINGS on summer nights?
  95. Greatest movie deacade: 1935-44 or 1965-74?
  96. Tim Burton exhibit at NYC's MoMA in November
  97. What percentage of actors actually make it in this business?
  98. Movie Pet Peeves
  99. Stars Who Were Huge in the 90s, but now MIA?
  100. Favorite 'LOUD' movies - top ten
  101. Movies Like The Bourne Movies
  102. Did Forrest and Little Forrest end the movie with AIDS?
  103. 90s vs 00s
  104. Ever get HUNGRY from watching a movie because of the food that was shown?
  105. "He's Just Not That Into You"
  106. Spring Breakdown
  107. Movies in which a "plot centric" character is not a main charcacter?
  108. Hangover Ups Land of the Lost: Weekend Box Office for 6/5 - 6/8
  109. Thoughts About D-Day On Film
  110. Into The Storm (HBO Movie)
  111. Help finding movie (what movie is this?)...
  112. Full House : The Movie, Starring Steve Carell as Danny Tanner? LOL WTF?
  113. The Shark is Still Working: The Legacy of JAWS - EXCELLENT!
  114. Movies or Actors that Make you Feel Old
  115. Offline - Matthew Santoro
  116. Merantau (Evans, 2009) Indonesian martial arts film featuring Jaa-esque Iko Uwais
  117. 'Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring' w/ live orchestra + chorus (NYC Oct 9,10)
  118. 'Lord of the Rings: Two Towers' w/ live orchestra + chorus, Wolf Trap Aug. 28-29
  119. Kill Bill Star David Carradine Found Dead in Bangkok
  120. Short Circuit Remake
  121. Why does Jonah Hill make my skin crawl?
  122. Film Draft
  123. upcoming Dreamworks animated features
  124. Rec 2
  125. Any Tom Sizemore Fans?
  126. Movie copyright help please
  127. "Favorite" Nude Scene Selection Thread 2.0(Please Post Your Top 10)
  128. Favorite Nude Scene(s) Selection Thread(Please Post Your Top 10)
  129. Post your favorite (lesser known) childhood movies.
  130. Movie Stars with No Talent?
  131. The Roommate (Single White Female rip-off with a bunch of hot chicks in the cast)
  132. Where's Waldo Movie
  133. "Millenium" the movie.
  134. "Evil Dead II" or "Drag Me To Hell"?
  135. Pixar's UP at the Top: Box Office 5/29-5/31
  136. The Escapist (Brian Cox, 2008)
  137. Has movie cash changed your moviegoing habits?
  138. Pontypool?
  139. Hot Tub Time Machine (Pink, 2010): John Cusack, Rob Corddry and Chevy Chase
  140. Your Highness (Green, 2010): Natalie Portman, Danny McBride & James Franco
  141. MTV Movie Awards (5/31/09)
  142. If you could re-write Terminator 4...
  143. Robin Hood (The Disney Version)
  144. I need a date movie DVD in the next couple of hours
  145. Which tourney do you want to see?
  146. Best film of 2009 so far?
  147. Paul Verhoeven---The Surrogate
  148. "The Fifth Horseman is Fear" - Where Is It ?
  149. Is Anybody There? (Michael Caine, 2009) The Reviews Thread
  150. A Perfect Getaway - Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich
  151. Ever taken a day off work just to see a particular movie?
  152. Pandorum
  153. Prometheus (2012, D: Scott, Fassbender, Rapace, Theron, Wilson, Elba)
  154. Please help with a Movie Title - Presidential Abduction
  155. American Pie 7: Book of Love
  156. Questions you've always had about a movie
  157. Akira Kurosawa Digital Archive (20,000 scans of archive material)
  158. Carriers (2009): Chris Pine and Piper Perabo
  159. Horror Tournament Round #6/Championship
  160. The Burning Plain (Arriaga, 2009): Kim Basinger and Charlize Theron
  161. "Lords of Chaos" - Movie based on Burzum mastermind Varg Vikernes.
