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  1. Hollywood Movie Titles taken from Nursery Rhymes
  2. Compliance (2012) - Directed and Written by Craig Zobel
  3. Who were your favorite actors from when you were a little kid?
  4. Willem Dafoe vs. Christopher Walken
  5. Who would you like to helm Star Wars episode 7 (and beyond)
  6. Star Wars Restoration Hits a Milestone
  7. God Of War - Movie
  8. Your favorite Francis Ford Coppola
  9. Will anyone at DVDTalk see The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure?
  10. Your favorite Danny Boyle
  11. LOST RIVER (2014) (dir. Ryan Gosling) (Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan)
  12. Jersey Shore Shark Attack (2012) (starring Paul Sorvino, Jack Scalia, & Joey Fatone)
  13. What single location has been most depicted in film?
  14. Jane Got A Gun (2015, D: Gavin O'Connor) Portman, Edgerton, McGregor
  15. Now Is Good (2012) Dakota Fanning etc.
  16. The Wolf of Wall Street (Scorsese, 2013) S: DiCaprio, McConaughey, Hill
  17. The year 1997: interesting notes from Casting Minutes of ICM
  18. Worst Lead Actor? Hayden Christenson in AOTC vs. Casper VanDien in StarshipTroopers?
  19. Nicholson VS DeNiro
  20. Eli Wallach vs. Robert Shaw
  21. The Prestige question
  22. Weekend Box Office (8/24-8/26): Anti-Obama Docu Legitimately Rapes the Competition
  23. what's better mainstream films or indie films ?
  24. James Franco remakes deleted scenes from Friedkin's Cruising
  25. Passion (2013, DePalma) - McAdams, Rapace
  26. what is your favorite Wes Anderson film ?
  27. Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers (D: Cameron & Pearn, 2/7/14)
  28. YART: The Rocketeer
  29. 300: Rise of an Empire (2014, D: Murro) S: Stapleton, Green, Heady, Santoro
  30. How do you truly feel about George Lucas ?
  31. Someone on Cracked is watching this Forum...
  32. Actors who looked just like the real person
  33. Bad Performances in Good Films?
  34. Comicbook 'Bloodstrike' heads to bigscreen
  35. Why were the characters in Star Wars so whiny
  36. Does anybody else keep a list of movies they've seen?
  37. Unforgiven remake (set in Japan with Samurai)
  38. Ken Watanabe to Star in Japanese Remake of 'Unforgiven'
  39. Phyllis Diller Dead at 95 Years Old
  40. JAWS question - The scene with the wife's holiday roast
  41. "Movies/Actors/Directors that don't get enough credit" Appreciation Thread
  42. director Tony Scott dies in apparent suicide
  43. Jurassic Park question
  44. Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac; S: LaBeouf, Gainsbourg, Skarsgard, Dafoe, Thurman
  45. Movie titles that don't make sense
  46. Favorite 90's Horror Film?
  47. Whatever happened to Jake Busey?
  48. Best human to monster transformation?
  49. Stolen (Nicolas Cage, Malin Akerman, Josh Lucas, Danny Huston) (2012)
  50. Sly or Arnold (70's-90's)?
  51. 10 YEARS (2012) (dir. J. Linden) (C. Tatum, R. Dawson, K. Mara, C. Pratt, J. Long)
