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  1. The Extraordinary League of DVDTalkers (or who wants to play City of Heroes?)
  2. Van Helsing - Who's played it?
  3. Recommend GameCube games
  4. Other Video game exchange forums?
  5. Bujingai: The Forsaken City (PS2)
  6. Video Game Price Search Engines?
  7. Red Dead Revolver -Anyone play it yet?
  8. Play GUILD WARS for Free May 12-14
  9. Ending to KOTOR
  10. Psi-Ops pre-order
  11. Heeeeeeey Yaaaaaaaah!
  12. has anyone found a good deal for Rallisport 2 (xbox)?
  13. Wario Ware game a day for May 2nd
  14. Returning a game without a receipt
  15. Wario-Ware game for a day 1st day
  16. x2:wolverine's revenge(gba) is the hardest game i everplayed and can't beat it
  17. My letter to Logitech begging them to develop Xbox FF wheel.
  18. Stop posting threads about how you scammed Target.
  19. Online Gaming Survey
  20. Question about racing games
  21. Outrun 2 Xbox exclusive w/ LIVE + Major announcement from Sega @ E3
  22. Crimson Skies bumping off LIVE.
  23. Anyone pick up Onimusha 3?
  24. What are your gaming plans for the summer?
  25. Hey! Why not port Crimson Skies 2 to PC?
  26. Video Games That Get Lost in Translation
  27. May's Nintendo Power
  28. Blinx is BACK (XBOX)
  29. Transformers:Prelude to Energon
  30. Xbox 2 Schematic
  31. Tekken 5 teaser
  32. I can already feel the addiction coming back (EQ2)
  33. Eternal Darkness & Nintendo Player's Choice
  34. Finished Halo on Legendary- next game?
  35. What's the word on the GBA MP3 Jukebox?
  36. Huge List of Clearance PC Games at Target B&M
  37. Logitech Speed Force Wheel
  38. Has anyone gotten the EyeToy to work with their PC?
  39. Final Fantasy Chronicles & Crono Trigger
  40. Dark Cloud 1 PS2 for 2.99$ at EB (NEW)
  41. Hollywood: The Video Game?
  42. I just realized - I suck at most games!
  43. I just realized - most games really suck!
  44. nintendo emulator for XBOX???
  45. "Resident Evil Two... Gamecube..?"
  46. own Freelancer and like Wing Commander/Privateer?
  47. ICO at Best Buy for $14.99
  48. New Yorkers: great video game deals at FYE Rockefeller Center
  49. Viewtiful Joe (GC) $19.82 at walmart.com
  50. some KotOR 2 info - mag scans at another forum
  51. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
  52. Taking the PS2 plunge...again
  53. EA titles to go Live on XBox
  54. $5 Bonus Credit at EB for Baseball Games
  55. Supercheap @ EBGAMES.com
  56. Cheapest wat to get a PS2 online wirelessly?
  57. Will "Juiced" be the racing game of the year?
  58. I have a question concerning X-Box music ripping and PSX soundtracks
  59. NBA Ballers - the real deal?
  60. Original Final Fantasy RPG for GBA and info on FF I & II
  61. XBOX Live V2 Question...
  62. Anyone know anything about Red Dead Revolver?
  63. probably not the best way to sell your CD Key...
  64. Hitman 3 - Contracts
  65. Anyone have a line on a decent price for PLAY magazine subscription?
  66. SNK NeoGeo hitting US PS2s with 4-part combo
  67. New Xbox Live Features Announced
  68. Van Helsing the game:any evaluations?
  69. xbox live down today... penny arcade strip
  70. where to buy Dreamcast accessories? and other questions...
  71. Xbox Live Starter Kit v3 questions
  72. Microsoft to acquire Bioware - announcement at E3?
  73. Jump to Lightspeed - now I might have to join SWG!!!
  74. XBOX Armed & Dangerous $14.99 at BB (GGC)
  75. Who does the voice acting for splinter cell?
  76. Capcom announces Viewtiful Joe 2 for GC, PS2
  77. City of Heroes; Who's ready to be a Hero Pirate?
  78. Opinons wanted: Action Replay or similar things for Xbox
  79. Project Gotham Racing, Importing Music?
  80. Fatal Frame 2 Best buy B&M 9.99
  81. New Console Speculation Report - Nintendo, XBOX2, PS3,
  82. Should I buy a PS2 Network adapter for my EA sports games?
  83. Dreamcast light gun questions.
  84. Xbox Live closes for 24-hour upgrade
  85. can i go live with a modded xbox?
