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  1. Cracked.com - Method Actors
  2. movies where a plot line centers around an (in the movie) actor's real life illness
  3. 75 Early U.S. Films Discovered in New Zealand Vault includes John Ford's Upstream
  4. Great Movie with a Crappy Poster/DVD Cover
  5. Plot idea for "CLERKS 3," should Kevin Smith decide to return to the well (again)
  6. New Mortal Kombat trailer?
  7. Funny description of a movie scene game.
  8. Movie Cells
  9. Godfather Part III question
  10. DVDTalk Character Draft Final (cardsfan111 vs cleaver)
  11. Movie you First Think of when u Hear ...
  12. Toy Story films
  13. Flipped (Rob Reiner, 2010) - Coming of Age in the 60s
  14. Delete!
  15. Actors who went out on a weak note
  16. Actors who went out on a strong note
  17. Weekend Box Office (6/4-6/6): Another mediogre weekend
  18. In English-speaking countries, what have been the top-watched subtitled films?
  19. DVDTalk Draft Final Four (wishbone vs cardsfan111)
  20. DVDTalk Draft Final Four (MountainBiker vs cleaver)
  21. Water for Elephants (2011, Dir: Francis Lawrence)
  22. Empire Strikes Back - Lando wearing Han's clothes
  23. I Knew It Was You (2009) - John Cazale Documentary
  24. Ondine (Neil Jordan, 2010)
  25. B Movies
  26. Twitter Campaign Wants 'Community' Actor to Be First Non-White Spider-Man
  27. Horror movie? Can't ... remember ... title ...
  28. Movie help (not the Musketeer)
  29. "Promises Written in Water" A new film by Vincent Gallo
  30. Actors you like who aren't highly regarded by others.
  31. "You Will Be Happy," says Karl to Frank (SLING BLADE)
  32. DVDTalk Draft Round 2 (Tarantino vs cardsfan111)
  33. DVDTalk Draft Round 2 (MountainBiker vs Fist of Doom)
  34. DVDTalk Draft Round 2 (Suprmallet vs cleaver)
  35. DVDTalk Draft Round 2 (wishbone vs Bobby Shalom)
  36. Undisputed III: Redemption
  37. Ironclad (Jonathan English, 2010) James Purefoy, Brian Cox, Paul Giamatti
  38. the Top 100 characters of the past 20 yrs according to EW (movies, tv, books)
  39. Friedberg and Seltzer are back... VAMPIRE MOVIE ... August 18th
  40. Exit Through the Gift Shop
  41. Spielberg, Schwarzenegger speak at re-opening of Universal Studios backlot
  42. Favorite Dennis Hopper performance?
  43. Film Students: What books do you use for class?
  44. 70's/80's comedy
  45. Which gender can drag the other to a Movie With More Ease?
  46. Weekend Box Office (5/28-5/31): Your girlfriend dragged you to see #1, right?
  47. Movie "premakes" trailers
  48. The 100 Sexiest Movie Posters Of All Time
  49. What if ..."Insert Movie Name" had bombed?
  50. What's the deal w/ Saving Silverman? (Thread to lazily question any film's existence)
  51. Inferno (Wilder, 2011) - Malin Akerman as porn star Linda Lovelace
  52. Looking for an older family spy movie
  53. King Kong
  54. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Newell, 2010) — The Reviews Thread
