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  1. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #2/Group #7 Poll
  2. Watchmen 2: The Return of Rorschach (July 2012!!!)
  3. Bright Lights, Big City (Josh Schwartz -NOT Fox, Sutherland) - News, Rumors, Cast, Et
  4. Besides ebay, where is the best store to buy old movie lobby cards?
  5. Coolest movie poster to hang in my "movie room"
  6. Help Me Identify This Recent Horror Movie
  7. At what age did you start or could you watch foreign movies with subtitles?
  8. Film composer Maurice Jarre dies at age 84
  9. Sequel/Prequel Alert Thread
  10. Eastern Promises 2 (Cronenberg)
  11. Name that movie? Kidnapped kids? Island? Toys?
  12. Goemon
  13. Best Andrei Tarkovsky movie
  14. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #2/Group #6 Poll
  15. yet another round of 2010 oscar picks
  16. Youth in Revolt (2009) - Michael Cera is comedy gold!
  17. Moviegoods.com Poster Frames?
  18. Best Disney Hand Drawn Animated film
  19. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #2/Group #5 Poll
  20. Box Office 3/27-2/29 Monsters kill 12 Rounds
  21. Screenings/Events You've Attended
  22. Your favorite SUPPORTING CHARACTERS from ANY movie.....
  23. Ong Bak 2 with of course Tony Jaa
  24. Music Question (regarding song in Watchmen)
  25. Is Race to Witch Mountain too scary for a 4 and a half year old?
  26. Favorite Dirty Harry movie
  27. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #2/Group #4 Poll
  28. The Shawshank Redemption's "Supporting Characters"
  29. GAME (2009) (Sci-fi action film starring Gerard Butler)
  30. Hemingway & Fuentes (Andy Garcia): Anthony Hopkins as Hemingway
  31. Hunger (McQueen, 2008) — Movie about the 1981 Northern Ireland hunger strike
  32. The Hangover (Phillips, 2009) — Bradley Cooper & Zach Galifianakis in Vegas comedy
  33. The Three Stooges are...
  34. Saw V questions (spoilers alert)
  35. Philadelphia Film Festival / Cinefest 2009
  36. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #2/Group #3 Poll
  37. Yahoo's 100 Movies to See Before You Die
  38. 'The Alamo' restoration - theatrical & home video release
  39. What theatres do you frequent the most
  40. Anne Hathaway to play Judy Garland onscreen & onstage in "Get Happy" adaptation
  41. Shutter Island (Scorsese, 2010): DiCaprio, Ruffalo, Kingsley, Von Sydow
  42. Ready for a new Naked Gun? Because I am!!!
  43. Coen Brothers to adapt 'True Grit'
  44. How other directors might have filmed Watchmen
  45. Check out my DVD Reviews.
  46. Lose your pinky finger or Never watch your favorite movie ever again?
  47. Sita Sings the Blues (Nina Paley, 2008) - Available Free Online
  48. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #2/Group #2 Poll
  49. Weekend Box Office 3/20 - 3/22 - Knowing, Duplicity, and I Love You, Man
  50. Lindsay Lohan looking for film work
  51. Is Paul Rudd the new Tom Hanks?
  52. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #2/Group #1 Poll
  53. Gobstopper (2009), dir. Eric Appel
  54. Year One (Ramis, 2009) - Jack Black & Michael Cera in Biblical Times
  55. 44 Inch Chest(June 2009), Ian McShane described this as the 'sequel' to Sexy Beast
  56. Smokin' Aces 2: Blowback (2009)
  57. "I've Loved You So Long"
  58. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #1/Group #7 Poll
  59. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Miller/Lord, 2009): 3-D Animation
  60. Away We Go (Mendes, 2009)
  61. Sequel to The Long Kiss Goodnight (Jackson, Harlin)
  62. Hardwicke tagged for first Maximum Ride film
  63. Natasha Richardson dies at 45
  64. Transformers 3{2011}
  65. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #1/Group #6 Poll
  66. Movies similar to Synecdoche, New York
  67. 7 Terrible Early Versions of Great Movies
  68. Remakes that missed the point
  69. RIP: Actor Ron Silver dies at 62
  70. "Chasing Amy" beginning song?