  86. Buying a system :Help an old timer out
  87. RED HOT Target Zelda GC Promo disks $.01 YMMV
  88. Fry Cry problems
  89. Breakdown Xbox $19.99 at Target.
  90. Upgrade to 9600XT, 9800Pro, Will Cpu handle it?
  91. thoughts on toca 2 (xbox live)?
  92. Xbox Live technical questions--please help!
  93. Best Video Card for $200
  94. saw final fantasy cc at sam's for 29.99
  95. Final Fantasy XI (PC) Tech quest.
  96. A Few Xbox Deals Here Look!!!
  97. Xbox Purchase?
  98. Splinter Cell PT Xbox - $29.99
  99. Xbox Controller S/ PC Connection Question?
  100. Why was State of Emergency so loathed?
  101. Anyone get the limited edition Halo Bundle Xbox?
  102. Free Magazines: EGM, CGW and XboxNation
  103. Does anyone here get together, hang out, and play games?
  104. Holy crap! (great PC games)
  105. Xbox is a Failure (in Japan)
  106. Where can I find an explanation of KOTOR's point/rules system?
  107. What are you favorite Genesis games?
  108. Logitech Speed Force Wheel (Gamecube) $7.99 After Rebate
  109. I-Ninja (PS2) Free at amazon.com Just Pay Shipping
  110. Blood & Blood 2?
  111. Looking to expand my PSOne collection.
  112. Espgaluda (take note Ikaruga, Shikigami, and Psyvariar fans!)
  113. Guardian Heroes for the GBA?!
  114. Tiger Woods 2003 or 2004 for XBOX?
  115. Any good networked console games?
  116. Champions of Norrath - need help
  117. Top 10 XBox Games
  118. Xbox Ques: is there a Rogue Squadron type game for it?
  119. New Famicom mini games Announced
  120. Why did Master of Orion 3 suck?
  121. project gotham 2 for $19 and change
  122. Better Game: Ballers or MVP?
  123. Mame Machine Questions
  124. Free mag -- Xbox nation
  125. Nokia unveils new N-Gage
  126. Far Cry or Painkiller(PC)?
  127. Gamecube Power Supply Problems
  128. XBOX Live Kit $59.77 at Walmart.com
  129. Xbox Logitech Wireless Controller $39.86
  130. Need Recommendations for PS2 light gun games
  131. Silicon Knights, Nintendo part ways
  132. I got the Civilization monkey on my back
  133. Changes at ebgames.com
  134. GBA Cart memory failure?
  135. Is the XBOX supposed to be LOUD?
  136. Vice City: Actually a Good Game?
  137. 4 plyer games for x-box?
  138. Are the Xbox HD AV Cables worth it?
  139. Trading in games
  140. Xbox Metal Arms: Glitch In The System $19.99 Best Buy
  141. High quality s-video/component cables for the GameCube?
  142. Should i pre-order Doom III?
  143. Best place to order all GAMEBOY games?
  144. Controller S for Xbox $19.99 at Circuit City
  145. better than the blood gulch chronicles....
  146. Need suggestion on some Xbox games
  147. wwe raw 2 questions (season mode)
  148. Anyone Play NBA Ballers Yet?
  149. 30 Nintendo DS (new handheld) titles on display at E3
  150. any free database software for keeping track of games?
  151. Big X-Box game sale at Circuitcity.com
  152. How do I save in Splinter Cell 2?
  153. HOT~ Cheap Cheap PS2 games "HURRY"
  154. Final Fantasy I & II to GBA
  155. Pitfall: Lost Expedition $19.99 @ Gamestop.com
  156. Problems with Knights Of The Old Republic content download?
  157. Buy 2 get 1 free, XSN games at BB this week
  158. I-Ninja (Gamecube) & Pac Man Vs. Question
  159. UT2k4 Strategies...
  160. Games make surgeons better...
  161. Ps2 has problems reading ps1 discs??
  162. Lapucelle tactics (PS2) Trailer
  163. best way to play Import PS2 Games?