  162. Twilight to Underworld: What is it about Vampires that makes hearts pound?
  163. YART: Flight of the Navigator
  164. Post a random movie you are obsessed with, but find few who feel the same.
  165. Why Doesn't Hollywood Take More Time in Making a Quality Film?
  166. has anyone ever seen the documentary Triple Cross
  167. Anyone Collect Screen-Used Movie Props?
  168. Comedy Tournament Round #7/Championship
  169. Favorite movie with "man" as last word in title?
  170. Empire's Cryptic Canvas Quiz find 50 Movies in Painting
  171. Blood: The Last Vampire (live-action)
  172. The Fifth Horseman is Fear - How Can I Get a Copy
  173. Help me with the names of a couple films
  174. [blank] looked best in [blank]
  175. Horror Tournament Round #6/FINAL 4
  176. The Magnificent Eleven (Irvine Welsh, 2010): Soccer instead of Samurais
  177. How come no one copies Pixar?
  178. RunPee.com
  179. My New Short Film - STAR WARS - EZ-CHEWIE (and I hope some of you will post yours)
  180. Comedy Tournament Round #6/Final 4
  181. Colin - $70 zombie movie
  182. Great Script/Concept, but Poor Film?
  183. Box Office - Memorial Day Weekend '09 - Dance off! Salvation vs. Smithsonian
  184. Older movies returning to a theater for a weekend
  185. What Films or roles damaged or destroyed an actor's career?
  186. Surrogates - Bruce Willis
  187. When will we get a Summer movie the critics like?
  188. What are the most recent 4-star reviewed films you honestly thought were 4 stars?
  189. Advanced Screening Pass for "Dance Flick" for tonight at 7:30PM
  190. Horror Tournament Round #5/FINAL 8
  191. British actress Lucy Gordon found dead in Paris.
  192. The voice of Mickey Mouse has died at 62
  193. Comedy Tournament Round #5/Final 8
  194. A helpful website for filmgoers with small bladders
  195. T4 runtime?
  196. Sword in the Stone (Disney)
  197. The Death Star's construction and depiction in the movies
  198. Was anyone else here traumatized by those old "scare-em-to-Jesus" movies, as a child?
  199. The American (Corbijn, 2010): George Clooney as assassin
  200. LOOK (2007, Adam Rifkin) -- shot from the perspective of security cameras
  201. Why does Terminator 3 get so much hate on here?
  202. Horror Tournament Round #4/FINAL 16
  203. Mainstream movies playing in IMAX theaters?
  204. Terminator Salvation (McG, 2009) The Reviews Thread
  205. MGM May Not Survive
  206. Where the hell are all the R-rated movies?
  207. 'Astroboy' CGI Film
  208. Comedy Tournament Round #4/Final 16
  209. Anyone Else Disappointed With 2009 Summer Blockbusters?
  210. Clint Howard in Frost/Nixon-when?
  211. Easy Virtue (Elliot, 2008): Jessica Biel, Kristin Scott Thomas, Colin Firth
  212. Horror Tournament Round #3/Group #2
  213. Humpty Dumpty: story of rednecks raping a female alien. (IN 3-D!!!)
  214. My Sister's Keeper (June 26th 09)- Cameron Diaz Abigail Breslin, Alec Baldwin
  215. Coriolanus (Fiennes): Ralph Fiennes, William Hurt & Vanessa Redgrave
  216. Comedy Tournament Round #3/Group #2
  217. Weekend Box-Office (5/15-5/17) Angels & Klingons
  218. Mona Lisa (Larry Clark, 2010): Mickey Rourke and Eva Green
  219. Horror Tournament Round #3/Group #1
  220. New Hannibal Lecter film directed by Ridley?
  221. E.T. sequel in the works???
  222. What tourney to do next?
  223. Slumdog Millionare child star still living in slums!
  224. Which actors get more credit than deserved?
  225. Comedy Tournament Round #4/Group #1
  226. Cliffhanger Reboot
  227. Abel Ferrara's "Jekyll and Hyde" starring Forest Whitaker and 50 Cent. I kid you not.
  228. The Ghost Writer (Polanski, 2010): Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan
  229. Scorsese to direct Sinatra bio-pic
  230. Actors that return to play their iconic characters after not playing them for years?
  231. Horror Tournament Round #2/Group #4
  232. What actor are you surpised isn't a bigger star?
  233. Comedy Tournament Round #2/Group #4
  234. Digital IMAX - scam? Aziz Ansari thinks so
  235. Need help with exploitation/kung fu...
  236. Horror Tournament Round #2/Group #3
  237. I'm proud to present...the trailer for Asylum's "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus"!
  238. Favorite Vigilante/Revenge Series
  239. Guess That Movie by Screenshot "10"
  240. Whats your movie ritual?
  241. Comedy Tournament Round #2/Group #3
  242. Films that end with a non-principle character or a non-narrative space?
  243. Ten Favorite Films with names in the title
  244. Which is your favorite of these film franchises? (Part 2)
  245. Which is your favorite installment of these franchises?
  246. Best re-invention of a franchise (past 15 years)?
  247. What IS the average flight velocity of an unladen swallow?
  248. Box Office talk (05/08 - 05/10): The Star Trek edition
  249. Horror Tournament Round #2/Group #2
  250. After School Special? Name that movie - obscure...