  71. Paul Blart: Mall Cop VS Watchmen
  72. In the Loop (Iannucchi, 2009): British political comedy w/ Steve Coogan & Gandolfini
  73. Invictus (Eastwood, 2009): Biopic on Nelson Mandela & 1995 World Rugby Cup
  74. Greenberg (Baumbach, 2010): Ben Stiller & Greta Gerwig dramedy
  75. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #1/Group #5 Poll
  76. Tyson (Toback, 2008): Documentary on Iron Mike
  77. Movie titles that sum up the movie PERFECTLY?
  78. Should studios release the extended cut to theaters as well?
  79. Weekend Box Office (3/13-3/15) "Witch" wins while "Watchmen" woes worsen
  80. DC Animated - Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
  81. Movie titles that don't fit the movie?
  82. Welcome to Movie Talk's newest moderator
  83. Has any other movie featured a 'CURBING' other than American History X ?
  84. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #1/Group #4 Poll
  85. What would you guys want to see in a movie-related show?
  86. Baltimore's Historic Senator Theatre expected to close
  87. Accidental Love (formerly known as NAILED) (D: David O. Russell) S: Gyllenhaal, Biel
  88. Star Wars-Star Trek Mashup
  89. X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes (Fresnadillo) - News, Rumors, Cast, Etc.
  90. How to win friends & influence people (not)
  91. Is From Hell with Johnny Depp any good?
  92. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #1/Group #3 Poll
  93. What was your favorite pulp/adventure sequel of 2008?
  94. VHS - When there is no other option?
  95. Did You Contribute? — How many of 2008's hits did you see in theaters?
  96. Trying to remember an old film or two...
  97. The Wicker Man Trilogy
  98. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #1/Group #2 Poll
  99. Favorite movie based on graphic novel?
  100. Has the sun set on the Farley Brothers and Kevin Smith?
  101. Name the most random movie you can think of without trying too hard
  102. Weekend Box Office: 03/06/09-03/08/09: Watchmen or Tyler Perry
  103. In the Heart of the Sea (2015) D: Howard; S: Hemsworth, Murphy, Whishaw
  104. The Adjustment Bureau (Nolfi, 2010): Matt Damon in Philip K. Dick adaptation
  105. "Mad Max" ...4th movie to be 3-D Anime! (no Gibson)
  106. Cheri (Stephen Frears, 2009): Michelle Pfeiffer & Rupert Friend
  107. Finally, A Marmaduke feature
  108. MGM and WWE developing "Missing in Action" update for DTV
  109. The Hangover---Latest from Todd Phillips
  110. Original vs Remake battle: The Thing (1951) Vs The Thing (1982)
  111. "Favorite" Movie Tournament Round #1/Group #1 Poll
  112. "Favorite" Movie Tournament: Results & Discussion Thread
  113. The 28th Commandment (Henckel von Donnersmarck, 20??) — Political thriller
  114. 17 minutes of the Watchmen movie
  115. Eric Bana helmed "Love the Beast" Trailer inside.
  116. Remake vs Original Battle: Nosferatu (1922) Vs Nosferatu (1979)
  117. Silence (2016, Scorsese) S: Watanabe, Garfield, Neeson, Driver
  118. Battle for Terra (2009) - Luke Wilson, Brian Cox, James Garner, Evan Rachel Wood
  119. quick question about PULP FICTION (screenplay credits)
