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  1. DVDTalk Draft Round 1 (orangecrush vs cleaver)
  2. DVDTalk draft Round 1 (Fist of Doom vs MinLShaw)
  3. DVDTalk Draft Round 1 (MountainBiker vs sauce07)
  4. Bad movies that should be remade
  5. Summer 2010 Box Office Predictions & Discussion Thread
  6. Funny Movie Quotes
  7. Weekend Box Office (4/30-5/2): PD scores another cash grab with a cinematic Nightmare
  8. What's Your Favorite Song in a Wes Anderson film?
  9. Attn: Houston, TX Mark Dacascos fans. Autograph signing today (May 1st)
  10. Should Criterion release a book of their covers?
  11. Iron Man 2 (Favreau, 2010) — The Reviews Thread
  12. Vincent Gallo's animated METROPIA is screening on Time Warner HD ON DEMAND
  13. Destination: Outer Space world premiere!
  14. Paramount Pictures & What Movie-Goers "Want"
  15. God Help Us All: LA Art Movie from Freidberg/Seltzer
  16. Help please? Looking for the SEX AND THE CITY 2 final poster.
  17. David Ayer to write and direct Commando reboot
  18. A Nightmare on Elm Street (Bayer, 2010) --> The Reviews Thread
  19. Vito Corleone in the Godfathers is inspirational
  20. Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf
  21. Adam Sandler movies
  22. Valhalla Rising (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2010) Mads Mikkelsen
  23. Need Movie Help
  24. New Worst Movie of all time? SLIMED
  25. The TOMMY LEE JONES Appreciation Thread
  26. "Rumble Fish" - a film from 1983, yet showed a 1990's "fat" Chris Penn?????
  27. Just watched "The Breakfast Club" over the weekend - I don't think it aged well
  28. Jason Bailey's "review" of Nice Guy Johnny
  29. 15 Movie Posters Re-Imagined With the Stars Originally Cast
  30. Movies Were the HairStyle is too Distracting?
  31. Hobo With A Shotgun
  32. Teal & Orange - Hollywood, Stop the Madness!
  33. 4/24 Box Office -- Kick-Ass plummets, Losers and JLo weak
  34. John Milius, Mickey Rourke = Genghis Khan
  35. Disneynature's 'OCEANS' (April 22, 2010)
  36. Monsters, Inc 2: November 16th, 2012
  37. Stuart Galbraith IV must be stopped!
  38. Letters From God Trashed by Godless Reviewers
  39. The "Avatar" Effect
  40. When did it really end for MATT DILLON?
  41. Any place to track what movies are showing on Hotel PPV Movies?
  42. Need Help Identifying A Movie
  43. Universal's Digital Cinema Packages - What's the lowdown?
  44. Get Low (2010- Duvall plays a man planning his own funeral)
  45. RIP Dede Allen (film editor) (1923-2010)
  46. Unlikely Double Features
  47. twists that damage the movie
  48. My strange mind figures out "what is that guy familiar from?" ... in a strange way
  49. Kick-Ass May Be Dead at a Funeral: Box Office April 16-18
  50. What old Horror/Sci-Fi/Cult flick would you like to see colorized
  51. Raging Phoenix - Martial Arts starring the female Tony Jaa
  52. If you could be any character
  53. Famous movie lines delivered by computers
  54. Scarlett Johansson cast in 'lost' Kubrick film
  55. "The Girl Who Played with Fire" ("Girl/Dragon Tattoo" sequel)
  56. Yahoo's top 100 modern movies to see before you die
  57. Enter the Void--Gaspar Noe
  58. Favorite Raquel Welch Film
  59. Letters to God (2010)
  60. Kick-Ass (Vaughn, 2010) — The Reviews Thread
  61. Scorsese In 3-D!
  62. 1913 Silent Film found in NH barn
  63. The Avengers - May 2012 - D: Joss Whedon
  64. About time! PRINCESS KAIULANI starring M.I.A. Q'orianka Kilcher from the New World!
  65. Unthinkable (2010, S. Jackson, Moss, Sheen)
  66. the 2010 South Korean Film Festival at the AFI Silver DC May 4 thru June 20
  67. What the hell happened to Val Kilmer?!?
  68. I watched TRON tonight, and I saw...
  69. Ong Bak 3
  70. The 40 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It
  71. A Serbian Film (aka Srpski Film) (2010)
  72. Trying to identify a music cue in Shaolin Soccer
  73. The Other Guys (dir: McKay) (Ferrell, Wahlberg, Sam Jackson)
  74. Anyone see Beer Wars?
  75. What happened to Annabella Sciorra?
  76. Alien films?
  77. Oldest movie with at least one living cast member?
  78. amazing Short film: Pixels, Old School Videogames Attack City
  79. Michael Madsen's THE KILLING JAR
  80. What's the name of this 80s Austrian musical movie?
  81. delete
  82. The Black Waters of Echo's Pond (2010)
  83. Dinner for Schmucks - Rudd, Carell, Galfianakis - Dir. Roach
  84. Real Genius remake --> the raping of childhood continues.
  85. TRON: Ascension (D: Kosinski) S: Hedlund, Wilde
  86. Cinema Wasteland **April 9th-11th, 2010** (Strongsville, OH)
  87. The Toxic Avenger: The PG-13 Family Friendly Remake
  88. Fright Night remake (Gillespe) - News, rumors, cast
  89. Johnny Cash cover of Hurt - trailer use?
  90. 12-year old movie critic is actually quite awesome.
