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  1. Jackie Chan's DRUNKEN MASTER II - new all-region ultimate edition DVD - now available
  2. Olivier Assayas's CARLOS (2010)
  3. Australia's aboriginal comedy-musical BRAN NUE DAE dvd/blu-ray now available
  4. Niki Caro's THE VINTER'S LUCK Australia DVD/blu-ray now available
  5. Pioneer DV-220V-K any good?
  6. Japanese DVDs of US films
  7. France's biggest comedy of 2009 THE FRENCH KISSERS Australia DVD available now
  8. Spain's CAMINO Australia PAL DVD now available
  9. Russia's Chechnya war movie CAPTIVE Thai DVD now available
  10. Asian Charlie's Angels
  11. As Good As Dead (Cary Elwes, Andie McDowell, Brian Cox, Frank Whaley) Polish DVD
  12. Japan's FISH STORY Taiwan DVD now available
  13. Philippines mega-budget fantasy blockbuster ANG PANDAY dvd now available
  14. Philippines superhero movie WAPAKMAN dvd now available
  15. Turkey's action-comedy TURKLER CILDIRMIS OLMALI dvd now available
  16. Turkey's epic-biopic VEDA dvd now available
  17. Turkey's action-thriller EJDER KAPANI dvd now available
  18. Turkey's comedy-western YAHSI BATI dvd now available
  19. Til Schweiger's PHANTOMSCHMERZ German DVD/Blu-ray available now
  20. TEKKEN (2010 Live Action) BD/DVD 8/11/10
  21. Anyone here seen Outrage?
  23. Samurai Zombie (Ryuhei Kitamura/Tak Sakaguchi) UK DVD
  24. Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Japanese DVD/Blu-ray now available
  25. SOLOMON KANE Thai PAL DVD available now
  26. international wholesalers?
  27. Advice re: Asian TV series please
  28. Woo-ping Yuen's TRUE LEGEND DVD Mini Review
  29. Germany's CAPTAIN BERLIN VS. HITLER German PAL DVD available
  30. Can someone figure out the cast/director of this film: THE TREASURE OF SINAY ?
  31. Great movies from Argentina ?
  32. Finland's KASKY (aka Tears Of April) PAL DVD available
  33. TUYA'S MARRIAGE Thai PAL DVD now available
  34. Paranormal Activity UK Edition w/exclusive bonus features
  35. The Science of Sleep
  36. Robocop The Series: Season 1: July 27th
  37. Asian Horror Recommendations?
  38. Does anyone own the UK (Blu-ray) release of Extras - the special ?
  39. Anyone Ever Order from Here?
  40. Peter Pan (Mexico) Blu-ray
  41. Dragon Dynasty on Blu Ray, talk to me
  42. koreandvds.com is back?
  43. 20th Century Boys Trilogy: The Complete Saga (4digitalmedia)
  44. Want more of Equilibrium's gun-kata? BALLISTICA Thai Pal DVD available
  45. Black Lightning - Russian Flying Car out on DVD
  46. NEWSMAKERS (Russian remake of Johnnie To's BREAKING NEWS) Thai PAL DVD available
  47. Movie Mail sale on Exclusive Columbia releases
  48. Crimson Wing (DisneyNature) UK BD/DVD (3/15/10)
  49. UK TV show Blu-rays suffer from NTSC-like slowdown?
  50. City Of The Living Dead (UK Arrow BD) 5/24/2010
  51. Sweden's FLICKAN (The Girl) Swedish PAL DVD now available
  52. JOHNNY MAD DOG (France) UK PAL DVD now available
  53. DVD help needed for German DVD of PRINCESS OF THE SUN
  54. Eva Green's CRACKS DVD/Blu-ray is up for pre-order
  55. Dario Argento's GIALLO Polish DVD
  56. The White Ribbon (UK Blu-ray)...Region free???
  57. Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 Uncut Blu-Ray set: May 12!