  120. PANDORUM (2009) (Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster)
  121. Sucker Punch: Zack Snyder's next
  122. Best Steven Spielberg film?
  123. Awesome Haunting in Connecticut Poster
  124. PASSAGE TO ZERAHEMLA? Am I the only one in here that hasn't heard of Mormon films?
  125. Remake alert..."Re-Animator" in 3-D!!!
  126. Favorite strip club scenes?
  127. Downsizing (Alexander Payne): Giamatti, Witherspoon & Sacha Baron Cohen
  128. Cop Out (Dir. Kevin Smith) Starring Bruce Willis And Tracey Morgan!!!
  129. Keira Knightly to star in "Never Let Me Go" - and it sounds familiar
  130. Your Top 5 Favorite DENZEL WASHINGTON films
  131. Whatever Happened to.....???
  132. Watchmen (Snyder, 2009) — The Reviews Thread
  133. Film v.s Digital
  134. Weekend Box-Office (2/27-3/1) Jonas bomb?
  135. Friday the 13th Part 2 (2010?) - new, Rumors, Cast, Etc.
  136. RICHARD PRYOR Biopic (D: Lee Daniels) S: Mike Epps, Oprah
  137. I need everybody's help!!!!!
  138. "Favorite" Movie Tournament: Selection Thread(Please Post Your Top 10)
  139. Suicide Squad (2016, Ayer) S: Smith, Leto, Robbie
  140. Splice---Vincenzo Natali / Guillermo Del Toro
  141. Greatest Movie of All Time Tournament: Suggestion Thread
  142. YART: Total Recall and The Neverending Story
  143. Agora (Amenabar, 2009): Rachel Weisz as Hypatia in Roman Egypt
  144. one long night...
  145. Big Lebowski question
  146. Your 'Best Picture' Winners of the past
  147. Tetro (Francis Ford Coppola, 2009): Vincent Gallo
  148. pick my movie
  149. Clue (Verbinski)
  150. F-Word Count
  151. Rank and rate this decade's Oscar winners.
  152. The Ultimate Battle: The Godfather vs The Godfather: Part II
  153. Firsty movie to use a "retro" opening studio logo?
  154. Because it's never too early - 2010 Oscar contenders
  155. Box Office Predictions: Watchmen
  156. movie stop info?
  157. Battlestar Galactica reboot - News, Rumors, Cast, etc
  158. Best Picture 2008 (The DVD Talk Academy Awards)
  159. Biggest Movie Icon Of All Time
  160. The 81st Academy Awards — 2008 Awards Show Discussion part 2
  161. Worst best picture winner of the 1940's
  162. Movies that depict the "American dream": work hard, overcome adversity, prosper
  163. Your Favorite Humphrey Bogart Movie
  164. Fired Up (Gluck, 2009) Eric Christian Olsen Cheerleading Comedy
  165. Eclipse (6/30/2010 - Twilight book 3)
  166. Reporting Bootleg movies?
  167. The 81st Academy Awards — 2008 Awards Show Discussion.
  168. WEEKEND BOX OFFICE Discussion Thread (2/20/09-2/22/09) Jason sinks; Medea soars.
  169. Need help on the title of a strange, old school 'B' horror movie
  170. Favorite Jurassic Park film?
  171. Best remake ever
  172. The 2009 DVD Talk Oscar Contest!
  173. Amadeus music question
  174. The Hunt for Gollum (40 Minute Indie film)
  175. Dark City: Theatrical Cut or Director's Cut?
  176. Do Trailers/Movie Posters get awarded annually?
  177. 81st Academy Awards Show thread ...Movie Talk or TV Talk?
  178. Jane Austen vs. Predator
  179. Sooo..if you're not doing anything this Sat, how about watching my MTV movie show?
  180. I'm looking for the name of recent American Indie Film movement or genre?
  181. what is this mob comedy?
