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  1. "Son Of Ernest" to reboot the series
  2. James Bond 007 - Skyfall - The Reviews Thread
  3. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to Host 2013 Golden Globes.
  4. Prometheus vs. Dark Knight Rises: War of Plotholes/Inconsistencies(SPOILERS)
  5. Playing for Keeps (d: Muccino, 2012) - Butler, Biel, Thurman, Zeta-Jones, Quaid
  6. Atlas Shrugged - Part 2
  7. Best TIME TRAVEL Movies ...
  8. Paul Blart Presents Mixed Martial Farts Fails To Bomb Out The 10/12-10/15 Box Office
  9. What actor/director has surprised/shocked you (good or bad) with their career change?
  10. David Fincher goes to Kickstarter for his project 'Goon'.
  11. Imaginaerum (featuring Nightwish)
  12. Help me understand this dialogue from E.T.
  13. The Canyons (S: Lohan, Van Sant, Deen D:Shrader W:Ellis) 2013
  14. Comic books/characters you wish would be adapted into films?
  15. Survey: Who were the first directors you actively followed?
  16. Peanuts (2015) S: Snoopy, et al
  17. Alex Karras in hospice care
  18. Your favorite Bond title theme?
  19. Directors from the 90's "indie" generation that didn't find commercial success?
  20. Weekend Box Office (10/5 - 10/8) - Columbus Day Weekend! It's still a thing, I think?
  21. Not Fade Away (D: David Chase S: Gandolfini)
  22. Your Favorite Bond Villain?
  23. Frankenstein (Writer/Director: Del Toro)
  24. END OF LOVE (2012) (dir. Mark Webber) (Mark Webber, Isaac Love, Shannyn Sossamon)
  25. Bruce Willis's best time travelling film: 12 Monkey's or Looper?
  26. Movie 43 (12 Directors, 2013) - Comedy Anthology with All-Star Cast
  27. For People who tell other people they HATE Movie Musicals...
  28. CRAVE (2012) (dir. Charles de Lauzirika) (Josh Lawson, Ron Perlman, Emma Lung)
  29. Lawrence of Arabia 50th Anniversary: Oct 4
  30. And your 2013 Oscar host is...Seth MacFarlane!
  31. Kill The Irishman -- Ray Stevenson -- 2011
  33. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 (Animated Movie)
