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  1. Human Centipede (What?)
  2. Weekend Box Office -Oct 16-18 '09- Wild weekend as Paranormal, Citizen beat Stepdad
  3. More Than a Game - Lebron James/St. Vincent-St. Mary's documentary
  4. Coppola Sees Cinema World Falling Apart
  5. is full metal jacket anti-war?
  6. Celebrity Voices in animated/puppet movies: Does it really add anything?
  7. The Stepfather (2009) -- Comments/Reviews Thread -- Dylan Walsh/Penn Badgley
  8. Michael Jackson's "Is This It": Do you care?
  9. Question about Ocean's 11 (the modern one)
  10. Where the Wild Things Are-Review Thread
  11. 5150, Rue des Ormes (Thriller/horror)
  12. Burke and Hare--John Landis, Simon Pegg, and David Tennant
  13. Jija - Raging Phoenix (Thailand; 2009)
  14. Which movie is this from?
  15. Help me program a horror double feature for my theatre.
  16. Film: [REC]2
  17. Chris Columbus was an OK family-movie director, but...
  18. The Woman in Black (1989)
  19. Movies that Sucked, But You Went to See Theatrically due to Boredom
  20. I don't think [actor] should ever play a [role] again
  21. Movies With Almost Defiant Unhappy Endings(Spoilers)
  22. U.S.A. DeathNote Leaked
  23. Comicon 2010: July 21-25
  24. Expired AMC Silver Tickets
  25. THE BAADER MEINHOFF COMPLEX, worth seeing in theaters?
  26. The 10 Laziest Movies of Recent Memory
  27. Actors That Switched Their Typical Genres?
  28. Meet John Carpenter (Dallas) April 30-May 2, 2010
  29. Vince Vaughn Flexes His Gut, Makes Millions: Weekend Box Office 10/9 - 10/11
  30. MELANCHOLIA - Lars von Trier (2011)
  31. Double Standards for Different Directors? (Not just a simple question)
  32. Mirrors 2, for some reason, is happening
  33. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D (2012, some hack)
  34. National Lampoon's Vacation "sequel" in the works...
  35. Map of Best 250 Movies of All Time
  36. What unrelated movie could act as unofficial sequel/prequel to another?
  37. Really bad and therefore great (horror) movies
  38. The Gate "Sacrifyx" LP
  39. Takers - Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Matt Dillon
  40. King of Fighters The Movie
  41. Recommend some good, recent scary movies please
  42. 20th Century Fox buys the James Bond franchise???
  43. Michael Mann to direct bio-pic of war photographer Robert Capa
  44. The Best Horror Deaths.
  45. Anyone else the "Go to" Movie person in High School?
  46. Saw VI (2009)
  47. Weekend Box-Office (10/2-10/4) Zombies ate meatballs
  48. Marvel Movies Question
  49. Can you recommend some vampire and werewolf movies?
  50. Best Movie Villains of 2009!!!
  51. Chicago International Film Festival (October 8-22. 2009)
  52. Have you ever seen an Original and Remake screen as a Double feature at a Cinema ?
  53. Paul Rodriguez rushed to hospital
  54. The Crazies Trailer
  55. Movies that end in a "montage" showing what characters did afterwards?
  56. Very odd scene I just noticed in Red Dragon.
  57. Tori Spelling rushed to hospital!
  58. Attention horror fans in middle Tennessee
  59. 31 Horror Movies in 31 Days: Season Two
  60. Dennis Hopper rushed to the hospital [UPDATE: Dead]
  61. Toy Story 1 & 2: 3D (two week engagement) Oct. 2
  62. Is Ricky Gervais a Movie Star in the US?
  63. Name This Film Thread #50B-029
  64. Are we getting Conned with Movies of Cancelled TV Shows ?
  65. Have you noticed a lot of 80s movies have to have an asshole character
  66. Bergman's Belongings Auctioned in 337 Lots -- INCREDIBLE Stuff
  67. Zombieland (Fleischer, 2009) — The Reviews Thread
  68. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Championship
  69. "Smash Cuts" -- any examples from '63-'76????
  70. Need to identify this zombie movie...
  71. The Movie Death Thread
  72. Your Favorite Hong Kong fight scene?
  73. So, yeah, the Tin Man is gay?
  74. Nicolas Cage in Superman Lives - Has to be seen to be believed
  75. Question for all horror fans
  76. Roman Polanski arrested
  77. Ricochet (Mulcahy, 1991): Denzel Washington, John Lithgow & Ice T
  78. 2009 Oscar Predictions
  79. Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day (2009, Clattenburg)