  91. The Big Lebowski - The Adult Version
  92. Le Feu Follet (The Fire Within) Louis Malle
  93. So why are people giving Sam Worthington acting jobs in movies?
  94. "Under Siege" - a good film due to the efforts of Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones!
  95. Best single year for movies (2000-2009)?
  96. Epic Star Wars : The Clone Wars review in 9 parts
  97. Resident Evil: Afterlife aka RE4
  98. Clash of Titans - WB Movie Ticket in BluRay?
  99. Weekend Box Office Thread - Easter Weekend '10 - Clash #1: Tyler vs Miley
  100. movies that epitomize the 90's
  101. Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966) is a great movie!
  102. Iron Man 2 to get 3D Conversion
  103. Fantastic Voyage Remake (Greengrass) - news, rumors, cast..
  104. Killer Klowns From Outer Space to be remade...in 3D!
  105. Identify the laugh game
  106. the Best DAN AYKROYD film of the 1980s?
  107. Frozen - the movie about alpine skiers
  108. And the director for "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" remake is.....
  109. The Square - Nash Edgerton, Joel Edgerton, US Release April 9, 2010
  110. First THE SMURFS...now here comes MY LITTLE PONY!!!
  111. Rebel Wilson Reports for Duty in Private Benjamin Update
  112. Gone With the Pope, or what could be the greatest poster ever made
  113. FOX Developing E*Trade Talking Baby Movie
  114. 3D screens on the grand (massive) scale - the alternative to IMAX
  115. Independence Day: Resurgence (2016, D: Emmerich)
  116. Scarface - The "Bugsy Malone" version
  117. More rewatchability: Batman Begins or The Dark Knight ?
  118. Question about the 3D Conversion Process.
  119. DVDTalk draft game
  120. Ip Man 2- Kicking ass in Hong Kong!
  121. J.D. Shapiro apologizes for "Battlefield Earth"
  122. Weekend Box Office - Mar 26 - 28th, 2010 - Dragon dethrones Alice
  123. Don Cherry Movie
  124. Kick-Ass - anyone going to see this?
  125. Somebody want to explain Mulloholland Drive to me? (SPOILERS GALORE)
  126. Taking a cue from Ticketmaster, theater owners choose to gouge consumers even more
  127. How To Train Your Dragon (Dreamworks, 2010)
  128. Comic book movie producers love these actors...
  129. Chloe 3/26/10 ltd D:Egoyan; Moore, Seyfried, Neeson
  130. Cornrowed Edward Norton, Horny Robert DeNiro, Naked Mila Jovovich in Stone
  131. Lars Von Trier's Melancholia, end of the world movie, Gainsbourg cast
  132. Robert Culp, who starred in 'I Spy,' dead at 79
  133. Spy Kids 4 - Coming Aug 19th 2011
  134. What Movie Makes You [Want to] Cry?
  135. Vote for the Best COREY HAIM "Theatrical Film"
  136. Favorite Coen Bros. Film?
  137. Driving me crazy... what movie is this?
  138. Avatar: Predictable or not?
  139. World War Z
  140. Most recent movie with the most now-dead actors
  141. Best Film by original SNL Actors (Ackroyd, Murray, Belushi, Chase)
  142. 7.1 surround sound arrives in the theatres!
  143. Weekend Box Office 3/19/10 - 3/21/10 - Alice tops Wimpy Bounty Hunter
  144. 1960s vs 1970s: creative peaks of cinema
  145. The Big Valley - The Motion Picture
  146. Rate the latest movies you've seen
  147. FFS, Overboard: Redux
  148. Parallel Lines - April 2010 - (Dir: Scott, Fay, Hardstaff, Rin and Hi-Sim)
  149. The Mechanic (Remake) - Jason Statham, Ben Foster
  150. Looking for good documentaries
  151. Which actor gets the hottest actress co-stars? aka. You Lucky Son of a....
  152. Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer
  153. Tim Burton to Direct 3D-Animated Addams Family Film?
  154. Dinocroc vs. Supergator
  155. "Until the Light Takes Us" a Norwegian Black Metal movie
  156. Kurosawa's High and Low
  157. Have you ever met someone who doesn't like movies?
  158. Jacque Tati animated film THE ILLUSIONIST trailer (Triplets of Belleville director)
  159. American: The Bill Hicks Story (2010)
  160. Periodic Table of Sci-Fi Film and Television
  161. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009 & 2012 editions)
  162. Speed/Forest Gump/2001: A Space Odyssey connection with H'wood Chinese Theater
  163. which COREY will get their "star" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
  164. GRAVITY (2013) (Cuaron, Clooney, Bullock)
  165. Peter Graves, RIP
  166. "Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?" -- Peter Graves, dead at 83
