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  1. Tell me about some more great movies starring Liam Neeson.
  2. Weekend Box Office (2/18-2/20): Bieber Fever not so contagious
  3. Dahmer Vs. Gacy 2: In Space (2013)
  4. Apollo 18 (April 22,2011 Lopez-Gallego)
  5. Whatever happened to the Scene Unseen guys?
  6. I Am Number Four (Dir:D.J. Caruso, Disturbia,scifi/action)
  7. Which of this summer's superhero movies are you most excited for?
  8. I Saw The Devil - Red Band Trailer
  9. Record for most takes of a single scene in a movie
  10. EVERYTHING that was wrong with INDY4....
  11. Criterion now available at Hulu Plus!!
  12. 2011 AMC Best Picture Showcase
  13. Exploitation Film Pioneer, Producer of Blood Feast David F. Friedman Dies at 87
  14. Kenneth Mars passed away, Feb. 14, 2011.
  15. Eyes Wide Shut- myths and minutiae
  16. Longest movies that take place in real time?
  17. "Easy Money" (1983) vs "Back To School" (1986) - best Rodney film?
  18. The Sunset Limited (2011, d: Tommy Lee Jones) HBO Original Movie/Cormac McCarthy Play
  19. The Eagle
  20. Just Go With It
  21. L'illusionniste aka The Illusionist(Chomet, 2010) Jacques Tati screenplay
  22. Strangest movie you've seen recently?
  23. Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged", Part One of Planned Trilogy [4-15-11]
  24. Weekend Box Office (2/11-2/13): It's ugly...
  25. Greatest Movie Of All Time - Round ONE...
  26. Sixteen Candles back on the big screen (AMC) - 2/13-2/14
  27. He'll be Back! Arnold Schwarzenegger to return to acting.
  28. Need title of South Korean War movie with ghosts
  29. Untitled Shark Thriller 3D (Ellis, 2011)
  30. Eric Stoltz in Cameron Crowe movies
  31. Why so little Movie Talk participation in the DVD Talk challenges?
  32. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (Gregory & Hyuck, 2011) - Jason Sudeikis orgy comedy
  33. How Can They Sell Theatrical Releases Online?
  34. Freddy Krueger Pictures?
  35. Revisiting "Rocky"
  36. Headshot (Kramer, 2012) - Stallone as a hitman
  37. Time Out's 100 best British films
  38. Submarine (2011)
  39. The Last Witness (documentary)
  40. Meryl Streep As Margaret Thatcher In 'The Iron Lady'
  41. Judge Reinhold
  42. Need help IDing recent movie
  43. the Best and Worst of BRAD RENFRO
  44. The Superbowl Movie Trailers thread - 2011 Edition
  45. Bridesmaids (2011, Kristen Wiig/Judd Apatow)
  46. Take Me Home Tonight (Dowse, 2011) - 80s comedy with Topher Grace and Anna Faris
  47. R.I.P Tura Satana (7/10/35-2/5/11)
  48. "Incendies", Best Foreign Language Film Nominee (Canada)
  49. Zombies Ate My Neighbors! (TBD)
  50. Feature-length, fan-made video documentary/commentary "STAR WARS BEGINS" online
  51. Friend involved in exec producing a documentary
  52. need help with name of old flick
  53. Maria Schneider dies
  54. Ilya Salkind missing (Producer of Superman films)
  55. Superbowl Movies for Women to Pass the Time
  56. Is it all over for Tom Cruise?
  57. Lidsville - Dreamworks animation
  58. The Way Back (2010, Weir)
  59. Stephen King's The Stand (D: Josh Boone)
  60. Vague "What's that movie" help please
  61. Oscar's Complicated Nomination Math -- Stats Genius, Help!
  62. John Woo Producing The Killer remake in 3D!!
  63. "Wired" (1989): The Weirdest Biopic Ever Made
  64. Film composer John Barry has died
  65. Lets talk about Editing!
  66. Please help
  67. 'Heat' (1995) is the perfect middle-ground between art and commerce.
  68. Weekend Box Office (1/28-1/30): You're Rite, this weekend blows
  69. Question about 'Into the Night'
  70. The Rite - anyone seen it yet?
  71. Why are zombies so popular nowadays?
  72. Which classic movie is better: Schindler's List or Raging Bull?
  73. 'West Side Story' 70mm 50th Anniversay presentation at AFI Silver
  74. Most accurate films on actual people or events
  75. help me think of this movie
  76. Best "sweeping/epic" score
  77. What movie is this line from?
  78. Vote for your favorite Best Picture nominee (2011 Oscars)
  79. 'The Woman' causes a ruckus at Sundance
  80. The Golden Raspberry Awards - 31st Annual Razzie nominations
  81. A very vague "what's this movie" thread
  82. Question about the Bourne Ultimatum
  83. Red 2 (2012?) - News, rumors, etc.
  84. Oscar nominations for 2010 (Ceremony 2/27/2011)
  85. Why 3D doesn't work and never will. Case closed.
  86. The Matrix 4?
  87. Weekend Box Office (1/21-1/23): No Brain Attached
  88. A Star is Born - remake (D: Bradley Cooper) S: Beyonce
  89. Annie (2014, Gluck) S: Wallis, Foxx, Diaz, Byrne
  90. Warner Brothers/Joel Silver to produce Lethal Weapon Reboot
  91. 70's film about teens and divorced parents?