  34. NATURE CALLS - D: Rohal - S: Oswalt, Knoxville, & the last movie of Patrice O'Neal
  35. Age of the Hobbits 12/11/12
  36. Weekend Box Office (9/28-9/30) - Why aren't you people seeing DREDD?!?
  37. John Boorman
  38. Movies where the "Bad Guy" redeems himself before he dies or before the film ends
  39. Mark Millar Will Oversee Fox's Marvel Films
  40. Herbert Lom dies at age 95
  41. Need help identifying old movie (murder mystery?)
  42. Ivan Reitman May Just Remake Ghostbusters
  43. Mark Hamill is 61 today...
  44. Looper (Johnson, 2012) — The Reviews Thread
  45. Why are all the greatest characters motivated by greed?
  46. Saving Mr. Banks (2013) (Tom Hanks as Walt Disney)
  47. Fading Gigolo (2014) W/D and S:John Turturro as a gigolo and Woody Allen as his pimp.
  48. PROMISED LAND (2012) (dir. Gus Van Sant) (Matt Damon, John Krasinski)
  49. Dark Blood - River Phoenix' final performance to be released after 19 years
  50. When does Star Wars: Attack of the Clones get re-released in 3D?
  51. Weekend Box Office (9/21-9/23): Judge Dredd Bombs Again
  52. The Host -- D: Andrew Niccol S: Ronan, Kruger, Hurt -- 3/29/13
  53. SLEEPWALK WITH ME (2012) (dir. Mike Birbiglia and Seth Barrish) (Mike Birbiglia)
  54. NATURE CALLS (2012) (dir. Todd Rohal) (Patton Oswalt, Johnny Knoxville)
  55. Jackie Chan Planning POLICE STORY 2013
  56. My local Drafthouse is converting to digital. That just feels....wrong.
  57. Cool Hand Luke
  58. The JAWS 2 appreciation thread
  59. Smurfs 2 (2013) (Neil Patrick Harris, Sofia Vergara, Katy Perry, George Lopez)
  60. The Collection (2012)
  61. Movies you've changed your opinion on
  62. Sports Movie Cliches Pet Peeves
  63. Nobody Walks (2012) (dir. Ry Russo-Young) (John Krasinski, Olivia Thirlby)
  64. Maxim's 66 Best Horror Flicks You've Never Seen.
  65. Manimal Movie In The Works. Really!
  66. Dredd 3D (Travis, 2012) — The Reviews Thread
  67. Steampunk zombies: "Boneshaker"
  68. Dead in Tombstone (DTV-2013) -- D: Reine, S: Trejo, Meyer, Rourke
  69. What do you this think of Scarface (1983)
  70. Weekend Box Office (9/14-9/16): Doldrums of Fall edition
  71. Parker (2013, Taylor Hackford) - Jason Statham, Michael Chiklis, Nick Nolte
  72. Why isn't Billy Zane a bigger star?
  73. Legendary Amazons coming to Blu-ray (produced by Jackie Chan) trailer
  74. Fox might stop sucking - Rothman resigns
  75. John Carpenter's Halloween Returns to Theaters
  76. The Cold Light of Day (D: El Mechri S: Cavill, Willis, Weaver)
  77. List of movies that were written with a specific actor/series then rewritten?
  78. what is your favorite movie ?
  79. Standup Guys (2013) (Al Pacino, Christopher Walken)
  80. Guillermo del Toro Presents: "Mama" - Trailer
  81. The Lost Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis Restoration Project
  82. Epsilon -- Sci-Fi epic by the writers of Zombieland
  83. Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day
  84. World's first color film discovered
  85. TAI CHI ZERO (2012; Hong Kong/China) - Martial arts fantasy directed by Stephen Fung
  86. Movies that didn't live up to the hype?
  87. THE GIRL (2012) (dir. Julian Jarrold) (Sienna Miller, Toby Jones) (HBO Hitchcock Bio)
  88. Last Ounce of Courage (2012, S: Richard Roundtree)
  89. Best Sophie Marceau film?
  90. G-rated family flick sets record for lowest opening weekend boxoffice
  91. Pietà / 피에타 (Kim Ki-Duk, 2012) — "Sickeningly violent" & "sadistic" mother-son drama
  92. Morgan Freeman is NOT dead
  93. Lovely Molly
  94. Final Movies of Directors: What Was, What Should Have Been
  95. Cop Land (Dir: James Mangold) 1997 Cop drama w/ Stallone
  96. NO ONE LIVES (2012; USA) Ryuhei Kitamura's horror film
  97. PARENTAL GUIDANCE (Dec 2012) (dir. Fickman) (Crystal, Midler, Tomei)
  98. Most anticipated fall/winter movie? (2012 Edition)
  99. I'm Not A Funny Person :(
  100. UNFORGIVEN remake starring Ken Watanabe
  101. GINGER AND ROSA (2012) (dir. Sally Potter) (Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks)
  102. Safe House 2 (TBD)
  103. What movie is this?
  104. Al Pacino to play Joe Paterno in new film.
  105. The Last Witch Hunter (Lionsgate)(Vin Diesel)
  106. Experiences at Film Festivals for Non-Press?
  107. Which trilogy is the best?
  108. Who do you want to play next James Bond?
  109. which Trilogy is the best ?
  110. Death Race 3: Inferno -- Coming in 2013
  111. Outrage 2 - Outrageous? (2013) D:Takeshi Kitano
  112. Before Midnight (d. Linklater - 2013) Hawke, Delpy
  113. The Bay (found-footage horror film from the director of Rain Man, Diner)
  114. Smashed (D. James Ponsoldt, 2012) - Winstead, Paul, Offerman
  115. Inherent Vice (2014, P.T. Anderson) S: Phoenix, Brolin, Del Toro, Witherspoon, Wilson
  116. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013, d: T. Wirkola, s: J. Renner, G. Arterton)