  58. MAGADHEERA DVD Mini Review
  59. My Oppo took a dump--looking for advice
  60. Hayao Miyazaki's SHERLOCK HOUND Complete Series HMV UK PAL Exclusive available now!
  61. Yesasia order help
  62. I'm looking for Danish member
  63. Copying to remove coding? (DVD Cloner)
  64. Easy Rider UK Edition question
  65. Philippines' ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH (aka Pedro Almodovar's WONDER WOMAN) DVD Mini Review
  66. MERANTAU (2009) - martial arts from Indonesia - English-friendly DVD now available
  67. Macedonia's BAL-CAN-CAN DVD now available with English subs!
  68. The Double Life Of Veronique BD (Artificial Eye)
  69. "Go Fast" (Europa Corp.)
  70. Easy Rider UK Edition
  71. AGORA (2009, Spain - Director Alejandro Amenabar) - R2 Spain DVD/Blu-ray - March 3
  72. Shane Meadows(Dead Man's Shoes and This Is England) on BLU - reviews?
  73. Mr. Bug Goes To Town (Fleischer Brothers, 1941) 4/21/10 (Studio Ghibli)
  74. Carriers 3 Disc Limited Edition Survival Box
  75. 1960s,1970s,1980s Rock Music on DVD?
  76. The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus (3/29/10) UK DVD/BD
  77. Summer Snow (2000) Series on DVD?
  78. Hey, martial arts fans
  79. Vertov available on DVD
  80. Roy Andersson Short Films Compilation DVD
  81. Mary and Max
  82. [Rec] 2 Available yet?
  83. Award Season 2010
  84. La horde french horror movie info !
  85. Turkey's "Full Metal Jacket" NEFES dvd now available
  86. Turkey's DELI DELI OLMA dvd now available
  87. Sherwood BDP-5004 Multi-Region BD Player
  88. Thailand's THE SANCTUARY PAL DVD now available
  89. Cary Grant 21-film Universal set: £35.66 shipped from Amazon UK
  90. District B13, best version?
  91. Help reg. importing Blu-Ray player
  92. Carl Sagan's COSMOS UK vs US DVDs, differences?
  93. Dances With Wolves BD special edition from Kinowelt (4th Feb 2010)
  94. Recommendations for Region Free DVD Player
  95. Dirty Harry Collection differences
  96. MINDGAME Region 4-Disc 2 dvd not readable?
  97. Johnnie To - Give me some suggestions
  98. Serbia's ST. GEORGE SHOOTS THE DRAGON dvd available
  99. Radu Mihaileanu's TRAIN DE VIE (Train of Life) on English-subtitled DVD anywhere?
  100. "Tokyo Story" (Yasujiro Ozu) BFI Bluray 4/19/2010
  101. Lone Wolf & Cub Complete Boxset (7 disc Eureka! UK)
  102. momitsu bdp-799 AVI / MKV soft subtitles
  103. District 9 R2 UK?
  104. Nintendo's SKATE OR DIE DVD now available on Thai PAL DVD
  105. Help a international Noob
  106. Cristian Mungiu 5 DVD Box set
  107. Fantastic Mr. Fox (March 1st, 2010) UK DVD/BD
  108. CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH (2009, China) - wow!
  109. Turkey's 2009 Oscar Foreign Film submission "I SAW THE SUN" available on PAL DVD
  110. Sam Rockwell's MOON now available on Thai PAL DVD
  111. Mr. Nice Guy (TAIWAN Funny 2nd edition)
  112. Bronx Warriors Trilogy Boxset Tin from Shameless
  113. The Past Unearthed Boxsets (Rediscovered Korean films)
  114. Classic Polish TV series FOUR TANK MAN AND A DOG now available on DVD
  115. Lots of South Korean (including LEs, OOP), Japanese and Hong Kong movies for sale
  116. The Ultimate Bourne Collection BD £20.30 Shipped @ Zaavi
  117. Multi Region JVC XBP1 DVD Player
  118. The Founding of a Republic (60th Anniversary) LE DVD
  119. Giallo on polish dvd
  120. FORBIDDEN DOOR - Indonesian thriller from director Joko Anwar - DVD now available
  121. Region Free Player? Momitsu, Oppo OR Pioneer Elite
  122. Curtis Mathes CMMBX72 - Blu-Ray/DVD all region & PAL? No.
  123. Ben Hur LE Collectors DVD Box Set (Hong Kong)
  124. Prizzi's Honor
  125. Park Chan Wook's "Thirst" UK dvd/bd 1/25/2010
  126. "Dead Set" ('Big Brother' UK zombie series)?