  80. Weekend Box-Office (9/25-9/27) Still cloudy
  81. R.I.P. - Dick "Swamp Thing" Durock
  82. Rotten Tomatoes Worst 100 Movies of the Past 10 Years
  83. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
  84. Fame (2009 version)
  85. MGM might not make it... Bye-bye Bond and Hobbit?
  86. The House of the Devil (Ti West, 2009) — with Tom Noonan and Mary Woronov
  87. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 4
  88. Be The Producer Game: Thanksgiving Weekend "Final" Group(Please Vote!!)
  89. Trying to figure out the name of a movie.......
  90. Let the Right One In remake Let Me In...aka Fish Head?
  91. Cronenberg to remake The Fly again ?!
  92. The aging of actors:imagined vs. reality
  93. The Informant!
  94. The Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary Hi-Def Event
  95. Future Marvel movies could potentially be in jeopardy (rights issues)...
  96. Old Dogs (Becker, 2009) — Robin Williams, Travolta, Bernie Mac, Seth Green + more
  97. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 8
  98. Batman Beyond Miniseries
  99. To hell with IMAX and 3D, bring on planetarium movies!
  100. What's the name of that Steven Colbert movie?
  101. Diabolique (1955)- why is this film so overrated?
  102. G.I.Joe 2 Coming
  103. Jennifer's Body Can't Take Meatballs: Weekend Box Office 9/18 - 9/20
  104. Hereafter (Eastwood, 2010): Matt Damon in supernatural thriller
  105. Be The Producer Game: Labor Day Weekend Group(Please Vote!!)
  106. Star Trek 2 (Abrams, Stardate 3141.9) ---> News, casting, etc...
  107. Summer 2011
  108. Tetsuo: The Bullet Man (Tsukamoto, 2010)
  109. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 16
  110. RIP Henry Gibson
  111. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - Get the word out!
  112. Need Western Movies with lots of cutaways...
  113. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Tiebreaking Vote
  114. An Evening With Kevin Smith Live.
  115. Favorite Patrick Swayze Movie?
  116. AP reporting Patrick Swayze has Died
  117. Where Can I Buy This Movie
  118. Please help to figure out this movie title
  119. When In Rome 2010 Dir: Mark Steven Johnson, Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel. Rom Com
  120. Movies with terrific rain scene?
  121. Post Bad Movies.
  122. WEEKEND BOX OFFICE Discussion Thread (9/11/09-9-13-09) Tyler Perry's 9 Basterds
  123. Solomon Kane
  124. Roger Corman to recieve Honorary Oscar
  125. Be The Producer Game: Fourth of July Weekend Group(Please Vote!!)
  126. Anybody here ever seen a Tyler Perry movie?
  127. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 32/Group #2
  128. Movies shown in the first person
  129. Gypsy Curse Movies ?
  130. The Tournament (2009) - Like Battle Royale but with Assassins!!!
  131. The Shining ending
  132. First Marvel & Disney, now Warner Bros restructures DC Comics
  133. Resident Evil being rebooted (Resident Evil Begins)
  134. POLL: Best Oscars host of the last 20 years [not named Billy]
  135. Movies whose twists are ruined because of pop culture
  136. Help with a horoor film title (ending spoiled!).
  137. Movies where the BAD GUY wins at the end: spoilers if movie is less than 5 years old
  138. A list of Racist & Politically Incorrect Movies
  139. Accurate Observation on the History of Comedies?
  140. Once Upon A Time in the West compared to Leone's other westerns
  141. Outland remake (Michael Davis)
  142. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 32/Group #1
  143. Post your favorite R-rated, 109-minute movie named "The Thing".
  144. Most surprising film ever?
  145. Noticed Quentin Tarantino movies favor the Good Guy prevailing in the end...jeez
  146. Haywire (Soderbergh, 2011): MMA fighter Gina Carano in spy thriller
  147. Post your favorite non-'R', < 2hr. movies.
  148. Most Bizarre/Twisted Film EVER???
  149. "Speed the Plow" (Mamet) ...any news of a theatrical production?
  150. Oscar SHEEP for Labor Day Laborers
  151. Friday the 13th part II remake?
  152. Most Disappointing Film this Summer (2009)
  153. Weekend Box-Office 9/4-9/7....All about another crap movie debuting at #1
  154. Need help identifying this movie
  155. What's the 1st film you remember or saw?
  156. Be The Producer Game: Memorial Day Weekend Group(Please Vote!!)
  157. Adventures of Power (2009)
  158. Is this the only thread for Gerald Butler's GAMER?
  159. Dark Days (Ketai, 2010) ---> '30 Days of Night' sequel
  160. David Fincher's "The Social Network"
  161. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 64/Group #4
  162. How many times have you seen the "classics"?
  163. Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day (Duffy, 10/30/09)
  164. Guy Ritchie to direct Lobo
  165. the plot for the possible SOPRANOS MOVIE? (if they decide to make one)