  52. Favorite 80's Horror film?
  53. Favorite 60's Horror Film?
  54. Trying figure out name of 1970's TV Movie.
  55. Saw movies: technically Home Alone for grownups?
  56. The Huntsman (2016) S: C. Hemsworth, Theron
  57. Raiders of the Lost Ark IMAX release in September
  58. Batman (1989) vs Batman Returns
  59. What are your favorite movie cars?
  60. The Expendables 2 (West, 2012) The Reviews Thread
  61. The Graduate (1967)
  62. The Expendables 3
  63. So is it over for Taylor Kitsch?
  64. Weird question about Terms of Endearment DVD
  65. Box Office: 8/10-8/12 - Bourne's Legacy is beating Batman
  66. Blue Like Jazz
  67. What movies from the 2000s use miniatures?
  68. The Harry Dean Stanton appreciation thread
  69. Favorite 70's Horror Film?
  70. Noah (2014) D: Aronofsky S: Crowe
  71. A Christmas Story 2
  72. Mel Stuart, director of Willy Wonka, dead at 83
  73. Special effects master Carlos Rambaldi, father of E.T., has died
  74. Kickstarter for "I Am Big Bird" Documentary
  75. The Campaign (2012, Ferrell, Galifianakis, d: Jay Roach)
  76. Antiviral (B. Cronenberg, 2012)
  77. ALF movie in the works
  78. I need to see another great Robert Shaw performance.
  79. Terry Crews and Mike Judge Developing Idiocracy spinoff
  80. Bob Hoskins announces retirement due to Parkinson's Disease [UPDATE: Dies at 71]
  81. Trouble with the Curve (Dir: Robert Lorenz) (Eastwood, Adams, Timberlake, etc)
  82. who is the next PT Anderson
  83. Oscar-Winning Composer Marvin Hamlisch Dead at 68
  84. THE BIRDS, FRANKENSTEIN and BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN in theaters this fall!
  85. Overlook Hotel (D: Romanek) - The Shining Prequel
  86. Hope Springs (d: Frankel, 2012) - Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell, Shue
  87. Anyone recognize either of these actresses?
  88. Jimmy Fallon and Lorne Michaels to host and produce the 2013 Oscars?
  89. Box Office: 8/3-8/5 - Dark Knight Rises, Total Recall Wants to Forget Edition
  90. Red Dawn - Remake 2012 release
  91. My Way (2011, Korean-Japanese World War II Drama)
  92. 3, 2, 1...Frankie Go Boom (Dir: Jordan Robers) (Perlman, Hunnam, Caplan, and O'Dowd)
  93. Cockneys vs. Zombies
  94. RIP Experimental Filmmaker Chris Marker
  95. Sight and Sound's Top Tens
  96. The Paperboy (Dir: Lee Daniels) (Kidman, Cusack, McConaughey, Efron, etc)
  97. What are the DVD/HD reviews currently on the top of your page...
  98. The Words (d. Klugman/Sternthal, 2012) - Cooper, Wilde, Soldana, Irons
  99. Going to a Screening Tomorrow... Which Movie??
  100. Best film directed by Pedro Almodovar
  101. Five Favorite Directors?
  102. Movies that criticize Television
  103. R.G. Armstrong (1917-2012)
  104. The Dark Knight Falls: Box Office 7/27-7/29
  105. CHAINED (2012) (dir. Jennifer Lynch) (Vincent D'Onofrio, Julia Ormond)
  106. Lupe Ontiveros 1942-2012
  107. Actors You Hate Giving Good Performances
  108. The Oranges (2012, Farino) - Hugh Laurie, Oliver Platt, Catherine Keener...
  109. Good, Bad, Ugly vs. 2001
  110. The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies (2014)
  111. Favorite Christopher Nolan Film?
  112. JACK AND DIANE (2012) (dir. Bradley Rust Gray) (Juno Temple, Riley Keough)
  113. Recast Superheroes With Actresses
  114. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (d. Bowers, 2012) - #3 in the series
  115. The Odd Life of Timothy Green (d: Hedges, 2012) - Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton
  116. Life of Pi (2012, Ang Lee)
  117. What's been a great evening of movie programming you enjoyed
  118. Bachelorette (d. Headland, 2012) - Dunst, Wilson, Fisher, Caplan
  119. COLLIDER (2014?) (dir. Edgar Wright) (prod. JJ Abrams)
  120. The Avengers vs The Dark Knight Rises
  121. The Equalizer (2014, Fuqua) S: Washington, Moretz, Leo, Pullman
  122. This is the End (2013, Rogan/Goldberg) S: Rogan, Rudd, Hill, Franco
  123. That Guy: Dick Miller documentary needs Kickstarter funds
  124. Ten Tips of Movie Etiquette by a Theater Manager
  125. 23 Terrific Movie Studio Bumpers
  126. Question about Cobra (1986)
  127. Anyone see Dr. Strange (TV, 1978)?
  128. The Dark Knight or The Empire Strikes Back?
  129. what you think are the best trilogies in films ?
