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  1. Tim Burton to Direct 3D-Animated Addams Family Film?
  2. Dinocroc vs. Supergator
  3. "Until the Light Takes Us" a Norwegian Black Metal movie
  4. Kurosawa's High and Low
  5. Have you ever met someone who doesn't like movies?
  6. Jacque Tati animated film THE ILLUSIONIST trailer (Triplets of Belleville director)
  7. American: The Bill Hicks Story (2010)
  8. Periodic Table of Sci-Fi Film and Television
  9. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009 & 2012 editions)
  10. Speed/Forest Gump/2001: A Space Odyssey connection with H'wood Chinese Theater
  11. which COREY will get their "star" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
  12. GRAVITY (2013) (Cuaron, Clooney, Bullock)
  13. Peter Graves, RIP
  14. "Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?" -- Peter Graves, dead at 83
  15. best Zack Snyder film
  16. What movies have do you have yet to finish?
  17. Guess That Movie By Screenshot: 'Round Midnight
  18. Anyone still buy VHS movies?
  19. Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer
  20. Hachi: A Dog's Story (Hallström, 2009) ---> Very sweet, family film.
  21. Ironclad- 2010 Release?
  22. Road to Hell (Streets of Fire 2?)
  23. 'Waking Sleeping Beauty' - DC Screening March 18th (Film & Q/A)
  24. Twilight Saga - Eclipse Official Trailer #1
  25. What happened to the HDNET Movies Early Premieres?
  26. The Big Year (Martin, Wilson, Black, dir. Frankel)
  27. RIP Charles B Pierce 70s/80s director
  28. What makes a horror film?
  29. Corey Haim dead at 38
  30. Sound of music
  31. New How to Train your Dragon Trailer
  32. Howard Stern as Oscar Host:will it happen?
  33. Robert De Niro is Vince Lombardi
  34. IMDB Horror Board Top 201 Horror Movie Poll - Final List completed! 1920's-present!
  35. Hideo Nakata is remaking The Entity.
  36. Richard Roeper & the Movies
  37. What are the worst Theatrical/DTV films you have ever seen? Number 1 if applies!
  38. Opinion on a review of Disney's A Christmas Carol
  39. Need help on disturbing movie title! Probably a film about a serial killer?
  40. What is the most watched dvd in your Collection?
  41. favorite movie list
  42. The 82nd Academy Awards --> 2010 Awards Show Discussion.
  43. Tim Burton Suckers America Out of $120 Million: Weekend Box Office 3/5 - 3/7
  44. IMBD Horror Poll 2010 results! Courtesy of IMDB! F13/Halloween/Elm Street/Scream/etc.
  45. DeNiro set for another Midnight Run
  46. Lebanon, PA (My home town gets their own movie!)
  47. AIRPLANE! and its inspiration ZERO HOUR, on TCM tonight
  48. So, did they grow up to resemble them?
  49. Poppy - New Zealand animated short
  50. Legend Of The Guardians (2010) (dir. Zack Snyder)
  51. Born of Hope? A Fan made LOTR Prequel.
  52. What's a "Sony Giant Screen Digital" Theater?
  53. Society (Brian Yuzna)
  54. Help me name this movie
  55. My 2010 Oscar Spoof -- with celebrity cameos (Stephen Lang, more)
  56. Arthur '81 remake coming! Remember Arthur? Sounds awful!
  57. Gilligan's Island: The Movie (2014, Herzog) S: Gad, Eisenberg, Cera
  58. The 2010 Blockbusters: which ones will sizzle or fizzle?
  59. Need help with movie ID
  60. The Joneses -- (Ducovney, Moore) -- April 2010
  61. Help with the name of a movie
  62. Horror movie name help
  63. Movie Logo Variations Video
  64. DVD Talk thread- IN 3D!!!
  65. Movies where villain is taken down by secondary character?
  66. From Here To Eternity (Re: George Reeves)
  67. Transformers 3d
  68. Avatar 2 (2017, Cameron) S: Worthington, Saldana
  69. Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku Teaming For Feature Film
