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  1. Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (Nintendo DS)
  2. PS3 Nyko FrontMan Wireless Guitar - thoughts?
  3. Wiimorse
  4. What previous gen games do you want remade for Live/PSN/VC??
  5. Wii Fit is officially up for preorder (amazon.com)
  6. The Official Wii Fit Thread of Fat Americans (May 19th, $90)
  7. Gaming Tournaments
  8. Wii remote chargers
  9. How long do you think Sony will produce the PS2?
  10. What are some good DS games for a six-year-old boy?
  11. Recommendations on short (but good) 360 games?
  12. Amazon Video Game Deal Thread .
  13. Video Game Conference, 1979
  14. Never played a god of war game til now
  15. Which is "better", the Gamboy Advance SP or the Gamboy Advance Micro?
  16. Strange question, but can older video games benefit from HD treatment?
  17. your favorite video game music videos?
  18. Is your game character male or female?
  19. Console game reviews on cell phone?
  20. Any Warhammer 40k players here?
  21. Wii Internet
  22. God Bless America
  23. Official Wii thread -Part IX
  24. Official Xbox 360 Thread - Part IIIIIIIIIII
  25. Anyone ever have/play a Nuon?
  26. Final Fantasy IV DS - US Release Date 07/22/08
  27. Final Fantasy III DS for only $16.99 at Amazon.com
  28. "An Open Letter To My 22-Year-Old Self"
  29. Games for Windows (Computer Gaming World) ends Print Publication
  30. I'm having a problem with my 80 gig PS3
  31. When did video games start dropping the F bomb?
  32. Is the "red ring of death" still an issue?
  33. Just bought a 40gb PS3 and wanted opinions on the must-haves
  34. Best Place to Sell PC Games Online?
  35. Nethack for newbies
  36. Your opinions on Metal Gear Solid 4
  37. The Xbox Mini: Microsofts first portable system! April Fools!
  38. NES Tetris fans - What do you think of this?
  39. Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update - DVDTalk World Exclusive First Image
  40. April 1st, 2008 Game-oriented spoofs/jokes
  41. Sony Announces PS3 (Sans Blu-Ray Drive) That Will Retail For $149.99
  42. Differences between older Sony PSP and the newer slim version?
  43. School me on the PS2!!
  44. PS3 Folklore FT
  45. Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard - US Release 06/17/2008
  46. "Kings of Power 4 Billion %" Mind = Blown
  47. Twenty Lines - An Opera in Three Acts
  48. So who's down on some R6V2 coop? (360 version)
  49. Official Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Thread
  50. Future Pinball Hall of Fame Game for the Wii?
  51. MLG / Halo 3 Top Ten List
  52. Questions About Xbox 360 Purchase
  53. Dark Sector
  54. 15% off at meijer.com Includes Consoles! EASTER DAY ONLY!
  55. Sonic Unleashed aka Old school Sonic is back!
  56. Xbox360 with VGA cable?
  57. Dark Sector
  58. Halo 3 - Heroic Map Pack FREE (starting 3/25)
  59. God of War - Chains of Olympus PSP
  60. Unreal 3 on Laptop?
  61. Mario Kart Wii
  62. Official WiiWare Thread
  63. Wii FIshing Master Help
  64. Battlefield: Bad Company - Multiplayer Beta (360)
  65. What stores have Video Game Discount programs?
  66. Undeniable failure: An open letter to Microsoft on the Xbox 360 Dpad
  67. Used Star Trek PC Game Prices... Really?!
  68. Can you voice chat online in Major League Baseball 2K7? (PS3)
  69. Kmart 360 game clearance, YMMV
  70. playing ms pacman, play for points or levels?
  71. Anybody ever send their Wii in for repairs?
  72. Is the online video rental service Gamerang any good?
  73. Seven Ways to Win Back Your Gaming Spouse.
  74. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue(will it work)