  164. R63: Black Arrow
  165. sonic mega collection a GC exclusive?
  166. Metroid: The Movie brought to you by...
  167. I can play!
  168. X-Box Problem need your help!
  169. Street Fighter Returns!
  170. The greatest drinking game of all time is released this week!!
  171. Fight Night 2004... rental or purchase?
  172. WorldOfWarcraft Beta?
  173. EA Store $15 gift card
  174. New info about Sony's PSP and PS3
  175. Place to purchase Arcade Games
  176. Sidewinder on PSX?
  177. New "Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires" coming to America
  178. Best way to clean old carts?
  179. Interesting CNN.com Article on Online Gaming
  180. "Painkiller" looks real good!!
  181. Super Mario Bros music fans
  182. XBox System $119.99 after MIR & other game deals at Wherehouse!
  183. OpenBSD on GBA? Joke or Not?
  184. Other video game forum
  185. How likely that SONY PS2 would drop in price soon?
  186. Half life, Do you need a cd key to play?
  187. Recommend a game
  188. Thinking about getting XBOX.. what games are good?
  189. First PS3/Xbox 2 game shown (video included)
  190. Final Fantasy XII trailer
  191. Screenshots of Paper Mario 2
  192. Fry's 4/02 Ad
  193. Anybody remember Scorched Earth?
  194. $9.88 games at Wal-Mart
  195. Red Vs Blue
  196. Final Fantasy X-2 is THE GREATEST GAME EVER!
  197. CheapA$$Gamer is now BestBuyGamer!!
  198. ANyone know the name of this arcade game?
  199. GameCube Gameboy Player Add-On ?
  200. E3 2004 - Where's everyone staying?
  201. Driv3r creepin along.....!!
  202. What is the same of the game copy software.....
  203. It's about time! (I bought some games. Wooooooooo.)
  204. PS2 Games with Progressive Display
  205. New Pikmin 2 video!!
  206. Quick question about the sound of Splinter Cell (PS2 version)
  207. for those that have completed Splinter Cell:PT
  208. Which N64 wrestling game is better?
  209. Does Triton Labs make afterburners anymore?
  210. XBOX Music Mixer
  211. Whoa! Psychonauts dropped by Microsoft!
  212. New Resident Evil 4 trailer!
  213. Favorite Game
  214. Microsoft and Electronic Arts May Work Closer - Forbes.com
  215. MS to cancel 2004 sports lineup for the xbox
  216. 20% off all video games@Fred Meyer stores
  217. Free Front Mission 4 Playable Demo disc
  218. Xbox Live 2 Month Free Trial
  219. Does any place sell blank Gamecube Cases?
  220. Any Neverwinter Nights Players?
  221. Nintendo to launch Classic NES GBA SP
  222. Who is getting Metal Slug 3 for Xbox?
  223. Insiders... will you upgrade?
  224. Homogenization of the video game market
  225. Are there any good sniper games for the PC?
  226. Top 10 ALL TIME favorite 2D Arcade games..rank em!
  227. Splinter Cell 2!!!!!!
  228. If you were to own just ONE arcade game...
  229. Best Buy.com 10% off accessories
  230. Super Mario World 1 & 2 appreciation thread.
  231. What's up with the Resident Evil Outbreak release date?
  232. Crimson Skies $29.99 at Media Play
  233. Why is Nintendo Drop the digital Port on their Gamecube??
  234. Question about Players Choice/Greatest Hits Titles
  235. XBox Live Question
  236. Sony plays up future of video games
  237. Infinium Sues HardOCP
  238. PS2 NBA Street Vol. 2 - $19.99!
  239. Rate these Dreamcast games?
  240. Meijer Super Saturday sale: buy one game, get second 50% off
  241. The Final Fantasy XI thread!
  242. Wega
  243. Are you going to buy the PSP?
  244. Anyone up for some Pandora Tomorrow this weekend?
  245. First PSP game revealed!!!
  246. Question about the original Buffy for Xbox
  247. TechTV is no more. Will now be part of G4
  248. Syberia II: any interest other than from me?
  249. Anyone playing Far Cry yet?
  250. Anyone play Unreal 2004??