  70. Kevin Smith's Best Opening Weekend Yet: Weekend Box Office 02/26 - 02/28
  71. Trancers
  72. The Crazies (2010) --- Dir: Breck Eisner -- The Reviews Thread
  73. Oscar snubbs
  74. Movies that would be better if the ended earlier
  75. B-listers that have made a good career for themselves
  76. Help with movie title
  77. Wanted 2 has been scrapped... Thanks Angelina!
  78. Unbreakable 2: Unbreak Harder w/a Vengeance
  79. Police say 'Growing Pains' actor Koenig found dead
  80. Help! What's the name of this documentary?
  81. AMC Best Picture Showcase: Who's going?
  82. A very interesting blog entry on color correction and it's impact on audiences.
  83. Help me identify this juvenile delinquency film from the late 70s or early 80s...
  84. Speedy Gonzales the Movie - News, Rumors, Cast, Andalay Andalay Arriba Arriba
  85. Tango & Cash is funny.
  86. Ram Gopal Varma - $10,000 reward to watch Horror Movie without getting scared
  87. Best use of a song in a movie?
  88. Question about Jurassic Park
  89. Die Hard 5 >> Bruce Willis (tentative 2011)
  90. Looking for sound clips of these Western movie scenes
  91. Your Top 100 Films of the Decade (2000-2009).
  92. Stan Helsing, from an exec producer of Scary Movie 2009
  93. Your Favorite Shots from 2009 Films?
  94. Cases of Movie Miscasting
  95. Can a movie be over-praised due to certain people being attached?
  96. Post favorite feature film under 90 minutes.
  97. Pull Yourself Together Teddy: Weekend Box Office 2/19 - 2/21
  98. Fans Flock to Shutter Island: Box Office 2/19 - 2/21
  99. A Coppola Classic Returns in 70mm!
  100. 2010 Oscars : Who Will Win / Who Should Win
  101. Coppola vs. Scorese: who is better in your opinion?
  102. Please recommend some post-"Kingpin" WOODY HARRELSON films
  103. How come the Wahlberg Brothers never did a movie together?
  104. The Illusionist (dir. Sylvain Chomet, 2010) -- follow-up to Triplets of Belleville
  105. Defendor---Woody Harrelson
  106. So BAD they are FUNNY Horror/Sci-fi films - need recommendations please
  107. Erector Sets in 3-D
  108. 10 Favorite Horror Flicks of the Last 25 Years
  109. How violent is "The Wolf Man?"
  110. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
  111. Madonna to Direct King Edward VIII Biopic
  112. Movies that end abruptly?
  113. Why
  114. Lars Von Trier Taxi Driver remake w/Scorsese's blessing, starring De Niro?????
  115. Godfather
  116. Favorite Quentin Tarantino Film?
  117. Kurt Russell: what happened to him?
  118. She's Out Of My League-March 12th
  119. Neil Marshall's Centurion (Fassbender, Kurylenko)
  120. Best and Worst films from longterm Director/Actor collaborations
  121. Percy Jackson's Valentine's Day with the Wolfman: Box Office for 2/12 - 2/15
  122. Does the opening of Reality Bites rip off The Graduate?
  123. Disney's plan to release 'Alice' on DVD early upsets theaters
  124. Sharon Tate reminded me of Julianne Moore
  125. Funniest Reason for Rating (MPAA)
  126. EW's "Never Nominated for an Oscar" List (Acting)
  127. Get Him to the Greek (Brand, Hill) >> June 4th, 2010
  128. Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga) to be two films
  129. Titanic 2 coming later this year
  130. Killers (Heigl, Kutcher) >> June 4th, 2010
  131. 2010 Animated Oscar Shorts Online!
  132. 2010 AMC Best Picture Showcase
  133. RISK - The Movie (Hasbro, Sony Pictures)
  134. please help me identify an 80's movie
  135. the worst remake rumor ever
  136. The Wolfman: Reviews Thread
  137. FOX hires Billy Ray (State of Play, Breach) to write 24: The Movie
  138. Texas Killing Fields w/ Sam Worthington - Directed by Mann
  139. Seagalogy - the DTV years
  140. Question for anyone who saw "Leatherheads"
  141. Poll: Favorite Jeff Bridges performance
  142. Is "FOUL PLAY" a classic?
  143. Fox decides to reboot Daredevil
  144. Dear John, Its Avatar from Paris! With Love... Boxoffice 02/05-07 Weekend
  145. Help Identifying Title of a Movie
  146. Cryingwife.com
  147. Favorite ridiculously offbeat colorful characters!!??
  148. The 50 Worst Movies Ever
  149. Super-Bowl Movie Ads 2010
  150. 5 Fast 5 Furious? No. Just call it Five Fast.
  151. Lord of the Rings - EE vs. Theatrical
  152. IMAX / Avatar Questions
  153. what does OWL JOLSON say to his father immediately after being hatched?