  75. Bad reviewer.....haha.
  76. PS3 HDMI problems
  77. Nintendo's genius is that they keep re-releasing stuff until people catch up.
  78. How come a 40 gig PS3 already has 6 gig used out of the box?
  79. Forum Warz: Anyone Playing?
  80. February NPD: Nintendo reigns supreme yet again
  81. XBOX 360 - cheapest option
  82. question about playing ipod on ps3
  83. Best PC freeware games ...
  84. Q-Games's PixelJunk Monsters (PS3 downloadable game)
  85. Buy a (probably crappy) Game, Get a Super Street Fighter II Turbo Extreme HD Beta
  86. Monochrome Gameboy Love.
  87. BioShock 2 announced
  88. Dreamcast making a comeback?
  89. What you play this weekend?
  90. Super Smash Brothers: Brawl Friend Code Thread
  91. MGS Essential Collection
  92. PS3 upscaling and networking ques...
  93. Middle East to get Xbox Live?
  94. Worlds #1 Guitar hero player attempts world record.
  95. Ziff Davis Files for Bankruptcy
  96. COD4 on PS3 communications question.
  97. Roster updates for NBA 2K8 - PS3
  98. Favorite in-game atmosphere?
  99. Emotiv EPOC™ Beta Evaluators Needed
  100. Sins of a Solar Empire - PC by Ironclad Games/Stardock
  101. Average Game Review Scores by Publisher
  102. Xbox Live Player Reviews
  103. Dexter: The Game?
  104. Rock Band: Official Thread Pt. 5
  105. New Dragon Quest for the Wii?
  106. Reviews of Xbox Live Originals????
  107. flOw PSP Game
  108. Army of Two...
  109. Best online war game for the PC?
  110. Codemasters-"Grid" (racing)
  111. Warhawk v1.3 Patch
  112. Price drop for the DS?
  113. Milestone Shooting Collection for Wii (includes cancelled GC game: Radio Allergy)
  114. Disney joins 'Band' wagon
  115. Smackdown vs Raw 2008 WII
  116. Circuit City DS Deal - Two $19.99 games for $30 (+free shipping orders over $24)!
  117. Tales of Vesperia (360) and Tales of Symphonia II (Wii) Confirmed for 2008 in the US
  118. PS3 not displaying a screen
  119. $10 off EA Store code to whoever wants it
  120. Gran Turismo 5 / GT5 Prologue - Official Thread
  121. For PS3-MLB 08 or 2K8?
  122. Can someone help me out ... I need a 360 HDD transfer cable asap.
  123. Emotiv Mind control games: The new era of gaming thread
  124. Damaged save on a 360, anyway to fix?
  125. Electronic Arts makes another bid for Take-Two
  126. Console software sales ending Feb 16th, 2008
  127. ps3 make clicking noise??
  128. Question about Sega Saturn cases
  129. $50.00 off a purchase of $51.00 or more at buy.com
  130. Help! Can't connect to Xbox Live
  131. possible xbox 360 wireless controller problem?
  132. Driving Setup is done (sort of) ... with pics if anyone is interested
  133. GH3 / Guitar Hero III Thread III
  134. Post your most played 360 games (according to 360 Voice)
  135. 360 power brick--2 different ones? WTF??
  136. 5 Wii Games - Amazon Gold Box - February 22nd 2008
  137. Lost: Via Domus (aka Lost: The Video Game)
  138. Free XNA (X360) Creators Club 12-month "trial" for college students
  139. Goldeneye appears back on for XBL. (No it's not. It's a lame publicity stunt)
  140. Gears of War 2 - November 2008
  141. MLB 2K8 (360, PS3, PSP, Wii) - March 4th
  142. What Online Video Game Rentals Have You Use? Post Details Here
  143. PC Gaming Alliance Formed
  144. Frontlines: Fuel of War
  145. Favourite Video Game Commercial
  146. Has Mario ever been crowned Prince?
  147. The Free-For-The-Taking/discounted 360/PS3/Wii Downloadable Stuff Thread
  148. Lost Planet PS3?
  149. Do you have GUITAR FEVER?
  150. Toshiba pulls the plug on HD-DVD
  151. Has my PS2 finally died?
  152. Rumor: Microsoft to buy Epic Games?
  153. Activision trademarks 'DJ Hero'
  154. is the new guitar hero video game awesome?
  155. X-box 360 Guitar Hero III Sound Issues
  156. Spectromancer (PC)
  157. Audiosurf: Your new addiction. (PC)
  158. Activision announces new Guitar Hero game..."Guitar Hero: Aerosmith"
  159. The World Ends With You (Nintendo DS / April 22nd)
  160. Now that Nights is coming to the Wii, should I part with my Saturn?
  161. Might and Magic game for 360
  162. How do you like to play your games?
  163. Q: Xbox360, games/media & HD-DVD Drive
  164. can you use an xbox 360 controller for the PC VERSION of call of duty 4?
