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  1. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 64/Group #1
  2. Anyone Find Final Destination Films Hard to Watch?
  3. Please help me ID this movie
  4. Huge Opening Weekend; Nearly Empty Theater
  5. Ever been alone in a theater?
  6. Iconic movie imagery
  7. Steven Seagal: TV Sheriff
  8. Rank 'Em as You Saw 'Em: Late 1990s
  9. 50 Greatest Ever Movie Sequels (as by Empire)
  10. Movie moments that give you absolute goosebumps
  11. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 128/Group #8
  12. Box Office talk 8.21-8.23, Weinsteins might be saved edition
  13. who is this actress
  14. great few weeks of movies!
  15. It's a mad mad mad mad world @ cinerama dome
  16. It Might Get Loud - 2009 Jimmy Page, The Edge, Jack White
  17. Rank the Bourne films
  18. Excalibur (Singer remake) - New, Rumors, Cast, Etc.
  19. Bourne 4 update
  20. "Yellow Submarine" 3D remake slated for 2012 (Disney/Zemeckis)
  21. Highlander: The Best Film of All Time Gets Remade
  22. Movies where title doesn't come right at the beginning?
  23. The movies in The Golden Turkey Awards
  24. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 128/Group #7
  25. Inglourious Basterds (Tarantino, 2009) — The Reviews Thread
  26. Alien (new 35mm print) AFI Silver Sept 11-17
  27. The Cove
  28. What scene would you insert back in or cut out of a film?
  29. Zombie Girl - documentary about a 12-year-old directing zombie film
  30. District 13 Remake and Taken Sequel on the Way
  31. Post Grad (Alexis Bladel)8/21/09
  32. Tarantino names his Top 20 movies since 1992
  33. Be the Producer — A Movie Talk Draft Game
  34. So who would you like to see turn up in The Expendables 2:Live Free of Die Expendable
  35. The Final Destination vs. Halloween 2: Which will be box office champ?
  36. Supporting Actors that You Admire?
  37. The Losers (S. White, 2010) — Vertigo book about betrayed ex-Special Forces team
  38. Movies that made you cry.
  39. Who is your favorite from this trio of comedy directors?
  40. Kick-Ass (Vaughn, 2010) --Mark Millar's comic about "real" superheroes now a film
  41. If you owned a movie studio, what would you call it?
  42. Robert Downey Jr. in talks to play the vampire Lestat.
  43. Spider-Man 5 & 6 - News, Rumors, Etc
  44. Jesus Christ Can't Save Us: White Chicks 2 Greenlit
  45. Let's talk about movies made by Asylum
  46. Post-apocolyptic movies
  47. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 128/Group #6
  48. The Fourth Kind Trailer - Alien Abuctions *Goosebumps*
  49. King of Fighters
  50. Box office talk 8/14-8/16, District wins, Bandslam bombs
  51. The Cat in the Hat (2003) - What the Hell is This?
  52. District 9 (Blomkamp, 2009) — The Reviews Thread
  53. The Time Traveler's Wife (Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams, 2009)
  54. name that movie
  55. Actor John Quade Dies
  56. X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 - Adamantium Boogaloo - News, Clues, Crew
  57. Best Movies Without Love Stories
  58. Favorite Epic
  59. The return of Godzilla?
  60. Law Abiding Citizen(2009)(F.Gary Gray) Revenge Actioner w/ Gerard Butler & Jamie Foxx
  61. Moviefone's Top 15 Most Ludicrous Direct-to-Video sequels
  62. Favorite movie soundtrack
  63. Gentlemen Broncos (Hess, 2009) — New comedy with Sam Rockwell + Jemaine Clement
  64. Legion (2009) Quaid, Bettany
  65. Zombie talk
  66. Lego: The Movie
  67. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 128/Group #5
  68. What's going to be the next impressive "camera effect" (e.g., bullet time) in movies?
  69. Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones
  70. Ever watch a film that influenced other films?
  71. GI Joe: The RI$E OF COBRA
  72. It's The Little Things: Smaller Moments in Movies
  73. Please help me identify this Korean drama
  74. "Ballad of G.I. Joe" starring Henry Rollins, Julianne Moore, Zach G, many more...
  75. Have you ever started talking like a movie character?
  76. If you could live in one films setting....
  77. The Best movie trailer you ever saw?
  78. Good Movies that You Do Not Like
  79. Movies That Made You Laugh For the Wrong Reasons
  80. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 128/Group #4
  81. Best and Worst Movie Sequels Ever
  82. Need Help With Movie Title (Early 70's)
  83. Hollywood Hates Redbox's $1 DVD Rentals
  84. "Waking Sleeping Beauty" (?)