  130. Anyone in Vegas want IMAX tickets for 7:45 tonight?
  131. what happed to Bryan Singer's 'Jack the Giant Killer' [UPDATE: Nobody knows!]
  132. Craigslist Joe 8-2-12
  133. Catwoman vs. Black Widow: who would win?
  134. V/h/s
  135. Weekend Box Office (7/20 - 7/22): The Dark Knight Reigns Supreme
  136. Shooting in Colorado at DARK KNIGHT RISES screening
  137. Major historical events or figures that you would like to see movies about?
  138. So ... who's your favorite James bond, huh?
  139. Fred Willard Arrested for Lewd Conduct
  140. Lesson of the Evil (2012, Dir: Takeshi Miike)
  141. Channing Tatum
  142. Chinese Zodiac (aka Armour of God 3, Dir: Jackie Chan)
  143. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) D: Anderson, S: Fiennes, Schwartzman, Norton, Ronan
  144. 28 sexy pictures of older actors when they were young
  145. Dirty Laundry (Fan made Punisher short film) - Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman
  146. The Dark Knight Rises (Nolan, 2012) The Reviews Thread
  147. Which versions "The Leopard" and "Scenes From a Marriage" would you recommend?
  148. Oscar-winning actress Celeste Holm dies at 95
  149. Harrison Ford watches Indiana Jones for the first time
  150. So...who's watching Batman Begins and The Dark Knight this week?
  151. Ant-Man (2015, D: Reed) S: Rudd, Douglas, Lilly
  152. Wahlberg, Levinson pick up 'Amory Wars' - Coheed and Cambria comic
  153. Weekend Box Office (7/13 - 7/15): When Does The Dark Knight Rises Come Out Again?
  154. Sage Stallone is dead.
  155. Richard Zanuck passes away
  156. Kickstarter: Charlie Kaufman's Anomalisa
  157. Margaret (D: Lonergan) Anne Paquin
  158. Top 11 Movie Themes
  159. Rank the Batman films thus far
  160. HELLO I MUST BE GOING (2012) (dir. Todd Louiso) (Christopher Abbott, Melanie Lynskey)
  161. A thread of unusual/odd movie recommendations
  162. Pitch Perfect (d. Jason Moore, 2012) - Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow
  163. Which PG-13 movie is okay for kids actually under 13?
  164. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa 10/25/13
  165. What video games would you like to see adapted for a feature film?
  166. Channing Tatum in Evel Knievel Biopic
  167. Tesla, Ruler of the World -- D: Mike Newell S: Bale, Cage --
  168. Any Andrzej Zulawski fans here?
  169. Peter O'Toole is calling it quits for acting on stage and screen
  170. Best/Favorite display of archery this past year?
  171. Spider-Man: Better Gwen Stacy - Bryce Dallas Howard or Emma Stone?
  172. Assassin's Creed starring Michael Fassbender
  173. Assassin's Creed (12/21/2016, Kurzel) S: Fassbender, Cotillard
  174. COMES A BRIGHT DAY (2012) (dir. Simon Aboud) (Craig Roberts, Imogen Poots)
  175. Ernest Borgnine dead at 95.
  176. Snowpiercer (Bong, 2013) Evans, Swinton, Hurt in post-apocalyptic SF film
  177. Why Stop Now (Dorling/Nyswaner, 2012) - Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo, Tracy Morgan
  178. help movie name Last scene A boy is leaving Vienna by train
  179. Movie Tennis
  180. Is spiderman's bulge in "The Amazing Spiderman" distracting?
  181. Great Theme Music On Not-So-Great Movies
  182. Frances Catalano vs. Dana Baker
  183. How many Spider-Man polls do we need?
  184. Captain Stacy or J. Jonah Jameson?
  185. Emma Stone vs. Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man love interests)
  186. The Well-Digger's Daughter (D: Daniel Auteuil)
  187. The Loneliest Planet (08/24/12, D: Loktev) (Bernal and Furstenberg)
  188. Better Peter Parker Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield?
  189. Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (D: Tsui Hark, S: Jet Li)