  165. What kind of map would you like to see added to call of duty 4?
  166. BioWare working on proper KOTOR sequel?
  167. Wing Commander fans, especially WC1 and Privateer
  168. Red Alert 3
  169. Warhawk PS3 $39.99 @ Target
  170. EA Extends NFL License Lock until 2012-2013 Season
  171. Gamers need your input ... (Driving Game Setup)
  172. Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote
  173. Band Mashups for the Wii
  174. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA)?
  175. Anybody digging Poker Smash as much as I am?
  176. Irate gamer a hack?
  177. What is the best soccer game for XBOX 360 and Sony PSP?
  178. Pata Pata Pata Pon!
  179. PSP Ghosts 'n Goblins/Mega Man ever coming to PS2?
  180. Has a video game ever pulled a "Psycho"?
  181. Internet speed?
  182. Multiple 360's: Can I share a tag?
  183. Assassin's Creed: Quick question
  184. PS3 80GB Discontinued?
  185. Guitar Rising - A Guitar Rhythm Game For Real Guitarists
  186. Some questions about PS3....
  187. Is Metal slug for Psp out of print?
  188. Sega Game Gear?
  189. My stupid pledge. Games be gone.
  190. Saw Xbox 360 Video Game
  191. Culdcept Saga for 360
  192. What the hell happened with Killzone for the PS3?
  193. Brain Age designer gives away royalties
  194. PS3 Problem...can I backup my stuff?
  195. New Xbox 360 Originals: Black, NG Black, Pirates
  196. LOST IN TIME - vintage game - any info?
  197. Recommend some PC Games
  198. Linden, Va. man has 65 arcade games in 2400 sq. ft. private arcade.
  199. Console newbie looking for RPG (PS2/3) suggestions?
  200. Warhawk (PS3) with Bluetooth Headset - $39.99 at Amazon
  201. PS3 20 GB and Wireless USB Adapters (for Internet)
  202. Oblivion GOTY vs. regular edition
  203. where's the best place to sell my 360?
  204. Bourne Conspiracy
  205. Red Ring O' Death question
  206. Best MLB game for PS3?
  207. Opinion about a ebay purchase I made.
  208. Vision Cam bundle clearanced at Toys R Us for $39.99/wireless headset for $29.99
  209. GTA3 "Hot Coffee" Class Action Settlement
  210. I'll see your MLB 08 The Show and Raise you MLB 2k8 (IGN's hands on preview)
  211. Video Game Myths: Fact or Fiction?
  212. Regions for shipping the "Share the OXM disc"
  213. A site that charges immediately for pre-orders
  214. I need a good adventure game for my wife
  215. MLB '08: The Show (PS3, PS2, PSP) - March 4th
  216. Questions about some games
  217. XBox 360 HD stolen - can someone please assist
  218. N64 cleaning Question
  219. ATT: Halo 3 Limited Edition Owners
  220. RPG Maker XP?
  221. Where can I get a WII
  222. Wrestling Game Create-a-Wrestler Fun Thread!
  223. Halo 3 Infection Mode?
  224. Ever dream about a non-existent game?
  225. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  226. Anyone familiar with the "Prince of Persia" series for PS2. I have some questions.
  227. Where to get Playstation Network Cards?
  228. Charles Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden (Free RPG for Windows)
  229. The truth about RROD
  230. No More Heroes!!! for Wii
  231. PS3 HDMI output question
  232. Another 360 question
  233. Achievement Unlocked
  234. Stupid PS3 question.....
  235. Getting a PS3, will my PS2 Guitar Hero's and Guitars work?
  236. PS3 Question - Used 60GB or New 80GB?
  237. I am getting back into Video Games, a couple of questions
  238. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
  239. Just got a PS3...Recommend a game for me.
  240. official PS3 thread x.2
  241. Anybody recommends Gamefly?
  242. Rock Band: Official Thread Pt. 4
  243. igametester.com--what's the deal?
  244. Which video games have kicked your ass?
  245. What's the last video game you played?
  246. Bully: Scholarship Edition (Wii & 360: March 4th)
  247. Mario meets Halo
  248. Gamer saves life
  249. Gears of War achievement question?
  250. game rivalry ends in killing