  55. Tango & Cash sequel?
  56. What horror movie is this from?
  57. Martial arts movie recommendation thread
  58. Why did it cost 165 M to make Shrek 4 ?
  59. Where's Your God Now? Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are back.
  60. Best BILLY BOB THORNTON film since 2000?
  61. DVD Talk Draft Revival Thread
  62. How would Kick-Ass have fared with HitBoy instead of HitGirl ?
  63. Snobbiest critic?
  64. Top stars who regularly do supporting roles...
  65. Sex and the City 2 (King, 2010) — The Reviews Thread
  66. Established Actors who hardly ever do Supporting Roles
  67. Mike Myers and Austin Powers: Love it or Hate it?
  68. Directors or writers you wish lightning would strike twice?
  69. Most iconic or recognizable character?
  70. Put a fork in Shrek, he's done: Weekend Box Office 5/21 - 5/23
  71. Teaching World War 2 with movies: Name the movies
  72. Mystery Return of the Jedi clip...can anyone explain
  73. Fire & Ice - being 'remade' by Robert Rodriguez
  74. Epic/long/trilogy books adapted into one film: have any of these films succeeded?
  75. Lines in movies you don't get.
  76. Winnebago Man, a documentary
  77. what's your favorite movie of 1983
  78. How do u feel about Tim Burton
  79. MacGruber (Taccone, 2010) — The Reviews Thread
  80. Metropolis (Fritz Lang)
  81. Mr. Beanberry?
  82. The 100 Most Disturbing Movies Of All Time
  83. The Top 25 Funniest People Working in Hollywood (Right Now)
  84. Which Actor/Actress had the strongest last decade (2000-2009)?
  85. Name this film, as well!
  86. why do directors/editors always cut away from the money shot
  87. Chris Klein's Mama Mia's Audition Will Haunt Your Dreams
  88. Name That Film, Please!
  89. Petition for the complete "A Star Is Born"
  90. Anyone else just not have the energy to be a "film snob" anymore?
  91. Judith: The Night She Stayed Home (A Halloween Tribute Film) (2010)
  92. Deep Red Remake: It's in 3D and, wait for it, directed by Romero!
  93. Sex and the City 2 : Will you see it?
  94. Is this Ben Affleck in commercials for "The Room"
  95. Shia trashes Indy IV
  96. Movies you don't understand all the love for...
  97. Top 10 F/X Scenes in Movie History
  98. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (Woody Allen, 2010): Naomi Watts and Josh Brolin
  99. Letters to Juliet
  100. Weekend Box Office (5/14-5/16) Hood not exactly Robin the box office
  101. Iron Sky - space nazis, from the moon!
  102. Please help me identify a movie.
  103. Just how do you pronounce “Gyllenhaal” anyway?
  104. Spanish Language Versions
  105. Name great directors that became B-movie directors?
  106. Eli Roth presents: "The Last Exorcism"
  107. Tyler Foster's review of Date Night
  108. City Island (Andy Garcia, Emily Mortimer)
  109. Robin Hood (Scott, 2010) — The Reviews Thread
  110. Best summer movie seasons from the 80's decade to now
  111. Please help me name this Vampire flick
  113. Trailer for Donnie Yen's LEGEND OF THE FIST: THE RETURN OF CHEN ZHEN
  114. Pixar’s Newt Officially Canceled
  115. Bulletproof (Gary Busey)
  116. Movies shot in sequence
  117. the VACATION films - your favorite Griswold children
  118. Summer Movies - 2011
  119. Iron Man 3 - news, rumors, castings, etc.
  120. Tribeca Film Festival's THE INFIDEL
  121. Four Lions - (Terrorist Comedy)
  122. Need help on a movie
  123. Just saw The Descent
  124. I Spit On Your Grave (2010)
  125. Last DVD or Blu-Ray you bought?
  126. Tomorrow, When the War Began (Red Dawn Down Under)
  127. Ip Man 2 Review Thread SPOILERS
  128. Movies you don't understand all of the hate for..
  129. The ExpendaBelles - female cast (D: Luketic)
  130. Movies with sequel's that are as good as the 1st film
  131. Iron Man is no Midnight Dark Knight: Weekend Box Office 05/07-05/09
  132. MATT DILLON vs KEVIN DILLON - who do you like better?
  133. Is Gene Hackman retired?
  134. "The Flamingo Kid" - question
  135. Rise of the Apes - PotA Prequel (2011)
  136. Antonio Banderas and Pedro Almodovar --The Skin I Live In
  137. Music from Movie Trailers...
  138. L.A.P.I. (dir. Jody Hill) (starring Danny McBride)
  139. Will Iron Man 2 beat The Dark Knight's opening weekend?
  140. Indie Filmmakers - Do you know a good place to upload your film for sale? Need help!
  141. Star Wars Shadows of the Past: Fan Film
  142. Super 8 (produced by JJ Abrams)
  143. Movies Featuring the Disarm Bomb Cliche?
  144. The Good Heart with Brian Cox & Paul Dano 2010
  145. Is anyone amazed how ageless Predator (1987) looks?
  146. George Romer @ Harvard Sq Newbury Comics tomorrow @ 5PM
  147. Lynn Redgrave dies at 67 - RIP
  148. Question about digital cinema.
  149. DVDTalk Draft Round 1 (KillerCannibal vs Bobby Shalom)
  150. DVDTalk Draft Round 1 (wishbone vs Osiris3657)
  151. DVDTalk Draft Round 1 (adrenaline78 vs cardsfan111)
  152. DVDTalk Draft Round 1 (Tarantino vs Groucho)
  153. DVDTalk Draft Round 1 (RoboDad vs Suprmallet)
  154. DVDTalk Draft Round 1 (orangecrush vs cleaver)
  155. DVDTalk draft Round 1 (Fist of Doom vs MinLShaw)
  156. DVDTalk Draft Round 1 (MountainBiker vs sauce07)
  157. Bad movies that should be remade
  158. Summer 2010 Box Office Predictions & Discussion Thread
  159. Funny Movie Quotes
  160. Weekend Box Office (4/30-5/2): PD scores another cash grab with a cinematic Nightmare
  161. What's Your Favorite Song in a Wes Anderson film?
  162. Attn: Houston, TX Mark Dacascos fans. Autograph signing today (May 1st)
  163. Should Criterion release a book of their covers?
  164. Iron Man 2 (Favreau, 2010) — The Reviews Thread
  165. Vincent Gallo's animated METROPIA is screening on Time Warner HD ON DEMAND
  166. Destination: Outer Space world premiere!
  167. Paramount Pictures & What Movie-Goers "Want"
  168. God Help Us All: LA Art Movie from Freidberg/Seltzer
  169. Help please? Looking for the SEX AND THE CITY 2 final poster.
  170. David Ayer to write and direct Commando reboot
  171. A Nightmare on Elm Street (Bayer, 2010) --> The Reviews Thread
  172. Vito Corleone in the Godfathers is inspirational
  173. Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf
  174. Adam Sandler movies
  175. Valhalla Rising (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2010) Mads Mikkelsen
  176. Need Movie Help
  177. New Worst Movie of all time? SLIMED
  178. The TOMMY LEE JONES Appreciation Thread
  179. "Rumble Fish" - a film from 1983, yet showed a 1990's "fat" Chris Penn?????