  154. Do you think directors are getting nervous about getting pressured to film in 3D?
  155. Actors That You Can't Believe Aren't Dead
  156. Am I the only one that hasn't seen Avatar?
  157. Vote for your favorite Best Picture nominee
  158. Which 5 of the 10 Best Pic noms would have made the cut?
  159. Actors That You Can't Believe Are Dead
  160. So anyone else fallen in Love with the movie Triangle yet?
  161. What do you think is the "perfect" movie?
  162. Rip Torn charged with breaking into Conn. bank, with loaded gun, drunk...
  163. Besides The Wizard of Oz, what is the most referenced movie of all time?
  164. Mel Gibson is a jackass
  165. Box office: Jan 29-31st Avatar King again?
  166. What movie with a shark and dog named Pippin?
  167. Valentine's Day- Hottest female cast ever?
  168. Terminator and T2 are near perfect
  169. FAVORITE GENE HACKMAN FILM (Happy 80th!!)
  170. Damn Megan Fox was hot as hell in The Unborn!
  171. Disney's Muppet Movie - News, Rumors, Cast, etc
  172. How to List Most Popular Movies Ever Made?
  173. How often do you go to the cinema?
  174. Need help identifying sound effect in Alien.
  175. RIP Miramax Films
  176. Most quintessential 80's film?
  177. The absolute Beat-All, most Purr-fect TOM & JERRY short:
  178. Zelda Rubinstein dead at 76 (Poltergeist)
  179. Favorite decade for comedy
  180. Favorite decade for comedy
  181. The Secret in Their Eyes (Juan Jose Campanella)
  182. This Is It, Best Documentary Feature??
  183. Welcome to the Rileys - d. Jake Scott, K Stewart as Prostitute, Gandolfini, Leo
  184. Rollercoaster (1977) should be remade
  185. Rent some 2010 Sundance films on YouTube.
  186. More Pointless Remakes!!! Mannequin and Weekend at Bernies !!!!
  187. Need help - can't find really nice "BUGS BUNNY" intro image
  188. "Weird Al" Yankovic Writing/Directing Live-Action Film for Cartoon Network Studios
  189. FROZEN (2010) (dir. Adam Green)
  190. R-rated horror/action making a comeback?
  191. What if they re-made BTTF 2 with the original cast now?
  192. Actress Jean Simmons dies at 80
  193. 2 years ago today...
  194. 1980s hotrod movie
  195. Box Office: Jan 22-24th Titanic and Dark Knight both go down?.
  196. The 100 Greatest Spy Movies
  197. The 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time
  198. What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Films Directed by African-Americans?
  199. Mel Gibson to make Viking epic
  200. Trying to remember a cartoon: cat turns into a dog
  201. Spider-Man (2012, Marc Webb)
  202. What are all the Parkour-related films?
  203. Do Awards Change Your Perception of Movies?
  204. Paranormal Activity 2 (Greutert, October 2010)
  205. Star Wars book
  206. 2009 Golden Globes Discussion Thread. (Movie Edition)
  207. Another "Help me identify this 80's horror movie thread."
  208. Amer (2010) - (neo-giallo flick)
  209. George Lucas's 'Blockbusting'
  210. Need help identifying 80's horror movie
  211. So What Does Cameron Do Now?
  212. Weekend Box Office: Martin Luther King Jr Holiday
  213. Which Actors Have Been in Two or More Movie Franchises?
  214. Steven Soderbergh: Whiny, elitist crybaby says "movies don't matter."
  215. Coven (2000)
  216. The Chancellor Manuscript -- Political Thriller, dir. Marc Forster (2011)
  217. Your Favorite Visually Amazing "blink-and-you-may-miss it" Quick Scenes?
  218. A Dangerous Method (dir. Cronenberg, starring Viggo Mortensen, Knightley)
  219. Avatar - Your Burning Questions
  220. What movie is this? Help a brother out.
  221. the "funniest" BUGS BUNNY short (or Top 5)
  222. The Third and the Seventh (mind-boggling short film)
  223. Star Trek XII set for June 29, 2012!
  224. Extraordinary Measures(Vaughn), Brendan Frasier, Harrison Ford(2010)
  225. AVATAR the X-rated film: what will it be called?
  226. Avatar vs. Titanic: Which Movie is Better?
  227. Mort d'Eric Rohmer, légende du cinéma français (Eric Rohmer has died)
  228. Flickchart: A monumental timewaster
  229. Weekend Box Office 1/8-1/10: Avatar now #1 of '09
  230. African movie posters
  231. Best representation of a drill instructor in film?
  232. Movies with great plots, but turn out to be only pretty good, or even bad?
  233. Roundtable with Tarantino, Cameron, Jackson, Reitman, Bigelow and Daniels
  234. Movies where guy FINALLY gets the girl?
  235. Two Gentlemen of Lebowski
  236. U.S. Military-related Commercials Shown at Movie Theaters: Right or Wrong?
  237. Movies that are superior to the books upon which they're based
  238. Shrek Forever After: the Final Chapter in IMAX 3D 5/21/10
  239. J-Lo wonders why she didn't win an Oscar for "El Cantante"
  240. When an action star plays a babysitter, their career has jumped the shark
  241. Who are the people in this old Oscar photo?
  242. Bad actors you would love to see do an Oscar-worthy performance in a future film?
  243. Help identifying movie
  244. Films so good they make you cry by the end
  245. Stephen King's Top 10 of 2009
  246. Your favorite scene. The one that makes you go, "holy shit" at it's pure awesomeness.
  247. Nic Cage as Everyone
  248. Live action Star Blazers/Space Cruiser Yamato!
  249. Where does "animated" end and CGI "visual effects" begin?
  250. mystery movie alien girl on earth