  127. Region-free: Azur 650BD Blu-ray (Cambridge Audio)
  128. Chinese Film Classics Collection 24 dvd set
  129. Nazarin (R2), The Tree Of Wooden Clogs (R2) - quality?
  130. What's HOT in European cinema right now?
  131. Poland's "Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind" SNOW WHITE & RUSSIAN RED dvd available!!
  132. Andrzej Wajda's new film TATARAK (Sweet Rush) now available on DVD!
  133. Jean de florette blu-ray
  134. 1984 TRANSFORMERS Complete DVD Box Set 15 Discs (98 Episodes) Wanted
  135. Sauna (Finland, 2008) 2 DVD set
  136. The Official Masters of Cinema DVD Thread
  137. Any Idea what movie this clip is from?
  138. What´s HOT in Asian cinema right now?
  139. The Notebook - Limited Edition DVD (R0 or R3)
  140. Looking to purchase Män som hatar kvinnor (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) DVD.
  141. Saturn 3 R2 France Question?
  142. Jean Dujardin's OSS 117: LOST IN RIO dvd available
  143. P!nk: Funhouse Tour Blu-ray
  144. new Korean Decalogue DVD set?
  145. new Korean Decalogue DVD set?
  146. TAARE ZAMEEN PAR being released by Disney as LIKE STARS ON EARTH.
  147. minor sync issues with OPPO OPDV971H
  148. Is "Los abrazos rotos" out on DVD anywhere?
  149. Czech masterpiece MY SWEET LITTLE VILLAGE is available!
  150. Farewell My Concubine
  151. MIRAGEMAN DVD Mini Review
  152. I miss logging-on to the SEEN IN JEONJU blog...
  153. Bluray code question
  154. MOTHER (2009 South Korea, director Bong Joon-ho) - R3 Korean DVD - November 5th
  155. Heading to San Francisco - any auggestion on some good BD/DVD stores?
  156. Invitation Only (Taiwan's First Slasher Film)
  157. Anybody speak Swedish and are user on eBay (Sweden)?
  158. region free blu ray player question
  159. Anyone use Amazon.De?
  160. Best Animated Film of 2009 now on DVD: Ireland-France-Belgium's THE SECRET OF KELLS
  161. A few region coding questions (possibly for pro-bassoonist?)
  162. Anyone order from www.101cd.com?
  163. Johnny To on Blu-Ray
  164. 1941 (Spielberg) 2 Disc SE 12/28/09 Anamorphic?
  165. Taxidermia Special Hungarian Edition
  166. GOOD "over the top" asian action/horror/sci fi recommendations?
  167. Fantastic Four (1978-animated)?
  168. Lars von Trier's ANTICHRIST PAL DVD now available on Russian PAL DVD!
  169. Masters Of Cinema's 3rd Catalog... including first 8 blu-ray titles
  170. Recent UK purchases question (from 101cd.com)
  171. The Vengeance Trilogy (R2)?
  172. Grotesque question help
  173. Foreign War Movies
  174. Essential Region B-locked / C-locked BD's
  175. Fatih Akin's "Head-On" only $2.99 shipped at CD-wow.us
  176. Scream Trilogy to hit Blu-ray in Germany!
  177. is this the best version of "House of Flying Daggers"?