  85. Should I watch the original "Inglorious Bastards" before QTs version?
  86. The first movie trailer you ever saw....
  87. Favorite Movie Studio
  88. Entertainment Weekly's Top 20 Vampires of all time
  89. Box Office 8/7-8/9: G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra $lithers to the Top
  90. What actor/actresses do you want to marry?
  91. cinematographer vs director of photography
  92. Strangers on a Train (Hitchcock) - 1951
  93. Your Favorite John Hughes work? (Director, writer, screenwriter)
  94. John Hughes Has Died
  95. Do you think Texas Chainsaw Massacre 74 is scifi?
  96. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 128/Group #3
  97. How to take a girl’s virginity; her Star Wars virginity
  98. Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!
  99. New Cartoon Movies
  100. Favorite director by decade
  101. Top Five CGI Characters
  102. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Sommers, 2009) — The Reviews Thread
  103. Question about New York theaters
  104. Spielberg to Remake 'Harvey'
  105. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 128/Group #2
  106. Article: " Are General Audiences Too Stupid to Enjoy Smart Movies?"
  107. Movies about Assassins?
  108. Need Help with a line from a movie! (or tv show?)
  109. Your Top 5 Most Watched Movies (released since 2004)
  110. Great directors that aren't Great anymore
  111. Weekend Box-Office (7/31-8/2) : Not that funny
  112. What are the most manly movies?
  113. Trying to remember the name of an 80's movie
  114. unintentional gay moments in movies
  115. Recut trailer thread
  116. Your Top 10 Favorite Directors
  117. Rob Marshall in talks to direct Pirates of the Caribbean 4
  118. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Round of 128/Group #1
  119. The Collector ...anyone going to see? (horror movie opening 7/31/09)?
  120. [movie] would have been terrible if [name] wasn't in it
  121. The Way Twilight Should Have Ended
  122. Zhang Yimou to direct Chinese remake of "Blood Simple"
  123. Hot weather movie watching traditions?
  124. Favorite parody films
  125. Promising young actors/actresses that never fulfilled their potential
  126. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Opening Round/Group #5
  127. Film fatalities- Dying to be in the Movies
  128. What do you think about movies of the 1960s?
  129. [movie] would have been great if [name] wasn't in it
  130. District "b13" 2 : Ultimatum (2009)
  131. Jake Lloyd A.K.A Anakin Skywalker 10 years later...
  132. Cosmopolis (Cronenberg)
  133. Rate the talent of: The wives of James Cameron
  134. Toy Story 3- News, Rumors, Casting....
  135. Weekend box-office (7/24-7/26) : The Pigs dethrone the wizard
  136. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Opening Round/Group #4
  137. Little Children... any fans?
  138. Star Wars. In Concert. I can die now. :-)
  139. Hot Tub Time Machine (D: Pink; Cusack, Corddry, Duke, Robinson)
  140. Movies that "play with" the Studio's logo
  141. R.I.P. Theron D. Read
  142. How do you think actors make themselves cry on film?
  143. Lionsgate greenlights Saw VII for 2010
  144. Movie scenes that are re-dubbed
  145. Star Trek
  146. Please can anyone help !!
  147. Orphan
  148. Anyone else hate all these new Digital Video movies?
  149. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Opening Round/Group #3
  150. Everybody's Fine (Jones, 2009): De Niro, Barrymore, Beckinsale, Rockwell
  151. Short Memorable Performances?
  152. The White Ribbon (Haneke, 2009)
  153. New Twilight Zone movie in the works
  154. Your favorite unknown movie
  155. Outdated Technology or Cultural Trends that You Notice in Movies?
  156. Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg
  157. DC Comics storms the film world
  158. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Opening Round/Group #2
  159. Early-2000s documentary(?) about driving across the States? Help!
  160. Russell Crowe considering a Master & Commander sequel
  161. Help please.
  162. Thoughts on Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince...?
  163. Titan A.E - On HBO
  164. Help a classic make it to the top 250
  165. Don't you just hate it when the good guy gets killed off in the sequel?
  166. A Boy and his Shoe (Alfonso Cuarón, 2010) — European road movie
  167. Sony 4k- Regal and AMC
  168. Favorite Pixar Film
  169. Weekend Box Office 7/15 - 7/19: Everyone Watches Harry Potter Pull Out His Wand