  180. Just watched "The Breakfast Club" over the weekend - I don't think it aged well
  181. Jason Bailey's "review" of Nice Guy Johnny
  182. 15 Movie Posters Re-Imagined With the Stars Originally Cast
  183. Movies Were the HairStyle is too Distracting?
  184. Hobo With A Shotgun
  185. Teal & Orange - Hollywood, Stop the Madness!
  186. 4/24 Box Office -- Kick-Ass plummets, Losers and JLo weak
  187. John Milius, Mickey Rourke = Genghis Khan
  188. Disneynature's 'OCEANS' (April 22, 2010)
  189. Monsters, Inc 2: November 16th, 2012
  190. Stuart Galbraith IV must be stopped!
  191. Letters From God Trashed by Godless Reviewers
  192. The "Avatar" Effect
  193. When did it really end for MATT DILLON?
  194. Any place to track what movies are showing on Hotel PPV Movies?
  195. Need Help Identifying A Movie
  196. Universal's Digital Cinema Packages - What's the lowdown?
  197. Get Low (2010- Duvall plays a man planning his own funeral)
  198. RIP Dede Allen (film editor) (1923-2010)
  199. Unlikely Double Features
  200. twists that damage the movie
  201. My strange mind figures out "what is that guy familiar from?" ... in a strange way
  202. Kick-Ass May Be Dead at a Funeral: Box Office April 16-18
  203. What old Horror/Sci-Fi/Cult flick would you like to see colorized
  204. Raging Phoenix - Martial Arts starring the female Tony Jaa
  205. If you could be any character
  206. Famous movie lines delivered by computers
  207. Scarlett Johansson cast in 'lost' Kubrick film
  208. "The Girl Who Played with Fire" ("Girl/Dragon Tattoo" sequel)
  209. Yahoo's top 100 modern movies to see before you die
  210. Enter the Void--Gaspar Noe
  211. Favorite Raquel Welch Film
  212. Letters to God (2010)
  213. Kick-Ass (Vaughn, 2010) — The Reviews Thread
  214. Scorsese In 3-D!
  215. 1913 Silent Film found in NH barn
  216. The Avengers - May 2012 - D: Joss Whedon
  217. About time! PRINCESS KAIULANI starring M.I.A. Q'orianka Kilcher from the New World!
  218. Unthinkable (2010, S. Jackson, Moss, Sheen)
  219. the 2010 South Korean Film Festival at the AFI Silver DC May 4 thru June 20
  220. What the hell happened to Val Kilmer?!?
  221. I watched TRON tonight, and I saw...
  222. Ong Bak 3
  223. The 40 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It
  224. A Serbian Film (aka Srpski Film) (2010)
  225. Trying to identify a music cue in Shaolin Soccer
  226. The Other Guys (dir: McKay) (Ferrell, Wahlberg, Sam Jackson)
  227. Anyone see Beer Wars?
  228. What happened to Annabella Sciorra?
  229. Alien films?
  230. Oldest movie with at least one living cast member?
  231. amazing Short film: Pixels, Old School Videogames Attack City
  232. Michael Madsen's THE KILLING JAR
  233. What's the name of this 80s Austrian musical movie?
  234. delete
  235. The Black Waters of Echo's Pond (2010)
  236. Dinner for Schmucks - Rudd, Carell, Galfianakis - Dir. Roach
  237. Real Genius remake --> the raping of childhood continues.
  238. TRON: Ascension (D: Kosinski) S: Hedlund, Wilde
  239. Cinema Wasteland **April 9th-11th, 2010** (Strongsville, OH)
  240. The Toxic Avenger: The PG-13 Family Friendly Remake
  241. Fright Night remake (Gillespe) - News, rumors, cast
  242. Johnny Cash cover of Hurt - trailer use?
  243. 12-year old movie critic is actually quite awesome.
  244. The Big Lebowski - The Adult Version
  245. Le Feu Follet (The Fire Within) Louis Malle
  246. So why are people giving Sam Worthington acting jobs in movies?
  247. "Under Siege" - a good film due to the efforts of Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones!
  248. Best single year for movies (2000-2009)?
  249. Epic Star Wars : The Clone Wars review in 9 parts
  250. Resident Evil: Afterlife aka RE4