  92. The Expendables 2 (2012?)
  93. The BAFTA nominations
  94. Have you seen this Hong Kong movie?
  95. Question about a drug/crime movie from a few years ago
  96. Arnold Schwarzenegger is considering starring in With Wings as Eagles
  97. What was this movie reference?
  98. Susannah York (1939-2011)
  99. Post great dialogue driven movies.
  100. Weekend Box Office (1/14-1/16): Hornet rakes in some Green
  101. pre-9/11 innocence
  102. Superman III, Alien Resurrection, and Star Trek 09--When a Franchise Becomes a Farce
  103. Museum of the Moving Image reopens
  104. Did the American New Wave filmmakers really save Hollywood?
  105. Question about Star Trek IV
  106. Shane Black to adapt Death Note
  107. trailer for Poland's amazing animated short film PATHS OF HATE
  108. Need Help Identifying Old Horror Movie from 80's.
  109. Original Film Posters
  110. Mondo/Alamo Drafthouse Screen Printed Movie Posters
  111. What is the WORST Jurassic Park movie?
  112. The most "opposite" way in which a person plays himself?
  113. 80s Mainstream Films: A Commercial/Artistic "Sweet Spot"?
  114. Armond White Emcees NY Critics Awards, Insults Winners
  115. any good movie trivia sites?
  116. Top 10 Movies of all time?
  117. Can somebody explain these movie scenes to me? (Involving bullets)s)
  118. "Oldboy" director Park Chan-wook shoots entire new movie on... an iPhone 4!
  119. Name the Film Thread № 3039
  120. Looking for a movie title !
  121. Peter Yates, RIP: Bullitt, Friends of Eddie Coyle, Breaking Away etc.
  122. Movie-related Tattoos: Got any? Want any?
  123. Nobody Cares About Nic Cage or Gwyneth Paltrow: Weekend Box Office (1/7 - 1/9)
  124. 2011's Theatrical Release List
  125. Country Strong (2010; directed by Feste; starring Paltrow, McGraw, Hedlund, Meester)
  126. Ice Age: Continental Drift -- a.k.a. Ice Age 4 -- July 13, 2012 (Blue Sky; in 3D)
  127. Searching for this *horror movie* title
  128. Any thoughts on the documentry It's All True
  129. Have trailers stopped using the VoiceOver guys
  130. What's the correct running time for Napoleon Dynamite?
  131. The Dilemma
  132. Blood Meridian (2012) to be directed by James Franco
  133. Can anyone answer these unexplained questions about Godfather II?
  134. Any child actor grow up looking anything like the adult they were cast to portray?
  135. The Other Woman (2/4/11) Natalie Portman: 5 Movies in 6 Months!
  136. Anne Francis Dead at 80
  137. Pete Postlethwaite dead
  138. Better Year for Movies: 2009 or 2010
  139. Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)
  140. Cedar Rapids (Ed Helms, John C. Reilly) Trailer
  141. True Grit (1969) vs. True Grit (2010)
  142. 10 recent Westerns - which is your favorite?
  143. Bruce Lee, My Brother
  144. most common Movie Forum in the USA?
  145. What movie's have you seen lately for the first time?
  146. Your Top 5 of 2010.
  147. "Scrooged" vs "Bad Santa" (director's cut)
  148. belated Curmudgeonly Xmas Movie: "Scrooged" vs "Bad Santa" (director's cut)