  182. Brace yourself world.....Madonna returns to acting
  183. The People vs. George Lucas
  184. 2nd Thoughts on The Dark Knight
  185. Humphrey Bogart
  186. Movies you were forced to sit through on an airplane
  187. Guillermo Arriaga was at my University...
  188. Who would be able to pull off the Joker in the next Batman film?
  189. Weekend Box Office: Friday the 13th - Chi-Chi-Chi-Cha-Cha-Cha-Ching
  190. Weekend Box Office 2/13-2/15: Expect More Friday the 13th Sequels
  191. The Wizard of Oz Vs Gone With the Wind
  192. I met "The Rookie!" (Jim Morris)
  193. Must Read After My Death (Morgan Dews, 2009) — "Voyeuristic" "domestic horror" doc
  194. Retire the Joker?
  195. Would you sacrifice a good theater for free ticket?
  196. Noise with Tim Robbins & William Hurt
  197. Rambo: Last Blood (D: Stallone) S: Stallone
  198. THE MATARESE CIRCLE (D. Cronenberg) (Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise)
  199. Inception (Nolan, 2010): Contemporary Sci-fi/Action
  200. Non-Horror Films with Excellent Horror Titles
  201. Need help finding a movie about American Colonial Life.
  202. Oscar Winners That Did Deserve It?
  203. Friday the 13th (2009) — The Reviews Thread
  204. Best David Fincher movie?
  205. Movies with the same names?
  206. A Question About The Wizard Of Oz in Flim!
  207. Brett Ratner to make Rob Liefeld's Youngblood into a movie
  208. eFilmCritic 9th Annual Oscar Pick 'Em - Prizes!
  209. Oscar winners that didn't deserve it?
  210. Thermal camera voyeur scene - Did I imagine it?
  211. Favorite Horror Franchise (3 or more films)?
  212. Ulitimate Horror Top Ten
  213. Just a little Lebowski humor I found
  214. St. Vincent (Walter Hill): Mickey Rourke as hit man
  215. Weekend Box Office 2/06-2/08: They're Just Not That Into the Pink Panther
  216. Infestation (2009), Chris Marquette (of The Girl Next Door/Fanboys)
  217. Bought this great movie at good price
  218. B5Erik's 100 Greatest Westerns
  219. James Whitmore (1922 - 2009)
  220. Jackie Chan's newest film -- "The Shinjuku Incident"
  221. I Love You, Man - March 20th (Paul Rudd & Jason Segal)
  222. Dreamworks going to Disney instead? Disney to sell Mirimax?
  223. Most Overrated Christopher Nolan Movie
  224. Glengarry Glen Ross Review!
  225. Round Two: Sex and the City 2 -> Summer 2010
  226. will they ever remake ROOTS for the big screen?
  227. Actors You Like, But Don't Like Most of the Movies They're In?
  228. Predators (Antal, 07/09/10)
  229. How are theaters going to handle IMAX films this year?
  230. King Lear (Michael Radford): Al Pacino in title role
  231. Fan cuts you would like to make
  232. Films Written & Directed by the Same Person
  233. get stoked for this dvd!
  234. Your Top 10 Independent Films?
  235. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2009) (Edgar Wright) (starring Michael Cera)
  236. Worst International Posters Ever
  237. Wild West Magazine's 100 greatest Westerns
  238. STAR WARS: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it)
  239. Ebert given honorary lifetime membership by DGA
  240. So I finally just watched JUNO..
  241. Which current actors do you love to watch kick ass?
  242. 25 Highest Grossing Films of 2008
  243. Rate em' ...Super Bowl 2009 movie trailers.
  244. Dead Snow (Død Snø in original language)
  245. Movies that came out or were delayed due to bad timing of events?
  246. Choose my Monday Matinee?
  247. Are Wile E. Coyote and Ralph the Wolf, essentially the same character?
  248. Possible Jaws Remake/Sequel?
  249. Weekend Box Office Thread 1/30/09 - 2/1/09 (Super Bowl) - First place is Taken
  250. Name As Many Movies As You Can That You've Seen in Theaters