  167. best Zack Snyder film
  168. What movies have do you have yet to finish?
  169. Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight
  170. Anyone still buy VHS movies?
  171. Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer
  172. Hachi: A Dog's Story (Hallström, 2009) ---> Very sweet, family film.
  173. Ironclad- 2010 Release?
  174. Road to Hell (Streets of Fire 2?)
  175. 'Waking Sleeping Beauty' - DC Screening March 18th (Film & Q/A)
  176. Twilight Saga - Eclipse Official Trailer #1
  177. What happened to the HDNET Movies Early Premieres?
  178. The Big Year (Martin, Wilson, Black, dir. Frankel)
  179. RIP Charles B Pierce 70s/80s director
  180. What makes a horror film?
  181. Corey Haim dead at 38
  182. Sound of music
  183. New How to Train your Dragon Trailer
  184. Howard Stern as Oscar Host:will it happen?
  185. Robert De Niro is Vince Lombardi
  186. IMDB Horror Board Top 201 Horror Movie Poll - Final List completed! 1920's-present!
  187. Hideo Nakata is remaking The Entity.
  188. Richard Roeper & the Movies
  189. What are the worst Theatrical/DTV films you have ever seen? Number 1 if applies!
  190. Opinion on a review of Disney's A Christmas Carol
  191. Need help on disturbing movie title! Probably a film about a serial killer?
  192. What is the most watched dvd in your Collection?
  193. favorite movie list
  194. The 82nd Academy Awards --> 2010 Awards Show Discussion.
  195. Tim Burton Suckers America Out of $120 Million: Weekend Box Office 3/5 - 3/7
  196. IMBD Horror Poll 2010 results! Courtesy of IMDB! F13/Halloween/Elm Street/Scream/etc.
  197. DeNiro set for another Midnight Run
  198. Lebanon, PA (My home town gets their own movie!)
  199. AIRPLANE! and its inspiration ZERO HOUR, on TCM tonight
  200. So, did they grow up to resemble them?
  201. Poppy - New Zealand animated short
  202. Legend Of The Guardians (2010) (dir. Zack Snyder)
  203. Born of Hope? A Fan made LOTR Prequel.
  204. What's a "Sony Giant Screen Digital" Theater?
  205. Society (Brian Yuzna)
  206. Help me name this movie
  207. My 2010 Oscar Spoof -- with celebrity cameos (Stephen Lang, more)
  208. Arthur '81 remake coming! Remember Arthur? Sounds awful!
  209. Gilligan's Island: The Movie (2014, Herzog) S: Gad, Eisenberg, Cera
  210. The 2010 Blockbusters: which ones will sizzle or fizzle?
  211. Need help with movie ID
  212. The Joneses -- (Ducovney, Moore) -- April 2010
  213. Help with the name of a movie
  214. Horror movie name help
  215. Movie Logo Variations Video
  216. DVD Talk thread- IN 3D!!!
  217. Movies where villain is taken down by secondary character?
  218. From Here To Eternity (Re: George Reeves)
  219. Avatar 2 (2017, Cameron) S: Worthington, Saldana
  220. Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku Teaming For Feature Film
  221. Kevin Smith's Best Opening Weekend Yet: Weekend Box Office 02/26 - 02/28
  222. Trancers
  223. The Crazies (2010) --- Dir: Breck Eisner -- The Reviews Thread
  224. Oscar snubbs
  225. Movies that would be better if the ended earlier
  226. B-listers that have made a good career for themselves
  227. Help with movie title
  228. Wanted 2 has been scrapped... Thanks Angelina!
  229. Unbreakable 2: Unbreak Harder w/a Vengeance
  230. Police say 'Growing Pains' actor Koenig found dead
  231. Help! What's the name of this documentary?
  232. AMC Best Picture Showcase: Who's going?
  233. A very interesting blog entry on color correction and it's impact on audiences.
  234. Help me identify this juvenile delinquency film from the late 70s or early 80s...
  235. Speedy Gonzales the Movie - News, Rumors, Cast, Andalay Andalay Arriba Arriba
  236. Tango & Cash is funny.
  237. Ram Gopal Varma - $10,000 reward to watch Horror Movie without getting scared
  238. Best use of a song in a movie?
  239. Question about Jurassic Park
  240. A Good Day To Die Hard
  241. Looking for sound clips of these Western movie scenes
  242. Your Top 100 Films of the Decade (2000-2009).
  243. Stan Helsing, from an exec producer of Scary Movie 2009
  244. Your Favorite Shots from 2009 Films?
  245. Cases of Movie Miscasting
  246. Can a movie be over-praised due to certain people being attached?
  247. Post favorite feature film under 90 minutes.
  248. Pull Yourself Together Teddy: Weekend Box Office 2/19 - 2/21
  249. Fans Flock to Shutter Island: Box Office 2/19 - 2/21
  250. A Coppola Classic Returns in 70mm!