  149. So... "All Dogs go to Heaven" was on TV last week and it got me thinking...
  150. National Film Registry 2010 selections...
  151. trailer for India's STEP UP 4
  152. Actors that need a career resurrection/make-over? Bonus Thread: Winona Ryder's Rack!
  153. Richard Gere almost ruined the end of my favorite film - "An Officer And A Gentleman"
  154. Did "Babe" (the talking pig/animals movie)deserve the 1995 Best Picture Nod?
  155. Star Wars PT vs. Matrix II and III: which was the bigger failure
  156. Best Supporting Actor 1993 Oscar?
  157. POTC II and III vs The Matrix II and III and their place in pop culture
  158. True Grit or The Fighter today?
  159. BTTF II and III vs The Matrix II and III and their place in pop culture
  160. help needed to find a movie by content
  161. Best Supporting Actor Oscar 1994?
  162. Anyone want to be on a movie podcast?
  163. Robert DeNiro vs Al Pacino - between the years 1972 and 1980
  164. The Great Debate ; is Die Hard and Lethal Weapon a X-mas movie?
  165. Who do you prefer: Gene Hackman or Jack Nicholson?
  166. Anybody have to deal with friends/family that need explaining during every movie?
  167. The Last Fockin' Weekend Box Office Thread for 2010 (12/24 - 12/26)
  168. your Favorite JACK NICHOLSON performance between the years 1969 and 1975
  169. D.C.'s West End Cinemas
  170. The 15 Greatest Mustaches in Coen Bros. History
  171. Do R. Lee Ermey's "antics" undermine the integrity of Full Metal Jacket?
  172. True Grit Reviews Thread
  173. Casey Affleck - "The Assassination of Jesse James" vs "Gone Baby Gone"
  174. Zhang Yimou's Nanjing Heroes (Late 2011) -- Starring Christian Bale
  175. Hanna---Eric Bana, Cate Blanchette
  176. Sweden's epic sci-fi superhero film KENNY STARFIGHTER: KENNY BEGINS
  177. Things you learned from: "Goodfellas"
  178. What characters are personified as how they act at the BEGINNING of a film?
  179. "Little Fockers" - The Reviews Thread
  180. Who needs Ebert?? The Best of 2010 according to Armond White!!!
  181. The Wizard of Oz question
  182. Margot Kidder/Superman 2/Lester Footage
  183. Judith Barsi (land before times Ducky); Tragic child actress death
  184. Ebert's Best Films of 2010
  185. Best character introduction in a movie?
  186. Virgins, Your Sequel Has Come! Weekend Box Office (12/17 - 12/19)
  187. Rabbit Hole (2010, John Cameron Mitchell) - Eckhart & Kidman
  188. 17 minutes of lost 2001 footage found in Kansas salt mine
  189. SAG 2010 Nominations - Winners to be announced January 30th
  190. More sequels to "The Last Picture Show" planned (Bogdanovich/Bridges to return)
  191. RIP Jean Rollin
  192. The 2011 Rank 'Em As You See 'Em Thread
  193. RIP Blake Edwards
  194. Anyone else notice the new "PG-rated" sex scene trend in movies?
  195. SyFy to go into the movie-making business.
  196. TCM's History of Hollywood
  197. Golden Globes for 2010 (Nominations on 12/14; Show on 1/16)
  198. THE WETTEST COUNTY IN THE WORLD (2011?) (dir. Hillcoat) (Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy)
  199. What is the name of this movie regarding a Queen?
  200. Boston Society of Film Critics 2010 Awards
  201. Los Angeles Film Critics 2010 Awards
  202. Don Quixote 3D (2010), China's first fully 3D live action wuxia film
  203. New York Film Critics Circle 2010 Awards
  204. National Lampoon's The Legend of Awesomest Maximus
  205. AFIs Top 10 of 2010
  206. Weekend Box Office (12/10-12/12): Voyage of the Yawn Treader
  207. Darren Aronofsky
  208. what movie is this?
  209. MOOZ-LUM movie trailer
  210. Wrath of the Titans (2012)- sequel to Clash
  211. Star Trek TNG movies vs Star Wars prequels
  212. D.C. Critics 2010 awards
  213. Elysium - Blomkamp and Copley reunite for sci-fi project
  214. Things you want to see more in comedies these days?
  215. The King's Speech (Hooper, 2010) Colin Firth, Bonham Carter, Geoffrey Rush
  216. Matrix vs. Inception?
  217. Superman: The Man of Steel (D: Snyder)
  218. Need help with movie title: Bad alien buddy kids movie
  219. Only remember one scene - Can't think of the movie
  220. Movies that peaked with the 1st scene
  221. The National Board Of Review Best of 2010
  222. Things You Learned From "THE GODFATHER"
  223. WHILE WE'RE YOUNG (2011?) (dir. Noah Baumbach) (starring James Franco, Ben Stiller)
  224. Uwe Boll's "In The Name Of The King 2" Starring Dolph Lundgren
  225. Original 24x40 Theatre Posters forsale
  226. Stupid Aliens Question
  227. Relative sizes of Starships
  228. The death of Santino Corleone
  229. RIP Mario Monicelli
  230. Winters Bone, Kids Are All Right lead ISA noms
  231. Help with another movie I cannot remember the title of!
  232. Does anyone know the name of this movie?
  233. Looking for Movie Title
  234. RIP Irvin Kershner
  235. Leslie Nielsen RIP
  236. From the files of Police Squad: Leslie Nielsen, RIP.
  237. Does anyone remember which movie....
  238. Kubrick explains the ending of 2001
  239. I can BEAT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Commando appreciation
  240. My experience with "Burlesque"
  241. "The Wizard of Oz" box-office
  242. Tangled (Disney, 2010) - The Official Reviews Thread
  243. Queen of Hammer Horror Ingrid Pitt (1937-2010) R.I.P.
  244. Aww hell no, Warner Bros to reboot Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Feature
  245. The old "hand on the shoulder" gag - help me find its origin
  246. Netflix Streaming Recommendations
  247. Masterpiece movies (1990-2010)
  248. New to Avatar - Theatrical version or new extended edition?
  249. BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW (2010?) (dir. Panos Cosmatos)
  250. Weekend Box Office (11/19-11/21): Harry Potter & His Total Domination Pt. 1