  117. Michael Clarke Duncan has died
  118. Do you think Clint Eastwood speaking at the RNC will affect his new movie's BO?
  119. SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (2015) -- S: Tony Jaa, Wu Jing, Simon Yam
  120. Which Summer 2012 Movies Will You Own?
  121. Summer B.O. attendance lowest in 20 years
  122. Best Acting performance of the 80's?
  123. Deadfall (12/27/12) (Bana, Wilde, K. Mara, Hunnam, etc)
  124. Butter (10/15/12) (Jackman, Wilde, Garner, Corddry Burrell, etc)
  125. This Must Be The Place -- D: Sorrentino S: Sean Penn, Frances McDormand -- 11/2/12
  126. Which creature from any movie would you keep as a friend/pet?
  127. Hollywood Movie Titles taken from Nursery Rhymes
  128. Compliance (2012) - Directed and Written by Craig Zobel
  129. Who were your favorite actors from when you were a little kid?
  130. Willem Dafoe vs. Christopher Walken
  131. Who would you like to helm Star Wars episode 7 (and beyond)
  132. Star Wars Restoration Hits a Milestone
  133. God Of War - Movie
  134. Your favorite Francis Ford Coppola
  135. Will anyone at DVDTalk see The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure?
  136. Your favorite Danny Boyle
  137. LOST RIVER (2014) (dir. Ryan Gosling) (Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan)
  138. Jersey Shore Shark Attack (2012) (starring Paul Sorvino, Jack Scalia, & Joey Fatone)
  139. What single location has been most depicted in film?
  140. Jane Got A Gun (2015, D: Gavin O'Connor) Portman, Edgerton, McGregor
  141. Now Is Good (2012) Dakota Fanning etc.
  142. The Wolf of Wall Street (Scorsese, 2013) S: DiCaprio, McConaughey, Hill
  143. The year 1997: interesting notes from Casting Minutes of ICM
  144. Worst Lead Actor? Hayden Christenson in AOTC vs. Casper VanDien in StarshipTroopers?
  145. Nicholson VS DeNiro
  146. Eli Wallach vs. Robert Shaw
  147. The Prestige question
  148. Weekend Box Office (8/24-8/26): Anti-Obama Docu Legitimately Rapes the Competition
  149. what's better mainstream films or indie films ?
  150. James Franco remakes deleted scenes from Friedkin's Cruising
  151. Passion (2013, DePalma) - McAdams, Rapace
  152. what is your favorite Wes Anderson film ?
  153. Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers (D: Cameron & Pearn, 2/7/14)
  154. YART: The Rocketeer
  155. 300: Rise of an Empire (2014, D: Murro) S: Stapleton, Green, Heady, Santoro
  156. How do you truly feel about George Lucas ?
  157. Someone on Cracked is watching this Forum...
  158. Actors who looked just like the real person
  159. Bad Performances in Good Films?
  160. Comicbook 'Bloodstrike' heads to bigscreen
  161. Why were the characters in Star Wars so whiny
  162. Does anybody else keep a list of movies they've seen?
  163. Unforgiven remake (set in Japan with Samurai)
  164. Ken Watanabe to Star in Japanese Remake of 'Unforgiven'
  165. Phyllis Diller Dead at 95 Years Old
  166. JAWS question - The scene with the wife's holiday roast
  167. "Movies/Actors/Directors that don't get enough credit" Appreciation Thread
  168. director Tony Scott dies in apparent suicide
  169. Jurassic Park question
  170. Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac; S: LaBeouf, Gainsbourg, Skarsgard, Dafoe, Thurman
  171. Movie titles that don't make sense
  172. Favorite 90's Horror Film?
  173. Whatever happened to Jake Busey?
  174. Best human to monster transformation?
  175. Stolen (Nicolas Cage, Malin Akerman, Josh Lucas, Danny Huston) (2012)
  176. Sly or Arnold (70's-90's)?
  177. 10 YEARS (2012) (dir. J. Linden) (C. Tatum, R. Dawson, K. Mara, C. Pratt, J. Long)