  166. Cowboys & Aliens (Favreau) - news, rumors, cast, etc.
  167. 2009 New York Film Festival (NYFF) — von Trier, Haneke, Almodóvar, Resnais
  168. Good Hair (Stilson, 2009) — Chris Rock explores the world of black women's hair
  169. Top 25 British films of the last 25 years
  170. DC Comics' Deadman (Arcel, Del Toro) - News, Rumors, Cast, Etc
  171. Rating high on Hollywood’s list: immature audiences
  172. The Fantastic Four - Reboot (2015, D: Trank) S: Teller, Jordan, Mara, Bell
  173. Crimson Wing: Mystery Of The Flamingos (DisneyNature)
  174. Michael Phillips and A.O. Scott to host 'At The Movies' (goodbye Ben & Joe!)
  175. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 64/Group #3
  176. The Blob, Werewolf Women of the SS, and POTC4?
  177. What movies do you remember seeing in your "dreams?"
  178. Disney to buy Marvel for 4 Billion
  179. Disney Buys Marvel Entertainment
  180. What do you REALLY think of Renee Zellweger?
  181. Bad Boys III? Aw hell yes it's happening!
  182. Box Office Thread 8/28-8/30: TWC's Final Destination?
  183. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 64/Group #2
  184. Favorite Movie of Summer 2009
  185. Rob Zombie to write/direct remake of The Blob
  186. Brad Anderson- Vanishing on Seventh Street
  187. how many movie sequels?
  188. 'Shaun of the Dead' (AFI Silver Oct. 24) screening and Zombie walk!
  189. Is this scene taken from a movie?
  190. Pitch your biopic to the masses
  191. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 64/Group #1
  192. Anyone Find Final Destination Films Hard to Watch?
  193. Please help me ID this movie
  194. Huge Opening Weekend; Nearly Empty Theater
  195. Ever been alone in a theater?
  196. Iconic movie imagery
  197. Steven Seagal: TV Sheriff
  198. Rank 'Em as You Saw 'Em: Late 1990s
  199. 50 Greatest Ever Movie Sequels (as by Empire)
  200. Movie moments that give you absolute goosebumps
  201. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 128/Group #8
  202. Box Office talk 8.21-8.23, Weinsteins might be saved edition
  203. who is this actress
  204. great few weeks of movies!
  205. It's a mad mad mad mad world @ cinerama dome
  206. It Might Get Loud - 2009 Jimmy Page, The Edge, Jack White
  207. Rank the Bourne films
  208. Excalibur (Singer remake) - New, Rumors, Cast, Etc.
  209. "Yellow Submarine" 3D remake slated for 2012 (Disney/Zemeckis)
  210. Highlander: The Best Film of All Time Gets Remade
  211. Movies where title doesn't come right at the beginning?
  212. The movies in The Golden Turkey Awards
  213. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 128/Group #7
  214. Inglourious Basterds (Tarantino, 2009) — The Reviews Thread
  215. Alien (new 35mm print) AFI Silver Sept 11-17
  216. The Cove
  217. What scene would you insert back in or cut out of a film?
  218. Zombie Girl - documentary about a 12-year-old directing zombie film
  219. District 13 Remake and Taken Sequel on the Way
  220. Post Grad (Alexis Bladel)8/21/09
  221. Tarantino names his Top 20 movies since 1992
  222. Be the Producer — A Movie Talk Draft Game
  223. The Expendables 2 --> News, casting, rumors, etc...
  224. The Final Destination vs. Halloween 2: Which will be box office champ?
  225. Supporting Actors that You Admire?
  226. The Losers (S. White, 2010) — Vertigo book about betrayed ex-Special Forces team
  227. Movies that made you cry.
  228. Who is your favorite from this trio of comedy directors?
  229. Kick-Ass (Vaughn, 2010) --Mark Millar's comic about "real" superheroes now a film
  230. If you owned a movie studio, what would you call it?
  231. Robert Downey Jr. in talks to play the vampire Lestat.
  232. Spider-Man 5 & 6 - News, Rumors, Etc
  233. Jesus Christ Can't Save Us: White Chicks 2 Greenlit
  234. Let's talk about movies made by Asylum
  235. Post-apocolyptic movies
  236. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 128/Group #6
  237. The Fourth Kind Trailer - Alien Abuctions *Goosebumps*
  238. King of Fighters
  239. Box office talk 8/14-8/16, District wins, Bandslam bombs
  240. The Cat in the Hat (2003) - What the Hell is This?
  241. District 9 (Blomkamp, 2009) — The Reviews Thread
  242. The Time Traveler's Wife (Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams, 2009)
  243. name that movie
  244. Actor John Quade Dies
  245. X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 - Adamantium Boogaloo - News, Clues, Crew
  246. Best Movies Without Love Stories
  247. Favorite Epic
  248. The return of Godzilla?
  249. Law Abiding Citizen(2009)(F.Gary Gray) Revenge Actioner w/ Gerard Butler & Jamie Foxx
  250. Moviefone's Top 15 Most Ludicrous Direct-to-Video sequels