  170. Favorite Movie of the 90's: Opening Round/Group #1
  171. Tournament Champions so far
  172. Movies like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
  173. An Education (Scherfig, 2009): Peter Sarsgaard in U.K. period-piece
  174. Indian Summer (Wright, 2011): Cate Blanchett
  175. Educational / "Life Lesson" Films That You Were Shown In School?
  176. Why "limited release" on some acclaimed movies?
  177. Despicable Me (Renaud/Coffin, 2010): Voices of Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Will Arnett
  178. When did Summit Entertainment become a big player?
  179. The Grand Master (Wong Kar-Wai, 2010): Tony Leung as Ip Man, Bruce Lee's trainer
  180. The Hurricane !!
  181. How would you rank countries in regards to their contribution to world cinema?
  182. Favorite 50's sci-fi film?
  183. "Blitz" (with Jason Statham)
  184. Please please please please Read and help !!!
  185. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (D. Yates, 2009) — The Reviews Thread
  186. 'Treevenge' screening at Twitchfilm.net
  187. Theater or Home?
  188. Poltergeist II & Nightmare 4 Teaser Trailers?
  189. Looking for 60's Secret Agent/Spy-type films
  190. Bruno vs. Borat
  191. Brothers (Sheridan, 2009): Portman, Maguire, Gyllenhaal
  192. It's your favorite foreign movie.
  193. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (2011) - Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce
  194. Tinker, Tailor Soldier, Spy (Tomas Alfredson, 2011)
  195. Weekend Box Office Thread (7/10-7/12) - Bruno pounds the competition
  196. Why didn't this scene end Ryan O'Neal's career?
  197. What were Speilberg's influences for Saving Private Ryan?
  198. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Championship
  199. Jodie Foster to star in and direct "The Beaver"
  200. ILM vs Weta
  201. 2009 San Diego Comic Con - the 40th Anniversary
  202. Remo Williams: The Adventure Continues... "The Destroyer"!
  203. DLP vs Film
  204. Brüno (L. Charles, 2009) — The Reviews Thread
  205. MacGruber: The Movie!
  206. Last Movie you saw at the Cinema
  207. John Carpenter's The Ward
  208. O, Robert Zemeckis, where art thou?
  209. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Final Four
  210. Please help me ID a few obscure movies from my childhood
  211. The Invention of Lying (Gervais, 2009)
  212. Dead Girl - Wow, just wow...
  213. John Woo to direct WWII film on Flying Tigers
  214. The First Avenger: Captain America (2011, Johnston) - News, cast, rumors
  215. Favorite Movie of the 90's Selection Thread(Please Post Your Top 10)
  216. Five Minutes of Heaven (Hirschbiegel, 2009): Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt
  217. Bright Star (Campion, 2009): Period drama on John Keats and Fanny Brawne
  218. Green Zone (Greengrass, 2010): Matt Damon and Jason Isaacs
  219. need help remembering a movie
  220. Brothers (Sheridan, 2009): Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire & Jake Gyllenhaal
  221. Box Office Weekend (7/3-7/5): Manny vs Prime... ends in a tie!!!! (@ $42.5M a piece)
  222. Old War Movie Title
  223. Favorite Documentaries about Movie's and Move Making?
  224. Do you have a 4th of July movie tradition?
  225. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Round of 8
  226. Year-by-year Best In Film.
  227. View-Master the Movie
  228. Sheep, James (Bond) (Reverse) Sheep
  229. Does Anyone Know What This Is ?
  230. RoboGeisha aka "The Greatest Movie Trailer Ever"
  231. Keith Loutit and tilt-shift photography
  232. Harve Presnell dies at 75
  233. Asteroids movie announced (1979 videogame)
  234. Favorite actors of da 1970s
  235. I'm in Public Enemies!
  236. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Round of 16
  237. Karl Malden dead at 97
  238. For those who saw DEFIANCE at theatre
  239. Totally Awesome 3: More Films of the '80's (AFI Silver theatre showcase)
  240. Poorly reviewed movies that made $$$?
  241. month talk: July (predictions, memories etc)
  242. Micmacs a tire-larigot (Jeunet, 2009)
  243. Amelia (Nair, 2009): Hilary Swank as Amelia Earhart
  244. Couples Retreat (Billingsley, 2009): Vince Vaughn and John Favreau ensemble comedy
  245. YART: An American Remake in London
  246. Summer Movies - 2010
  247. GROWN UPS('10)w/Sandler,Spade,Rock,Schneider,Hayek,Rudolph & (WTF?) P.T. Anderson!
  248. "Favorite" Nude Scene Tourney Round of 32/Group #2
  249. I'm sick of indie quirk
  250. Goal II: Living the Dream