  178. PERFUME Blu Ray from Spain
  179. Link wanted please
  180. Veit Helmer's ABSURDISTAN now available on NTSC Region 1 DVD
  181. uncut ALF in Japan + in Germany
  182. Takeshi Kaneshiro's K-20: THE FIEND WITH TWENTY FACES DVD Mini Review
  183. Phantom / Die Finanzen des Großherzogs (MoC #84 & 85) in October
  184. Anyone order from JB Hi-Fi (Australia)?
  185. Ordering from DVDAsian.com
  186. A question out of curiousity -- "authorized for sale only in the U.S. and Canada."???
  188. Any other BRIT TV fans out there? [2009 edition]
  189. Problem with VLC 0.9.x and Later Releases
  190. SelectCheaper.com???
  191. Anyone here from SPAIN?
  192. Some Rare World Cinema Genre DVDS ( russian,asian etc.. )
  193. "The Hurt Locker"
  194. Question about PAL to NTSC conversion
  195. Departures (Okuribito) on DVD
  196. Will these UK Blu-Rays play on my Region 1 players?
  197. Franklyn UK Blu-Ray: Region Free?
  198. Anyone have Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World - The Complete Series (R2)?
  199. The Second Run Thread
  200. France's LARGO WINCH now available on DVD/Blu-Ray
  201. Masters of Cinema: For All Mankind DVD and Blu-Ray in November
  202. Prague- Mads Mikkelsen
  203. Where To Get Korean Versions of American Films?
  204. Fritz Lang Mabuse Box (MoC #89-91) in October
  205. What are some notable UK Blu-Rays that are Region Free?
  206. Shameless UK DVD uncut?
  207. Finally! Electric Dreams on DVD (R2)
  208. Help identifying this movie's name?
  209. La Tete Contre les Murs from MoC
  210. RESIKLO DVD Mini Review: Philippines' first watchable blockbuster action film
  211. Red Heat R6
  212. Terminator 1984 China (OFFICIAL) Releases R6
  213. Summer Days With Coo DVD Mini Review
  214. What's a Vanilla version of Baz Luhrmann's AUSTRALIA??
  215. Elia Kazan's The Visitors
  216. Norway's epic action/war flick MAX MANUS on UK PAL DVD/blu-ray soon!
  217. Blade Runner 5 disc tin $28 US shipped
  218. In Japan, Recommendations?
  219. UK There's Something About Mary PQ and Lock Status?
  220. need recommendations for good foreign action/adventure..
  221. Marc Isaacs Collection: Lift/Travellers/Calais: The Last Border (Second Run): 6/29/09
  222. Is Synkronized USA (SKD) DVD a legit DVD company?
  223. EzyDVD
  224. List of dvds that are better than R1 versions
  225. Do you buy DVDs of questionable legitimacy or quality?
  226. Blockbuster or cult(rare, foreign, underground movie...)
  227. Shallow Grave SE UK R2 6/1/2009
  228. Is UK version of Fargo unlocked?
  229. The Hal Hartley Collection (Trust / Henry Fool / The Girl From Monday): 7/27/09
  230. Best site for buying French DVDs?
  231. Shu Qi & Andy Lau's "Look For A Star"?
  232. DARK ANGEL - Dolph Lundgren (not U.K. DVD)
  233. Chinese 007 DVD
  234. Amen - Costa Gavras - best dvd
  235. Sunrise on Blu-ray from MoC
  236. Bread and Tulips (Italy)
  237. Has anyone ever ordered from Indiahuthouse.com?
  238. Any Non-dubbed Version of "Bread, Love and Dreams" (1953)?
  239. Soul Power (MoC): DVD & Blu-ray by end of '09
  240. Is Modern Problems (Chevy Chase) available as an Import?
  241. David Lean Centenary Collection smashed again
  242. Foyle's War - subtitled in UK?
  243. Götz Spielmann's Revanche out on dvd
  244. EL CINE ÉPICO DE SAMUEL BRONSTON (5 dvd set) Spain
  245. FACETS online rental program query (split from another thread)
  246. Recommendations for German & French retailers
  247. John Woo's "Red Cliff Part 1-2" Special Boxset 4-Disc dvd (Zoke Culture)
  248. Korean films to get, last 2 years
  249. Amazon.uk returns question
  250. Wide Open (Christina Lindberg)--DVD Releases?