  178. Favorite 80's Horror film?
  179. Favorite 60's Horror Film?
  180. Trying figure out name of 1970's TV Movie.
  181. Saw movies: technically Home Alone for grownups?
  182. The Huntsman (2016) S: C. Hemsworth, Theron
  183. Raiders of the Lost Ark IMAX release in September
  184. Batman (1989) vs Batman Returns
  185. What are your favorite movie cars?
  186. The Expendables 2 (West, 2012) — The Reviews Thread
  187. The Graduate (1967)
  188. The Expendables 3
  189. So is it over for Taylor Kitsch?
  190. Weird question about Terms of Endearment DVD
  191. Box Office: 8/10-8/12 - Bourne's Legacy is beating Batman
  192. Blue Like Jazz
  193. What movies from the 2000s use miniatures?
  194. The Harry Dean Stanton appreciation thread
  195. Favorite 70's Horror Film?
  196. Noah (2014) D: Aronofsky S: Crowe
  197. A Christmas Story 2
  198. Mel Stuart, director of Willy Wonka, dead at 83
  199. Special effects master Carlos Rambaldi, father of E.T., has died
  200. Kickstarter for "I Am Big Bird" Documentary
  201. The Campaign (2012, Ferrell, Galifianakis, d: Jay Roach)
  202. Antiviral (B. Cronenberg, 2012)
  203. ALF movie in the works
  204. I need to see another great Robert Shaw performance.
  205. Terry Crews and Mike Judge Developing Idiocracy spinoff
  206. Bob Hoskins announces retirement due to Parkinson's Disease [UPDATE: Dies at 71]
  207. Trouble with the Curve (Dir: Robert Lorenz) (Eastwood, Adams, Timberlake, etc)
  208. who is the next PT Anderson
  209. Oscar-Winning Composer Marvin Hamlisch Dead at 68
  210. THE BIRDS, FRANKENSTEIN and BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN in theaters this fall!
  211. Overlook Hotel (D: Romanek) - The Shining Prequel
  212. Hope Springs (d: Frankel, 2012) - Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell, Shue
  213. Anyone recognize either of these actresses?
  214. Jimmy Fallon and Lorne Michaels to host and produce the 2013 Oscars?
  215. Box Office: 8/3-8/5 - Dark Knight Rises, Total Recall Wants to Forget Edition
  216. Red Dawn - Remake 2012 release
  217. My Way (2011, Korean-Japanese World War II Drama)
  218. 3, 2, 1...Frankie Go Boom (Dir: Jordan Robers) (Perlman, Hunnam, Caplan, and O'Dowd)
  219. Cockneys vs. Zombies
  220. RIP Experimental Filmmaker Chris Marker
  221. Sight and Sound's Top Tens
  222. The Paperboy (Dir: Lee Daniels) (Kidman, Cusack, McConaughey, Efron, etc)
  223. What are the DVD/HD reviews currently on the top of your page...
  224. The Words (d. Klugman/Sternthal, 2012) - Cooper, Wilde, Soldana, Irons
  225. Going to a Screening Tomorrow... Which Movie??
  226. Best film directed by Pedro Almodovar
  227. Five Favorite Directors?
  228. Movies that criticize Television
  229. R.G. Armstrong (1917-2012)
  230. The Dark Knight Falls: Box Office 7/27-7/29
  231. CHAINED (2012) (dir. Jennifer Lynch) (Vincent D'Onofrio, Julia Ormond)
  232. Lupe Ontiveros 1942-2012
  233. Actors You Hate Giving Good Performances
  234. The Oranges (2012, Farino) - Hugh Laurie, Oliver Platt, Catherine Keener...
  235. Good, Bad, Ugly vs. 2001
  236. The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies (2014)
  237. Favorite Christopher Nolan Film?
  238. JACK AND DIANE (2012) (dir. Bradley Rust Gray) (Juno Temple, Riley Keough)
  239. Recast Superheroes With Actresses
  240. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (d. Bowers, 2012) - #3 in the series
  241. The Odd Life of Timothy Green (d: Hedges, 2012) - Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton
  242. Life of Pi (2012, Ang Lee)
  243. What's been a great evening of movie programming you enjoyed
  244. Bachelorette (d. Headland, 2012) - Dunst, Wilson, Fisher, Caplan
  245. COLLIDER (2014?) (dir. Edgar Wright) (prod. JJ Abrams)
  246. The Avengers vs The Dark Knight Rises
  247. The Equalizer (2014, Fuqua) S: Washington, Moretz, Leo, Pullman
  248. This is the End (2013, Rogan/Goldberg) S: Rogan, Rudd, Hill, Franco
  249. That Guy: Dick Miller documentary needs Kickstarter funds
  250. Ten Tips of Movie Etiquette by a Theater Manager