  190. Andy Griffith RIP
  191. How the heck is Barbarella PG?
  192. Jack Reacher (12/21/12, Dir: C. McQuarrie) (Cruise, Jenkins, Duvall, Pike, etc)
  193. Nitro Circus the Movie (3D)
  194. THE TALL MAN (2012) (dir. Pascal Laugier) (Jessica Biel)
  195. The Amazing Spider-Man (Webb, 2012) The Reviews Thread
  196. Big Hero 6 (Disney's animated Marvel film)
  197. Broken City -- D: Allen Hughes S: Crowe, Wahlberg, Zeta Jones, Pepper -- 1/18/13
  198. Arbitrage (2012, Nicholas Jarecki) - Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Tim Roth
  199. The Sessions (2012, Ben Lewin) - John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, William H. Macy
  200. Valerian (Dir: Luc Besson) SciFi comic book adaption
  201. The Awakening (2012) UK period horror film w/ Rebecca Hall and Dominic West
  202. TomKat = Splitsville
  203. Fourth of July Week(end) 2012 Box Office Extravaganza Thread
  204. The 2012 Oscar Lackluster Blockbuster Theatrical Challenge
  205. Silver Linings Playbook (11/21/12, Dir: Russell)
  206. Martin Scorsese is switching to digital for good.
  207. THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS (2012) (dir. RZA) (Russell Crowe, Jamie Chung, Lucy Liu)
  208. PG-13 Starship Troopers reboot in development! Would You Like to Know More?
  209. Epic (aka Joyce's The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs, 05/23/13, )
  210. The Human Fly Movie (Marvel Comics Character) in development
  211. Queen of the Desert (2015) W/D: Werner Herzog; S: Kidman, Pattinson
  212. Here Comes the Boom [Dir: Coraci 2012] - Kevin James does MMA
  213. Writer/Director Nora Ephron reportedly close to death (Cancer)
  214. How movie theaters should be laid out
  215. HARA-KIRI: DEATH OF A SAMURAI (2012) (dir. Takashi Miike)
  216. YOUR SISTER'S SISTER (2012) (dir. Lynn Shelton) (Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt)
  217. Easy Money (Dir: Daniel Espinosa)
  218. Robot & Frank (2012) (Langella, Sarandon, Marsden, Tyler, and Sarsgaard)
  219. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014, Gunn) S: Pratt, Zaldana, Bautista, Cooper, Diesel
  220. Must have film related books
  221. The Last Voyage of the Demeter (2013, Dir: Neil Marshall)
  222. Guess this Sex scene ?
  223. Curse of Chucky (dir. Mancini, Dourif returns, 2013)
  224. Weekend Box Office (6/22 - 6/24): The Scottish Destroy Abraham Lincoln
  225. Actors' experiences w/ a director's method of work
  226. The Prototype (2013, Dir: Andrew Will)
  227. Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012, Krieger) Andy Samberg, Rashida Jones, Elijah Wood
  228. Man of Tai Chi (2013, Reeves) S: Reeves
  229. Taken 2 - Trailer
  230. Anyone ever attend a surprise movie screening?
  231. Brave (Pixar, 2012) - The Reviews Thread
  232. R.I.P. Richard Lynch
  233. Noted film critic Andrew Sarris is dead at age 83
  234. The Alamo Drafthouse is coming to Kansas city, what should I expect
  235. Best Version of Blade Runner to show to people for the first time
  236. Broad Street Bullies (dir. Rob Zombie, 2014?)
  237. Maleficent (5/30/2014, Stromberg) S: Jolie, Fanning
  238. 42 (2013) - D: Helgeland, S: Harrison Ford & Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson
  239. Susan Tyrrell R.I.P.
  240. The Intouchables (France, 2012)
  241. Does Beetlejuice still hold up?
  242. Theatrical Cut or Extended Cut: Your Preferences
  243. Favorite Watergate Film
  244. Film scripts?
  245. Dusk to Dawn Drive-in Marathons
  246. 40 Years Ago...
  247. Weekend Box Office (6/15-6/17): Father's Day Edition
  248. AFI Silver 70mm Film Festival 2012)
  249. What's the best ALIEN ripoff/tribute film?
  250. What are your desert island movies?